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Previous edition published by Pear Tree Books as Cite them right: the essential guide to referencing and plagiarism. Previous edition published by. Cite them right: the essential referencing guide (10th edition). Author(s). Val Hamilton, (Freelance Reviewer, Nethy Bridge, UK). Keywords: Guides and. Item 89 - Cite them right: the essential guide Report;. Graham Walton for his work on earlier editions of Cite them right; .. making reference to (or citing) them - both in the text of your gpdf (Accessed: 21 October ). 3.

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Please note: This guide will not be updated and Cite Them Right Online is the more 1 ABOUT HARVARD CITING AND REFERENCING. 4. PDF document. Blog was essential for a long-term career in politics. Pears, R. and Shields, G. () Cite them right: the essential referencing guide. 10th edn. London: Palgrave. ppti.info This guide will. In your text, a citation will usually follow the format author-year of publication. .. Shields, G. () Cite them right: the essential referencing guide. . from: http:// ppti.info [Accessed 28th July ].

Since translators would most likely be translators of the book rather than the section but can Zotero distinguish this? When book authors are listed for book sections, the editors and translators; again, if we can assume these are the book translators should come after the book title currently they appear before the book title. Translators CTR9, p. Translated by R.

Introduction and notes by B. London: Penguin Books. Silone, I. Translated by G. David and E. London: Redwords. CTR9 does not seem to include any examples containing both editor and translator. My best guess based on the examples above is: Editor and translator different persons : Homer The Illiad. Edited by E. Editor and translator same person : Homer The Illiad. Edited and translated by R. By the way, what about "Introduction and notes by …": Can this be done in Zotero? Google Books [Online].

Reader's Digest Association Ltd. Eighteenth Century Collections Online [Online]. Adam's measured plans. Example In-text citation: One of the first critics of obfuscation David. Publisher For reprints of old books. Schweitzer Butcher's guide … 1. Leonard Hill. Harvard referencing style Example The view proposed by Franklin Publisher Schweitzer.

Citation order: New York: Dover Publications. Translated by Ernest Newman. Oxford University Press. A dictionary of English manuscript terminology: The online version is being. Cambridge University Press. Beal The second is an example of a reference work that was published in print and online. Part 1 of Butcher's work … As for 1. There are two examples given below. The first is an example of a print book made available online. Part I: Cambridge urban history of Britain: In analysing ports Jackson.

Publisher Reference list: Example of printed reference work that is being updated online: The Times atlas of the world London: Times Books. Available at http: As with other examples where print and online versions exist.

As illustrated in the text The Times atlas of the world. Harvard referencing style Rose. As for 1. Publisher with [Online] Available at: URL Accessed: Rutherford's contribution Badash. Reference list for print version: As for The process of adaptation is difficult to detect Rose.

Encyclopedia of biodiversity. Baron Rutherford of Nelson '. In-text citation for print version: London and at Grey College. West … Reference list: Durham University. Beaver Books. Exhibition held at the Reform Club. March [Exhibition catalogue]. Publisher Urbach In his collection of humorous poems. Publisher In-text citation: Bradley's pamphlet gave instructions in the use of … Example Reference list: It also avoids stating authors.

If citing from a live performance. The Torah Shakespeare. Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Matthew 5: This uses the book name. Edited by Spencer. There is a well-established system for citing references from the Bible in your text. Shemot 3: Qur'an 9: Journal articles 2. School of Librarianship. The reply Shemot 3: The Qur'an Citation order: Cape Town: University of Cape Town. A review by Liu et al.

You should refer to the fact that you obtained the title online. Bright Journal of the History of Ideas. Management Decision. Harvard referencing style The great majority of electronic journals available through library web pages are part of journal collections.

April [Online]. Check the website to see that the journal is peer-reviewed see Glossary or edited by academic experts who have checked the accuracy of the research. Observations by Horsh et al. House prices fell by 2. The Times 'Bank accounts'. Pare and Sandford provided an update. You should therefore use [Online] to make it clear that you have used the Internet version. Where no author is given. Evening Chronicle Newcastle edn. Newspaper articles Example In-text citation: These are often selections of stories from the printed source and may exclude some material or add other features.

If you are citing several articles published in the same year use a. Respiratory Research. BioMed Central [Online].

