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The Myst Reader is a collection of three novels based on the Myst series of adventure games. The collection was published in September and combines. Myst is a franchise centered on a series of adventure video games. The first game in the series, .. The three books, entitled Myst: The Book of Atrus, Myst: The Book of Ti'ana, and Myst: The Book of D'ni, were released in , , and , respectively. The books were later packaged together as The Myst Reader. The Myst book series by multiple authors includes books The Book of Atrus, The Book of Ti'ana, MYST - The Book of D'Ni, and several more. See the complete.

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The Book of Atrus (Myst, Book 1) [Rand Miller, Robyn Miller, David Wingrove] on ppti.info *FREE* Myst: The Book of D'ni Myst: The Book of Ti'ana. The Book of Atrus (Myst, #1), The Book of Ti'ana (Myst, #2), The Book of D'ni ( Myst, #3), The Myst Reader: Three Books in One Volume (The Book of Atrus;. The Myst Reader: Three Books in One Volume (The Book of Atrus; The The award-winning Myst series is one of the most successful interactive CD-ROM.

At the Maintainer tier and above, the book will include an active x digital screen with video fly-throughs from the games.

Dimensions: 7in x 9in x 2. D'ni Writer's Ink or common ink not included.

We've opened the vault and collected 25 original hand-drawn concept sketches made during the production of Riven. These are not copies or reproductions. These are the actual pencil sketches with all of their variations, notes, smudges, and watermarks.

Many of them have never been seen publicly before. Myst's 25th anniversary offers us a rare opportunity to provide these images to serious fans of the Myst series. Each unique hand-sketched drawing comes with a certificate of authenticity. Since these items are so unique, each backer at this level will get to choose which sketch they prefer. The order of the choice will be based on when the backer made their pledge - first pledge chooses first, second pledge chooses second, etc.

And because we'd really like to spread the love around, we're limiting this tier to one per backer. You can see the available concept images here. And for games that were produced by other studios, even that option wasn't possible. But Mac users rejoice! After some research and testing, and the help of CodeWeavers, we've been able to come up with a solution that allows us to offer digital and disc versions of all of the games in this Anniversary Collection for macOS.

Reward Tier Summary Thank you for completing our community goals! Shipping and Fulfillment Unfortunately, shipping costs have skyrocketed over the past several years. To help insure our shipping is as high quality and as low cost as possible, we have partnered with Blackbox who has globally positioned facilities to help minimize customs fees and VAT.

Additionally, we have simplified the rate structure and even subsidized shipping rates in many cases. Please note the shipping cost when you select your pledge level. Thanks, Adam!

Okay Adam, we know you have some kind of reputation for ruining everything, but you sure helped us out. Seriously, having Adam as the voice of this Kickstarter pitch was such an amazing boost! If his energy, enthusiasm, and brilliance doesn't infect you, then you're probably not breathing. Thank you so much, Adam. Your linking book is on the way after September. After that was Cosmic Osmo and Spelunx — two more rich, non-threatening worlds for children to explore.

In , Cyan began work on a much larger world they called Myst. Myst and its sequel Riven have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide — which made them the best-selling computer games of the 20th century. After five titles in the Myst series, Cyan turned its attention to making an ambitious, never-ending world that would allow players to explore together.

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. It helps me to believe in the truth of a creator. Atrus is learning from his father Gehn how to "write" ages or worlds.

Gehn is out of control and believes that he is a God. Atrus looks at it differently that they are linking to worlds already created. The second book is about Gehn's parents and the fall of the anciend civilization known as D'Ni.

You follow how a vibrant culture This reader is very thought provoking.

The entire Myst series will be re-released for Windows 10

You follow how a vibrant culture can be corrupted and fall because of pride. The third book follows Atrus as he attempts to find the remnants of the D'Ni people after the fall. This book explores the corruption of power and what can happen to a culture were there is abuse of power and slavery. I really enjoyed these books.

They are a little slower of a read, but well worth the time. View 1 comment. Myst fans. I agonized over what rating to give this book I would like to give it 5 stars, because I support all things Myst and I have been obsessed with the world of Myst since the first time I sat down to play it. But I feel like I should give it 1 star, because it was just so terribly written. I felt like I was reading bad fan fiction on the internet. So I compromised and gave it 3 stars.

