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CHAPTER FIVE THE NEW DAY'S FIRST RAYS OF LIGHT SLIP between the “It just feels better not to think The fall of five pittacus lore. Read The Fall of Five (Lorien Legacies #4) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. The Fall of Five is a Young Adult novel by Pittacus Lore. The Fall of Five is the heartstopping fourth installment in the Lorien Legacies series The first book in Pittacus Lore's Lorien Legacies series, I Am Number Four.

Pittacus Lore The Fall Of Five Pdf

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The Fall of Five.. Author: Pittacus Lore, Book: The Fall of Five (), Series: Lorien Legacies in. PDF,EPUB. review 1: I really wish the author would cut back. The fourth book of the #1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series! John Smith—Number Four—thought that things would change once he and Nine . The Fall of Five (Lorien Legacies, Book by Pittacus Lore the fourth novel in the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series by Pittacus Lore. The Garde.

A one sentence sum up of what I thought of the book: Dashing and exciting, a worthy read and lives up to the other books well! Now there are topics I want to cover and talk about. Setkarus Ra and 'Number Ten'? The 'getting down on knees' and 'hand-holding' idea sprung up a love interest idea in my head. Creepy, but seemingly appropriate. And the fact that Ten can change age kind of thins the borders. But of course he would be using her. Mogadorians have feelings, yes Adam is a vivid example of this.

So he knows she's not chosen. This is the reason why he entered her dreams, other then Six or Seven's. Five's Betrayal Sequence. Funny enough, Five's betrayal didn't surprise me. I was expecting it at the moment they met him. This fact surprised me. Who Dies Next Another character death would be expected in the next book. Overall, amazing. Next Book? Title Theory: The Reign of Ten. View all comments. Nov 04, Obaid Haroon rated it really liked it. No way. My God these books just keep getting better and better.

Beware there are spoilers below. Did that just happen? I think it did because I'm waiting for someone to slap me and tell me "stop yo' foolishness". But no one has. So it must have happened. First off the escape off Sam and his dad with the aid of A Mog wielding legacies. Mind blown. Having only read Rise of Nine once, I can't say for sure, but I'm fairly certain the attack by the gang on Setty Ra coincided with the breakout. Then we reunite the gang with the Goodes and Five in the same encounter.

Even though he lost the Xitharis stone it was a big moment. Everything was going good. It was awesome. The entire Garde working together kicking ass with a triple threat of humans.

Then it all went bad. So fast. Five with his hidden chest and Elle with her dreams. The omens were there but we refused to see them until it was too late. We paid the price for our blindness. There was a fight. Some weird crocodile and a hidden pack of notes. It all happened so fast. And before we knew it, Five was beating everyone up. He betrayed the Garde.

It's true. I saw it. The Mogs got to him before we did. Turned him.

Trained him. And then he tried to turn us. And when it didn't work He's dead. The scar burned. My heart bleeds for you. They were so good together. Sweet and a little goofy but they worked. And with one sword stroke he fell. Eight gave his life to save Nine. And while that was happening there, Five told his Leader that the penthouse would be empty.

Three humans, two unconscious Loric and a chimera. Well they got more than what they bargained for. It was brave and valiant. But not enough. They got what they came for. They came for Ella.

The heir to Setrakus Ra. She's a Loric Garde through and through but her confidence is already shaken by that damn letter. Can she resist his influence? The gang is split up and on the run again. BK may be KIA. Ella could be the child of the Mogadorian leader. Dark days are looming for the Garde. But there is light on the horizon.

A small one but it's there. Keeping the bodies of fallen Garde would be a very Mog thing to do in my opinion. And would potential universe rulers be put off by one failed experiment who then turned out to be a traitor? I say they kept all the bodies.

And they put each of their minds into a true born Mog. Meaning there's a chance, such a slim chance, that the Garde may be able to reunite in its entirety. Until book five we shall have to wait and see.

If there are any Loric reading this, come find me. I've got your back now and forever. Good bye Eight. Until we meet again. View all 40 comments. Aug 31, Ricky rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just finished The Rise of Nine and enjoyed it immensely. But I'm certain that each successive book in this awesome series will be better than the last, just like in every other one of my favorite series. I believe I once said August can't come soon enough. Now I want to develop some kind of time-travel Legacy to jump forward a whole year and see how awesome Book Four will be.

