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Language Leader Intermediate Study Book Language Leader Intermediate Workbook Language Leader Intermediate Audio CD1, CD 2. Title: Language leader intermediate workbook with key, Author: Наталія Бережна Key language: Discussing advantages and disadvantages. Language Leader Intermediate Teacher's Book - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Language New Language Leader Intermedia ppti.info Uploaded by Language Leader Advanced Workbook.

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Pearson ELT, Cover Image, Language Leader Intermediate Supplementary Resources PDF, Reading, PDF, Teacher's Notes. PDF, Language Practice, PDF. Download for free Language Leader by Longman Pearson: elementary, pre- intermediate, pre intermediate, upper-intermediate. CoursEbook, workbook. Language leader: Intermediate: Workbook with by John Hughes. Language leader: Intermediate: Workbook with key and audio CD. by John Hughes.

Circle the number of words vou hear in each sentence. Contracted forms count as two words, for example, they've. Why don't you give them a call. B Look at these mini-dialogues. Write full questions using the present perfect simple or continuous form. That's the fifth time this month. Now moving on, -can you tell me 4 l'm interested in 5 was wondering -what 6 just one more thing l'd -like to ask 7 A question now -.

I l'm vou asked me that. Now listen and check your answers to Exercises 4 and 5. Practise saying the questions and answers. They are from two different paragraphs: Put the two paragraphs in order and write your. You will need to organise games such as football and netball and take the children on trips and visits.

Read the covering letter. Write the missing word in each line. Listen to these. We've got a problem because we don't have enough people in the team. Listen to eight sentences.

Circle the number of words you hear in each sentence. Write the verb with the pronoun in the correct position. I think l'll have to find out about it from grammar book at home tonight. A teacher is using a questionnaire to ask a student about how she learns English. Read the questionnaire and then listen.

Tick the answers for ihe student. When we learn new words, any of the ideas in the questionnaire could be helpful. Why not try some. What rvill children need to be in the future? What else could children learn at school? What rvill cost more molrev? Underline all the sentences using the first conditional in the article. How many sentences can you find?

Some people believe that if more nroney and resources aren't given to traditional foreign language classrooms in the USA, languages such as French or Cerman might die out.

However, this doesn't mean that all language learning ls in danger. More and more people are learning to speak with their hands. One professor al an American university reports: We cannot keep up rvith all the students who want to take the courses. Another student who has slowly lost her hearing since birth was also surprised by the course.

The course also let me meet other people in the deaf community. One reason is because some colleges r'von't accept it as a language if you can't speak it. But critics reply that ASL is not equal to languages like Chinese. Dr Lin, a professor of Chinese, comments that: In mv opinion, it doesn't! As one deaf student said: Yes, 5 , it will also cause some oroblems with rooms. We have other cclurses in the traininB rooms. What about making it voluntary?

So people can 's. Use some of the words from sentences in Exercise 1 to complete this discussion. I wonder if we should offer Enslish lessons to st. What 1 will hapien ii rr,'e clo that?

Yes, I l. Hor,v about asking them about having a class after rvork? I don,t ]. The problem that not evervone finishes work at the same time. You are a teacher in a school. Write B's part in this discussion using some of the Key Language. I read a report that says if children learn a language from the age of four, it improves their intelligence. Do you think lve should introduce Spanish classes for the younger pupils? Yes, I think you're right.

Let's do that. And we could also buy some computer programs for them to use durine the lessons. And they like using the computers. I also thought rve could start an afterschool Spanish club. We'd have games and songs in Spanish for anyone interested. What do you. Use fractions: Write the correct method after each sentence. All twenty companies have paid 'Someone just handed me this in the street.

Normally I throw them away but this one is quite i. So much so, that the latest Bond movie is, in some respects, one long advert for vodka, watches and ca rs. That is a record for product placement in a feature film. And the product placement is not even particularly subtle. He has changed his vodka brand and ditched his Rolex watch. Some critics say. At a time when the advertising industry is in a downturn, it seems surprising that companies are falling over themselves to pa; such huge sums.