A worthwhile read for Myst fans, to see the story behind the games. But for a wonderful read with deep I agonized over what rating to give this book But for a wonderful read with deep characters, interesting dialogue, and a satisfying writing style A fun read, but possibly only interesting for fans of the Myst video game franchise.

Oct 07, Somesuchlike rated it really liked it Shelves: So here's a fun story: I actually ordered this book by mistake, having got it confused with From Myst to Riven. I was more than a little thrown when this brick arrived instead It took me a while to get through the whole trilogy - mainly because the second installment dragged to hell and back - and having finally finished it, I am glad I read it.

Though I would still rather have got From Myst to Riven. The Book of Atrus: Definitely my favourite of the three, it's the story of Atrus's childhood, So here's a fun story: Definitely my favourite of the three, it's the story of Atrus's childhood, his adolescence, and the events that led him to write the Age of Myst.

It's full of great backstory for the games, with some history for the D'ni and an especially vital backstory for Gehn and the Age of Riven.

But it's also a pretty decent fantasy novel in its own right, with a strikingly unconventional hero in Atrus, intellectual, studious non-action guy. The Book of Ti'ana: And conversely my least favourite. I appreciate knowing more about D'ni and it's fall, but I really can't help but think it might have been better to retain an air of mystery. As horrific as the fall of D'ni is, nothing could quite match up to the picture painted in The Book of Atrus. But it's really the story of Aitrus, her husband, and I wonder if her name is in the title mainly to prevent repetition.

The Book of D'ni: I have very mixed feelings about this book. There are some sections, mostly early in the book, which do a great job of replicating how it feels to play a Myst game.

But then they reach Terahnee and it becomes something else entirely. The Terahnee section of the novel - which is most of the novel - troubles me on a number of levels. The D'ni characters gradually become redundant in their own novel. It descends into high fantasy-esque wars and battles which don't really fit in a Myst novel and which Miller does not handle very well. The ending is rushed. And the treatment of slavery is at best hit and miss, at worst uncomfortable.

The imagery has a lurid quality that honestly shocked me - though, given that I was spoiled for the twist, I don't know what I was expecting. All in all, I'd say: The rest I could take or leave. Feb 15, Tasha rated it it was amazing. It is a book you will read again and again! May 15, Anna Schoenbach rated it liked it. The first story The Book of Atrus about Atrus, the key character in the Myst series, is honestly very engaging and good.

However, the second story -- The Book of Ti'Ana -- suffers from its mary sue protagonist Anna, who I really wanted to like I lo The first story The Book of Atrus about Atrus, the key character in the Myst series, is honestly very engaging and good.

I love strong female protagonists, but that was a little much. I read that up until Gehn, the antagonist of Myst 2: Riven was born, and I just had no desire to read further. One of these days, I'll read the third story, but probably not.

Nov 27, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. I was, and still am, a Huge Myst fan. Upon seeing The Myst Reader in a book store, I bought it but didn't read it for a while.

When I did begin, I found that the more I read into it, the harder it was to put it down.

I got to travel to other worlds and meet new characters, and also read about their history. Anyone who enjoyed Myst, definitely should read this anthology!

The Myst Reader: Three Books in One Volume

Dec 19, Welther rated it really liked it. Amazing looking book and I wish it was bound instead of just glued. It is well written and interesting. If you know the myst game or watch video reviews of the series then all you need to know is that it captures the sense of wonder of the games, just without the puzzles.

Jan 04, Antonio Bellido rated it really liked it. May 29, Matt rated it liked it Shelves: The first two books were interesting. You need to be a myst fan to enjoy this. The second in the series is what this review focuses about. The genre of the book is hard to depict. There are many fantasy elements but the author dives deep into science fiction as well.

All three books are focused around a video game sires made in entitled Myst.

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There were three other games to fallow in its path of success. The books focus The Myst Reader: The books focus more on the story of how everything came to be, as the games were about the after math.

This art is used to establish a link to another world. If it is possible that is will exsist at any point in time and space, the link can be made. The story takes place during a time of peace, everything was calm and no wars or fights have accord in hundreds of years. While they were drilling up, the commotion was not unnoticed.

