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This is my tutorial on how to add mods into an ppti.info file. Things you need: Hex Editor Eboot resigner The eboot for the Now download filezilla on your PC, and type in your PS3`s IP adress in the program. Then go to. Hi Guys, as of today, no one is dependent of other. Because as of now you can easily edit and Hack Your Own ppti.info or ppti.info! PS: This. Hi all So im a noob with ppti.info and i want to learn! i want to know how PS3 Mods Answered Questions; HELP How to modify an EBOOT.

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Editing eboot. Discussion in So far, I am able to decrypt the ppti.info file to a. elf file. Load the file using a HEX editor and IDA Pro, but then what? And all it needs to be done is upload/replace the file inside the ps3. I tried to make a modified ppti.info so I could make Star Ocean 5 work on PS3 OFW HAN.. But. I think if you attempt to modify an EBOOT. [edit]. Tip. Created by: EliteMossy. Download: ppti.info The tool in needed to apply the menu to the EBOOT. Step 1: Generate ppti.info Step 2: Copy to Jailbreak PS3 using FTP.

Most PS3 games probably all uses one or more settings files that can contain several infos, like the list of.

This settings files can be embedded inside other file or separated files in this case usually protected as an. See also Multimedia Formats and Tools page.

How to use it? Arrow up: Open Menu Arrow down: Open Shortcuts.

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Once Open Menu: Express Menu Arrow Right: Kick Menu. Arrow UP: Promod Arrow right: Jump Host Arrow Down: Back to menu command.

What contains this patch? Half year ago I've created a tool to unpack encrypted and compressed archives from both versions of Gran Turismo 5, 6 and yesterday some guys asked me for its source code.

So I've decided to release it. However a part of the source code requires some refactoring: PD use custom file formats, cryptographic algorithms, deflate compression, sqlite database, custom script language called AdHoc all scripts are already compiled here.

If I recall correctly textures use DXT compression and soundtracks are stored in a custom container in the ATRAC3 format, movies are in the PAM format but they are encrypted, I've found a single key for an intro movie, other keys are stored in scripts.

Unfortunately I have no free time to continue this so I hope someone will be more lucky with it. Could somebody please update tool for hdd cache and specdb decryption? My tool can handle both things: HDD cache and specdb and more. You just need to look carefully into original forum thread, I've released them too.

Editing eboot

Hi, Flatz, yeah I read the thread but "refactoring" and "compiling" are alien to me: Nice work on the vol extraction though, hopefully somebody will put together a release with all the options for GT6. Incredibly Modifiable since the game's. Hopefully people who have played Bloodmoon will see how I left a book briefly describing the backstory next to the bed! For a more complete list, with example download links see: Let me know if it works properly for you. BIN and other.

It will decrypt and sign the file to make it compatible with lower firmware versions. More options available via command-line. Please follow these steps exactly in this order! Do not skip or reverse the steps.

Note: you can always keep an untouched copy of your game as a backup in case something goes wrong. Originally Posted by Veritas?

I've actually written this a few times and promptly lost it due to browser instability. I don't have a quick tool to do this for me, but it takes maybe 5 minutes of my time to do it by hand. BIN in a hex editor of your preference.

BIN to get information about the encrypted metadata sections.This might sound like a confusing topic, and it probably is. If they boot, they might not load everything properly, like background-image and such.

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From PS3 Developer wiki. But if it's required, please point me in the right direction! Sep 27, Click yes in that dialog.

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