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The reference for writing superb iOS apps with Ruby on Rails backends. The second book walks you through creating an iOS application in Objective-C that uses the Rails API you just created. This book is for a developer who wants to build an iOS application with a Rails backend. iOS on Rails workshop. Contribute to rikas/ios_on_rails development by creating an account on GitHub. The source code is available in our repo rails-generate-pdf. Here's my configuration: Rails Postgresql wkhtmltopdf macOS.

Ios On Rails Pdf

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DocRaptor is a great service that converts HTML to PDF and is also available as a Heroku add-on. The initial integration is straightforward in a Rails app using. There are situations when we want to convert a PDF into a set of images which we can then nicely display on a web page or on mobile devices. In Rails this is. Just add a special treatment for PDF. Something like: pdf" %> <%= link_to (image_tag "ppti.info ").

How to Generate PDFs With Ruby on Rails

Please create a password to continue. The the first book covers building a backend API in Rails. Download a free sample chapter. This book is for a developer who wants to build an iOS application with a Rails backend.

The approach shared in this book is the result of our own experiments as Rails and iOS developers working together to build applications. The Rails portions of this book assume a basic working knowledge of how to build a web application with Rails as well as the Ruby programming language.

The iOS portions of this book assume a basic working knowledge of how to build an iOS application as well as some familiarity with the Objective-C programming language. What the book describes and explains, the example apps demonstrate with real, working code. The apps are up to date for Rails 4 and iOS 8.

The book is written using Markdown and distributed via GitHub. When you purchase iOS on Rails, you get access all future updates to the book and example applications.

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Encoding and decoding also adds a computational overhead for both the server and the client. Therefore, base64 is suitable for sending images and small files under MB.

Multipart forms, on the other hand, are more "unnatural" to the APIs, since the data is encoded in a different format and requires a different way of handling. However, the increased performance with larger files and the ability to stream files makes multipart form data more desirable for uploading larger files, such as videos.

First, let's set up a Rails 5 API application and scaffold a model that is going to be used. Move to the directory of the new project: 1 cd fileuploadapp Go to the Gemfile and uncomment jbuilder and rack-cors. Simply put, rack-cors will enable browser-based applications AngularJS, React and mobile applications to request information from the API.

This is not a problem for this guide, since we are going to work only with a local server. Install the gems: 1 bundle install bash With the gems installed, the model is going to be scaffolded with Jbuilder-generated views and be ready to be consumed by client-side applications. Note that there is still no information about the file - file information will be included in the model's schema at a later stage.

UPDATE: You may have heard about Lit, our i18n gem for Rails apps translations...

For now, we are all set to go ahead and migrate the model into the database: 1 rails db:migrate bash This will create a table in the database for the new model. Note that in Rails 5 you can use rails instead of rake for executing a migration command.We found out this alleviates most of the user pain and is a better alternative than simply waiting.

Although written in Ruby, capistrano can be used to deploy projects of any language or framework. My model: We split the printing process in multiple steps, and we found out that the DocRaptor step is the most time-intensive: JavaScript is responsible for handling these.

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