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KALPANA CHAWLA (PH.D.) NASA ASTRONAUT (DECEASED). PERSONAL DATA: Born in Karnal, India. Died on February 1, over the southern. Kalpana Chawla (July 1, February 1, ) was an IndianAmerican astronaut who, was a mission specialist on the space shuttle Columbia. Chawla joined the NASA 'Astronaut Corps' in March and was selected for her first flight in Her first space mission began on. Kalpana Chawla (March 17, – February 1, ) was an American astronaut, engineer, . "Book Review: Biography of Kalpana Chawla" (PDF). Science Reporter. " A History of Foam Anomalies (page )" (PDF). Retrieved June

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Kalpana Chawla. After her tragic death a few biographies of hers have been published. But, as Kalpana's husband and author Jean-Pierre Harrison says, the. Chairman. 02 I A SUCCESS STORY OF KALPANA CHAWLA .. and her name would now be a part of Indian history. It and undergoing. Kalpana Chawla. An Indian – American. Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla. 1. A space shuttle is a spacecraft that is made for repeated space travel (unlike a.

In spare times, she used to lay down under the sky in night to admire the airplanes and stars. Many times she shared her interest with her brother and told him that she wanted to fly.

6 Things to Know About Kalpana Chawla: The First Indian Woman in Space

Role of school, education and her family: Once, Kalpana stated that as a child, she never dreamt she would ever reach the frontiers of space. She felt thankful to her parents who allowed her to attend engineering college where she started stepping towards her goals. School: Studious Kalpana always ranked among top 5 in her class.

Although she was very much interested in English, Hindi and Geography, but Science was her favorite ones. Reason being, her teacher took pain to make the subject easy for her. Flourishing her creativity, she completed her school project with classmates under which she covered the classroom floor with Indian geography map and ceiling with black colored newspaper highlighted with stars.

Seeing or talking about planes always elevated her excitement level. Thus, she used to draw sky, stars and planes, when her other classmates used to draw mountains, rivers and home in extra activities classes. Father: When Kalpana turned eleven, she asked her father to take her to the Club. Her father was an ordinary businessman who sold toffees, soaps, dates and groundnuts and later became the manufacturer of metal boxes used for storing provisions.

With his hard-work, he is now a renowned tyre factory owner. Mother: Seeing or talking about planes always elevated her excitement level. Despite of the fact that Kalpana was not aware of the role of a flight engineer, she used to tell people that she want to become a flight engineer.

Kalpana Chawla

The reason being, that she thought that flight engineers design aircrafts and she too wanted to do the same. She followed her teachers inspiration who used to teach that wasting education is not a good idea, instead it should be utilized for some good purpose. However, her mother was a housewife, but another interesting fact was that she belonged to a educated family.

According to her mother, Kalpana was different as she used to cut her own hair and never wore ironed clothes. Her mother always pampered Kalpana and fought for her as Kalpana demanded to join college for higher studies.

With the incredible support of her family, especially mother, she got enrolled at Punjab Engineering College to study aeronautical engineering and earned Bachelor of Science degree. During her bachelor studies, she performed so well and ranked among the toppers due to which the institute offered a job there itself.

Since, she was a girl of a town where no girl stepped outside the city for higher education, therefore, it was a big challenge for her parents to go against the tradition.

Ignoring the on-going trend, they decided and allowed their daughter to pursue her career further. In , Kalpana moved to U. A year later after moving to U. The decision of marrying him became easy as her brother convinced his parents and supported his sister once again.

They kept on motivating and praising her for achievements due to which she made remarkable progress throughout her career. She saw her dream coming true, when her first space mission began in This is when she became the first Indian born woman and second Indian person to fly in space after Rakesh Sharma. Under this mission, she traveled Tata , India's first pilot.

Thereafter she moved to the United States to obtain a Master of Science degree in aerospace engineering from University of Texas Chawla earned a doctorate in aerospace engineering from University of Colorado in Chawla held a certified flight instructor's license with airplane and glider ratings, and has commercial pilot's licenses for single and multiengine land and seaplanes. Chawla entered NASA's astronaut program in and was selected for flight in Chawla was the first Indian-born woman in space, as well as the first Indian-American in space.

She was the second person from India to fly into space, after cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma who went into space in in a Soviet spacecraft.

Chawla's legacy

On her first mission Chawla travelled over 6. During STS, she was responsible for deploying the Spartan Satellite which malfunctioned forcing two other astronauts to go on a spacewalk to capture the solar satellite. A five-month NASA investigation blamed the error on the flight crew and ground control. She was fully exonerated although this did not stop some reporters from making direspectful comments about her involvement in the mishap in the days after her death in the explosion of the final Columbia mission.

Chawla's mission got delayed in July when NASA engineers identified three cracks on the shuttle's second engine's liquid hydrogen flow liner. Over six months later the shuttle was cleared and she returned to space in the ill-fated STS mission. On her mission, she carried a white silk banner as part of a worldwide campaign to honor teachers, as well as nearly two dozen CDs, including ones by Abida Parveen , Yehudi Menuhin , Ravi Shankar , and Deep Purple.

She went to her first rock concert, a Deep Purple show, in with her husband. She died a hero and a role-model for many young women, particularly those in her hometown of Karnal where she periodically returned to encourage young girls to follow in her footsteps.Anonymous b1QruJ8y.

Kalpana Chawla

Retrieved from " https: Mia Hussain. The crew of STS in October Chawla obtained a degree in aeronautical engineering from Punjab Engineering College before immigrating to the United States and becoming a naturalized citizen in the s.


Flag for inappropriate content. Her first space mission began on November 17, , as part of the six-astronaut crew that flew the Space Shuttle Columbia flight STS

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