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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Terrific fight scenes, compelling characters (some familiar, some Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction. And out in the lawless Far Country the past never stays buried. RED COUNTRY takes place in the same world as the First Law trilogy, Best. Red Country book. Read ebook, pages If THE FIRST LAW was Logen's 'DOLLARS TRILOGY' then RED COUNTRY is his UNFORGIVEN. flag.

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Red Country (Set in the World of The First Law Book 3) eBook: Joe Abercrombie: ppti.info: Kindle Store. Spread over fifteen of the country's twenty-eight states, India's Maoist movement is now one of the world's biggest and most sophisticated extreme-left. Best Served Cold, UK Paperback The Heroes, UK Paperback Red Country, UK The Collected Joe Abercrombie, UK Ebook The Great Leveller, UK Hardback.

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Return to Book Page. Preview — Red Country by Joe Abercrombie. They burned her home. They stole her brother and sister. But vengeance is following. Shy South hoped to bury her bloody past and ride away smiling, but she'll have to sharpen up some bad old ways to get her family back, and she's not a woman to flinch from what needs doing. She sets off in pursuit with only a pair of oxen and her cowardly old step father Lamb for company.

But They burned her home. But it turns out Lamb's buried a bloody past of his own. And out in the lawless Far Country the past never stays buried. Their journey will take them across the barren plains to a frontier town gripped by gold fever, through feud, duel and massacre, high into the unmapped mountains to a reckoning with the Ghosts.

Even worse, it will force them into an alliance with Nicomo Cosca, infamous soldier of fortune, and his feckless lawyer Temple, two men no one should ever have to trust. This novel also represents the return of Logen Ninefingers, one of Abercrombie's most beloved characters. Get A Copy. Published October 23rd by Orbit first published October 18th More Details Original Title.

First Law World 6. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Red Country , please sign up. Do you have to read this series in order? Anirudh Well..

The whole thrill of the book is about knowing who lamb …more Well.. The whole thrill of the book is about knowing who lamb really is. If you don't know who he is, what he is and what he has done in his life, many references which make this book a great read make no sense.

I see his makes an appearance in this book. ColinJ If you're already read the books you shouldn't need to re-read them.

See all 7 questions about Red Country…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Say one thing for Abercrombie, say he knows how to make me love his book even when the setting of the book is Western. I have to mention one thing about the setting of this book before I start my review, I truly despise Western stories.

Here's a few example for famous movies, 3: Sucks, Assassination of Jesse James? I got a fever because of how bad it was, Hateful Eight? Fell asleep, and much more Say one thing for Abercrombie, say he knows how to make me love his book even when the setting of the book is Western. Red Country is the third and final book in the First Law stand-alone trilogy or in other words The Great Leveller collection , the year is now AU, six years after the previous book, 'The Heroes' and thirteen years after the end of the main trilogy, and now the setting of the book is located on the Western continent of the World, Far Country.

All the books in the standalone trilogy followed a simple premise as the main plot and there's no exception for this book as well. There are no surprises in the plot, the book is divided into five parts; the second part, however, is insanely boring and tedious to read. The reason why it felt so boring, I think it's due to the reason that Abercrombie himself stated this was his hardest book to write and he felt burned out during the time of writing this and imo, it can be felt in some parts of the book here and there.

I felt at times somewhat uninspired. Somewhat burned out. Taking your disappointments and your failures, your guilt, and your shame, all the wounds received and inflicted, and sinking them in the past. Starting again. Damning yesterday and facing tomorrow with your head held high.

Times change.

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It's those that see it coming, and plan for it, and change themselves to suit that prosper. One duel scene in particular between Lamb and Golden is bloody amazing. Plus, the great climax and ending of this book sealed the deal to make me overlook the problems I had with the book. Red Country is a great conclusion to the standalone trilogy and I must say, it was bittersweet and satisfying for me. I'm concluding this review with another mandatory beautiful quote post: Best Served Cold: View all 40 comments.

