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Night Play (Dark-Hunter Novels Book 5) and millions of other books are available for instant access. Night Play (Dark-Hunter, Book 6) Mass Market Paperback – August 3, This item:Night Play (Dark-Hunter, Book 6) by Sherrilyn Kenyon Mass Market Paperback $ Setting: Modern New Orleans. Bride McTierney has had it with men. They're cheap, self-centered, and never love her for who she is. But though. Night Play book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Bride McTierney has had it with men. They're cheap, self-centered, an.

Sherrilyn Kenyon Night Play Pdf

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Dark Hunter 04 - Kiss of the Night - Sherrilyn ppti.info KB. Dark Hunter 05 - Night Play - Sherrilyn ppti.info KB. Dark Hunter. Sherrilyn Kenyon Author () (). cover image of A Hard Day's Night Searcher (). cover image of Night Pleasures / Night Embrace . Night Play. Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Dark Hunter 05 - Night Embrace Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Dark- Hunter 04 - Night Pleasures Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Dark Hunter 10 - Night Play.

In the past, he has been conditioned to rather violent animalistic matings that were meant to show dominance, and although the animal part of him still wants that, the man in him is completely undone by Bride's gentle touches and easy acceptance of him in both his human and wolf forms. No one except his siblings ever showed Vane any love, and he just basks in the warmth of Bride's affections and cherishes every moment with her. He even showed compassion for an abused and abandoned dog, earning its trust almost instantly, not just because he's part animal himself, but because of his kindness and loyalty.

Vane may have been the alpha of his pack, but when it came to his interactions with Bride, Vane behaves more like a sweet beta which is pretty much my idea of perfection in a hero. As a heroine, Bride was no slouch herself. She had a much healthier upbringing than Vane did, surrounded by a loving, supportive family, with the possible exception of her sister who said some hurtful things to her.

However, Bride's plump figure has been the object of many an individual's derision over the years, and she has just had her heart broken by a jerk of an ex who used her to get a glamorous job and then dumped her for not looking good enough to be seen on his arm in public. He also badgered Bride to go on numerous diets over the years that they were dating. Although she doesn't have major self-esteem issues like many women in her position would, Bride understandably is skeptical when the gorgeous Vane comes along, saying how beautiful and perfect she is.

Bride is a real sweetheart who is a very loving and giving person. When she found out what Vane really was, she had a very normal human reaction, but still came around pretty quickly, continuing to show him all the gentleness and unconditional love that he deserved. Bride may have been sweet, but she was no pushover.

She's a successful business woman who owns her own boutique, and when push came to shove, Bride showed she had the heart of a warrior with plenty of spunk and spirit. As with all her other Dark-Hunter books, Sherrilyn Kenyon brings in a huge cast of secondary characters.

It's fun to be able to visit with characters from past and future books, even if it's just a cameo, and to meet the occasional new character. Based on the prologue, it looked like there would be an interesting and humorous relationship between the brothers, but Fang sadly ended up spending the rest of the book unconscious. I loved Bride's family, and wish we could have seen more of them. The Thanksgiving dinner scenes at their house were a lot of fun, as were the ones at Sanctuary later.

The other members of Vane's family, particularly his mother and father, are essentially the bad guys. I liked the creative punishment that the author came up with for them. Other Dark-Hunter characters who put in an appearance: As always, Ash nearly walks away with every scene that he's in while also being totally scrumptious and swoon-worthy.

If he's this good as a mere supporting character, I can only imagine what he'll be like in his own book. I can't wait. Keyon's writing traits that I usually find a bit annoying that did surface in Night Play such as her tendency to bring the flow of the story to a screeching halt in order to explain some new bit of mythology. She also can sometimes be a little repetitive. I realize that she reiterates certain details from book to book to assist readers who may have picked up a book in the middle of the series to get up to speed, but occasionally she unnecessarily repeats herself within the same book.

There were also a few moments where she adapted the world to fit the plot rather than the other way around which I usually don't care for. Overall though, most of these things were relatively minor this time around. In fact, I have to give Ms. Kenyon kudos for building on existing mythology and utilizing lots of characters who were already on the canvas instead of creating new ones to confuse me. These things and her, for once, not giving the human characters unbelievable superpowers really helped to make the story much more enjoyable for me than some of the others in the series have been.

