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We have gone through the 15 PMP formulas you must know to answer PMP math questions correctly. We have prepared a PMP Formulas PDF. Master of Project Academy Material - Cannot Be Sold, Copied or Redistributed. 1. Madison Ave, New York. PMP Quick Reference. Guide for Math Formulas. Difficult math formulas for the PMP exam. PMP® Formulas .. Click to download this PDF document with a good number of formula-based questions. Test your.

Pmp Mathematics Pdf

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PMP Formulae & Tips – Cheat Sheet ☺. Integration Management – Develop Project Charter process – Project Selection Methods (>> Benefit Measurement. Important Formulas for the PMP® exam. Page 1. Investment Appraisal. Payback Period: • Payback Period is achieved when the cumulative cash flow becomes. You can download the pdf sheet by joining my PMP exam prep FB group. it beside your study table for quick reference while doing mathematical questions.

Estimate Activity Resources Estimate Activity Durations Develop Schedule Control Schedule Project Cost Management Estimate Costs Determine Budget Control Costs Project Quality Management Plan Quality Perform Quality Assurance Develop Human Resource Plan Acquire Project Team Develop Project Team Identify Stakeholders Can you please send me the full PDF asap — this is my second request.

Edward, I am a person who prints and write notes on side.

Is there a separate link where I can download your study notes and print them no Ads , please? Simply share the post and you will be able to download the notes without any ads.

Could you please help?

Hello, I shared you post on both FB and LinkedIn and could not find a link to download the1 page formula sheet. Can you please email it to me? I shared this post and do not see a link to the PDFs file for the formulas.

Can you email it to me please? Could you please email it to me? Notice the use of the square brackets. The way you have it written could imply that the the AC is included as part of the divisor rather then added to the result of the division part of the equation. Hi Max, Thanks a lot for your comments.

10 PMP Math Questions You Should Be Able to Answer

I agree that your suggestion looks much clearer and I have amended it in the post. Can you please send me PDF in email? This would have increased the number of formulas from In the interests of simplicity, the PTA formulas are intentionally left out. Thank you for your time and patience in helping so many prepare for the exam.

PMP Math Answers

Can you send me the formula PDF? I wrote out the processes and am writing them again. Some stick better than others, can you give me something to help me here? The mind maps might help, memorization is probably not the best tool for me to remember these things. Thank you for your help! Best regards, Jim. Thanks for raising this question. Hi Edward, I did share on my facebook and did see the pdf link, but the contents did not have the formulas.

Can you please email the formula sheet?

Thank you for the great information. Any suggestions? Thank you so much! I have a question for you, when you signed up for language aid, was it more of a distraction for you? If I were to read my own language, I can read faster but may not be able to recognize PM vocabulary. I just wanted to get an idea if it would be more of a distraction for me or not. The language aid will never be an distraction. You just scroll down to read the language aid if needed, other than that, you will have to answer questions normally i.

Great site!! Are these formulas provided in any form within the exam, or do their application AND forms need to be committed to memory? Thanks very much!

You will have to memorise all the PMP formulas as these will not be shown on the exam paper but you will have to use them to calculate the answers. It is therefore highly advised to commit all these to your memory.

10 PMP Math Questions You Should Be Able to Answer

Great resource! I shared with my friends on Facebook but was unable to find the pdf download link. Hi Edward, I have shared in tweeter but I cant download the document. Appreciate if you can email it to me. Could you please email the PDF? Thanks so much.

I shared in tweeter, can you share the document in email since i could not get the download link. A great resource. Just finished Knowledge Acadamy Online and just bought Dummies book but your notes help me figure most important areas for studying.

Good summary of the required formula. I was struggling to grasp the formula required to pass the PMP. So, I hope you receive this. I liked the page on my facebook and did not receive the instant link or any link for that matter to download the formulas in pdf.

Please email to me.

Hi, great site, congratulations. I think you are missing one formula for TCPI: Edward — your site is awesome. Our study group is really benefitting from your posts. Just a note: Scenario 1: If the exam state that you meaning PM have 4 team members. Scenario 2: There are 7 stakeholders in the team.

Scenario 3: You have 3 team members and 8 stakeholders. I would agree scenario 1 and 2 are correct. My understanding is, by default PM is included only when stakeholders are mentioned since PM is one of the stakeholders. For anything else, unless or otherwise explicitly stated about the PM we should always add PM to the number. Could you help me to get more details on this please? There are number of questions in the exam, at least questions are sure, depending on this.

If one question goes wrong all the questions in this area would probably go wrong because of this confusion. All i need to know when to add PM and when not to add PM to the given number. I did encounter 1 questions on my PMP exam about communication channel and I included the PM as a team member in the calculation.

Hope this clarify your doubts. In your first formula about the no. Assuming…the team number is not included PM.

Can you clarify? From my experience, if the question mentions the number of team members, the PM is included.

The figure and the VAC formula are telling the same thing. Hi,in your coment you say when VAC is negative then it is over budget. Thanks for sharing your materials. Please clarify. Like most of us, I am a working professional pursuing career advancements through Certifications.

PMP Math Questions

As I am having a full-time job and a family with 3 kids, I need to pursue professional certifications in the most effective way i. I share my exam tips here in the hope of helping fellow Certification aspirants! If you have any queries, I am more than happy to help. I promise to attend to them asap.

Chung, first name: Chi Wing. Firsthand Review: PMP Exam Tips. Support website running for FREE, thanks! On the other hand, a high value of SD indicates the spread out of data points over a large range. Accordingly, the formula for Standard Deviation is as follows:.

PMP Formulas and Calculation for PMP Certification Demystified

Activity variance calculation involves taking the square of activity standard deviation. On the other hand, to calculate the start of the range you subtract Duration Standard Deviation from Estimated Activity. Accordingly, the formula for Range of an Activity Duration is as follows:. If you did not receive, make sure you check your spam folders and add masterofproject. Float Slack of an activity determines how long an activity can be delayed without affecting the project end date.

Accordingly, if an activity is on the critical path, float slack of that activity will be zero. Accordingly, the formula for Total Float is as follows: Cost Variance represents the amount of budget deficit or surplus at a given point in time.

Basically, we express it as the difference between earned value and the actual cost. Accordingly, its formula is as follows: Accordingly, its formula is as follows:. The schedule performance index SPI is a measure of schedule efficiency, it represents the ratio of earned value to planned value. It is one of the most common PMP formulas for control schedule.

Its aim is to measure how efficiently the project team is accomplishing the work. BAC includes contingency reserves for activities and defines how much money will be spent during the project in total.

Estimate to Complete ETC represents the expected cost to finish all the remaining project work. ETC can be determined by re-estimation of the remaining works in a project. The expected total cost of completing all work expressed as the sum of the actual cost to date and the estimated sum to complete the project.

It is one of the most common PMP formulas. Approach 1: It assumes that all future ETC work will be accomplished at the budgeted rate. Alternatively, Approach 2:Assume you are using straight-line depreciation. If the exam state that you meaning PM have 4 team members. It is one of the most common PMP formulas for control schedule. Standard deviation is simply a reflection of the uncertainty in the estimates. Praveen, I am already a member of that group. Hi,in your coment you say when VAC is negative then it is over budget.

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