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Friday, August 2, 2019

Roadbook Navigation powered by Google Map. Create. Print. Rally Roadbook CreatorCreate. Share. Rally. [ FIA Spec Roadbooks ] Road & Stage Rally. Roadbook Designer - It is a specific APP to draw easily, quickly and accurately route books. With the Rabbit RoadBook Designer you can create route books for . It is a specific APP for rallyes organizers, it lets you draw route books easily, quickly and accurately. With the Rabbit Roadbook Designer you.

Road Book Maker

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An incredible array of functions. Versatile software, open to the world! RoadTracer Pro is an incredibly versatile program. It instantly generates digital and paper. Roadbook Navigation powered by Google Map. Create. Print. Ride. Rally Roadbook Creator Create. Print. Rally. [ FIA Spec Roadbooks ] Road & Stage Rally. Want to create your own roadbook? Now you can do it in a very simple way! and for free!.

HogWild , Apr 1, Nov 12, Oddometer: Awesome new tool! It's so cool to see all the innovation and improvements in the tools and hardware over the past few years.

It's making it easier and so much more attractive to get into rally, especially here in the North America where we went from almost nothing twelve years ago to several businesses, many fun navigation rides, training events, and now world class races. Doers doing what they love, and making rally better for everyone. So cool!

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There are a lot of features that make this better then what's out there, but what I like best is that it's stand alone and not server based. Your work is your own and resides safely on your own computer.


I'm loving it, great job Drew! Feb 12, Oddometer: Lost in Utardia. This has been fun to be a part of in a small way. It's been a great learning experience and awesome to see it progress and have features that are different than what's out there already. I dig making routes with this and being able to chop them up, then link them tougher with new bits.

I will say good file management and naming is crucial to having that be successful though.

Road book maker

Cool to see how other people work their routes from a process standpoint. Sep 4, Oddometer: Athens, Greece. Great news Can't wait to finish your project.

A big gift to rally community Keep walking!!! Feb 10, Oddometer: Sounds pretty cool, what about output formats?

Pdf in letter, continuous roll and A5 if I remember correctly. VxZeroKnots , Apr 2, DaveRMS , Apr 2, Pull request submitted to include support for OpenRally. Nice stuff Drew.

It's amazing how much better the libraries are now than they were in Nice job! VxZeroKnots , Apr 3, Jan 29, Oddometer: FLint Hills. Sabu likes this.

VxZeroKnots , Apr 8, See more. Rabbit Rally 2. Joao Procopio. Rally Tripmeter.

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Siim Plangi. An app for rally co drivers developed by a rally driver. GPS Tripmeter. Free simple GPS Tripmeter. F2R Rally Tripmeter. F2R, Lda. Shooting Day. Shooting Day is a free and easy-to-use score tracker for sportsmen clay shooters.

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As part of not being a commercial product, it comes with no warranty or support. I have also not intended to make any sort of statement to the current rally products available in the the market.

This project has actually been inspired by the other product, approaches and people in the industry. ANYONE is free to take code, workflow, images, lexicon glyphs , logos, or design and use it as they see fit as long as such derivatives are properly attributed per the GPL So how can I get it: I had grand plans to do some fancy schmancy packaging and have a download server but turns out I'd rather ride or work on bikes than figure that out at this time.

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Until thenBryan March 9, at 2: It's pilot screen to Rabbit app. That made it way too easy to navigate. Paypal donations will be accepted to help support infrastructure costs, though nothing is set up and the moment. GPS Tripmeter.

Take 3 roadbooks, cut out the good sections, and assemble them into a new roadbook in minutes. Based on the comments in the earlier thread, I think way too much time is being spent on thinking about tools to make roadbooks instead of going out and actually making a roadbook.

Rally Navigation Roadbook Creation

The APP has a library with more than tulips with the most common drawings in rallys crosses, tickets … and external references houses, trees etc. Your email address will not be published. VxZeroKnots , Apr 2,

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