Night Play is book 5 in the Dark-Hunter series. It was filled with sweet, tender romance, had a great hero and heroine that I found to be very relatable, and everything together kept me fully engaged, earning this book a spot on my keeper shelf.

I'm really looking forward to reading the next book in the series. There are currently a total of 19 full-length novels in the Dark-Hunter series and quite a number of related novellas and graphic novels as well, with more still to come. A complete list of all the books and their recommended reading order can be found on Sherrilyn Kenyon's website. View all 10 comments. I have loved this series since I first read Acheron, https: Not that it matte I have loved this series since I first read Acheron, https: Not that it matters really, although I would have preferred to do it in the reading order.

This is the first book that introduces the were-hunters and written from their POV…..

Sherrilyn Kenyon - DH17 Devil May Cry

And what a great introduction………. That is until he meets a woman the Fates have chosen as his mate!!!! Bride McTierney is the destined mate… and what is he going to do….

Boy, does she find her knight — in the form of a furry wolf!!!!! Back to Vane — he has an added problem…. Go to his friend, who has knowledge in this department, for advice…. The dialogue is such a pleasure…humor, laughter…. I loved that the author includes some characters that I have come to adore….

What a great read!!! SK you rock!!!! View all 9 comments. This book took me by surprise. I have read or listened to a handful of books in this series and some were ok and others a little better.

But this one was great! I loved the hero, Vane. His perspective was my absolute favorite. Having been raised a wolf almost his entire life and only having a human form for the past 9 months I think , he has a totally unique view of people and life. She wolves sound like real bitches! He comes from a seriously messed up childhood - or I guess really puppyhoo This book took me by surprise. He comes from a seriously messed up childhood - or I guess really puppyhood.

He is also crazy powerful. I am not sure everyone realizes the god-like powers he has. They rival Acheron. The heroine, Bride BTW a big pet peeve of mine is when a narrator pronounces a name wrong and in this case, I had to listen to the entire book with him calling her bride - as in here comes the Lost my train of thought - so anyway, Bride was a pretty good heroine. She was pretty insecure but she did not bog the story down with it. Nor did it prevent her from jumping Vane's bones immediately!

I was proud of how she handles her sister and stood up to Vane's Mom. Brides parents were cool. I love that they are vets so the running theme is that they will neuter him if he hurts her! Overall, the story had a really hot wolf shifter, humor, some visits from favorite characters yes - Simi makes an appearance , a good amount of steam and only a very little angst.

Which means I am willing to read - with caution. Safety gang notes view spoiler [ No virgins here. Bride just got dumped by live in boyfriend.

Wolves have sex, but zero relationships. He had not had sex in quite awhile. I want to say maybe a year. They are mates and it is a real mate thing. If she rejects him - he is impotent for the rest of her life. View all 25 comments. This was an adult paranormal romance featuring a werewolf and a human.

Vane and Bride were both likeable characters and it was nice to see how protective Vane was when it came to Bride. The storyline in this was about Vane finding out that Bride was his mate, and not knowing what to do about it because she was human whilst he was a very powerful werewolf, and he was afraid of hurting her. The ending to this was okay, and things ended happily enough.

View 2 comments. Jul 09, Alkyoni rated it it was ok Shelves: Vane Kattalakis Age: Wolf Special W. Time Travel Best thing that came out of his mouth: I don't want you skinny, Bride. I like you as you are.

He finds his one true love when: She stopped to say hi to her friend Sunshine who Vane was guarding at the time. Yes, in Book 2. Yes, the whole thing was that mundane. He falls for her because: She's his predestined mate. Her Name: Bride McTierney Age: Somewhere around her early twenties. Boutique Owner. Best thing that came out of her mouth: She falls for him because: Do you want the reasons in alphabetical order, or..?

He has a killer bod.

See a Problem?

He is filthy rich. He likes her just the way she is. He protects her. He made a fool out of her douche of an ex. But mostly because he is gorgeous and he has a killer bod.