But brand consultant Steve King said that such a strate8y makes sense. Bond movies are especially popular. The male-lemale ratio among Bond audiences is also appealing to many advertisers. But where is product placement going? Experts say it may not be too long before interactive. You will be able to buy the watch straight from lames Bond's wrist.

As advertisers continue to pay ever larger sums for the cachet of displaying their goods, the lines between advertising and entertainment are. Complete each sentence in the first or the second conditional with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Companies can sponsor teams at school and use inschool advertising. As one parent said, 'we can tell. Write each adjective in brackets in the comparative or. My country and Cermany have the same laws on advertising to children.

Sweden's laws are stricter. The group describes 1. For example, if you are listening for a type of advert, think of some of the different types of advertising you know about. Listen to part of a meeting at an advertising agency.

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Complete the notes with the missing words. Weak vowels have this sound: Listen to their slogans and write them down. All the slogans include a comparative or superlative form. Match each beginning, 0, with its correct ending, a-j. B Now9 So that brings us to the end of the presentation. Someone is making notes at the presentation but they have made some mistakes.

Listen again and correct the notes. Listen to three extracts from the presentation. Tick the phrases or parts of phrases you hear from Exercise 1. Look at these entries from the Longman Active Study Dictionary.

Use them to help you choose answers to questions Categorise these words with dependent prepositions in the correct column in the table. How many different words can be formed out of the word commerce? These sentences are from formal letters. Use a phrase from the table to complete each sentence. Change the form of the verb where necessary.

Please send details to Which syllable is stressed in the rvord commerce? A bank manager is talking to a customer who wants to borrow money to open a shop. Complete the bank manager's notes. This person needs to make sure the general public doesn't stop lluyirrg the conrpany's proclucts.

Gossip and Rumours Gossip and nreclia rumours can really damage a comp. Acts of God These are the things which no human can stop. For examPle, when the we,rlher c. PR managers were working daY and night to save tourism. Business Operations.

The gossip started with a competitor and was untrue. Similarl,v, news about financial problems in the company will mean the PR department needs to get busv. Listen again and underline the stressed words or syllables in each sentence. Practise saying the sentences. Write in the missing words. Here is the nelvs. Toda ,. In the 'ncl lots of customers. Number them from. After a few years of working for himself, he had built a reputation for his leather craftsmansh ip and accessories.

His grandson, Maurizio , took over. My father is the of a large company which produces furniture. He's worked there for over twenty years.

Language Leader Intermediate Teacher's Book

Choose the correct verb form, past simple, past perfect or past continuous. What skills would you say you have? For example, are you good at organising teams of people?

His big success was with a home computer product in By the time he celebrated his twenty-first birthday ne tmake; his first million and go on to create a he then worldwide brand. Listen to the telephone conversation and answer the questions. Sometimes we stress one word in a phrase to add emphasis. Listen to the phrases below and underline the word or syllable with the main stress. Here are two emails, one formal and one informal.

They are mixed up. Separate the emails and write them in the correct order. How formal was their last enrail to you? Write back in a similar style. Which syllable is stressed? Tick the correct stress pattern below.

Look at these pairs of sentences. Choose from the phrases below to complete sentence b with the same meaning as sentence a. Why rectangular? The classic rectangular shape works because it's easy to put in vour oocket. No, we can't because we don't have enough time before the launch next spring. I know, but we 1o ready otherwise it won't sell. True, but we 7. The material for this 1 a be very strong. We don't want it to break while people are carrying it B: That's right.

Consumers wanted Later in the sixties, of the period and the rise of the throwaway society. The period saw. Choose from the words below to complete sentence B with the same meaning as sentence A. There is one extra rvord.

At Eco-home magazine we must see hundreds of great innovations every year but we can't give prizes to all of them. After days of discussion, here are the top three for this year. Most innovative furniture of the year The winner in this category was Zelfo Australia's Peanut Chair. Zelfo is the name of the company and the name of the material they use to make all their products.

