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5 Next step: OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II (1Z) exam 8. 6 Complete exam objectives, mapped to book chapters, and readiness checklist. Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer Exam 1Z A For detailed information about how to locate your book's source code, go to. The last SCJP exam was Java SE 6 which is now known as OCPJP 6. Since Java SE What are the best / good books to prepare for OCAJP 8 (1Z0–) Exam? What are the Where can I find the SCJP 7 Kathy Sierra's PDF? 56, Views.

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"Don't hesitate to make this book your primary guide for SCJP All six number types in Java are made up of a certain number of 8-bit bytes, and are signed. A book on the new Java SE 8 certification was a long time coming. .. a multitude of Java certification accolades under his belt (SCJA, SCJP. It looks as well-written and helpful as the Java SE 8 OCA study g. even listening to the book using a PDF reader while on extensive bike rides.

In the test center, for the Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer certification, there is one starter test along with six sample tests, and the last day exam is sufficient enough to obtain points in the exam.

Generally, one would receive 10 points more in a real exam than the score of the sample exams. The exam has multiple choice questions where respondents are asked to declare how many correct answers are available out of the choices from a list; but be careful, the possibility of a more than one correct answer makes the exam a bit difficult.

Register and Buy Vouchers To enter a certification exam you need to register with the Oracle Education System and buy an electronic voucher.

It is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Locate Exam Place and Time After registration and buying a voucher, when you're ready to take the exam, you can use the Pearsonvue organization to find a suitable place and time to take the exam.

Exams may also be rescheduled if need be prior to the exam date. Check Your Results Within 30 minutes after taking an exam, you can get your score via email. Therefore, you can learn the outcome of your exam very quickly.


After all controls, days after, certifications are sent electronically. Hi, I am new in java language,And I want to take preparation for java certification, Please give me suggestions and guidelines on it.

Hi, I am a student of btech 4th year. I want to know the difficulty level of OCP. Should i start preparing for ocp from today only or any experience is required for this exam.

Hello Anonymous, though experience will always help you it's not mandatory for Java certification. You can start preparing now so that once you pass your BTech, you are ready for job.

The certification will not only distinguish you from other candidates but also it would be very easy for you to clear any Java technical exam, which is asked as part of Interview.

All the best. Post a Comment. I see there is a lot of confusion among certification nowadays, but essentially they are of the same level at previous SCJP.

Kathy Sierra

Since Java gets new language feature with every new release, subsequently a new certification title is introduced. I am not agreed with upgrading your Java certification with every release, it doesn't make much sense to me, but many programmers prefer to get certified and keep it updated.

By the way, many Java programmers also ask me, whether doing Java certification benefits in a Job search or in long-term Java programming role, In short, Yes, they do. You can read my response to my post does Java Certification adds value to your career. This post is not about debating Java certification, but about preparing for them. I received a lot of emails from my readers when I wrote my post Top 5 Java Programming books , and they asked me for the suggestion on how to excel on Java certifications like OCPJP, books, and resource to prepare etc.

Apart from the book, you should also use the exam simulator, preferably from Whizlabs, which I have personally used and liked it.

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Since there are not many choices available, you have stuck with it but nevertheless its a very good book, covering all new features of Java 8 and exam syllabus.

There are two certifications as of now: Since this book is from Oracle press, you can expect them to follow the syllabus and cover things which will be subject to examination. By the way, the book is currently available on Amazon Kindle as well and you can buy it here from Amazon.

Khalid Mughal books were quite popular earlier but seem Kathy Sierra books has been more popular nowadays. This is the only book available for OCPJP 7 currently in the market, so if you are going to give exam in near time, you only left with this book.

OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Certification Guide

I haven't read this book completely, but the good thing is that it covers all topics and contains 2 mock exams, which gives the feel of real exams.

The quality of questions in pre-test is also good but better than many online materials. Since Java 1.

Anyway, if you are still pursuing SCJP 6, the following books can help you to prepare well. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. United States. August 9, at 4: August 25, at 7: September 19, at 4: October 3, at 7: October 28, at November 14, at 2: November 17, at I just moved to USA one month back and wanted to get a good job for that i want to do a certification March 7, at May 7, at 7: I really appreciate your advices thanks a lot July 13, at 3: August 30, at September 5, at September 24, at 6: October 8, at 6: October 26, at November 9, at 6: January 28, at 4: For all oracle certification dumps in pdf format contact me at completeexmcollection gmail.

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March 29, at And tell me to go for java 6 or java 7 exam and books for java se 6 exam March 29, at Hi, Can you please tell me the latest version of oracle certification? March 30, at 2: Java SE 6 dumps please. JackParker81 gmail. July 24, at 5: July 25, at 8: Please mail me latest ocjp 6 dumps Midha. Com Thanks May 15, at May 29, at 1:Thanks to mikewittmann. April 21, Corrected content of chapter 17, Popular Features.

OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Certification Guide

I also suggest taking relevant mock exams from Whizlabs e. Dec 29, Corrected content of chapters 17 and You can go through them to get an idea of the format and difficulty level of the actual exam.

The book is a complete study guide for Java 8 OCA certification and covers every single exam topic. Since Java gets new language feature with every new release, subsequently a new certification title is introduced. I know, you might be thinking about Java SE 11, which will come soon, but on the certification level, I don't see this happening.

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