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I will include a PDF version (both in Spanish and English if it's possible), so any of the ☆The song of Achilles, Madeline Miller () E / S. link to free download of the song of achilles! suburban0utfitters: “https://drive. ppti.info?pli=1. Download Madeline Miller's The Song of Achilles as a free PDF, EPUB, or MOBI file. For those who haven't, it's a must read; it's essentially a.

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the Iliad: lol Patroclus and Achilles are gay. Plato: haha yeah man, who do you think tops?? I think Achilles bottoms personally. everyone in Greece: *banging. Achilles killing the Amazon Queen Penthesilea. Greece, BC. Amphora ( wine-jar) “signed by Exekias as potter and attributed to him as. a blog dedicated to the marvellous novel We are @stack-of-books-with-legs, @ lastdrinkbeforesunrise and @thenonsence.

53 Books That Will Definitely Make You Cry

My actual fave books are the little booklets by Glennie Kindred. They are also packed with activities. This is more with the western ceremonial trad than anything else, however - I go nowhere without this one.

Do you need to know which tarot card corresponds with which sphere of life? Or what about the dates of the sun signs? The meaning of the I-Ching or Ogham? Bonus points because it looks like a gorram spellbook.

Magical Movies For training up your visual imagination. The Matrix or Inception for working with dreamscapes, say. I really enjoyed American Horror Story: Coven recently; I learnt a lot about what it means to be a witch.

Magical fiction is great for sparking wicked ideas. It has footnotes for as many of the ideas as possible, so you know what author or tradition they came from.

It has a very clear structure - you can tick off each step, most satisfying, you can see yourself improve and have a clear image of what you need to do next. In Athens, the relationship was often viewed as being loving and pederastic, [8] although these roles were anachronistic for the Iliad.

The Greek custom of paiderasteia between members of the same-sex, typically men, was a political, intellectual, and sometimes sexual relationship. The age difference between partners and their respective roles either active or passive was considered to be a key feature.

Phaedrus argues that Aeschylus erred in claiming Achilles was the erastes because Achilles was more beautiful and youthful than Patroclus characteristics of the eromenos as well as more noble and skilled in battle characteristics of the erastes.

Further evidence of this debate is found in a speech by an Athenian politician, Aeschines, at his trial in BC. Aeschines, in placing an emphasis on the importance of paiderasteia to the Greeks, argues that though Homer does not state it explicitly, educated people should be able to read between the lines: "Although Homer speaks in many places of Patroclus and Achilles, he hides their love and avoids giving a name to their friendship, thinking that the exceeding greatness of their affection is manifest to such of his hearers as are educated men.

According to William A.

Percy III , there are some scholars, such as Bernard Sergent , who believe that in Homer's Ionian culture there existed a homosexuality that had not taken on the form it later would in pederasty. Sergent asserts that ritualized man-boy relations were widely diffused through Europe from prehistoric times. Aristarchus believed that Homer did not intend the two to be lovers.

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However, he did agree that the "we-two alone" passage did imply a love relation and argued it was a later interpolation. The joint tomb and Alexander's action demonstrates the perceived significance of the Achilles-Patroclus relationship at that time around BC. As a rule, the post- classical tradition shows Achilles as heterosexual and having an exemplary asexual friendship with Patroclus.

Medieval Christian writers deliberately suppressed the homoerotic nuances of the figure. He argues that while a modern reader is inclined to interpret the portrayal of these intense same-sex male warrior friendships as being fundamentally homoerotic, it is important to consider the greater themes of these relationships: The thematic insistence on mutuality and the merging of individual identities, although it may invoke in the minds of modern readers the formulas of heterosexual romantic love […] in fact situates avowals of reciprocal love between male friends in an honorable, even glamorous tradition of heroic comradeship: precisely by banishing any hint of subordination on the part of one friend to the other, and thus any suggestion of hierarchy, the emphasis on the fusion of two souls into one actually distances such a love from erotic passion.

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This can explain the overtones in Book 19 of the Iliad wherein Achilles mourns Patroclus lines — in a similar manner used previously by Briseis lines — Shay places a strong emphasis on the relationships that soldiers who experience combat together forge, and points out that this kind of loss has in fact often led to "berserking" of soldiers stunned with grief and rage, in a way similar to the raging of Achilles in the Iliad.

Shay points out that a frequent topos in veterans' grief for a companion is that companion's gentleness or innocence; similarly, while a warrior of great note, Patroclus is said in the Iliad by other soldiers and by Briseis the captive to have been gentle and kind.

Classical tradition[ edit ] William Shakespeare 's play Troilus and Cressida portrays Achilles and Patroclus as lovers in the eyes of the Greeks. Elizabeth Cook's verse novel, Achilles, is not sexually explicit, but a romantic relationship can be inferred.

She writes of Achilles, "He also knows the body of his cousin Patroclus.

The relationship is intensely intimate, and certainly exceeds the common bounds of friendship.But then things get a little murky. I was expecting this story to at least acknowledge that ancient Greece is not the same as Victorian England just because both periods happened out of living memory.

Only he concealed this fact in fear of his lover and goddess mother's reactions.

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Friendly reminder that Patroclus was loyal to a fault. Prairie Song is a post-apocalyptic Western following a group of misfits on the run: The musical Spring Awakening , includes an offhand reference where one boy, Hanschen, entreats another, Ernst to 'do a little Achilles and Patroclus'.

Achilles calls Patroclus the only one he ever loved and Patroclus is depicted as jealous of Achilles' relationship to Briseis.

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