The material combines plants and paper and provides an alternative to the chemicals and plastics in most types of furniture. Zelfo uses no chemicals and its factory in Australia recycles as much of its water as possible, with no toxic waste. Zelfo is also currently used in the oroduction of musical instruments and toys. You might even be wearing their sunglasses in. Segrate in Milan you could find that the air smells fresher than in most other cities. That's because the road in the city centre is covered in concrete which cleans the air.

The idea was to design a chemical to keep the cement clean. They discovered that it could also clean the air around it. The company is certain that if 5 percent. Cood morning everyone and thanks for coming. Because of this, one of the best points is that it's.

At f5.

As you can see it looks very similar to the old wooden design. Nowadays, it's hard to imagine life without the wheel! You can set the morning alarm with this switch. The price is very competitive at f Everything is automatic so the owner doesn't need to touch anything. The battery lasts for six hours. This helps them to a- jobs in typically male-. Underline the correct word. Everyone feels relaxed in his lessons.

The students were all smiling and. I remember a maths teacher who used to make you stand if you made a mistake. She must spend hours planning her lessons. I never get bored in my English classes. As a precaution against the violence among young people, we should increase the years of There are wonderful job opportunities for science. Pott Row First School wants to provide half of all lessons outside in the next two.

Staff would comment that if the children hadn't been outside, perhaps because it had been raining,they wouldn't listen so well in class. As a result we have purchased raincoats for every single pupil in our school. Mrs Petzer said staff and parents had been extremely supportive of the idea.

Which sentences must have a relative pronoun? Write a pronoun if necessary. A teacher is a person. His or her job is to show students how to learn, as well as what to learn. Complete each part of the reading about distance learning with a heading a-f below. There is one extra and incorrect heading. Make sure your course is with a recognised educational body. The main benefit of- online learning is that it can fit your way of working and requirements. You just have to choose the right online course.

Many of these now allow students. While this may be true of cheap schools or 'fake' schools, degrees from properly accredited schools are accepted by employers in the same way that traditional degrees are accepted. Anyone can claim to be an accredited agency, and many do. However, in order to be widely accepted, your degree needs to come from a college approved. Always check with them first to avoid studying for an unrecognised. While some online students choose accelerated courses, others select online schools that let tnem do their work slowly, over a longer period of time.

Just like traditional schools, some online institutions are known for being easier and others are known for being harder. Flexibility is key in the world of distance learning and the majority of online courses can change to fit your needs.

Online learning, is now considered to be equal to face-to-face learn i ng. For example, look at how you can make this sentence more interesting for the reader:. My university which is one of the nrost modern in the country is famous for science and research. The students who were demonstrating against the Covernment cuts in education walked peacefull;, through the city centre. So l've looked at the student feedback on these survey forms.

I see that everyone was critical about the library. Yes, it's clear that. One wav is to ouestion him first about the comments or perhaps we should observe one of his lessons. I think observe him first. The views about the self-access centre weren't bad. No, students seem happy with access to newspapers, books and so on.

Though there were a few complaints about the computers. Yes, well, I agree that they are all old. Yes, to do that and find a better lnternet provider. Yes, I saw that.

New Language Leader Intermediate Coursebook

Well, we can't do much about it until the next staff meetins. And I think 5. We thank you for your letter asking about our courses.

I am happy to send you this year's brochure with full details of our summer programme. As you will see from our brochure, we have over one hundred courses for you to pick from and feel. Please take time to read all course descriptions and note the timetables and course lengths summarised at the back.

Details of fees are also put inside. Should you need any more information about our courses, please don't wait to contact me.

We look. A student is talking to a careers advisor. Listen and complete the student's notes below. A IOg As well as taking unlimited rides at Disneyland, the attraction of the job was the freedom: Mike Kent rode it times.

Not only does he enjoy his own rides, it also shows how confident he is in the. Mike is an attractions engineer at the resort. He was first employed by Disney in I Now, the BigThunder ride can be enjoyed at every Disney resort in the world and that gives Kent a great deal of satisfaction: The writer thinks Mike Kent a only rides BigThunder to test it.

