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C++ Interview Questions. Compiled by Dr. for the Data Structures in C++ course(CSE ) . (c) when you construct an object based on another object of the. Important C++ Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher's with PDF on C++ is an object oriented programing but c is a procedure oriented. Contains Important C++ Interview Questions with Answers and C++ FAQs helpful C++ Interview Questions | C++ Interview Questions and Answers PDF | C++ of C, C++ is an object-oriented computer language used in the development of.

C And C++ Interview Questions Pdf

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If you are preparing for C and C++ Interview Questions interview and don't know how to crack interview and what level or difficulty of questions to be asked in job. C++ Interview Questions & Answers. What is C++?. Released in , C++ is an object-oriented programming language created by. Bjarne Stroustrup. Top C Programming Interview Questions & Answers . In C programming, source codes are saved with the file extension. .. Download PDF Interview Questions & Answers Top 24 C++ Interview Questions & Answers.

Commonly Asked C++ Interview Questions | Set 1

In other words, reference is another name for an already existing variable. Polymorphism is referred to codes, operations or objects that behave differently in a different context. Data abstraction is a technique to provide essential information to the outside world while hiding the background details. The problem that arises during execution of a program is referred as exceptional handling.

When a problem exists while running the code, the program throws an exception. Encapsulation is an object oriented programming concept oops which binds together the data and functions.

It is also referred as data hiding mechanism.

C++ Interview Questions

Explain if statement with an example? It deals with the concurrent execution of pieces of the same program.

Upcasting is the act of converting a sub class references or pointer into its super class reference or pointer is called upcasting. Pre-processors are the directives, which give instruction to the compiler to pre-process the information before actual compilation starts. Your email address will not be published. Latest Articles You are here: For example ,.

C And C++ Interview Questions

Class Student. Int rollno ;. String name ;.

Using namespace std ;. Int main.

Question 7. What Are Structures And Unions?

Answer : While handling real world problems we come across situations when we want to use different data type as one, C allows the user to define it own data type known as structures and unions.

Structures and unions gathers together different atoms of informations that comprise a given entity. Question 8.

What is Next ?

Answer : Conceptually structures and unions are same, the differnce between them lies in their 'Memory Management' or in simple words the memory required by them.

Elements in structures are stored in contiguous blocks, where as in unions the memory is allocated in such a way that the same memory allocated for one variable serves as its memory at one occassion and as memory for another varioable at some other occassion. Therefore, the basic difference lies in the way mrmory is allocated to both structures and unions.

Question 9. Answer : Enumerated Data type helps the user in defining its own data type and also gives the user an opportunity to define what values this type can take.

The use of Enumerated Data Type maily lie when the program get more complicated or more number of programers are workin on it as it makes the program listings more readable. Question Answer : The Preprocessor processes the source program before it is passed to the compiler. The features that preprocessor offers are known as Prepsocessor Directives.

A preprocessing directive cannot be more than one line in normal circumstances.

Some directive names require arguments. View answers in details Question A class is a user defined data type How we can differentiate between a pre and post increment operators during overloading? The auto keyword declares a local variable whose scope remains within the block of code, it is a variable with the local scope.

C and C++ Interview Questions & Answers

Following are the 3 types of STL containers: A Stack is a linear structure in which insertions and deletions are always made at one end i. It is necessary for them to be preserved under all operations of the class.

The resulting outputs are object codes, which are in a format that can be understood by the computer processor. Using namespace std ;. It maybe a command that was misspelled or a command that must was entered in lowercase mode but was instead entered with an upper case character.

The storage qualifiers are:

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