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You couldn't pay me enough money to read one I even try to deny it with my movie choices, but again, some of my all-time favorites are westerns Tombstone and to Yuma.

Why is that? Why do I think I hate them and secretly love them? I even lived in Wyoming for a time. I'm seriously asking this! I must be crazy Westerns. I must be crazy.

Red Country , as I mentioned, is a western and a darn good one at that. It's not a shoot 'em up western, because they have no guns, it's more of a pioneer trek across uncharted lands and their inherent difficulties and dangers It, very simply, follows the trek of Shy South and her pseudo-father, Lamb, after they return home to find their friend hanged and Shy's much younger brother and sister taken.

The only option, then, is to follow. It quickly becomes apparent that Lamb is much more than "[s]ome kind of coward" and readers of Abercrombie's earlier works will almost immediately recognize who he is the cover doesn't hide much from the discerning eye either for that matter. Okay, he's not that lowly, he just thinks that about himself and having recently finished law school it's nice to have a lawyer who isn't terribly unlikeable! Usually, we get this treatment. Temple is far too easy for my liking to relate to.

He's the type of guy who always goes for the easy way, even taking the easy way when he knows it will only become the hard way. I'm sure there are a few others who may be able to relate as well. It's just too easy to take the easy way isn't it? Even when he knew it was the wrong way. Especially then, in fact, since easy and wrong make such good company.

Even when he had a damn good notion it would end up being the hard way, even then. Why think about tomorrow when today is such a thorny business. Cosca's band of mercenaries is charged with rooting out rebellion, but what they do is anything but.

They pray upon destitute towns, killing with abandon. One of the things that makes Red Country great is that Abercrombie gives us the very interesting interaction between Temple and Shy, one who takes the easy way out with another who does her best, usually meaning hard work, no matter the situation.

For me, this was the interaction of what I am compared to what I wish to be. It really got me thinking about looking for excuses and just getting things done. I'm in a position where I can easily blame all my problems on the fact that I don't get much sleep The easy way tends only to help yourself.

Before I get any further in this review, I must admit that the only other Abercrombie I've read is his The First Law trilogy, but this book made it quite easy to jump back to old times. Having studied as a lawyer, I've learned that you can argue anything you want, so while I can't compare Abercrombie's newest to his last two offerings, I can find a place for myself. For those who have only read The First Law, you're in for another treat. Obviously, I need to get back in the saddle, so to speak, and one of the things I've really missed is how quotable Abercrombie is.

These lines just jump off the page and make you think about them long afterward. As Oscar Wilde has said, "Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit. To have the world against you and pick your path regardless - there is courage. While as blunt and ill-tempered as any of the best of Abercrombie's characters, she is so great because she does what it takes no matter what those around her think.

Even someone as behind in his Abercrombie reading as me knows there are a few things you can expect in any Abercrombie novel. Is there lots of action?

Yes, although it has a bit of a slow start, but I remember The Blade Itself being similarly slow and similarly excellent. Blood, guts?

Definitely, mainly encompassed by one word, "Lamb. Yes, as mentioned above. Low magic? Yup, you could argue none in fact. Great characters? Abercrombie doesn't focus on the world building, although that gets accomplished well enough along the way, he's more about the characters and their relationships. This isn't really a world you want to live in anyway, although if you look around yourself you might just find out you're not far away. Detailed world-building, however, does not belong on the list of "Abercrombie-isms.

This was a great reminder that I need to read more Abercrombie and soon. Red Country manages not only to be a stellar fantasy, but ranks with the best of the western genre as well. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid eat your heart out. Feb 24, Robin Hobb rated it it was amazing. A somewhat Westernized setting for this fantasy set in Abercrombie's world.

Very enjoyable to catch up with some character friends as well. And of whom or what they did, I shall say nothing! Read for yourself. One of the many things that Joe Abercrombie excels at is the character cameo. A turn of the page and the reader enters the point of view of what might seem a minor character.

But in a space of the few paragraphs, the character takes on dimension, flesh, ambitions, a past, and a life. One ca A somewhat Westernized setting for this fantasy set in Abercrombie's world.

