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Edith Fiore (Author) Healing Your Past Lives: Exploring the Many Lives of the Soul by Roger Woolger Ph.D. Paperback $ Even though I am a scientific minded person I sometimes like to read material that is more esoteric and that is why I purchased this page paperback (You. You Have Been Here Before book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. to help you overcome-- fears and anxieties-- sexual pr. You Have Been Here Before book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

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to help you overcome -- fears and anxieties -- sexual problems -- overeating -- insomnia -- headaches -- allergies -- and other common problems. to help you overcome-- fears and anxieties-- sexual problems-- overeating-- insomnia-- headaches-- allergies-- and other common problems. You have been here before: a psychologist looks at past lives. Front Cover. Edith Fiore. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, - Medical - pages. 0 Reviews.

The great eastern religions maintain that upon leaving the body the soul either joins the universal soul Taoism or else reincarnates, coming back to the world in some form time and time again Buddhism, Hinduism.

The three major monotheistic religions Islam, Judaism, Christianity maintain that you get one shot. What evidence is there for that?

You Have Been Here Before: Reincarnation

None, really. Man I am going to church from now on! On the other hand, there is considerable evidence that we come back to this world repeatedly, living a different life in a different body each time. These are things they could not possibly have known in their current lives. Fortunately, there is actually scientific evidence or, at least, evidence collected through the scientific method.

A few decades ago, a psychologist named Helen Wambach began using past life regression as a therapeutic tool, not because she was particularly interested in it or believed it was real, but because she found it useful for helping her patients. However, she found herself intrigued by the compelling and detailed stories her patients were recounting.

She also found it surprising that none of the patients she hypnotically regressed claimed to have been famous or important people.

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If the past life stories were fantasies, as critics claimed, Wambach expected her patients to contrive elaborate stories about being kings or otherwise historically important figures. Instead, the lives they described were mundane and unassuming.

Intrigued by this, she decided to apply the scientific method to past life regression, to see if there was any truth to these stories of reincarnation. There are certain things we know about the past, from biology, history, and archeology.

We know that the ratio of men to women has remained a fairly constant through time.

We know the kinds of foods people ate in different parts of the world, and how that changed over time. We know what clothes they wore, from animal skins to rough cloth to finely woven fabrics. We know what tools they used.

You have been here before : a psychologist looks at past lives

In the evolution of eating utensils, for instance, the fork started with two tines, went to three tines decades later, and finally to the four tines we see most often today. All of these things are verifiable.

In her study, Dr. Wambach hypnotized people not individually but in groups of ten or fifty or even a hundred. By the end of the study, she had hypnotized thousands.

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These were people from all walks of life and from all over America, all of them strangers to each other. Instead, for each time period she took them to, she asked simple, mundane, testable questions.

What is your sex? What is the color of your skin? What are you eating?

The other flaw in this experiment is that - while previous Crichton novels entertainingly dramatised the scientifically possible - Timeline, despite a menacing bibliography at the end, extrapolates from theories which will almost certainly remain fantastic. This incredibility also means that the other half of Crichton's pitch as a novelist is entirely missing.

His most time-conscious book is his least timely.

There will be no newspaper report of Richard Branson offering cut-price holidays in 15th-century France to give this novel the eerie feel of prediction. It is topical only in a routine millennial sense. Its semi-serious theme - to what extent do we understand the past?

Although efficiently executed within the severe limitations mentioned here, Timeline has the regrettable effect of casting doubt on the pleasures of earlier Crichton achievements. You suddenly understand the extent to which he has benefited from the ignorance of the reader.

When he spoke of cloning or the operating systems of a , we were his grateful pupils. For once on equal terms with him - having read HG Wells and done history at school - we demand a more sophisticated lecture. And while, with the heavier science, Crichton's clean, simple prose was a blessing - complication of data and prose would have been too much - Timeline often feels underwritten.

The difference between showing a reader the wiring of a jumbo jet and the battlements of a medieval castle is that, in the latter case, the writer cannot rely on the goodwill of fascination and so must surprise in the telling. Timeline finds Crichton exploring a literature with too much of a past and a science with too little of a future. Of all his recent novels, it would make the least welcome present.Ian Stevenson.

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Alan marked it as to-read Jul 04, Balance is a good thing to pursue in this life. I was so fascinated I could have completed it in one day but I was already stealing time from work to read it. In some ways, Dr.

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