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Sr no Chapter Page 1 Cloth required for different dresses. 1. How to take measure of Kurta on person. 2. Parts of inch. 4. Tables showing the standard scale. Read Liberty 40 Ready Paper Cutting's of Punjabi Dresses (8 Languages in single Book) Liberty Blouse / Punjabi Dresses (Theory Book in Marathi) methods of Drafting,Cutting,Stitching different types of garments like-Blouses, Dresses. This book contain's both theory, drafting & stitching & method of blouse & punjabi dresses. Blouse section includes all type of kartori (e.g. full,half, princess cut.

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Projects To Try · Punjabi Dress Drafting and Cutting Punjabi Dress, Projects To Try .. This Video Shows a Beautiful Buff hand model Blouse cutting and Stitching, The Buff Sleeve is Shown in the next video, keep watching Comic book. Read Liberty 40 Ready Paper Cutting's of Punjabi Dresses (8 Languages in single Discription: This Book contains 8 AO size paper sheets,which includes 40 We publish videos on Easy and simple methods of Drafting,Cutting,Stitching . Make your own pattern to stitch a Salwar kameez top (Punjabi suit). Measure yourself Do not forget to checkout 'Draft the neckline of your choice'. Here I have.

If you want a loose neck you may increase this measurement as per your preference.

Punjabi Dress Drafting and Cutting

C-S which is front neck depth can be taken as per table or as per your preference. I usually like a 6. Again this is preference of the wearer. This is the bust line.

E-G is marked on this line. Ie if my bust is 36 inches, that divided by 4 is 9.

Add 1 inch seam allowance along G-P-M. Step 2. Mark the point as X.

Make a curved shape of the armhole from L-X-G — this is the back sleeve line. Mark this point as N. L-Y-G is the front armhole line. Blue line.

Give the neckline you want — refer here for different necklines. Make sleeves as per the instructions here and you are good to go sewing. Checkout the post on different types of sleeves for your options. Keep the sleeve pieces Right sides together.

Fold them and start the marking. Use chalk to mark the pattern. The line A —C is along the folded line of the cloth. Mark F as mid point of B-E. Divide the line G- F line into 3 equal parts. Front Sleeve line. Join from A — E so that the line passes through point 1 -This is the front sleeve line. Back sleeve line. From point 3 join the line to E through the point 2.

You can draft variations of the simple sleeve by checking out the instructions in the post on drafting different types of sleeves. Step 1. Once you have made the pattern markings on the paper, cut out the bodice portion and the sleeves. Do not cut the neck openings now. It looks good. Tables showing the standard scale measure. Plain umbrella Kurta A Line Kurta.

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Method to join piping. Fitting kurta with tucks. Different types of sleeves. Princess line kurta. Information of kurta having kalis.

Kurta having 4 kalis below waist. Kurta having many kalis. Lucknowi style kurta. Lucknowi style kali kurta.

Straight Kameez Cutting-Sewing Tutorial

Rangler sleeves kurta. Different types of necks. Step Join the sleeves to the armholes Step Join the sides till the slit marking. Now wear it and see if it fits. If it is loose fitting either make darts or stitch the side margin accordingly.

After the slit edges are stitched it will be difficult to adjust the fitting. A half an inch to one inch taken in at the side seams around the waist line will be all that is needed. Stitch the edges of the slit and the bottom hem edge To finish the edges of the slit, turn twice the side edges of one side and pin as in the picture below.

Stitch as in the diagram. The red lines are the stitching lines. You can finish the side slits by adding a different colored fabric strip to the back. This will look interesting as is shown on the picture below, though it is not visible from the outside.

Liberty 40 Ready Paper Cutting's of Punjabi Dresses (8 Languages in single Book)

Another option is to add stitch to the back of the slit a piece of golden or silver ribbon to the back of the slit with a little projection so that it looks like piping. You can always do piping but this cheat piping looks good as well.

It is stitched as one with the main fabric.

If you want, make some basting stitches along neckline and sleeves so that the fabric donot shift when you sew.See more ideas about Gala design, Embroidery patterns and Embroidery. Front Pattern How to make a kurti pattern based off of your measurements.

Dimensions counted cross stitch Cabin Fever design shows that spending time at this cozy cabin is the perfect remedy for the stress of everyday life. I love India. Make center notches on the bodice pieces and the facings. Example A line, full umbrella , chuddidhar , salwar, patiyala. The airline commits to accompany the children from the moment they are received at the airport, assist thejm constantly during the flight and deliver them to the person designated to receive them at their final destination.

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