One can perceive that while we are eager to follow the tale of Lamb and Pit and Ro, this intersection shows us that every character inhabits a thread of story that is equally complex and possibly as compelling.

An excellent read, even if it did intrude into my sleep time as a nightmare. The best stories are the ones that don't let go of your mind. View all 5 comments. Shy South a former highway robber with a golden heart gave up on her violent ways and took up farming. When she came back from a marketplace one of the days, she found her hired hand is killed and her young brother and sister is kidnapped. She went off hoping to catch the raiders, accompanied by her timid stepfather.

The joined a band of mostly old geezers called Fellowship and the geezers did what geezers are best at: T Shy South a former highway robber with a golden heart gave up on her violent ways and took up farming.

The problem I mentioned is the biggest one: There was exactly one event which could be called exciting and this would be really stretching it for each hundred of pages.

Do not believe me? Let me count spoilers, obviously: One of my friends mentioned in his review you could easy skip tenths of pages and resume reading without getting lost. I wholeheartedly agree. To add insult to the injury, Shy as the main character is the most 2-dimensional one ever to grace any Abercrombie's novels.

This is from a guy whose main strength is great fleshed out characters. There is one probably the most awesome character from the original trilogy present.

How do you make this person boring? Voila, another boring character. The person in question feels right at home in geriatric hospital - I mean Fellowship. I never thought I will say this about any Joe Abercrombie's book, but this one is unbelievably boring.

The author himself mentioned he had troubles writing it, and it clearly shows. I am really surprised at high rating the novel has and had to check several times whether I read the same one as the people who gave it 4 or 5 stars.

View all 29 comments. Jan 29, Dan Schwent rated it really liked it Shelves: When Shy South and her cowardly stepfather Lamb return home to find their farmhand dead and Shy's two siblings missing, they venture into the Far Country to find them. They join a fellowship and head to the mining town of Crease.

During their travels, Shy is forced to confront her own checkered past and finds that her stepfather has a past of his own On the heels of finishing A Dance with Dragons, my jones for dark fantasy with morally ambiguous characters was not sated so I turned to Red Coun When Shy South and her cowardly stepfather Lamb return home to find their farmhand dead and Shy's two siblings missing, they venture into the Far Country to find them.

On the heels of finishing A Dance with Dragons, my jones for dark fantasy with morally ambiguous characters was not sated so I turned to Red Country. Red Country is my first Joe Abercrombie book and won't be the last.

Red Country promoted as being a fantasy western and I'd say that's fairly accurate. It's a story of revenge and redemption, two staples of the Western genre, and the trip across the Far Country to Crease has a very western feel to it.

Crease has a setup not unlike the town from Fistful of Dollars or Yojimbo, if you prefer. Lamb and Shy riding out into the unmapped country to find their missing loved ones is straight out of a lot of westerns.

Without giving too much away, it also reminds me of Unforgiven quite a bit once Lamb mans up and shows his true colors. It's nice to see fantasy that strays from the rut of medieval pseudo-European quest stories.

The characters are an interesting bunch. Shy is a woman wondering why she managed to escape justice for her dark past. Lamb is a Northern barbarian trying to keep a promise he made to a dead woman.

Temple is a lifelong screw up trying to turn things around. Cosca, one of the antagonists, is pretty lovable for a villain. They are far from the average fantasy cast and this is far from an average fantasy tale.

Joe Abercrombie's books are known for being dark and gritty. What people rarely mention is that they have a fair amount of dry humor and clever imagery in them as well.

The quotable lines are surprisingly frequent. What I'm trying to say is that Abercrombie's writing was a lot more enjoyable to me than that of a lot of fantasy writers. Also posted at Shelf Inflicted View all 19 comments. Dec 27, Felicia rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love me some Abercrombie, his style is so snarky and detailed and dirty.