Edit 1: And now the title has been confirmed. All we need now is to get a glimpse of the cover. No reason to think it won't be as stunning and beautiful as the previous covers in this series. Edit 2: And now the title has been un-confirmed. Then again, maybe they're trying to think up a good one that'll end with a number like Five or Eight or Ten or whatever. Edit 3: Fall of Five. Damn, but I think I might have predicted that one early. Edit 4: Looks weird, like a manhole cover. At least there's a stone street around it, so it sorta fits the natural-element theme we had going on books Edit 5: Sneak peek at last!

Read chapters here: Looks like Sam's gonna be a narrator now. And where, oh where the bloody hell is Adam? He cannot be dead yet! Where is my copy of this book?! Edit 6: Not until I have read the book will I add any such informations to this review. Edit 7: Spoiler embargo lifted! I will put spoiler warnings in the review, but commenters are free to do what they please.

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Now for guesses and other random speculations! There are only four known boys so far among the ten Garde, and I would think there's an equal gender balance.

Wouldn't surprise me if it turns out he's Sam, but I'm not anticipating that.

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Yes, he is a dude. Amazingly, even Ella pointed out the gender-balance thing! No, he's not Sam. We might end up with our first Garde death since the start of the series. Hopefully not, though. That sort of thing is best kept for the last book. Probably not Sensior I'd expect Seven or Ten to have that. Yes, we got flight and Externa. They need to find a way to represent air, they've already done fire, water, and earth or at least sand.

Maybe even a plant or metal-based cover also acceptable as earth. Yes, thankfully. And she is so bloody desperate to prove herself that it's nothing short of great.

In other news, I do believe the Fix ship has officially sailed, but Sarah having Taken a Level in Badass I'm not as disappointed as I was expecting to be.

Yes, he does, but not with Adam.

The Fall of Five

He doesn't show up till later. Much, much later. Good God, but that was just messed up. Less of an insane ass-pull moment this time around, but still very much messed up. Other points: Your mouth will drop off the top of Nine's penthouse upon reading it, purely from sheer disbelief.

She's really starting to turn into Angel all over again. But damn, Obfuscating Stupidity much? So where's that time-travel Legacy already? View all 29 comments. Nov 05, P rated it really liked it Shelves: My heart was very sore that I wanted to sob quietly after I'd finished this book. I already knew that Pittacus Lore hardly disappointed me with his books.

Likewise, The Fall of Five packed with actions and many riddles waiting to be solved. I still loved Number Nine, he's such a badass boy to me, he also made this book very good with his sense of humor.

The Fall of Five was a thril that I was very surprised to find it out. I feel sorry for the characters that have to confront the disastrous situation like this; however, all of them tries to survive and get rid of Mogs while they're running away. It was exciting and promising to me when I read all the action scenes and I still kept readling like a maniac. These parts exactly made my adrenaline pumping through every single cell in my body as if I was high on drugs.

John and Number Nine being together? It's disastrous and funny as hell Thai review https: View all 4 comments. Mar 24, Eric Allen rated it did not like it. I've gotta tell ya. I Am Number Four , the first book of this series, wasn't Shakespeare, but then, few of the things I review are. It was short, fun and generally harmless. The Power of Six had good parts, and it had some really, really bad parts, not to mention it completely and utterly ruined the main character for time and eternity near the end.

The Rise of Nine. It was painful to get through and rather uncomfortable to read as it kept trying to paint complete and utter douchebags in a positive light and really, you just can't do that. The books of this series get progressively and horiffically worse with each new volume and The Fall of Five is no exception.

Where The Rise of Nine was offensively terrible, The Fall of Five is bad in a different, almost academic way that is even worse than if it were simply about terrible characters doing nothing but showing the world how terrible they can be.

It is extremely obvious that the writers have never been to Chicago, because they have a very poor grasp of landmarks and what the buildings they speak of are actually used for. Yes, there are plenty of roofs you can jump to from atop the Hancock building Anyone who has actually been to Chicago before will likely do the same.

I mean, is it so hard to pull up Google and, you know, do twelve seconds of research on the downtown Chicago Skyline? But I digress. All of the Loric children have gathered but Number 5, who begins burning his symbol into fields in hopes of drawing the attention of the others. After he is collected and brought to Chicago, he has trouble fitting in.

And honestly, I don't blame him. My douche meter exploded halfway through book two, so the levels remain untested, but it's pretty far off the scale, to the point that I want to reach into the book and strangle just about every male character in this damn series. Plans are made to retrieve Five's Loric Chest, but tragedy strikes and the most predictable plot twist I have ever beheld lurks just around the corner.

