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Then, download your set of free ebook templates so you can produce a For tips on how to write an effective introduction, check out this post. Looking for a Lonely Planet pdf free download or a Lonely Planet ebook free Here are a few other tips to keep in mind while using Kindle Unlimited to. Here's a few tips to speed up your writing and get to words a day: Work on If you write a small, free eBook, you'll have a great piece of.

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You can get more free photography eBooks on our sister website The wide variety of tips scattered across the eBook are sure to help you. As the title suggests, this free ebook from Route One Print brings together key pieces of advice from experienced graphic designers – including. Below is a list of 14 free eBooks that will help you grow as an a legitimate business requires, the tips included in this eBook can help new and.

Sometimes there's just no substitute for splashing your cash and getting high quality content in return. That said, there's a growing movement towards free and 'freemium' content on the web. And the quality of the content is often on a par with the books you'd part with cash for. Clearly nobody can afford to print and distribute free physical books, but in this age of tablets, smartphones and laptops the electronic book offers a fantastic, and very cheap, way to spread this content.

If you do have some cash to spare, take a minute to browse our guide to the best graphic design books — you can be sure you won't be wasting your money. If you are inspired by these ebooks, and in need of other incredible freebies to get your project started, check out our selections of the best free graphic design software and the best free fonts for designers.

So, what content can you get for free in the field of design? A quick search on your favourite search engine will reveal hundreds of ebook offerings, making it difficult to sift the wheat from the chaff. But we've saved you the trouble, so here goes Sooner or later, every designer is going to come up against a client who, for whatever reason, won't pay up come invoice time.

Lior Frenkel from nuSchool has been in this situation plenty of times, so he's written a book on how to deal with such clients.

It's broken up into three parts: Attention, says Oli Gardner, is a limited resource; every link and banner you add to a web page, while serving a purpose, also serves to distract your users and deplete their mental energy. If you want to eliminate unwanted distractions from your websites, this book hopes to help you out.

Gardner outlines techniques for achieving visual simplicity through psychology and interaction design, with plenty of real-life examples to help you ramp up your conversion rate. Starting life as a talk in , Frank Chimero's self-published The Shape of Design was an early design community Kickstarter success, getting funded on its first day, and has since become essential foundational reading, not just in design education but in other creative practices, too.

These are the best sites to download Kindle books for free

Focusing on the mindset of making rather than tools and methods, it asks: And once the work is done, what happens when it is released into the world? Why settle for just one free ebook when you can have three? The DesignBetter. Interana makes up for this by providing sufficient white space and providing text boxes and colorful diagrams.

This free ebook provides four tips to scaling an agency business. Where necessary, the ebook emphasizes important points by using a bold typeface, adding a pull quote, or using white text on a green background.

For example, it provides a bullet-point list of questions—written with a bold typeface—that agencies should ask when figuring out a pricing model. Each element is explained in clear, friendly language, and accompanied with examples of hierarchy in website design.

10 Free Must-Read Street Photography eBooks

Gardner discusses 23 visual principles for designing landing pages that convert. The co-founder of Unbounce, a software company that produces landing pages for websites, Gardner is an expert on the topic. Gardner maintains a conversational tone even while positioning himself as an expert on persuasive landing pages.

The cover imagery reflects this viewpoint, as do the graphics used throughout the e-book, such as a compass and a backpack. This free ebook discusses 12 social media networks, providing data and examples of how marketers use them to distribute content.

How to Write a High-Quality eBook in 30 Days

For example, it provides a table showing the percentage of marketers who use LinkedIn to share B2B and B2C content, as well as the percentage of those who find it an effective distribution channel.

It then goes on to explain how a certain company—in this case, music business Pandora—uses LinkedIn for content distribution. From beginning to end, it uses visuals that remind you of light-hearted Pixar films. Take, for example, this series of footsteps that follow your progress throughout one section of the ebook.

The section outlines steps for setting up a blog. The topics start from the basics, such as setting up a blog on WordPress, to more advanced activities like monetizing a blog. Apart from giving advice on how to start and succeed at blogging, this free ebook lists tons of tools, from copywriting and publishing to SEO and analytics. It uses different shades of blue for its various design and page elements. The ebook also comes with colored graphs.

Important information is displayed in large font sizes, without any other text or images on the page. By providing plenty of white space, splitting text with subheadings, and visualizing data, Microsoft shows that an ebook on a highly complex topic can be reader-friendly. What makes this ebook work visually is its clear design theme, which you can see in every single page. Both the text and graphics come in blue and gray. Translucent blue circles and a background pattern of gray zigzag lines are used to highlight titles and images.

It also uses different visualization styles to present freelancing-related statistics.

It also offers tips on things like workflow management, client relationships, how to charge for services, increase revenue, and how to build an online profile. The Digital Marketing Institute uses a shade of blue that matches its logo as the main color of this ebook—a classic example of visual branding.

Full page images break up the text here and there, serving as a background for important quotes. To convince sales professionals, it first provides proof of how content can drive sales conversions, then offers easy to follow steps for content creation, curation, and distribution.

The Sales Handbook is a four-part series of ebooks targeting startup SaaS companies. Here are the ebooks in the series: As of the time of writing, only the first three ebooks have been released: Each ebook shares advice from sales and business leaders, including those from venture capital firms and a SaaS training company: From a visual perspective, notice how each ebook in the series chooses a single solid color for its cover page background, and uses it throughout the book as a page border and a font color for titles.

When necessary, it visualizes data, too. And we all know sales people love their charts.

At pages, this ebook is massive. The ebook owes its length to the spectrum of topics it covers, which includes PR, SEO, marketing analytics, drip email sequences, and even customer onboarding.

For this ebook, Clearbit worked with influencers—a marketing tactic in itself. The chapters are written by people in the B2B marketers, analysts, customer success leads, entrepreneurs, and SaaS experts.

Aside from chapter title pages, the text is presented in a simple black typeface. That said, graphs and screenshots do break up the text. Once in a while, a subtle, very light blue box draws the eye to important sections, such as data relevant to case studies discussed in the chapter.

If you're looking for more ideas on how to spread your ideas with the click of a mouse, this is the book for you.

Design an Ebook: 3 Steps (and Free Tools) for Self-Published Authors

Turn your passion into profit. Some of the things you'll find inside: This books shares his core beliefs about minimizing the stress in your life and learnings how to become more Zen. Leo's habit blog is amazing. Time management skills and productivity go hand in hand. If you struggle with either, try the unique and easy approach presented in this book. Hiring the right employees is an art and a science. Here you will find information on topics such as headhunting, interviewing, and employee branding with real-life examples.

Create a successful plan for your business with advice from leading entrepreneurs. Creating a new business is not only hard work, it's also expensive. Read these tips on how to save money and work smarter, not harder. This book a high-level guide and overview of the important questions and issues that you will face as you as you start a new company.

23 Free Photography E-Books

If you write for your business which you should , the aim of the game is for it to go 'viral'. Brian Clark of Copyblogger shares his top practical tips on how to write viral copy.

This list is just a start and I know it is missing some very great titles.Here are the ebooks in the series: Expert opinions on how to think about each design stage and its deliverables.

Best of luck getting back into it!

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The section outlines steps for setting up a blog. Yes, the next month looks incredibly busy already: They typically provide Sooner or later, every designer is going to come up against a client who, for whatever reason, won't pay up come invoice time.

That curiosity got us to start Userbrain , a user testing service where we help other creatives pick some user brains.

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