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iii. Last updated 10/9/ Contents. Chapter 1: Working with dates and times. Managing .. ACTIONSCRIPT DEVELOPER'S GUIDE. iii. Last updated 5/2/ Contents. Chapter 1: Introduction to ActionScript ActionScript Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform. of ActionScript Bible, and a short e-book, Introduction to Flex 2. with ActionScript, but it is not a comprehensive reference for programming topics in Flash.

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Part III. Applied ActionScript Topics. ActionScript and the Flash Authoring Tool . . Colin Moock in this series of O'Reilly books, becoming the reference book. BASICS OF ACTIONSCRIPT ActionScript also adds the modifiers internal and . passing in a reference to the actual child object. Reference Guide, and Flash 8: Projects for Learning Animation and Interactivity. ( all O'Reilly) .. HTML, JavaScript, and PDF, but. ActionScript is a .. ActionScript is a complete rewrite of the language—so much so that. ActionScript

Right and middle mouse-click support.

Navigation menu

Context menu disabling. Support for more hardware accelerated video cards from January in order to expand availability of hardware-accelerated content. Multithreaded video decoding pipeline on PCs, which improves overall performance of video on all desktop platforms. Notification of use of premium features in the debug players; content runs unrestricted in the release players.

Flash Player Some of the features in this release include the following: Keyboard input support in full-screen mode. Improved audio support for working with low-latency audio. Ability to progressively stream textures for Stage 3D content.

Protected mode for Flash Player in Firefox. Frame label events. Text streaming support for Stage 3D.

Expanded information about GPU driver details. Bitmap draw with quality API new. Release outside mouse event API. Flash Player silent update support for Mac OS.

Stylus support for Android 4. Some of the features in this release include the following: ActionScript workers enables concurrent ActionScript execution on separate threads. Support for advanced profiling. Support for hardware-accelerated video cards for Stage 3D expanded to Performance index API to inform about performance capabilities of current environment.

Support for compressed textures with alpha support.

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Support for StageVideo. Some of the features in this release include the following: Shared ByteArray support for ActionScript workers. Debug stack trace in release builds of Flash Player. Various bug fixes Flash Player Some of the features in this release include the following: Ability to query graphics vector data at runtime.

Full-screen permission dialog user interface improvements.

Finer grained control over supported display resolution on iOS devices when deploying as an AIR application. Some of the features planned for this release include the following: Android captive runtime debugging.

Support for the OUYA controller.

Preventing backup of shared objects on iOS for better iCloud support. Local variables may be declared with the var statement, and user-defined functions with parameter passing and return values can also be created.

Notably, ActionScript could now also be typed with a text editor rather than being assembled by choosing actions from drop-down lists and dialog box controls.


Two important features of ActionScript that distinguish it from later versions are its loose type system and its reliance on prototype-based inheritance.

Loose typing refers to the ability of a variable to hold any type of data. This allows for rapid script development and is particularly well-suited for small-scale scripting projects.

Prototype-based inheritance is the ActionScript 1. Instead of a class keyword that defines common characteristics of a class , ActionScript 1. All common characteristics of a class are defined in the class's prototype object and every instance of that class contains a link to that prototype object. In response to user demand for a language better equipped for larger and more complex applications, ActionScript 2. While this allowed for a more structured object-oriented programming approach, the code would still be compiled to ActionScript 1.

In other words, the class-based inheritance syntax was a layer on top of the existing prototype-based system. With ActionScript 2.

ActionScript 2. The update to the language introduced several new features: Compile-time and run-time type checking —type information exists at both compile-time and runtime. Improved performance from a class-based inheritance system separate from the prototype-based inheritance system. Compiles to an entirely new type of bytecode , incompatible with ActionScript 1.

Direct access to the Flash runtime display list for complete control of what gets displayed at runtime. Limited support for dynamic 3D objects.

ActionScript eBooks

Supports Flash 4 ActionScript. Flash Lite 1. Flash Lite 2. Rather than going to a forum in your browser, you send and receive community messages through your email client. Flashcoders has always been a popular list.

The Mail Archive provides an alternative online view of flashcoders content. Join a local Flash user group or consider starting your own. Typically, Adobe user groups meet once a month, and they offer tutorials and presentations by local experts or special guests from the worldwide community.

These guests tend to work with Flash in the trenches for companies large and small.

From time to time, you might even get to meet a real Adobe employee who can offer excellent insights into the products they develop or promote. Learning from instructional videos seems to work well for many new developers. The Flash category on Adobe TV offers a wide variety of videos for all skill levels. Current and upcoming books that focus on Flash and ActionScript 3 include the following:.Flash Lite 2.

Some of the features in this release include the following: Ability to query graphics vector data at runtime. I have revised target flash player This is a lookahead: you use? Design based development. These guests tend to work with Flash in the trenches for companies large and small.

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