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This was EXACTLY what I was looking for when one of our Kindergarten teachers needed a grade book, the teacher was thrilled with it! The description was. % FREE. NO LIMITATIONS. With ads to fund my work. You can remove ads by going to premium. I am a teacher that develops the app in my spare time. Free, easy to use online gradebook software with grade book, lesson plan, attendance and calendar tools for teachers.

Teacher Grade Book

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Check out our teachers grade book selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our calendars & planners shops. Download a Free Gradebook Template for Excel. This new teacher grade book spreadsheet is designed for percentage or point-based grading. K teachers organize hard-copy and electronic grade books to keep track of vital student information, including attendance, homework and test scores.

Guideline for Failing Grades: An Exception: At the end of the course, the teacher usually looks at the grades for the entire class and might make adjustments to the grading scale depending on the class average and distribution of grades. Adjustments are normally only made to raise low grades. Lowering higher grades just makes students angry. The histogram of grades and class average come in handy at this point.

When making adjustments, it is vital to remember to make the grades Fair and Defendable - meaning that you as the teacher can defend the grades you give when hounded by students, parents, the department head, or the school board. Simple Curving: Instead of or in addition to making adjustments to the grading scale, you can use the Curve field in the Gradebook worksheet to increase all the final grades by a certain percentage.

If you are aiming for a target class average, you can use goal seek to set the Mean percentage to the target value by changing the curve percentage. The curve field is not included in the GPA-based spreadsheet. If a student's overall percentage was To be fair, the teacher might want to shift all minimums down 0. You can determine the minimum score for an A- by calculating the 85th Percentile and then shift the grading scale.

The assignment of the final letter grade in the Gradebook worksheet is done automatically based on the grading scale defined in the Grades worksheet. For the formulas to work correctly, the Grading Scale must be ordered from lowest to highest.

Reading & Writing

These gradebooks are not designed to automatically grade on a curve. However, what I have described above in "final adjustments to grading scale" is one method for adjusting grades based on a curve. A Little Background: A common approach to grading on a curve is to first order all the final grades from highest to lowest.

These percentages represent a symmetric bell curve for the ABCDF grading system with a C average, but the values will depend on how many A's you are allowed to assign and whether or not the distribution is symmetric. For example, if you can give 10 A's, do you really want to give 10 F's? The bins for each grade will be different widths. For example, in a point scoring system, the A's may span from 80 to , while the B's might be 77 to An alternative to ordering the grades something that the gradebook template doesn't do for you is to determine the cutoff scores by calculating percentiles and altering the grading scale accordingly.

Using Percentiles: A Percentile is defined as a value below which a certain percent of values fall. Plus and Minus Grades Chromatic Variants: I have built these formulas into grading scale table in the template.

However, you can manually enter your own cutoffs. Final Grade: The final grade is calculated by multiplying the category weight times the category score and adding the results for each category. In theory, extra credit can be earned by giving a student more points on an assignment than are available for that assignment, although the weight of that type of extra credit is difficult to determine. Defining specific extra credit assignments makes it easier to define the weight of the extra credit on the final grade.

Scores per Category: The percentage score for each category is calculated by dividing the total points earned by the total points available for that category. Ungraded, excused, or dropped assignments are not included in these totals.

Assignments within a category can be given different weights by giving each each assignment and different number of points possible such as a final worth points and a mid-term worth points.

Dropping the lowest exam score or quiz score is a popular way to make students happy, but weighting factors can complicate this. What if the exams have different weights, how do you know which one has the largest negative effect on the grade? Made by a teacher Designed and developed by an IT teacher in his spare time. Backups Keep your data safe with auto or manual backups. Also cloud backups. Security Data is safetly encrypted.

The app access can be protected with a password. Translated to 16 languages Thanks to collaborator the app is translated in 16 languages. It was designed to run on old computers with slow connections. Supported clients are PC, Mac, Unix, and any platform that runs a web browser. End-users can gain access from virtually anywhere via the Internet no need to carry diskettes, CDs, or thumb drives. TeacherEase was designed so that our web pages are "obvious" to use.

Most of our teachers never receive training and require little support. The usability is so high that we receive an average of 2 support questions per day per teachers. All data housed within TeacherEase is considered private and confidential. All users are restricted to access only the minimum data appropriate to their role parent, teacher, etc.

We will never knowingly disclose any information to any 3rd party. See our privacy policy for more details. TeacherEase implements state of the art security to prevent information disclosure, unauthorized changes, and denial of service.

To secure the infrastructure, a restrictive firewall policy and server hardening techniques have been implemented. An application-level security scheme has also been implemented to prevent unauthorized data access. TeacherEase is a fully redundant system which historically has maintained Backups are run nightly, stored offsite, and are maintained for an extended period of time.

For schools using TeacherEase site-wide, we will occasionally retrieve accidentally deleted data from backups -- protecting against user error. For parents to gain access to TeacherEase, their account must be setup by a teacher or the school office. Upon login, they can access their student s only.

Parents can check a student's current assignments. Did they get tonight's homework done yet?

The 5 Best Free Gradebook Tools for Teachers

If they were absent, what do they need to make up? Parents can check their child's current averages and get details. They can praise a student doing well. They can motivate students not working to their potential.

They can get help for struggling students. Parents can email teachers and administrators. They can better communicate without playing "phone tag. Students can also login to TeacherEase, check their own information just like parents , and get motivated. Use this as your primary means to communicate with parents. When teachers enter data into TeacherEase, it's automatically available to parents teachers don't have to remember to upload it to the web.

Parents provide immediate reinforcement and modify student behavior since there's no delay. The teachers enjoy the ease-of-use with the online gradebook. When the teachers were originally trained, we did not spend but 20 minutes with the entire group before they were biting at the bit to get to work on the program by themselves.

Most every question the teachers have about functionality is answered by the intuitiveness of the program. Thank you for your wonderful work! Teachers are more productive. Parents are more involved.My friend Donny created this amazing gradebook spreadsheet as a favor to visitors of this Website.

You will need Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. Any help to improve the translations is welcomed. Guideline for Failing Grades: Brain Teasers Logic: Multiplication Multi-Digit.

Free Excel Elementary Gradebook

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