When citing a regional newspaper include the edition to distinguish it from others with the same title. Harvard referencing style Reference list: Institute for Small Business Affairs Small firms: Robert Gordon University. Times Educational Supplement. Aberdeen November. Financial Times. Conferences In-text citation: The conference Institute for Small Business Affairs. Institute for Small Business Affairs. Publisher 3. Chadwyck Healey. Financial incentives were offered to graduates Mansell and Bloom.

American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai conference. A recent paper Lord.


Small firms: Cook highlighted examples …. Theses Citation order: University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Shanghai 15th October. University of Calgary. You will need to distinguish what you are citing. Journal of Ideas. E-learning in the classroom [Online]. Research methods for MA History [Online]. Alberta [Online].

The need for preparation Hollis. Blackboard and WebCT are used in further and higher education as stores for course documents and teaching materials. PhD thesis. Note in the examples below that the URL is for the access point to the VLE as a reader would need login details to locate the item being cited. Research by Winkelman … Reference list: Routledge Cavendish. Publisher if available Reference list: If they are made available after peer-review they are called postprints.

Preprints and postprints are both forms of eprints. They are very useful sources of new research and are often heavily cited in scientific literature. Preprints or eprints Many academic institutions maintain digital repositories of the research undertaken by their staff and make digital copies eprints of book chapters.

As with all Internet-based sources. If it is a prepublication article. If these are available before the item has been peer-reviewed see Glossary they are known as preprints. Legal skills [Online].

Harvard referencing style Example At least one author Fenwick. If it is a publication. Arxiv [Preprint].

Cite Them Right (9th ed.)

To be published in Journal of Symbolic Computation. Previous PhD candidates provided useful advice Cook and Crang. Durham Research Online [Online]. Westin Salishan Lodge. Arxiv [Online]. URL 38 Dohm. Gleneden Beach. Examples of how to reference individual sources.

Remember to evaluate all Internet information for accuracy. You should aim to provide all of the data that a reader would require to locate your information source. The nature of what you are referring to will govern how you cite or reference it. Yau provided information about the Chinese community. The Internet is made up of journal articles.

You will find below examples of how to cite and reference Internet sites or web pages produced by individuals and organisations.

As material on the Internet can be removed or changed. British Red Cross Open gardens. This should be included in your reference list. Harvard referencing style When referencing information you have retrieved from the Internet you must distinguish what you are referring to. The ability to publish information on the Internet bears no relation to the author's academic abilities!

It may be possible to truncate a very long URL.

Style Request: [Cite Them Right-Harvard]

Beware that as blogs are someone's opinions they may not provide objective. Note that due to the informality of the Internet. You might question how useful undated information is to your research as it may be out of date! Use the name they have used in your reference. Illustrations of the houses can be found online Palladio's Italian villas.

Use blogs in conjunction with reputable sources. Palladio's Italian villas Available at: Example Compression may be required http: If a web page has no author or title you might question whether or not it is suitable for academic work. Note that as these sites require registration and then acceptance of friendship by other members.

Evaluate wiki information against sources of proven academic quality such as books and journal articles. You may wish to include a copy of the member-to-member discussion you are referring to as an appendix to your work.

Nick Robinson's newslog. If you are going to use information from a wiki. What you read today may have changed by tomorrow. Telford introduced new techniques of bridge construction 'Thomas Telford'. There have also been instances of false information being presented. Friends Reunited These are web pages and can be referenced as such.

As with other websites. Camtasia Studio TechSmith. Publisher OR if accessed on the Internet: The student made extensive use of an authoritative source World development indicators. One student Thomas. The World Bank Group. Computer programs Citation order: URL Mintel noted problems in the market. The company's profits expanded British Sky Broadcasting Group plc.. FAME [Online]. Mintel oxygen reports platform [Online]. NB The section of the report collection is given in single quotation marks.

Mintel 'Car insurance UK'. Bureau van Dijk 'BT Group plc company report'. Haulage companies expressed concern about the provisions of the Transport Bill Great Britain. For House of Lords papers the paper number is also in round brackets to distinguish it from identical House of Commons paper numbers see example below Citation order: HL Parliamentary reports for the year included the criminal justice system Great Britain.