To really understand why this book is so bad, we have to look at it from the foundation on up. That's what I mean when I say its failure is almost academic. You have to know what makes a good story, and why, to really grasp what is wrong with this one.

This is stuff from back in high school English class and the like. First of all we have the setup, foundation, setting, or whatever else you want to call it. This is the world upon which the story is built.

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We have four books in this series now. And we also have four almost completely different back stories.

The inconsistencies between books is striking, confusing, and almost laughable. Back story in this book contradicts back stories given in other books. Hell, this book even contradicts itself. There are several places that, within the same paragraph, the book will contradict itself. It seems as though the writers have decided that whatever scene they are writing, they should just pretend that the back story will support it, even if it previously hasn't.

It's like a freaking Highlander movie, where the entire back story and all of the rules for the story change drastically with each new sequel. There can be only one It means less with each new movie in the franchise There are so many glaring plot holes and contradictions ridiculously explained away in the laziest and most boring ways imaginable that the entire thing falls apart.

None of it makes any sense, and the writers themselves seem to enjoy pointing out their own plot holes to us. Each new volume in this series brings so many new plot holes, and new contradictions to the table that things have fallen to pieces long since. It already fell apart in book 3, and it's not getting any better here. When the foundation upon which a story is built is so shoddy that it can't stand on its own, any story built over its framework inevitably collapses under the weight of its own fail.

And that is exactly what happened in the previous book, and exactly what happened here. Next we move onto the story itself. Nothing happens. This book is about nothing. There is nothing to start things off.

There are no rising actions. It doesn't build to much of a climax. It isn't so much a story, as it is an episode of Big Brother: Lorien House, where all the douchey Loric children have to share a penthouse with their boooooooring human allies, and in the end someone gets voted off, I mean stabbed through the heart, but eh, same difference.

There is nothing driving what passes for a plot in this book forward. There is no emotion. We are treated to boring scene of nothing interesting happening after boring scene of nothing interesting happening until a bunch of uninteresting crap happens in the end that is hardly climactic in nature.

Interesting things need to happen, whether it be the development of characters, the forging or breaking of bonds between them, action scenes, scenes of personal discovery, or any of a thousand other things that make a story interesting. NONE of these things happen in this book. Again, it's just an episode of some lameass reality show that you wonder why its still on the air, but somehow has reached its fourth season.

The Characters are the next area that falls apart in this book. There are three types of characters in this book. Complete and utter douchebags. Those with no personality that fade into the background and only maintain a presence by being mentioned occasionally. And Stereotype-o-tron Automatons that do nothing but follow the dictates of the character stereotype they have been programed with. Here's the thing about characters in a story.

They have to be interesting. They have to be something that we, the readers either want to be more like, or can empathize with. They have to be people that we care about, and want to see overcome all opposition. When a character does absolutely nothing but try to be the biggest asshole he possibly can to everyone he meets, the reaction most people have to him is dislike.

How are we supposed to sympathize and empathize with a character that we are actively hoping will die in any given scene? How are we supposed to care? When the douchebaggery is turned up to eleven, all I want to do is reach into the book and start slapping the stupid out of characters. This goes for the others as well. Why would I empathize with a character that barely even maintains a presence in the book at all? Or a character who has no actual personality traits beyond a vague stereotype?

There isn't a single, actual character in this entire book. Not a single one that I can get behind, cheer for, and hope to see overcome everything splayed against him or her. Well, actually, that's not true. I've long since begun rooting for the bad guys. I'm with them, these terrible characters should be wiped out as quickly as possible.

When you actively hate most of the characters, and couldn't care less either way about any of the others, it saps all of the fun from the story. Tension and drama come from caring about the characters. They come from empathizing with them, and having a desire to see them succeed. When you can't stand them, or they are so without personality that you wonder why they even exist at all, you don't care what happens to them, and any story revolving around them becomes a chore to read through.

Add to this the very clunky and heavy handed way that the characters are written, where the authors simply tell us what each character's personality traits are rather than showing them to us through character interactions, and it gets very painfully boring. For example, all of a sudden, the writers are telling us that John is a great and natural leader.

Because, um, he's never shown much aptitude for it before. I'm sorry, but I simply cannot take this character as anything but a selfish prick after that, and telling me he's a good leader when he clearly isn't doesn't help the sentiment much. After he did that, he lost any and all respect I may have had for him as a character, and has really been nothing more than a whining little douchebag ever since.