According to the article, what is the other reason he takes so many rides on BigThunder? Before Disneyland a Mike hadn't enjoyed anv of his previous jobs. Complete each gap,14, in the article with a sentence from a-e. There is one extra sentence. A new attraction Use a 6ood dictionary like the Longman Active Study Dictionary to help you with new words and their definitions. Writ" the verb in brackets in the correct active or passive form in this article.

Halley's Comet is famous because it can easily. Here are some facts about the comet:. Being in a Shakespeare play is a actor's dream. An engineer is presenting plans for a new tunnel under the sea. Listen and write the missing information including numbers and figures.

New tunnel: Does it have prefixes and suffixes? Build new words in your notebook using a table like Exercise 4. Thc office space in the building will be.

Listen and answer questions His buildings are considered by many to be That's a possible solution. What do you think about. And don't forget to number them in the right order. That's also a good way to help you speak in a logical order. So don't be nervous. You'll be fine! Love Rachel I. Read this description of a new engineering idea for heating roads. Write in the missing words and expressions for sequencing the different stages from.

Henk Verweijmeren. Complete this paragraph describing the process in Exercise 3. First of all you need to do some market research. One way to do this. Complete this summary of the articte about changes in fashion. Use words from the article. Similarlv, oLrr taste in music ntav change but this change is at a constant is also true for.

Fashions ch. These are the conclusions of university researchers from the UK ancl. The research also challenges thc belief that a lot of our f.

It sholvs rve generall;, cop,v others rvhen it comes to popular culture. The researchers s. Plenty of celebrities, for example, get copiecl. Dr Bentlev also points out that we are not necessarilv looking out for the latest fashion but 'uve need regular cha nee. Simrlar results to thosc of Dr Bentley were found in the US when. The number of albums entering and exiting thc chart varied fronr day to day and month to nronth, lrut overall the average change rvas 5.

Thev discoverccl sinrilar consistencv in the fashions for tab,v n. They lookcd at the popularity of music, baby nanres and tvpes of dogs and found that rheir popularitv ch. Listen to five speakers talking about the objects below. Write the object a-f next to the speaker. There is one extra object.

Replace each phrase in bold, a-g, with one of the phrases, Tick the study techniques in the checklist that the learner uses. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the facilities for older peopre at the beach. Who would like to begin? I would. I'm very b concerned that we have ro pay to get to the beach. Well, d l'm afraid I can't agree that we should pay.

Choose some more trend words from page of the course book. Design your own page to help you learn these words. The figures compare how they spend their free time, with over half now. Each speaker is talking about something from a book, TV show or film. Match one of these words to each description. It's so complicated that after fifteen minutes you don't know who is who and what is happening.

Whether this is true or nor, Creta Carbo will always be remembered for starring in some of Hollywood's greatest masterpieces, from the silent movies of the twenties throush to her last film in Her decision never to mike a film aeain shocked the movie world.

She accepted an honoriry Oscar in 'l but soon afterwards she was rarely seen in public again. She famously said, 'l want to be alone. Throughout the years leading up to her death in , Carbo wasn't a total recluse. She had invested the money she had made from films wisely and there are still rumours that she wrote an autobiography.

However, the book has never been publisheo. Her final interview took place in Cannes with the journalist Paul Callan. He started the interview by saying, 'l wonder Harry Potter is the biggest children's this century. The trouble with all these movies is that they have lots of special effects and little real acil n8.

Read each pair of sentences, direct and reported speech. Underline the correct words to make the second sentence reported speech. Complete each sentence as reported speech.

I thought to myself, 'l can't work again. I haven't been a recluse but I didn't w. Then one dav this film scri;tt w. I lovecl the script and so l've dccidcd to start work again. Then I met mv,first. Then complete the article reporting what she said. Match his questions a-g to the answers There is one extra question. Why's that? I loved doing the show The journalist asked me to I not want to do any more TV.

Write these words and in the correct places. After a few years of work, they reason, theY can settle down to a comfortable iob and less adventurous. But whenever You decide to go, here are some skills and talents you'll need:. No newspaper editor will send a reporfer who needs a lot of direction and management while reportinB to their boss half a world away. You'll need plenty of self-confidence and be prepared sometimes to break some ru.