Surgeon General's Warning: The Devil's Advocate: Hello Prince Charming meant for the big girl. Was about time you got to her.

Kiss of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon Ebook (PDF) Free Download

Take it or leave it? Well, it does have one of the highest average ratings in the series and Vane is one of the most beloved characters among the fans. On the other hand yes, I have three hands in this argument the MCs of the next books are introduced in this one and beloved characters from the previous books make an appearance.

I dunno, guys… You decide. Oct 17, Viri rated it it was amazing Shelves: Segunda relectura!!!!! Nov 06, Alp rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the fifth book in Dark-Hunter series but the first one in Were-Hunter series. You will here discover the world of Were-Hunter, a great introduction to the Katagaria and Arcadians. Vane was born to Katagaria father and Arcadian mother. He grew up in the Wolf-Human pack of his father.

Both of his parents hated him and wanted him dead. He was just the victim of the hatred between them. Vane was continually abused, neglected, and mistreated by the other members in his pack. They all loathed him, except for his sister, Anya, and his brother, Fang, who truly loved him and never left him. But when Anya was killed and Fang was badly injured in the Daimons attack, Vane felt like all the happiness was gone from his world… until he met Bride, the beautiful woman he had thought he would never see again.

When Vane walked into her shop, she was instantly attracted to him. She felt the urge to do something wild just once in her life, so she asked him to make love to her. They had one hot night together. Bride thought Vane was too good to be true that he would walk away from her, and then they would never meet again.

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After their sexual intimacy, they found that there were mate signs marked on both of their palms. He would do everything to protect her. The romance in this book hit me square in the middle of my heart. I loved both Vane and Bride.

They were a perfect match! And yet as Bride watched her mate, she knew the truth. Vane wasn't human. He didn't think or act like a human. Unlike Taylor and Josh, he would never leave her because she wasn't what he wanted her to be. He loved her just as she was. Not once had Vane tried to change her or alter her in any way.

He just accepted her, faults and all. Vane would never cheat on her.

Never lie. But he would kill anyone who hurt her. And in that moment as she watched him pet a dog that no one had been able to reach, she realized how much she loved him. Just how much she needed him.

I need to say it again--I loved everything about this book! View all 14 comments. Another perfect hero. Vane was so sweet and loving. Alphas who go after what they want and don't waver are really my weakness. So many different storyline possibilities here. I will definitely be checking out more in the were-hunter series.

Feb 01, Carmen rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Romance fans. A most excellent romance. Let's see if I can sum this up for people who do not know Kenyon's world: Very cute, very sweet, full of kissing. So amazing of a book. Just that sometimes we let other people treat us wrongly because we want to be loved and accepted so badly that we'd do anything for it. It hurts when you know that no matter how much you try, how much you want it, they can't love or accept you as you are.

Then you hate all that time you wasted trying to please them and wonder what about you is so awful that they couldn't at least pretend to love you. Some notes: I really, really need a human in paranormal romance. If two powerful, supernatural beings fall in love, I find that I just can't bring myself to care.

I need at least one person to be the vulnerable human. Kenyon fulfills my wishes with Bride McTierney, a young woman who is human and also unaware of the dark world of vampires, demons, and wereanimals that thrives in New Orleans.

Bride is fat. I really like this! Kenyon has before created heroines who berate themselves for being chubby but are obviously not even close something which annoys me to no end , but she finally creates an ACTUAL fat heroine in this novel with Bride, who is a solid size Extra sweetness points.

She wears dresses all the time, and there is a green velvet dress that sounds especially pretty in the book. Maybe like Fiona's dress in Shrek? No frumpy clothing for Bride! So pretty. This is great. She is so lucky. A lot of fat women are hated, belittled, and ostracized in their family because of weight regardless of whether their parents are fat or not, makes no difference.

The only family member who gives Bride shit about her weight is her sister Deirdre. However, Kenyon does a GREAT job of showing that Deirdre is only lashing out at bride because her own husband just abandoned her and her children, and she is jealous of Bride. Very good job of making 3-D characters on Kenyon's part. I was even feeling sorry for the scum-sucker. I was very sad to see this. Of course, her asshole ex-boyfriend didn't help. I have no idea why she stayed with him for five years.

