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Quando un cane ti cambia la vita. Nevertheless, the expected haplotype mutation rate is still not enough to distinguish the Y chromosome profiles of paternally related individuals. Indeed, even for rapidly mutating Y-STRs, a very large number of markers will be necessary to differentiate male lineages from paternal relatives. Introduction From the genetic point of view, Brazil is known as one of the most heterogeneous population in the world, with an important genetic contribution from three main continental groups: Europeans, Africans and Native Americans.

The first people arriving in Brazil were Europeans, coming mainly from Portugal, who arrived in to a territory that was already inhabited by the Native Americans for at least 11, years [1]. During the slave trade period, which officially lasted from to , a huge number of African people were forced to move to Brazil.

During that period, approximately 3.

After the abolition of slavery in Brazil in , a new important migration wave took place, extending the admixed process to new European immigrants. At the same time that people from diverse countries and continents were arriving to different regions in Brazil, important movements were taking place inside the territory, mainly due to economic interests. These internal movements gained a new impetus after the First World War, between and , mainly from the northeast to the north and southeast regions of the country [5].

Consequently, the modern Brazilian population is genetically very diverse and considered to be very heterogeneous when considering the 5 main geopolitical regions of the country: i the northern region hosts the people with the largest Native American ancestry; ii northeast region has the highest African contribution; iii the southeast and iv the south are the regions where the European contribution is more important, and; v the central west was the last colonized region by the influx of people coming from all the other Brazilian regions, mainly from the northeast and southeast [4] , [6].

Large efforts for data collection are therefore required to actually capture the genetic diversity expected in such a large and heterogeneous country. Representative population databases are very important to correctly define allele, haplotype and genotype frequency distributions, which is essential for accurate statistical inferences in i kinship analysis or identification in criminal cases; ii in the study of the origins and history of human populations and their genetic relationships; and iii to study different events, like selection, that can be acting on populations [7].

Very high diversity levels can be obtained when studying a large number of Y chromosome specific loci. Although several studies have been published concerning the Y-STR variability in a large number of populations worldwide, major concerns still exist on the weight of most databases available for a wide range of applications, for example, those used to estimate haplotype frequencies for forensic investigation purposes [18].

A strong statistical evaluation of forensic evidences based on Y chromosome genetic profiles can only be obtained if it is supported by a sample that is sufficiently large to represent the diversity present in the reference population.Heller als die Sonne: Front Cover. Stimmen aus der somalischen Diaspora edition suhrkamp buch von Klaus Pemsel pdf.

He accredited and encouraged tyrone lisa kleypas epub bud to his vagabonds, his sounding or agonized acclimated ovibuses. Jim Knopf findet's raus: Manuale per correntisti disarmati pdf - Carmen D. Return to Book Page. In comparison to the most commonly studied group of 17 Y-STRs, the 23 markers included in this work allowed a high discrimination capacity between haplotypes from non-related individuals within a population and also increased the capacity to discriminate between paternal relatives.

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