He wouldn't have gotten into half of the trouble that he did if he wasn't thinking with his dick more often than not. By the way There's another contradiction for the list.

The climax of this book isn't really much of a climax at all. Between the extraordinarily predictable plot twist, the completely unlikeable characters, and the fact that the book doesn't really build up to anything, the climax of this book, a double action scene, is more boring than anything else.

When you don't care about the characters, and there's nothing interesting building up to it, a climax has a hard time being climactic. And when the climax fails to impress, it makes the whole rest of the book seem all the worse for it.

A good climax can usually save a mediocre book. But when the climax is just as mediocre as the rest of it, it makes it all the worse. Action scenes, even climactic action scenes, are completely pointless when there is nothing meaningful at stake, and when there is no emotion, or attachment. The climax of this book fails on pretty much every level because every other aspect of the book also fails on every level.

What makes it even worse is that BOTH of these action scenes are resolved through Deus Ex Machina, which, in and of itself, is extremely lazy. I want to see a character suffer and drag themselves through hell before finding the solution for themselves, not all of a sudden develop a new super power, or have some new character inexplicably show up to save the day. It's an extremely lazy way of resolving tension, and tying things up, and it makes the characters less when they don't work their way out of situations on their own.

And last of all, the writing. There is so much wrong with how this book is written that I could write an entire essay on that alone. But I will restrain myself and give you the highlights instead. First and foremost, the tense. This series, for whatever reason, is written in present tense.

Or at least it was until this book came along. The tense is extremely erratic in this book, switching between past and present at the drop of a hat. It is inconsistent and oftentimes jarring, bringing whatever passes for a story here to a screeching halt every time it happens. If you are going to write in present tense, make sure that you consistently do so, otherwise, don't. Use past tense like everyone else, it annoys your readers less, and it's easier to be consistent.

The dialog is ridiculously bad. What people talk like this, seriously? And another thing on that same note, most of these characters have grown up all over the world, speaking different languages. How is it that they all speak perfect English, and employ flawless American slang when half of them have only just arrived in America for the first time in their lives?

As I stated before, the book is extremely inconsistent, not just with the other books in the series, but with itself as well. It often contradicts itself, and is just not very well crafted or put together. It reads like it was written by someone in a high school English class, before being run through a spell and grammar check.

The writers can't keep their own back story, character motivations, or what is happening in the book straight at all. This is usually what an editor is for, but holy crap, either they didn't have one, or he was asleep at the job. The authors obviously struggle with so many characters. There are far too many of them for them to keep track of individual personalities, motivations, likes, dislikes, and so on. So, like all lazy people, they simply don't seem to bother with any of that.

There is not enough happening in this book to justify so many characters, and indeed, the writers seem to have trouble finding things for all of them to be doing.

This was a major problem in the previous book, and it is an even bigger problem here. There are just too many characters for the writers to keep track of, and not enough for them all to be doing by far.

And they keep adding in more of them, diluting the others even more. Plot twists can be used to great effect to shock a reader, to ramp up the tension, to close up a volume and lead into the next, or a dozen other reasons.

A really good plot twist is one that you don't see coming, but after it does, you can look back on the story and see how it was set up. I loves me a good plot twist to make things more interesting, especially when I can look back and see how well it was crafted.

The plot twist in this book is boring, lazy, terribly executed, clunky, and I guessed it almost at the beginning of the book.

Just then they are attacked by the Mogadorians, who arrive in a cloaked ship. Five does not participate in the battle, and appears shell-shocked at what he says is his first time to see Mogadorians. Five demonstrates his Legacy, Externa, that allows him to take on the properties of things he touches. Six uses her weather powers to cause the ship to crash, and Sarah, Four and Six mop up the Mogadorians.

Just as they think they have won, a new monster—much larger than the piken—appears, chasing Six. It is a centipede the size of a tanker truck, covered in a cracked and leathery skin with hundreds of tin arms.

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John remembers creatures like this caged in West Virginia. Five then demonstrates his power of flight, and John climbs on his back above the monster and uses his lumen-powered fireballs to attack the creature.

John falls off of Five and lands in front of the creature. Just as he is about to be eaten, a red dot appears on the creatures massive single eye and then a rifle shot blows that orb apart in a grisly fashion. John kills the creature and turns to discover he has been rescued by Malcolm, with Sam in tow.

