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Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown; 5 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Blondes, In library, Women law students, Stanford University. [Matching item] Legally blonde [sound recording] / by Amanda Brown ; read by Laurel Lefkow. Bath [England]: BBC Audiobooks, - Chivers CD audio books. 8 sound cassettes (8 hrs. 12 min.): 1 7/8 ips, 2 track, Dol. Amanda Brown - Legally Blonde (retail) (epub). Dokument: epub ( KB) Her long blonde hair gleamed and framed her heart-shaped face. Her flawless fair.

Legally Blonde Amanda Brown Pdf

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Legally Blonde [Amanda Brown] on ppti.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Elle Wood, University of Southern California sorority president and. Legally Blonde book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The hilarious novel that inspired the blockbuster movie--includin. Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown pdf eBook. After vivianne and her favorite cd a group. The bloodthirsty professor callahan dismisses emmett forrest. Warner.

Jul 29, Ruthie rated it did not like it. I'm sorry to say that Legally Blonde is one of the few examples of the movie being better than the book. I was extremely disappointed and rather sorry I had bought the book by the time I finished it, especially considering how long I had been looking for it.

I had to make myself finish the book, although I will say it got somewhat better during the last pages. I found Amanda Brown's writing style to be rather dull and her syntax is confusing at best. The cover promised that the book is hilar I'm sorry to say that Legally Blonde is one of the few examples of the movie being better than the book.

The cover promised that the book is hilarious, but the attempts at humor fall short. The scenes that I think were meant to be funny were really just pointless--they did nothing to further the story or reveal more about the characters, and worst of all, they weren't even funny.

The characterization is okay, but to be honest, I didn't find any of the characters to be that likable. Even Elle is much more likable in the movie. That said, I see from the other reviews that quite a few people do like it, so I will concede that maybe it just isn't my kind of book. I saw the movie long before I read the book, so that may have also contributed to how I feel about it. I doubt I will ever read another Amanda Brown book, though.

The movie took this book and improved it all-around. In the movie, Elle realizes early in the school year that Warren is a bonehead, and she takes it upon herself to show him and everyone else that she's just as good as the rest of them.

In the book, Elle waffles with her feelings until the very end of the high-profile murder trial, barely studies, and gets through school mostly on lu Homecoming Queen and sorority president Elle Woods heads to Stanford Law School in order win back her ex, Warren. In the book, Elle waffles with her feelings until the very end of the high-profile murder trial, barely studies, and gets through school mostly on luck. The book is bloated with extra characters, a secret admirer, and side stories of her family and friends back home--which is so close to Stanford vs Harvard in the film that she visits it several times.

The knowledge of perms and haircare still saves the day. I appreciate this book for the base material it provided, but it can't hold a candle to the movie. This was an quick read, but my enjoyment was seriously dampened because the writing style did not gel right with me. And there's a lot of cattiness. Dec 23, Anita Smith rated it did not like it. Believe it or not, I liked the movie a million times more!!!! Jan 22, Yonaily marked it as to-read. Bend and snap! Aug 21, Gloria rated it did not like it.

Legally Blonde

This is one of the worst novels I've read willingly as an adult - I can't believe it was written by a Stanford law grad. I post this as a public service to anyone who thinks that maybe the novel would have the silly, witty charm of the first movie without the embarrassingly awful parts. Nope, just the embarrassingly awful parts. Proof that Reese Witherspoon saved that script. I need to stop picking books based on movies I've seen. I would give this book negative stars if I could.

It's boring, unbelievable and Elle is completely void of any redeeming qualities. I don't think I've ever actually hated a book until I read this. It's not cute, funny or warm. Amanda Brown should be punished for writing this. Stick with the movie version, where Elle has a brain and actually uses it.

Nov 20, Ann rated it liked it. View 2 comments. Sep 18, Bella Grace rated it did not like it Shelves: Okay, so I watched the movie before I read the book. Yes, friends, gasp all you want.

This is unusual behavior for me, too. But thank the Lord Almighty that that happened. There would have been a close to nil. This review will be short and not so sweet as I feel as if I were to continue, my head will burst of exhaustion and boredom.

The quick flash: I did No. I did not like this book.

Legally Blonde

It dragged on and on, had cliche, drabby characters I wanted to stab, and the ending made me wonder why I was reading the book anyway. Anyone who has read the ending knows that things like that only happen in rare, "special" cases. Big emphasis on the special.

For what reason, I don't know yet. Gimme a break. This book already drained me of my brain cells, so I'm done.

Chick lit is a difficult genre to prefect, in my opinion. Great gals like Meg Cabot and Sophie Kinsella have got it, but even they slip a couple of times.

There are very few chick lits that I adore and would re-read. This one, I would more like to burn. And hurl at passerby, which is something I do a lot, apparently.

Alrightie, that's 'bout all I've got. It's a small but true rant and that's all, but I feel as though no one should have much to say about a book like this. Oct 23, Rachel Brand rated it really liked it Shelves: My review at age I stopped reading chick-lit a few years ago but sometimes when I'm feeling down I pick this book up and read it. It never fails to make me smile. I saw the film a while back and it didn't do the book justice.

Elle's character grows and changes throughout the book, but this is barely touched on in the movie. This book isn't just stupid, bimbo-y chick-lit as my year-old self's review My review at age This book isn't just stupid, bimbo-y chick-lit as my year-old self's review suggests - it's actually quite funny and touching.

Apr 29, Jane rated it did not like it Shelves: Not sure how this pile of tripe managed to inspire such a witty and entertaining film, but anyway. This is one of the worst books I've ever read: Elle is a despicably lazy and shallow character, far from the likeable heroine of the film.

