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Sophie's Choice is a novel by American author William Styron. It concerns the Sophie's Choice won the US National Book Award for Fiction in Sophie's Choice book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Three stories are told: a young Southerner wants to become a wri. Jeri said: A friend and I read this book concurrently in the s. She contended Sophie's choice was the one she made to save her s.

Sophies Choice Book

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His books include Lie Down in Darkness, The Long March, Set This House on Fire, The Confessions of Nat Turner, Sophie's Choice, This Quiet Dust, Darkness . Sophie's Choice and the burden of commentary. The New York Review of Books on William Styron's National Book Award-winning novel. Also by William Styron · My Generation · Selected Letters of William Styron · The Suicide Run · Havanas in Camelot · Darkness Visible. See all books by William.

I first heard someone using this phrase and then read the book to fi Maybe the beauty of it, from a reader prospective, is that you get there totally unprepared and those pages end up overwhelming you Jan 10, Whatever one thinks of Sophie's Choice, I thought it was in need of a good editor. If Styron was trying to show the jumble that Sophie's mind had become, he did a good job.

Yes, we were all blindsided by the second choice, but more than anything, I am continually blindsided by the inhumanity of the Nazi war machine. Talk about collective insanity!

Jun 10, I first heard someone using this phrase and then read the book to fin Did someone make you read this book? I was awed by this book the first time I read it, and even more so when I re-read it many years later after having children.

There are lots of books that smart people don't get! A book can hit you at the wrong time, can have a writing style that grates as Styron's did in this book or can simply be not your thing -- I disliked Wolf Hall because half the time I couldn't remember whether it was Thomas Cromwell or Thomas More who was talking.

I was distracted. That's his or her JOB. You need only attend with an open mind. Also, many books don't have an overarching message -- they are simply storytelling, though Sophie's choice was a literary punch to the gut.

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Jun 17, I agree with Norman. If you've never had kids you probably can't get the full impact of choosing which child will live. You lose either way because you're giving the other child a death sentence, a choice that, absent years of heavy and competent therapy, will haunt you to your grave.

Which was the case. It wasn't a great book, but it was a competent book, demanding little of the reader.

A Novel of Evil

I give it 3. Jun 21, In my opinion, it is that the choice she makes to become one with her tormentor by identifying with them and casting herself as different from the Jews is the essential choice she makes at her peril. She is morally bankrupt at that point and later, is even willing to use her father's anti-semitism to her advantage. That she had to choose one of her children to die immediately is the symptom of the choice, much as a sneeze is a symptom of a cold, and is her punishment for her moral weakness.

Sophie’s Choice

She must die with Nathan because it was her destiny to die with the Jews and the tortured Nathan represents the tortured Jewish people. I must say that when my children were young and I would watch the movie, I was moved deeply by that silent scream and could very much feel the horror of that agonizing moment.

I first read the book in my early twenties and I remember I could not put it down. Jul 07, I don't believe anyone forcing a choice like that on to my mother could be trusted. Molly, I agree.

In situations like this, I believe that all you can hold on to is your own character, your own morality. In my opinion, Sophie relinquished that by making the choice. As Laurie observes further down on this page, she becomes one with her tormentor.

Mar 18, I couldn't have made the choice. May 26, I think she is presented as a real, flawed human being, not a hero.

She had no option but to choose between the 2 children, either that or both will die. A mother's instinct is to save her child.

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And she has no time to think about it. But having made this impossible choice everything else she does stems from it. She cannot live with herself, and her attraction to Nathan is mainly due to his destructive nature.

Normality no longer makes sense. Carole wrote: It is no longer just the South that is grandly decayed, morally tortured, ridden with madmen, idiots and weaklings, socially enfeebled by incest and other The requisite madman is Nathan Landau; the requisite webs of guilt reach out toward the present from Auschwitz and the American North and South.

Doom must hang over everything, ominously, mysteriously forewarned throughout the novel; and of course there are special Styron is, of course, a master stylist; but notice the precisely Gothic quality of the following passage, which I've chosen by opening at random.

Sophie's father, the Professor, ought to explain, having long ago written a Polish tract arguing that Jews should be exterminated, is now trying to get an audience with some — any bureaucrat among the occupying German forces, hoping to curry favor.

But he must not have washed his scalp.

A Novel of Evil

She recalled the dandruff on his splendid shoulders. His murmurings combined fretfulness and hope. His voice had an odd hiss. Surely today, even though the Governor General had refused to see him the day before surely today especially with his exquisite command of German he would be greeted cordially by the head of the Einsatzgruppe der Sicherheitzpolizei, with whom he had an entree in the form of a letter from a mutual friend in Erfurt a sociologist, a leading Nazi theoretician on the Jewish problem , and who could not fail to be further impressed by these credentials, these honorary degrees on authentic parchment from Heidelberg and Leipzig, this bound volume of collected essays published in Mainz, Die Polnische Judenfrage, etc and soon.

Surely today. This heartbreaking, compassionate and controversial novel interweaves themes of survivor guilt, madness and betrayal. William Styron.

Online retailers Or. Also by William Styron. Set This House On Fire.

Lie Down In Darkness. Love Sophie's Choice?A writer once said I think it was Vonnegut give your readers at least one character to root for. Preview — Sophie's Choice by William Styron. Add to Cart. The story is the account of All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from November CS1 maint:

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