House of Commons. The Stationery Office. Bills 8. House of Lords. Great Britain. House of. Some examples of how to cite and reference legal sources in Harvard style are given below. HC Session House of Commons.. For other legal sources refer to the examples in Section E1: Before this. Name of sovereign. Children Act Chapter Elizabeth II. Access to Justice Act laid down … Reference list: Access to Justice Act For pre statutes use Great Britain.

Ministry of Justice Sentencing statistics annual [Online]. Publisher with: Prison numbers increased last year Great Britain. Lord Chancellor's Department. Department of Health. Department of Health Health inequalities: The latest advice Great Britain.

Lord Chancellor's Department Government policy on archives. Ministry of Justice. European Union publications Citation order: Publisher Example In-text citation: A report by the United Nations … Reference list: United Nations Yearbook of the United Nations. Commission for Air Transport. NB If you have retrieved a document from the Internet.

Council of the European Union. Commission for Air Transport The need for greater liberalization in international air transport. United Nations Department of Public Information. International Chamber of Commerce. Publications of international organisations Citation order: At least one transport organisation International Chamber of Commerce. Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The predicted migration of labour European Commission.

Publisher Structural use of timber: GB [Online]. British Standards Institute BS Scientific and technical information British Standards Institute. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. National Institute of Standards and Technology atomic spectra database version 3. Advances in Mathematics.. Example Citation order: Fradelizi and Meyer New Vision. Internet review Reviews Harvard referencing style Darden considered the book … Reference list: New Vic.

Review of Don Giovanni. One reviewer Billington.

Hampstead Theatre. The Guardian Review section. Review of Citizen Kane. Journal of the History of Biology. Review of Discovering cell mechanisms: RKO Internet movie database. Review of On the rocks. Tate Gallery. Some examples below listed in alphabetical order will show how to cite and reference the original works and online versions. If seen online add: Steve Bell warned of the danger … Reference list: The Guardian.

Landranger series. The leisure centre is close to Tiddenfoot Lake Ordnance Survey. Digimap [Online]. The landscape has undergone profound changes since the map Ordnance Survey. Example Harvard referencing style In-text citation: Ordnance Survey. Tile sp92sw. Ordnance Survey Bellingham. The triumph of St Augustine was one of the finest works by Coello Centre for Visual Effects.

Google Maps [Online].

Augustine [Oil on canvas]. Museo del Prado. Newcastle upon Tyne: Harvard referencing style The dock layout and road network can be seen using Google Maps Tele Atlas. Publisher if available OR if seen online: Harvard referencing style Kitto. The flat sandy beach Corrance. Wester Ross [Postcard]. Kamuro Calmness. Stirling Gallery. Flickr Citation order: Flickr [Online].

Exhibited at New York. His talents were proven with The lovers Rodin. Museum of Modern Art. Private collection. Example Kings of Leon [Glastonbury Festival. Harvard referencing style Lord. A wonderful premiere Lord. Live performances In-text citation: Date seen [in square brackets] Examples below will cite and reference traditional and online access routes. The performance was true to the intentions of its creator Ashton. The nature of the material and the facts necessary to identify or retrieve it should dictate the substance of your in-text citations and reference list.

Newcastle upon Tyne. Specify the full date of the original broadcast as well as the date you accessed the programme. Date seen [in square brackets] In-text citation: The latest report Today. BBC2 Television. Series 2. Vicky Pollard Little Britain. URL To quote something a character has said: Redesigning the human body BBC Radio 4. Directed by David Maloney. Series Distribution company Example In-text citation: BBC1 Television.

Distributor 58 Written by Terry Nation. First broadcast [DVD]. Close attention was paid to period details. Video Arts. Distribution company Creation Records. Publisher The Killers Mr Brightside. Harvard referencing style In-text citation: It's your choice: Include details of where you read the lyrics.

In The very best of The Jam.

Edited from composer's notes by John Wilson. Northern Songs Ltd. CD liner notes or web page. It took me years to write. Distribution company 60 Citation order: Directed by A. Los Angeles: Warner Brothers Inc. Here are examples for referencing some of this material: The director thought this was a profitable franchise Wachowski.

Santa Monica. Many films on DVD come with additional material on other disks. Wachowski [DVD]. Distribution company The Matrix reloaded The Matrix reloaded. Lions Gate Films. URL Wachowski. The Matrix reloaded [DVD]. New Line Productions Inc. Interviewed by L. The Lord of the Rings: Alternatively phonecasters can broadcast by using their telephones in place of microphones. Some made light of the discomfort Raok Raok For a cooler Tube.

