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Get Instant Access to Creatura (The Creatura Series Book 1) B00wq5yuas By Nely Cab #d25c7c EBOOK EPUB. KINDLE PDF. Read Download Online Creatura. Mar 18, (c) >>> page 1 of 7 PDF File: d25c7c Creatura (The Creatura Series Book 1) B00wq5yuas By Nely Cab. Get Instant Access to Creatura (The Creatura Series Book 1) By Nely Cab # 8d EBOOK EPUB. KINDLE PDF. Read Download Online Creatura (The.

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Descarca Nely Cab-Creatura PDF ppti.info carti pdf online, descarca Creatura PDF descarca Creatura-Nely Cab PDF free books pdf online pdf books carti in. Fruit of Misfortune book. Read 57 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Isis' goals for the future included things like attending and g. (Creatura, #2). by: Nely Cab. THIS book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used.

The golden sun was always warm and perfect on the crimson horizon. I felt at one with nature.

That ended the day a stalker took over my dreams. Nowadays, I hardly sleep. I lined my green eyes with black eye liner, followed by black mascara. My long light brown hair was ironed and ready to go. It was hot and muggy this March morning as I made my way to school by foot.

Fruit of Misfortune

As I crossed the intersection of the main street, I was tempted to stop for a refill of coffee at the gasoline station, but decided against it. My five-foot frame could only hold so much caffeine before my leg started shaking frantically.

Los Fresnos, Texas is your typical small town with a scant population of roughly inhabitants. The weather is humid, hot and sunny practically all year round. My best friend, Andy, waits for me at our usual table in the cafeteria with her boyfriend, Bill.

My memory recalled a three-year high school relationship with the guy I thought was destined to be my husband. His name was Gabriel Betancourt.

Gabriel was now a freshman at Florida State University. He graduated early from high school, having been in an advanced program, and left immediately after his prerequisites were met. With an academic scholarship, he jumped right into the spring semester.

In Fruit of Misfortune, we encounter mild spoilers but nothing serious : - a Twilightesque non-pregnancy - a silly love triangle with a guy I would slap hard twice and then never talk to again - every single character being irrational and childish to everyone else - the main character being trashed as a "whore" repeatedly - a constant pity-party thrown by Isis for herself - David the love interest apparent!

Because David gave her his star pendant I think it came out of his heart but I can't be sure because it's been a long time and they are linked for good or for worse, he's transforming as well.

That's why Isis and David go to Greece to catch up to Isis' father, who should be able to tell them what's going on, which I found interesting because as a deity, I didn't think S. Leumas that's his name would know any more about being a Creatura than David and his family. I initially thought that this was the story of Book 2; with Isis and David meeting her father, finding out a terrible truth and then setting out to change their fate or something similar.

It turns out this premise is dropped rather quickly and doesn't turn up again until much later, because the real story is then revealed: Isis is sick. Isis and David's transformation had all the elements a self-respecting YA author who read Twilight would attribute to a gross transformation.

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There's vomiting phlegm, internal hemorrhaging, bleeding from noses and ears, lots of screaming and ill-advised self-medication that made my skin crawl. There were also unexplained bouts of extreme hypothermia! While I wouldn't exactly call that a good story, it WAS good entertainment.

I would choose Isis vomiting any day over her talking to that hypocrite Eros. And here we are at my first and biggest complaint. Eros is the self-proclaimed BFF of David's, and of course the first thing he does is literally throw himself at Isis. And I'm not kidding: it didn't even take him a day to share his saliva with her forcibly, too.

Eros is tricky for two reasons: one, he's disgusting and two, he thinks he's the sexiest man on earth and so does everyone else in the book. What's more, he turns Isis into the vilest of hypocrites, first flaming the house help in Greece and then being all "it's not cheating if I don't tell David about it!

Don't believe me? See here: "But there was one thing that really displeased me, and that was the way Paulina looked at David.

She was one of those rare, natural beauties that would stand out even in a crowded room. I knew she was only doing her job, but it made me jealous seeing her cater to David.

She can't even handle another girl waitressing for her boyfriend, and I swear that's ALL Paulina did, and nothing more.

And his voice Seriously though, those two sentences nearly killed the book for me with their wannabe poetical waxing. But Isis always knows how to escalate a situation: "Our eyes locked, and my surroundings fell away.

Later on, Eros Lamoureux, which is a stupid name BTW, has really deep-diving conversations with Isis, his most notable opinion on Isis love life being this: "Do you have the will to live without knowing what it's like to love another?

To never feel another man's touch? To never breathe another man's sugary breath? I mean, come on. You gotta try harder than that, Eros.

That line wouldn't convince Barbie to make out with you. At one point, Eros' and Isis' conflict is effectively and gleefully summarized in the only good dialogue in the entire book: ""How dare you do that, knowing I'm in a relationship with your best freind?

See a Problem?

It's not that I hate Eros or anything; it's just that his sob-story of a past didn't nearly justify his sexual harrassment of Isis in the beginning. But while Eros' and Isis' stupid excapades could be attributed to their mad hormones, I'm not sure what to make of David.

What are you, David? David is grandfather-menatility "look at all those cool temples!The model's eyes are messily photoshopped into being turquoise, which doesn't fit either the first cover or the book's description. Refresh and try again. About Nely Cab.

Essent nominavi appellantur et per. To never feel another man's touch?

Marker of Hope

Return to Book Page. Hopefully, my review will enlighten those who are drawn in by the ambiguous summary and numerous five-star ratings. So yeah they are looking for her dad.. And that scene, in the wood! Rating details.

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