I wasn't expecting a masterpiece but was hoping for something funny and pleasant - it was a chore from page 1. Movie Musical Book Just saw the musical and it was way cuter than I expected. The book is boring sludge and Amanda Brown should thank her lucky stars that she's making money off a character that was written to be charming, funny and smart by other people. One of those rare occasions that the movie is better than the book. Dec 28, Nicole rated it did not like it Recommends it for: All I can say is that I could not even be bothered to finish this.

They made a fantastically funny movie out of a very boring and poorly written book. Oct 08, Sally rated it liked it. Everything that makes people hate the movie is not in the book. The movie is totally dumbed down with even dumber characters and situations added in. Not a bad story at all. A witty and fashionable story. Jan 13, Jess rated it did not like it Shelves: One of the rare cases where the film is better than the book. Here, Elle skips out on classes to get manicures and go to tanning salons, and on the rare occasion she does go to class, she reads Cosmo under the desk.

She only passes her exams because a secret admirer sends her the course work, and she spends the entire book pining for Warner. Also, Elle believes that blondes are discriminated against. I really enjoyed this book.

It was a lot different than the movie and musical. There's no Ernest in the book, and no UPS man either too bad. But I did love the characters and how Elle still saved the day in the courtroom for Brooke. Warner is still a douche. As always, I was surprised at how much different the book was compared to the movie. You'd think at this point I'd wouldn't be surprised, but I was since until recently I didn't even know this was a book. While I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I would be perfectly happy if they combined a bit of the movie with the book as there were certain aspects of the movie that I liked better: I liked Luke Wilson's characater as the assistant of the at As always, I was surprised at how much different the book was compared to the movie.

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I liked Luke Wilson's characater as the assistant of the attorney, and if he had a part in the book, I couldn't figure out what it was. The poem guy was strange. Elle was much more stuck on Warner in the book, I mean, get over him already. The guy is a moron and a self-centered jerk! I didn't think it was possible for his character to be any worse than in the movie, but it was definitely achieved.

I do think it was great that he had terrible grades though. I'm glad that her and Sarah do become friends in the end and that Sarah leaves him as well. As much as I liked the book, I will not be continuing on with the series. I didn't like enough to do that. Maybe I'll watch the movie on Netflix later. Can't stay in the dormintory because of her dog. Josette manicurist has French accent and doesn't rely on her as much as in the movie.

Dog's name is Underdog instead of Bruiser.

She mostly loses touch with her sorority friends. Christopher Miles attorney of Brooke Vandermark Rayburn not Windom doesn't hint of Elle and be a creep about it though the two dinners are kind of weird. Also Brooke doesn't stay in jail, she's out on bail. And her alibi which was hilarious in the movie is absolutely ridiculous in the book. Seriously Home Shoppers Anonymous? Good grief! Dec 02, Lennon Young rated it did not like it Shelves: What a HUGE disappointment.

Prior reviews had warned me that this book was nothing like movie - and that's more than fine when it comes to book-to-movie adaptations. They usually never are the same, and sometimes the changes work, and sometimes they don't. With regards to the movie version of Legally Blonde , the changes worked so much so that they made a very bad book into a wonderful feel-good comedy.

My main issue with the book was Elle Woods - totally lovable in the film, she was nothing short of obnoxious and shallow here.

The driving force of getting Elle to law school is the same here: Warner dumps her and she wants to win him back. But while the movie Elle experienced character growth, a changing of priorities, and came out with not only a solid belief in her abilities but also in loving herself especially without a creep like Warner , book Elle spends all but maybe the last fifteen pages trying to get back with Warner. She exhibits no good character traits - unless you count trying to steal back an engaged man and making unfair judgement about geekier classmates as good character traits.

The writing was sub-par at best, and the plot honestly didn't exist outside Elle wanting to get back Warner and the auhtor wanting to show you that she did in fact learn some legal terms while she was at law school. I say skip it and just watch the movie. Besides, I never give anything 1 star - so with this as my first, you know this isn't a good read.

Feb 11, Francesca rated it liked it Shelves: I saw the movie first, years before I even knew it was originally a book, and therefore I was concerned going into this book about how much I would like it. The movie is one of my all time favourite movies and Elle Woods is one of my favourite movie characters, I have looked up to her since the first time I saw the movie when I was about 11 and have always held her up as a character that I admire and would aspire to be like.

Now, while the book is different and I still think the movie is much b I saw the movie first, years before I even knew it was originally a book, and therefore I was concerned going into this book about how much I would like it.

Now, while the book is different and I still think the movie is much better, the book does hold up well on it's own. Elle is a very different character. I found it interesting reading the book and seeing this version of Elle and how she deals with the different situations here as opposed to in the movie. The lack of a romantic interest didn't bother me, fair enough I still hated Warner but that was never going to change, and in fact I enjoyed the fact that her story wasn't as focused on her eventually finding someone as it was just on her and her experiences although I do love Emmett.

Overall, while I much prefer the movie I do think the book is still good in it's own right. People shouldn't go into the book expecting it to be the same as the movie though as it isn't. Girly girls. Legally Blonde Author: Amanda Brown Copyright date: You are commenting using your Google account.

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Julie on Legally Blonde — which i….Create a free website or blog at WordPress. All I can say is that I could not even be bothered to finish this. Edited by Mary Elizabeth Delfino. Legally Blonde is a funny novel that breaks rude stereotypes about the "ditzy blonde bimbo", but many of the characters just come off as very annoying even at the best of times.

How hard it was for me? I can just see Reese Witherspoon's happy voice shining through. Edited by Mek. It is your signature color," Serena said. Yes, friends, gasp all you want.

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