Any one of these things singly is enough for a woman to kick a man to the curb, not to mention all of them! I have no idea what she saw in this jerk. As a result of this and some other negative past experiences, Bride has a bad self-image. Otherwise she's doing okay. She owns a shop and is pretty independent. It annoys me to no end to hear people putting themselves down, and I was getting very irritated every time Bride said something negative about herself.

Luckily, Vane also has no tolerance for her bullshit and puts an end to it quickly every time. But jeez, what a job of work. I felt sorry for the poor guy - it's exhausting propping someone's self-esteem up like that all the time. Total sympathy for him.

Good thing she eventually gets over this. Also, Bride, if every time Vane is around you he's rock-hard and also ready and willing to fuck you into next Saturday, I think it's safe to say that you can stop worrying about whether he's really attracted to you. Go get that model Travis Fimmel for me and make him do that too. A little bbq sauce and he's pretty yummy I also loved Vane's brothers, Fang and Fury. Fang didn't do anything in this book, but was hilarious in Talon and Sunny's book.

Fury was hilarious in this one. He doesn't know how to human at all. I have a weakness for that which is why the Others series is one of my favorites. This book has a lot of funny moments and charm. I love that Bride's father is a vet known as the "neuter king" and has a softball team called the Castrators. Whenever I need a book that is guaranteed to delight or something to pull me out of a reading slump, werewolf romances are my very first choice.

Much of my obsession with werewolf romance books comes via the fated mates trope that almost always permeates these paranormal books.

There is something so deliciously decadent about big bad werewolves being absolutely powerless to love and their preordained mate. Guaranteed mood booster. While any sort of paranormal beings werewolves, vampires , bear shifters , demons , etc. Simply searching for werewolf romance books online just about put me over the edge.

The number of paranormal romances published each and every year involving werewolves is staggering! Whether you are looking for a place to start on your werewolf romance books reading journey or are a die-hard fan of furry shifter heroes and heroines, here are my suggestions for the best of the best werewolf romance novels.

Between dealing with his accident-prone younger brother, a deaf mate with an attitude and an impending duel to the death, his week—and his bed—is suddenly full. Jaycee may have defended Dimitri from taunts before, but they now face a more lethal danger—one that threatens not only the future of their people, but also their love. With literally no women in sight, Owen will be lucky to find a date, let alone his true mate.

Yet just the scent of sweet, mortal Torrance Watson ignited a driving, explosive need to claim her that he knew his pack would never sanction. Yet her new-found freedom is short lived. But when a group of wolf shifters break into her clinic and demand she save the life of a packmate, her serene world unravels.

First, she has no soul. Third, she was rudely attacked by a vampire, breaking all standards of social etiquette.

50 Must-Read Werewolf Romance Books

Where to go from there? From bad to worse apparently, for Alexia accidentally kills the vampire—and then the appalling Lord Maccon loud, messy, gorgeous, and werewolf is sent by Queen Victoria to investigate. When her brother gets in too deep with some dangerous wolves and comes to Nina for help—dragging super alpha protector Lex into her life—she can handle it. But when the full moon rises, Dash is helpless.

She had always known it, but when a mysterious older woman shows up and invites her to learn about her birth family, things take a turn for the odd. The last thing I expect is for the Alpha to recognize me as his fated mate.

But a marriage borne out of duty soon takes on a whole new spin. For Kir discovers his bride is an utterly enticing mystery.

Beatrice is half-faery, maybe a little bit vampire, and altogether delightful. The hard-as-nails female is more than he could ask for—intense, clever and sexy as sin.Quotes from Night Play.

Of course if we were in wolf form, the cords wouldn't hold us, so" "Shut up," Vane snapped again. Vane would never cheat on her. While any sort of paranormal beings werewolves, vampires , bear shifters , demons , etc. Welcome back. It was primal. Her heart heavy, she watched that deadly masculine swagger. But then, no Katagaria female had ever held him the way Bride had.

She was better off without him. I loved that the author includes some characters that I have come to adore….

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