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Makeup Express NARS - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. François Nars published Makeup Your Mind. the second book offers more. When it comes to applying makeup, I have to admit, I'm no expert. I love changing up colors and textures but inevitably always end up using the. Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, unites Nars' two passions, makeup and photography, to spectacular effect. Taking the before-and-after concept to the next.

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Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself [Francois Nars] on ppti.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From François Nars, one of the most respected and . Makeup Your Mind deftly combines cult favorite cosmetics designer François Nars' two remarkable talents—makeup and photography, both of which he uses in. Makeup Mind Francois Nars Powerhouse Books read & download (pdf kindle) make up your mind - makeup your mind deftly combines cult favorite cosmetics.

The Makeup Your Mind trilogy doesnt just write about how to apply color, it shows the reader how its actually done by including identical before and after images overlaid with an acetate diagram.

The difference isliterallyclear. Their friendship began in , when Franois launched his eponymous brand at the retailer with a collection of 12 perfectly edited lipsticks.

'AN EDITED LIFE' - available now

The page book is published globally by Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. Franois Nars has always been intrigued by unique beauty.

The diverse collection of women and men featured in Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself hails from every part of the globe. Although scouted on the streets of New York City, the subjects, who vary in age from 16 to 64, represent a wide range of countries, including Russia, South Africa, Guatemala, Sweden and Guyana.

These people represent a comprehensive compilation of ages, ethnicities, skin tones and facial shapes, all of which lend themselves to an array of evocative, ethereal, demure, dazzling and outrageous looks.

Their diverse careers include artist, teacher, yoga instructor, dancer, architect and skateboarder. Not one to limit makeup to women, Franois feels strongly about including men in his books. In both titles, the looks he showcases are especially audacious. The ultimate goal in selecting such a variety of faces is to show that makeup is not only a powerful tool of expressing ones individual beauty, its one that can be used and enjoyed by all.

Before applying their makeup, Franois requested not to be told much about his subjects, as he didnt want to be influenced by their professions. Instead, he worked closely with James and Lena to design each face as objectively as possible. Franois believes that makeup should be applied to a blank canvas, so every look began by giving the subjects a uniform complexion, a cornerstone of the NARS philosophy.

The team then layered colors and textures, utilizing an array of products and techniques to create intricate results.

Even with the most dramatic maquillage, it is clear that the subject is wearing the makeup; the makeup does not wear the subject.

The transformations are there for inspiration, underscoring what an incredible tool makeup is. To reduce distractions, hair is pulled back and facial expressions are neutral.

Throughout the book. To lend a more personal touch. This felt like the perfect moment to come out with a book focused on real women and men wearing NARS. How is this book different from the original? While Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself is a continuation of the first book. Regardless of what look you are trying to achieve.

Always go for transparency no matter what—even with very intense colors. They represent a range of ethnicities and ages.

Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself

We originally planned Makeup Your Mind as a three-part book set. How did you come up with the looks for each subject? The first book featured models. I focused on bringing out her or his natural beauty rather than concealing it. The difference lies in the people featured: NARSissist Facebook: Flag for inappropriate content.

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In 2001, Franois Nars published Makeup Your Mind, the

Jump to Page. Search inside document. Related Interests Cosmetics Mind. Jesus Adrian Valdez. University of Makeup. Jason Brook.

Prerna Gill. Nicoleta SI Dorin Bancila. Priscilla Alioto.

Stefana Mercurean. Mia Delos Santos.

Liliana Nico. Rodrigo Reinoso. Ralf Adelski.

Neftali Zamora Ortiz. More From meryxarly. Popular in Belief. Ani Thomas. Hassane Darir. Aleksandar Simonovski. Cannon Beach Arts Association. Kimberly Shein S. Galih Adi Pratama. Kevin G.DB: The transformations in this book are fantastic, and I love that you included men's make up looks. Stefanie Williams, if you can tell that someone has had something 'done', then it has been done badly. Makeup Your Mind: DB: I know that this is actually a reissue of your book of the same name, but instead of models you used real people.

One day in a pinch, I had on a super-matte lip and needed hydration.

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