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Toyota Culture is the 5th book in "the Liker Toyota series". After Toyota Way, Toyota Way Fieldbook, Toyota Product Development and Toyota Talent, you would. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Toyota's proven system for investing in people. "A must-read for plant managers and lean thinkers alike. The book. Start by marking “Toyota Culture: The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way” as Want to Read: Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker is Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan and principle of Optiprise, Inc. Dr. Liker has authored or co-authored over 75 articles.

Toyota Culture Book

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Book Review: Toyota Culture—The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way, (by Jeffrey Liker and Michael Hoseus) Tata MacGraw-Hill New Delhi. Now, in Toyota Culture, preeminent Toyota authorities Jeffrey Liker and Toyota Culture examines the “human systems” that Toyota has put in. Now, in Toyota Culture, preeminent Toyota authorities Jeffrey Liker and Michael Hoseus reveal how Toyota selects, develops, and motivates its people to.

For more information, watch the session with Mike Hoseus at www. Transformations require companies to look at their culture. A strong foundation is important.

There are real life example stories embedded throughout the book. Some get into too much detail and make the book a bit slow in areas.

Fortunately the real life case study bits are italicized so you can scan over and delve deeper if you wish. Nov 28, Mike Thelen rated it really liked it While this book has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge to me, I simply haven't been able to finish it. After about pages, I simply get exhausted. It is probably a 5-Star book, and I would give it 5 stars if it was 2 or 3 books, rather than 1 at approximately pages.

Still, in the roughly pages I've read, I will certainly give it 4 stars. However when I start to break down some software ideas I do see room for "process" even in an agile start-up for example how do you write a design document, how do you review a design document, or, more generally, who checklist of questions should you ask and should you answer?

The trick is to make sure the process grows with the organization and that the people who use the process are the ones who make it and improve it. I'm not sure I can recommend the book as it doesn't read very well but if you are willing to dig a little, there are some worthwhile ideas to pursue.

May 05, Krishna Kumar rated it really liked it.

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This narrative provides a great view into the philosophy and management at Toyota. The long-term thinking and the ideas that shape the creativity and manufacturing process at Toyota is very different from Corporate America.

Toyota is out to conquer the world, but not at the expense of quality or the right process. People may not agree with the decade-long nature of their growth, but they cannot argue with how Toyota has shaped the industry.

A great company and a book that shows how it became gre This narrative provides a great view into the philosophy and management at Toyota. A great company and a book that shows how it became great. Feb 14, Vladimir Chupakhin rated it really liked it Shelves: Amazing book about management.

I was keep thinking can I apply this or that technique for the life science data mining I am currently doing, and I think I really do.

Bookshelf: Toyota Culture: The Heart And Soul of The Toyota Way

There is a small glitch with the book - I agree that the lean management developed in Toyota really reflects the Japanese culture, thus some approaches could be really difficult to implement. Yet, the book is must read for any project manager. Dec 08, tomlinton rated it it was amazing. Back in the day when Toyota had the weirdest version of Deming's TQM and I was like many working in that field a huge fan Then the Prius II came into being the very year my old car was dying I put money down to order it in advance and was never happier that I had done all the due diligence that could be done All the nice things said about Toyota's Way of engineering did not let me down.

Feb 13, Sunlita rated it it was amazing Shelves: Something that very important part of a company. What'll this book give? I haven't know much, haven't read it yet. But its subtitle "The heart and soul of the toyota way" sure captured my mind.

Feb 01, Bob Schatz added it. What a great insight into a positive culture that focuses on process improvement and the general health and well-being of its people.

Toyota Culture : The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way [Hardcover]

The Toyota Production System puts out a lot more than just good automobiles. Read this!

Jun 08, Pete rated it it was amazing. Intense, not for the weary. I really enjoyed the analysis of what makes Toyota successful as well as the sticky subject of "culture. Jul 07, Zhi Han added it.

I found it very interesting how much impact it has on other areas outside manufacture. Particularly its impact on Agile development and TDD. Aug 06, Doug rated it really liked it. Shawn Chase rated it really liked it Aug 18, Ronald W. Brown rated it liked it Dec 15, Agis93 rated it really liked it Sep 24, Bernard Sia rated it liked it Dec 26, Alfredo Espinoza Arreola rated it really liked it Jan 27, Max Lapin rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Tomi Laaksonen rated it really liked it Jan 06, Denise rated it really liked it Dec 08, Dave rated it liked it Nov 25, James Rink rated it really liked it Mar 26, Michael Hiles rated it really liked it Apr 17, Tharun Kumar rated it really liked it Aug 11, Andy Wagner rated it it was amazing Feb 07, The experience of Liker and Hoseus in this book shows the most important aspect of Excellence-oriented programs and the key role played by people and a quality-led leadership.

In addition to techniques and strategies, Toyota Production System teaches us the culture of quality and excellence. Toyota Culture shows the care that this extraordinary company puts on creating high quality people and constantly increasing value.

Looking for assistance from experienced LEAN practitioners?

This is one of the lesser-known aspects of the Toyota Production System, but at the same time the key to achieving lasting results over time. The book describes all the stages of staff management, from the selection to the development of people.

When Toyota opened its first establishments in the United States, it was necessary to create a culture oriented to excellence, in a profoundly different Japanese context.

Toyota successfully responded to this challenge by preserving its key values, adapting them intelligently to the very different situation of the US labor market.The Lean Bakery. Max Lapin rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Friend Reviews. He worked for Toyota's Georgetown, Kentucky plant for more than 12 years as a group leader, assembly plant manager, and manager of human resources.

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