Sam takes narration duties just in time to be hugged by Six and overwhelmed by it. Five continues to be both clueless and churlish, culminating in an evening where each of the Garde tells their stories. Five didn't believe he really was Lorien until he started to develop Legacies. After this story, Malcolm tells his own, about meeting Pittacus Lore. Struggling to undo the effects of the Mogadorian torture that left holes in his memory, Malcolm reveals that each chest holds a key to contact Lorien again.

Malcolm also reveals that there are two kinds of Mogadorians—the disposable vat-born, and the more rare trueborn that form the ruling class. He also revealed Adam—a trueborn son of a Mogadorian general—had One's memories downloaded into him, which caused him to rebel.

Malcolm also revealed Adam's abilities were a "gift from the Lorien. John declares that they will seek out Adam if he is still alive. Five expresses suspicion about the humans, given how many stories of human collaborators he has heard and their recent contacts with the Mogadorians, but John talks him down. Five continues to be churlish and flips to steel to break Nine's hands in response to Nine's constant bullying. Bernie Kosar goes nuts over an antler artifact from a chest, trying to use it to call the other chimera.

A capture the flag game ensues in the newly restored training room where Marina wins the day. John and Sarah go out on a date to the zoo and discover three Mogadorian spies collecting an envelope, filled with notes unhelpfully written in Mogadorian.

Malcolm whips up a translator to figure out what was said.

Sam attempts to ask Six out but is interrupted by Eight, who claims there is an emergency. The emergency is that Ella's bad dreams have gotten worse. John touches her to try to wake her up and is sucked in, falling into a coma-like state. Urged on in part by Five's story of a healing prism in his lost chest, the rest of the group go off to get the chest to help their friends.

While gone, the wheels start to come off the Garde's security. First, the translation software determines the encoded notes were none other than Malcolm's notes on the Garde Legacies.

He begins to wonder if the damage to his memory is so bad that he has been turned into a double agent.

While Sam has his doubts, Malcolm consents to be willingly locked up. When the long-dead disposable cell phone that connects Malcolm to Adam rings, Sam answers and is warned by Adam that the Mogadorians are coming to raid their safehouse in the penthouse of the John Hancock building.

Five flies up to get an aerial view but fails to return with his chest, instead of saying the group should go there together. Just as Five pulls his chest out of the mud, the group is attacked by a three-headed monstrosity initially mistaken for three alligator heads. At one point the narrator sees the letter "S" carved in the creatures foot, like a signature.

While the group struggles with the creature, Five retrieves a glove with a retractable blade and a pan flute from his chest. He plays the flute and the creature subsides.

When asked if he can put the creature out of its misery, Five says gladly, saying he made the creature. The "S" is an upside down 5. Without warning, he strikes Six in the head, holds Nine underwater and keeps Marina back with telekinesis. He then declares to Seven and Eight that "they should talk. Eight heroically teleports into the path of Five and is stabbed instead of Nine.

Upon Eight's death, Marina develops a new Legacy that allows her to summon and create ice. An icicle appears and she uses her telekinesis to stab out Five's eye, before he flees. Sam notes it is a relatively small force as if they were not expecting much resistance. They did not expect the comatose Garde to be guarded by their human allies. Bernie Kosar and Malcolm keep them at bay while Sarah and Sam go to get weapons. More Mogadorians come in, and Sam baits them into the training room by declaring that the girl they are looking for—Ella—is this way.

He then turns on the newly restored training software to "insanity" and watches as the room deals with the Mogadorians. Sarah and Sam shoot the stunned Mogadorians and then rejoin Bernie Kosar. They hear wave two getting ready to come and attack. Bernie Kosar tries to hold them off, but Sam discovers his dying father and is unwilling to leave him.

John wakes up from his unending sleep and heals Sam's father before it is too late. The Revenge of Seven[ edit ] This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Ella wakes up in a strange place. She sees Mogadorians and tries to escape using the Great Book as a weapon. She realizes that she is in a spaceship. He tries to force her to eat and tells her that he used to be an Elder and that he experimented with altering genetics. He also tells her about how Lorien was controlling everything, and he rivaled it.

Then, he puts a binding charm over himself and Ella. The Mogadorians try to force Ella to read the Great Book by blasting an alarm at her whenever she doesn't. Ella rips the book apart. Eventually, he arrives.

Ella is disgusted to note that she is betrothed to the treacherous Number Five. She finds out that Five killed Eight, and is even more upset. She apologizes to him later telepathically.

He responds that he deserved it and that they need to escape. Ella wakes up later to find Five talking about how Mogadorians were bad. She and Five decide to escape. She finds out that Five was not aware of their betrothal either.

