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Seoul Subway Metro Map in English. Printable version with color. 2 versions of map. Updated as of Offline PDF map of Subway in Seoul with information about the 한국철도공사, 서울 메트로, 서울특별시 도시철도공사, 인천교통공사, 네오트랜스 full map. subway 【 Photo: Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map (Credit: Seoul Metro) 】 Seoul Metropolitan Area subway system covers an expansive area.

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Seoul Subway Map. Navy Blue Line. Olive Green Line. Jangam. Suraksan. Madeul. Changdong. Nowen. Nowon. Sanggye. Danggogae. Green Line. Pink Line. 02 General Overview of. Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit. SMRT is one of the world's heaviest carriers serving a huge number of passengers. Line map. 경춘선 . Page 1. Seoul Metro/Subway Map.

No extra fees. And again, check the timetable. You can check the timetable at there as well. By bus[ edit ] Seoul also has an extensive bus service.

There are four different kinds of buses: yellow, green, blue, and red. Yellow buses have a short circuit usually around tourist areas. Green buses travel around neighborhoods and connect with the subway. Blue buses go across town, while red buses are intercity buses. Buses will only stop at designated bus stops and will not wait for indecisive travelers. If you do not tag the machine as you leave the bus, you will be charged the maximum fare possible for the route.

By taxi[ edit ] A KIA taxi Deluxe taxis are black with a yellow sign and are more expensive than regular taxis but provide better and more comfortable service. Regular taxis are silver. For the most part, regular taxi cabs have leather interiors and the drivers are nice—so, for many people, "regular" in Seoul might be "deluxe" in their hometown. It is easy to hail a taxi any time of the day or night along any relatively major Seoul street.

You can call a deluxe taxi wherever you are by calling Sometimes, you can find a visitor's guide taxi, a kind of deluxe taxi, the drivers of which know English and Japanese and can guide you around Seoul.

File:Seoul Subway map (English) (4259059378).jpg

International taxi drivers speak at least one foreign language generally English fluently. If there is more than one passenger, and you are traveling only a short distance like metro stops it is usually cheaper to catch a taxi than to take a bus or subway. In general, taxi drivers do not speak English or any other foreign language, so have your destination written in Korean to show to the taxi driver.

It is also wise to get your hotel's business card in case you get lost. Some may even reject looking at a map so whenever possible, have the location written in Korean.

All taxis advertise a free interpretation service that can be called if you need help. The phone number for the interpretation is on the window sticker of the back seats. Taxis that have an "On Base Authorized" sticker on the side, or a green sticker on their front bumper, are capable of entering US military bases in Seoul. These drivers are required to speak better English as part of their contract and may thus be easier for any English speaking tourists.

Most taxis accept credit cards and T-money cards and thus have a V-shaped orange card sign on the roof of the taxi by the front passenger seat window. However, drivers generally prefer that you pay cash, especially for short rides.

As in any other city, there are some bad apples, and some drivers may take you the long way. Although the drivers often have a GPS device on the dashboard of their car, this is relatively meaningless if you do not know the area or cannot speak sufficient Korean to argue the point.


In general, make sure the driver turns on the meter, get an idea of the cardinal direction of your destination north, south, east, west , and use the interpretation service if you want to agree to a fare beforehand. However, there is often road construction or protests around Seoul, so sometimes a long route is necessary. If you suspect you are being ripped off, the most a non-Korean speaker can do is write down or take a picture of the driver's ID above the glove box and report the details to the company.

By car[ edit ] Rush hour on the Gangbyeonbuk-ro lit. Riverside North Road in Seoul Internationally known car rental companies can be found in Seoul; just be prepared for a driving challenge and long rush hours. In addition, parking spaces are hard, if not close to impossible to find, especially during peak hours. Therefore, unless you are planning to head out of the city, it is not advisable to rent a car and you are better off relying on the excellent public transport system instead.

On bicycle[ edit ] If you like cycling, there are many bike rental stations in Seoul and other cities. There are many voucher options, but Day voucher is enough for tourist to use. At the homepage or official app, purchase the voucher and receive the rental number.

At the nearby rental spot, press the button on the bike you want to rent and type the digits. You have to return the bike to the rental station within 1 hour 2 hours if you bought the Premium voucher.

You can rent it as many times as you want for 24 hours, as long as you are returning the bike for respective period of time. When riding the bike, be sure to obey the traffic rules and try to wear the helmet.

Read the warnings on the signage and ride with care. Official app shows the location of rental station and how many bikes are there, so plan your journey while knowing where to return.

Naver map or Kakao map can show the bike roads and have a direction search option for the bikes. Smarter Subway. Smarter Subway! Introducing a new level of subway application!!

Korea Subway. Real-time Korea travel photos and videos are all here! GaHyun KIM. Subway map. Mydol- Lockscreen, Virtual chat, Chat bot. Mydol is only made for fans! AlarmMon - Free Alarm Clock.

Discover fun people around you, 1km! Start a new relationship with near neighbor. Once -A special period tracker.


Enjoy your trip! Route finder that allows you to find the easiest and quickest transfer route. Area guide helps to find nearby stations from your location. Set an alarm on your route and ready to go with no worries!

Bookmark allows you to get frequently-used routes, stations and exits information quick and easy. Dashboard provides useful travel information at a glance. Version 8.


This app is excellent when you are traveling Seoul via the subway. You should be able to get Also, the suggested ticket price to a destination is very helpful especially if you are frugal. Highly recommend to download this app!!

Hello, this is subway korea: First of all, we'd like to thank you for your interest in our service. Also, we're so glad to hear your compliment!Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. If you're in Seoul for only a couple of days and don't plan to use the subway much, don't buy the T-money.

Therefore, unless you are planning to head out of the city, it is not advisable to rent a car and you are better off relying on the excellent public transport system instead. Most buses are very comfortable and extremely safe.

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