Number the DVDs in the order which they are discussed. Which DVD isn't discussed? How about this one? But that's bv the same director. Yes, but it's I from his others. We , the front Iooks 2 with all those people fighting. How about a nice romantic comedy? I haven't seen this one before. We must be abIe to find something than that. What's this? This looks good. I suppose we could do a lot s that. I do like the actress in it. Litten to a student talking at the beginning of a meeting.

Speak clearlv in a loud voice. Structure vour talk with rvords like Firstly, Seconcllt,, Finally. Complete the letter with words from , a, b, or c. I read with interest your story yesterday about 'l. My view of the young cyber is that the boy in question the 2 should be put into some kind of prison for We cannot continue to have these types of individuals a the net and being allowed to steal. By ignoring and not locking away the s judges are sending such 6 , out the wrong message to young people.

They are card theft. Underline the correct verb form. He might have gone to the party if he had known about it. You wouldn't have been happy if you had married. Look at each set of three sentences. Match the halves of each sentence. Look back at the grammar sections on conditionals in units 4,5 and 12 in the coursebook to help you. Your friend can't make his new DVD work. Explain that you press the green button to make it switch on.

Situation 6: The bus leaves in 0 minutes. Your friend needs to catch it. You can run from your house to the bus stoo in B minutes. Take the USA, for example. Interestingly, there are some exceptions where crime has risen, but only a little: In particular, many Asian and Arab World countries have brousht much of this crime under greater control. Read this extract from an article about crime in the world. Write the missing sub-headings a-e in the correct places in the text. For a long time this has been regarded as one of the worst types of property crimes but it is generally thought to be lower now than in the eighties.

This could be due to more private homes and offices having better security systems from people breaking in. No surprises here. The country with the most vehicles per person is also the place with the highest recorded figures. B People who take victims and ask for ransom. Underline the correct modal verb. He didn't let me know it was happening. He mustl should have done! Read the notes and try to predict what types of words might be missing. Do you think so?

They still haven't found any proof that he was at the scene. Yes, but who else could it be? But just because he hasn't broken the law before, it doesn't mean he isn't guilty. A burglar came into the offices last week. Complete this summary of the article.

See if you can use words from the article without looking at it. The way he uses the box tells me that he's quite sociable and outgoing. The signature looks fairly normal but the letters lean that way.

Finally, the way he finishes off the signature with the lines makes this person a real extrovert. Oh I don't watch that much. But I like the sport when it's on. Especially football. Who's your favourite player? What does he eat for breakfast? I just like watching him play. How often do you go to the cinema? I like Johnny Depp movies. He's pretty cool. And I met him once! I went to the first night premiere of a film in London and he was there. Do you often go to see celebrities?

No, that was the only time. Oh actually I also went to meet Julia Roberts once Many other travel writers have said it is the first example of great travel writing. Byron was born in and studied at Oxford. He also wrote about architecture but he is most famous for his travel writing. He published his first book, First. The book won awards and people from all over the world have read it in different languages.

After facing many dangers on his journeys, Byron died on a ship in the Second World War. Lesson 2. Have you thought any more about where to go on holiday? Yes, I was reading about something called eco-tourism. What do you think?

Well, l've read about that too,. He's been chasing this bad guy for months. Anyway, what've you been doing today? I was with a friend. We've been studying for our exams. I still need to do much more! What do you think you'll do after iversity? I haven't spent any time on that yet. I just want to pass these exams first. What about you? How's the job? What do you mean? Another disadvantage is that we don't have enough money to do that! It's quite expensive. So, where should we go? We , I agree that it'd be a good idea to do something different rather than just sitting on a beach.

How about going on an archaeological dig? What's that exactly? Well you travel to an ancient place and help dig for old buildings and objects. A friend of mine is working on one in the Sahara desert. Well, my company's been promising me a promotion for months but nothing's happened. Well, you've been working there a long time. Maybe it's time to move on So if you learn a new word like manage, you also write words like manager or management.