They began to investigate but sadly thing tool a turn for the worst. When she began to explore a large cave that had expanded she fell and discovered the massive civilization. I am going to skip ahead around a year in time.

This is when Veovis gets involved. Veovis was a very good friend to Atrus, a friend since childhood. Tensions had begun to rise between the two. A seed of mistrust had been planted and things were escalating. A man who I will not name had started to use Veovis for his own good.

He convinced Veovis that there society was crumbling and they had to do something about it. After gaining his trust he then cleverly framed Veovis of murder and the trade of forbidden age books.

In the end this fails but I cannot say why as this would give way to the ending. The book was fantastic, although in the beginning it did seem a bit slow the book never ceased to amaze me in the end. The story was very well displayed and laid out in a neat fashion.

The buildup of something massive was suspending as you could tell something was going to go down. Some of the flaws of this book as I have noticed is that at some of the more suspenseful moments they seemed to go by very fast and often left me wanting more detail at that part.

Although at some points it seemed slow the story overall wonderful. I would recommend this book and the series to anyone looking for a good fantasy and sci-fi mix. Overall I give this book four out of five stars. The lake of the last star is due to some parts that seemed to either be dragged on or simply speed by.

Posiblemente sea conveniente darme la oportunidad de jugar los videojuegos de la serie, pero Aug 09, Gwen rated it liked it. I never actually played the Myst games. I owned a PC version, but could never figure out how to work out the first puzzle. And I don't mean solve, but actually work. No matter what buttons I pressed or image I clicked, nothing happened. Getting the trilogy just made sense. D'ni certainly is an intense world, full of history and great characters.

Replay the remaining classics on modern PCs this August

I'm rather envious of the ability to Write, th I never actually played the Myst games. I'm rather envious of the ability to Write, though I'm totally happy I live under the sun instead of under rock. I had the same problem with each of the books though, they were very slow going.

For the first book, I wasn't really connected to the story until it was almost over. And for the second, until half way through. While most of the characters are the same or at least related, it took me that long to settle into the writing and absorb their stories.

The books are greatly crafted, excelent visiual detail in the words and the illustrations help a lot. But this is a book I had to remind myself to read, and I started and finished several other books between the first and last page.

Sep 09, Patrice rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think for all the books that I cannot recall the date I read them, I'm using January 1, I read this trilogy in while I was in high school after playing the first Myst game.

Reading the books later inspired me to play Riven which was also a challenging and fascinating game.

Myst (Book Series)

My favorite was the book of T'iana, which is chronologically first. That one provides much of the back story on D'ni culture and setting up their world. She is also my favorite character. I tend to favor the clever, resourceful, just ones.

The Book of D'ni was my second favorite, chronologically last. It advanced the character's story while casting some light on the ultimate origins of the D'ni people. The social commentary was a little heavy sometimes though. My least favorite was the Book of Atrus. I still enjoyed it, but I did not like the characters as much, which made it difficult to empathize and given the state of the world at that time, the story was very focused on the main characters.

Dec 21, Jolie rated it really liked it. Overall, I did enjoy this book and if there were further books about the D'ni world I would probably read them. However, I do have some criticisms. Potential spoilers ahead. This book spans 3 generations and involves millions of people, but only 4 woman have any sort of mention.

I could reference SO. Bechdel test fail. My other complaints involve book 3. Clearly the D'ni have the tools to test for and knowledge of biological contamination, so why didn't they take precautions?

Was it something they never had to deal with in linking to worlds? Next gripe. After 3 days in Terahnee ha ha, tyranny. Uh, Atrus, you're a smart dude.

Why not get the full story before committing to immigration. Sep 20, Nick Smith added it.Fatigue from the trip was setting in, big-time. Ages Beyond Myst was a departure from the previous games in the series, featuring graphics rendered in real time and a third-person camera. It was so rich with history and detail. I cannot be as charitable about the latter two books in the reader, written by the creators of the Myst series who are much stronger game developers than novel writers.

It took almost a decade for anyone to follow its lead. I slowly edged my way toward the shadow that had engulfed him. It is has the same mistake as the Mass Effect A fascinating read, if you are a fan of the Myst game series. If you've ever played any of the Myst games, there is an incredible amount of back story here. The genre of the book is hard to depict. See 1 question about The Book of Atrus….

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