I love how with a few sentences he can fill out a minor character so well that you actually feel sorry when they're killed in passing. If you've read his other books you'll recognize several characters, but you don't REALLY need to read the others to get into this. If you don't like Westerns move along doggy, but this is worth reading for sure. The setting is a little odd and out of place with what we have seen before. This series always felt somewhat Norse-like to me with a warrior culture under threat from a more technologically advanced Southern state with some dark fantasy elements and wizards thrown in.

And now we had a western setting? This is one big mash up ideas, too many, which make the entire situation difficult to conceptualise: Although the world building is off centre, the characters are on point as always.

Shy South is an extremely hard woman both in body and temperament. She does not take crap form anyone and has her own skewed sense of justice. Her family have been stolen by slavers, so she hunts them down herself: She is so well written; she is angry, tough and has a plot deserving of her.

She has the unassuming Lamb by her side. He is even tougher than Shy and can take one hell of a beating. There is no evil side per say, everyone exists in a self-serving neutral state and this is a theme he replicates here, though they never seemed to belong together in this story or this setting.

I found it hard to get into because of the lack of suspense that is apparent in his previous books. I remember reading an article or a blog post online a while ago that stated how much the author struggled to write this book. When will my order arrive? The Estimate Delivery Date is when your order is expected to arrive at your chosen delivery location. Once you have submitted your order you will receive confirmation and status update emails. If you order multiple items and they are not all in stock, we will advise you of their anticipated arrival times.

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But Simmons is too good a writer to ignore the real gold in his story-its beleaguered cast. The Silence of the Lambs. Thomas Harris. A serial murderer known only by a grotesquely apt nickname--Buffalo Bill--is stalking women. He has a purpose, but no one can fathom it, for the bodies are discovered in different states. Her assignment: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. A brand new edition of this essential companion to the Harry Potter stories, with a new foreword from J.

Rowling writing as Newt Scamander , and 6 new beasts! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is an indispensable introduction to the magical beasts of the wizarding world. Some of the beasts will be familiar to readers of the Harry Potter books — the Hippogriff, the Basilisk, the Hungarian Horntail Others will surprise even the most ardent amateur Magizoologist.

Lumos Foundation is a registered charity in the UK with no. Please note: This is the edition of the Hogwarts Library ebook, featuring bespoke cover artwork from Olly Moss and a new foreword from J. The official screenplay of the Warner Bros. The Original Screenplay - is available separately. The book that inspired the Choose Kind movement.

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I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse. August Pullman was born with a facial difference that, up until now, has prevented him from going to a mainstream school. In a world where bullying among young people is an epidemic, this is a refreshing new narrative full of heart and hope. Join the conversation: Killing Eve: Codename Villanelle. Luke Jennings. The breakneck thriller that inspired TV sensation Killing Eve, starring Sandra Oh, "unlike any other spy drama you've seen.

A catlike psychopath whose love for the creature comforts of her luxurious lifestyle is second only to her love of the game, she specializes in murdering the world's richest and most powerful. But when she murders an influential Russian politician, she draws a relentless foe to her tail. Eve Polastri not a codename is a former MI6 operative hired by the national security services for a singular task: Eve, whose quiet and otherwise unextraordinary life belies her quick wit and keen intellect, accepts the mission.

The ensuing chase will lead them on a trail around the world, intersecting with corrupt governments and powerful criminal organizations, all leading towards a final confrontation from which neither will emerge unscathed. Codename Villanelle is a sleek, fast-paced international thriller from an exciting new voice in fiction. American Assassin: A Thriller. Vince Flynn. Mitch Rapp was a gifted college athlete without a care in the world…and then tragedy struck.

Two hundred and seventy souls perished on that cold December night, and thousands of family and friends were left searching for comfort. Mitch Rapp was one of them, but he was not interested in comfort.Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I loved every scene he was in! I gotta hand it to her. The New Jim Crow.

There is only one way to achieve true freedom: Temple was a pretty enjoyable character. Do I care for western movies? If you have not received any information after contact with Australia Post, please contact us to confirm that the details for delivery logged with us are correct.

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