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Sophie came to Temptation, Ohio to help her sister make a movie. sexy, and wise--it's time to welcome Crusie into the pantheon of top-flight romance writers. Welcome to Temptation: A Novel (Dempsey Book 1) - Kindle edition by Jennifer Crusie. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Welcome to Temptation book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sophie Dempsey is content living a quiet life filming wedd .

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Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Get Free Read & Download Files Welcome To Temptation Dempseys 1 Jennifer Crusie PDF. WELCOME TO TEMPTATION DEMPSEYS 1 JENNIFER CRUSIE. Welcome to Temptation is a contemporary romance written by Jennifer Crusie and released in .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

New in Welcome to Temptation. Description Sophie Dempsey wants to help her sister film a video and then get out of Temptation, Ohio. Mayor Phin Tucker wants to play pool with the police chief and keep things peaceful. But when Sophie and Phin meet, they both get more than they want.

Welcome to Temptation

Gossip, blackmail, adultery, murder, vehicular abuse of a corpse, and slightly perverse but excellent sex: Review quote "A romantic comedy that adds luster to the genre" --Publishers Weekly "With her third seriously pleasing hardcover--bright, funny, sexy, and wise--it's time to welcome Crusie into the pantheon of top-flight romance writers. Before devoting herself to writing full-time, Crusie worked as a preschool teacher, an elementary and junior high art teacher, and a high school English teacher.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention jennifer crusie welcome to temptation small town water tower sophie dempsey temptation ohio sister amy laugh out loud phineas tucker sophie and amy sex scenes sophie and phin tell me lies police chief town of temptation jennifer cruise phin tucker year old sophie and her sister high school.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Great cast of characters. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I can always count on Jennifer Crusie to give me a true break from everything. A bit old-fashioned in a sweet, rather than dated, way though the love scenes are wonderfully steamy without ever being crude.

Nice and long and full, with an incredibly satisfying ending, which still managed to make me want to pick up the next book right away something I almost never do.

Sophie and Phin are a wonderful pair, Phin is a to-die-for lover with tons of class and integrity yet he has his issues. Sophie is intelligent, hard-working, and such a good person, but she makes mistakes too. Their conflicts are totally believable. I never once shook my head or rolled my eyes. The rest of quite large cast is fully drawn and includes more than one additional romance.

The mystery is a good one, including, you-guessed-it, more than one whodunit. Book heaven. I discovered Jennifer Crusie years ago and decided to listen to this audiobook, which I've had forever. I remembered vague plot points, but quickly became engrossed and obsessed with finding out the story all over again. I actually bought the Kindle version! Crusie has a way of describing the ludicrous and sometimes monotonous into something fascinating.

I love the way she does her sex scenes. They're super realistic and raw. I didn't know what to think of Phin in the beginning. He kind of came off as a pushover and I was thrown off because I didn't remember that he had a kid.

I mean, who would want a guy who doesn't get emotional over anything??

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But, of course, Phin ends up drool worthy and I laughed myself silly when she hustled him at pool. Very much looking forward to delving into her work again! Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. I am constantly amazed by Jennifer Crusie's writing talent.

Although I have long known that she produces some of the greatest dialogue around - such as in "Bet Me," I wasn't yet aware of her range in characterization and plots. Sophie Dempsey is the eldest daughter in a family of "gypsies.

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Sophie is the one member of the Dempsey family that does not have a police record. As the eldest, she has spent a lifetime of sacrificing her needs to look after her siblings - Amy and Dave.

They are a close family who believe that "family comes first. She has met the sexy new mayor, Phineas Tucker, but for the first time is torn between loyalties. When she meets his beguiling daughter, Dillie, Sophie doesn't stand a chance. Like all small towns, Temptation is not one to easily embrace new comers. It is a town where gossip travels like the wind and tradition is to be carried on at all costs.

However, Temptation has never met a woman like Sophie, a dichotomy of innocence and predator. I loved Sophie's "Five-Step Program: Make the Mark smile. Get the Mark to agree with you. Make the Mark feel superior. Give the Mark something. Get what you want and get out. The characterizations in this book were magnificent. I loved the ending to this book with Sophie's thoughts on the political posters.

It was just hilarious and hopeful and you truly got the sense that this could work I made the mistake of reading "Faking It" first. That one took so long to get into, that I was not sure I wanted to invest any time in "Welcome to Temptation," which intorduces readers to the Dempsey family. I am sure glad I decided to throw caution to the wind. I just loved this book!

It is the story of two sisters who come to town to make a documentary, and end up unwittingly making a porno film and falling for upstanding pillars of the community. The characters of Sophie and Phin are so well drawn out and sexy, that they jump from the page. There's also a lot of attention to detail for the secondary characters - they are all so well fleshed out.

The initial "romantic" encounter between Sophie and Phin is the stuff that romance dramas thrive on, and I had misgivings at first I thought I was reading a Harlequin romance novel , but then Crusie hooked me in with her inventive prose and more inventive imagination. And she has a great knack for Dusty Springfield and goofy movie quotes I found myself trying to guess the movie too! Crusie brings a mixture of romance, emotion, mystery and plotting to tell an engaging story of how two lost people manage to find each other in a storm of controversy.

And let's face it, porn, pool, phallic symbols, and politics make for good storytelling. No problem.

Oral sex isn't sex anyway. Oral sex isn't sex? Because this is a romance.

And romance by definition have a HEA. So do I want my heroine to end up with a guy who's gonna get blown by a hot chick while shopping for tools at the Home Depot and come home to tell Sophie, "It's not a big deal. Oral doesn't count, hon.

Phin seems to be shockingly lax in the morals department, not raising his daughter, seducing drunk women and then walking away saying it's not even sex. But Phin never does. So you know he's going to get the BJ sometime in the future and Sophie's going to lose her mind about it.

It's kind of a whole cast of crappy characters. The only nice person in the whole novel seems to be the cop. More than half the people are semi-cheating on everyone else, in public, just to get back at their significant other.

Sophie's sister is leaving her high and dry to go to L. But Amy doesn't care where that leaves Sophie. Parents are busy manipulating their children into unwanted relationships like their kids are their own personal chess pawns. There aren't a lot of characters to like here.

Meanwhile, back in Temptation, Sophie takes Phin home to have sex and ends up having to break up with her boyfriend's answering machine because he won't pick up the phone to let her dump him properly. Once that pesky task is done Phin's all for the 'cheap sex' as he calls it. But he should have called it 'boring sex', because it was. No really.

That's not just me talking.Return to Book Page. The characterizations in this book were magnificent. To her surprise, she discovered that she enjoyed the genre, so much so that she became a literary critic for the genre and began writing romance novels herself.

Glee I tell you. I also thought the main love interest was a really self important jerk, solidified by the fact that he has a daughter whom he barely spends time with. Especially since I believe Welcome to Temptation was first published in Jennifer Crusie is finding a place in my heart.

In I listened to the audiobook.

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