For example, when you meet a word for the first time what's the first thing you do? I suppose if I know the meaning then I might say it a few times so. Do you use a dictionary? But I prefer to hear a word first if I can. And do you write it down or make a note of it? Yes, I have a notebook that I keep all my new words in. After my English lesson I like to write up I. So what do you write? I like to try and put it into my own language. You mean translate it? Not usually, because my dictionary tells me that.

Well, one technique I use is to write them on pieces of paper and test myself. That's a good way because I practise on the bus when l'm going to work Yes, but if we teach school students these languages, there.

I agree that those subjects are. Besides, students at school won't just have to learn the language but could learn about cultures as well. Yes that might help. But of course, if they want more language classes, it'll cost money. That's ridiculous.

So what are you planning? What we're planning is a new TV commercial that we'll show during sporting events like soccer matches. We'll also promote your. That sounds great. So what will happen in theTV commercial? Well, we'll try to get a famous soccer player to endorse the new brand of shoe. So we'll have camera shots of him playing and of course he'll wear the shoe which has your logo on the side.

Will we have some kind of catchy slogan? Err maybe. Perhaps at the end of the advert the player will say something about the product which is easy to remember.

One c: Cood morning everyone and thank you for coming. Our purpose today is to present plans for the new advertising campaign on the Internet. The presentation is divided into three parts.

Then my colleague, Rose Joyce, will present some designs for banner ads and finally we'll take questions. OK [fade] Two n: That brings us to the ads. Please look at the screen. As you can see on this banner advertisement, we're keeping the company colour and the letters of the name are the same. Excuse me, can I ask a question?

Sure, go ahead. Yes, it's about your costs. They seem very high. I thought lnternet advertising was supposed to be. And besides, people like corner shops for things like milk and bread. That's true in terms of production costs but you have to remember that there is much more time spent on finding suitable sites for the banner adverts.

Also, market research is much more complex because you need to find out where different customers are going. On the other hand, this means that you can target your market more carefully. But that still doesn't explain.

Well, it's a small shop on the corner of a street. Towards the end of the high street near the bus station. And what kind of funding do you have so far? Well, my father has given me some and a couple of other. And so how much do you want to borrow from the bank? About fifty thousand. And when you forecast your profit and losses for the first year, how much of this do you think you can pay back per. About a thousand a month. But everyone knows that the first year is the hardest for attracting new customers.

And your main competitors, the two big supermarkets outside the centre, also happen to be the market leaders. Don't you think they have all the customers al. Lesson 6. After a few years of working for himself, he had built a reputation for his leather craftsmanship and. Language Leader Intermediate - Workbook with Audio CD and Answer Key New Language Leader provides a range of contemporary topics including business and global affairs, design, the media, crime, travel, education, the environment, health, society values, science and engineering, sports, communication and globalisation.

Language Leader Upper-Intermediate Workbook with Key and Audio CD Pack

To download free upstream b1 workbook. To download free upstream intermediate b2 companion. This substantially-revised edition features a number of brand-new enhancements: Meet the Experts videos - authentic interviews bring topics to life.

To download free upper-intermediate english center you need to International Express. Do you think is that right about rank by score?

It is much more powerful than a simple workbook. To download free answer key for the upper intermediate you. Have our lives been made richer by all our new possessions? To liven and support your classes, you can display them via the Interactive White Board or share the link with your students directly.

Course audio and video is available online at. To download free inside out upper intermediate resource pack. With its engaging content and systematic skills work, it is the ideal course for students who want to express their ideas and develop their communicative abilities. To download free upstream b2 intermediate workbook teacher's book. Progress Test 1 revises Units Sai: Evil is so widespread. To download free upstream pre intermediate test booklet. To download free new inside out pre-intermediate, intermediate in upper you Upper-intermediate Upper-intermediate Business Result Upper-intermediate sample pages.

To download free workbook pre-intermediate answer key english at your fingertips you English at your fingertips Fingertips a n s w e r k e y.The first letter of each word is given. For example, look at how you can make this sentence more interesting for the reader:. What's this? Write the verb with the pronoun in the correct position. Well, l'm sure anyone listening will have heard most of them before.

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