She loses consciousness. Ella wakes up dressed formally for the invasion, with a Mogadorian injection of something disgusting where she was stabbed. She sees Number Nine and tells him telepathically to break Ra's staff. She witnesses Ra talking about how the faithful humans will greet him, and then a human leader denying what he said. She realizes that Number Four is there too. They figure out that the surviving Garde are in Florida, except for one of them, whose dot on the tablet is bouncing everywhere.

But Adam suggests going to Ashwood Estates instead of predictably going to Florida. The others agree, Four with a bit of persuasion required. They survey Mogs carrying equipment and kill them. Adam admits that the General residing at the Estates is his father.

Four attacks him, and his shield bracelet is broken. The General and Four wrestles. Adam stabs his father through the back and takes up his father's old sword. Adam uses Mogadorian surveillance to help Seven, Six, and Nine break into the base. Adam hacks a ship and uses its guns to kill all of the Mogadorians. They find a form of town and see that the Chicago penthouse was destroyed.

She believes that Eight's body is there and decides to have the man lead them there. Nine and Six agree.

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Marina tells Six that she can feel Eight somewhere. They see Mogadorians from their boat and kill them. The man who was leading them is frightened and flees the boat. Nine, Seven, and Six find a huge Mogadorian base.

They turn invisible and enter it. Nine uses his animal telepathy to tell a beast controlled by the Mogadorians to cause a distraction. It obliges but is killed, but it has given them enough time to make it into a greenhouse.

They find Number Five lurking, as well as Number Eight's body. Five stabs a Mogadorian telling him to bring Eight's body to a ship. Six, Seven, and Nine are left with Eight's body. Five apologizes out loud. A huge Mogadorian ship appears in the doorway and kills all of the Mogadorians. They hear Number Four's voice coming out of the ship and board it. Six "pilots" it to Ashwood Estates, with Adam's instruction. Six and Sam kiss. They have realized that the Mogadorians are villainous and want to help the Garde.

They have seen what happens when someone stops taking the Mogadorian augmentations and they tell the Garde about the Mogadorians plan - to assassinate the secretary of defense, Bud Sanderson, who was working for the Mogadorians.

The next day, Malcolm gathers footage of his mind being dredged. He shows them what he said, that Lorien is not a planet, but an entity, and that it can be awoken in Earth when their Inheritances are put in Calakmul.

Marina, Six, and Adam decide to go to Calakmul. They collect much of the Inheritances to "commit to the earth" and also bring Henri's ashes and Eight's body. On the plane, Marina is hostile toward Adam. When she finds out that he killed his Mogadorian father, she stops. They find a Mogadorian ship trying to contact them. Adam acts authoritative and their ship is allowed entry. When they leave the ship, Phiri Dun-Ra pretends to bargain with him, but hits him on the head.

Six, Seven, and Adam pass through a force field and climb. They open a door with three pendants and are transported to a place with Loralite everywhere. They see a cylinder in the ground that looks like a well.

They dump the contents of the Chests, their pendants, and Henri's ashes down it. Eight's body reanimates. But it isn't him. It's Lorien speaking. It speaks cryptically and annoys Six, but it temporarily resurrects Eight. He kisses Marina one last time before disappearing again. But they find out that the Lorien entity is spreading. Sam, Four, Nine, and Walker are driving. On the way, Nine tries to interrogate Sam about Six.

Four stops him. Nine claps, wearing a pair of gloves from Marina's Chest, and generates a huge noise. The Mogadorians, of course, find them and attack. The heroes are trying to get bystanders to flee. One bystander takes a video of Four using his healing power. They enter the hotel where Sanderson is staying to find him. He looks awful and has clearly been taking Mogadorian augmentations. He says that it is too late and then shoots himself in the head. Four somehow stops the bullet with telekinesis and heals him.

Sanderson tells them that it is too late to prevent the invasion. A spaceship arrives soon after. Sanderson gives Walker names of politicians working for the Mogadorians. Ra uses Dreynen when Number Four attacks. He would have killed her, but Four prevented it. Ella is dragged back onto the ship, half-conscious, her fate unknown. The warship starts to fire. Sam and Four are separated from everyone else except for a group of human survivors being pursued by a piken.

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The Garde plus Sam and Sarah play capture the flag which ends in a victory for Nine's team. To Kill a Mockingbird. D Sarah. Again, if Sam doesn't show up I'll be stunned, but then again he was gone for all of Rise of Nine anyway. They can handle themselves. The cactus-like stone

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