BBC schools podcast [Podcast]. Although phone calls are personal communications. The user dials a number to access the programme. Lab rats! Screencast videos can provide instructions for using software applications.

The vidcast was most informative Walker and Carruthers. So that readers can locate the original. Interviewed by Jonathan Jones for The Guardian.

Interview with Bridget Riley. The Prime Minister avoided the question Blair. Example Example: Data from Fritsch Internet interview Harvard referencing style Fritsch. Freshwater Biological Association. Publisher Riley. Interviews Citation order: The Democrat appeared confident in the discussion Obama.

Public communications Citation order: The following examples deal with e-mail correspondence made public in electronic conferences. Available e-mail: British Business School Librarians Group discussion list.. Debt cancellation was discussed by Peters … Reference list: Harvard referencing style Example In-text citation: Points of interest from the lecture Brown.

Recommended Versions of Harvard Citation Style

Google Inc. Advertisements are often short-lived. The Photography news list contains … Reference list: Photography news list [Online]. If available online add: It may also be useful to include a copy of a leaflet in an appendix to your assignment. This might be online. Cite and reference according to the medium in which the advertisement appeared.

Western Health Trust. Minutes of staff development committee meeting 23 June Recent advertisements by British Telecom Note that both the in-text citations and references begin with the name of the sender of the communication.

You might also include a copy of written communications in the appendix. The Staff development committee suggested work shadowing and mentoring. This was disputed by Walters Personal communications see also You may need to seek permission from other parties in the correspondence before quoting them in your work.

You should reference the details of the original source. Harvard referencing style Really Simple Syndication is a method of notifying subscribers if a favourite web page. County Durham. Bristol Register Office. Genealogical sources Ancestry Public Record Office: St Oswald subdistrict.

Cumberland marriage register Manuscripts If the author of a manuscript is known: URL If you retrieved the certificate online.

Where the author of a manuscript is not known: Note that no date is given for a collection in the text or in the reference list as the collection contains items of various dates. Northumberland Collections Service. Lansdowne MS. To refer to a whole collection of manuscripts MS. British Library. The architect enjoyed a close relationship with his patron Newton.

Consulting the family records British Library. Lansdowne MS the author discovered … Reference list: Fenham journal Ord Manuscripts.

Expenditure was high in this period Fenham journal. Access to Justice Act UK. Criminal law: For more information see Meredith. Examples of the most commonly used sources are given for each style.

London Place Date E1: OSCOLA referencing style This section has examples of some alternatives to the Harvard referencing style that are used by some university departments and publishers. Remember to apply the referencing style you are using consistently throughout your work. For advice on how to reference other sources. If you are writing about legal material in several countries. Behan and I. Act of Supremacy 26 Hen 8 c1 Finance Act Cm The Official Report. In this case use: For more information on the use of Hansard.

Standing Committee Hansard should be cited as follows: Hansard HC 5th series vol. A fully searchable version of Hansard from for the Commons and from for the Lords is available online at http: Based on Great Britain. Ministry of Justice How we cite legislation.

Example Reference list: These are called Statutory Rules of Northern Ireland. At the date of writing 6 August no Assembly Measures had been passed. The Welsh Assembly may pass Statutory Instruments. For information on citing and referencing US legal material see The Bluebook: A useful online guide is Martin, P. An alternative view was suggested by Clarkson4 and most recently by Behan and O'Donnell. Clarkson, Criminal law: It uses an authordate format, like Harvard, to identify details in the text.

Full details are given in an alphabetical list of references. Internet sources. Upton health centre: Retrieved 15 June from http: Use a superscript number for the footnote see Glossary. Example Weathers, L.

Gordon and K. Gordon, Eds. Systems of treatment for the mentally ill pp. Grune and Stratton, APA referencing style Frosch. International Universities Press.

The ego and the mechanisms of defense. Esman Ed. Psychoanalytic Psychology. Transference interpretations only? Earlier analysis Freud.

Essential papers on transference pp. New York University Press. Publisher E2.This differs from paraphrasing as it only lists the main topics or headings. Show me how to reference. The Guardian Review section.

It's your choice: As the century progressed.

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