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All Members of National Building Code Sectional Committee, CED 46 and CED 46 ()WC Draft National Building Code of India: Part 2. Supplied by Book Supply Bureau Under the License from BIS for LARSEN AND . After the National Building Code of India was published in , a vigorous. that a National Building Code be prepared to unify the building regulations provisions contained in the National Building Code of India.

With increased building activity, it is also essential that there should be some architectural control in the development of our cities and towns, if creation of ugliness and slum-like conditions in our urban areas is to be avoided. Over a period of time, the importance of providing an environment which is conducive to younger and elder persons and the persons with disabilities, alike, has been well highlighted.

The Code covers provisions on accessibility to facilitate implementation of this important aspect in all public buildings.

Similarly, all building construction and built environment should take into consideration the aspects of sustainable development, which have since been duly provided in a separate chapter in the Code which should be read along with other chapters.

The objective is that the building activity should be in complete harmony with the environment be it planning, design, construction or operation and maintenance.

With the passage of time, more and more complex buildings including very tall buildings are being built requiring inputs and involvement of professionals from different disciplines, who should work together in harmony following an integrated multi-disciplinary approach since covered in the Code.

IS SP 7: National Building Code

Above comprehensive coverage under the Code is the result of its implementation and review from time to time. Since the publication of version of the National Building Code of India, a large number of comments and useful suggestions for modifications and additions to different parts and sections of the Code were received as a result of use of the Code by all concerned, and revision work of building byelaws of some States.

Based on the comments and suggestions received, the National Building Code of India was first revised in and then in Some of the important changes in version included: addition of development control rules, requirements for greenbelts and landscaping including norms for plantation of shrubs and trees, special requirements for low income housing; fire safety regulations for high rise buildings; revision of structural design sections based on new and revised codes, such as Concrete Codes plain and reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete , Earthquake Code, Masonry Code; addition of outside design conditions for important cities in the country, requirements relating to noise and vibration, air filter, automatic control, energy conservation for air conditioning; and guidance on the design of water supply system for multi-storeyed buildings.

Since the publication of version of National Building Code of India, the construction industry had gone through major technological advancement. In next two decades, substantial expertise had been gained in the areas of building planning, designing and construction.

Also, lot of developments had taken place in the techno-legal regime and techno-financial regime, apart from the enormous experience gained in dealing with natural calamities like super cyclones and earthquakes faced by the country. Further, since the revision in , based on the changes effected in the Steel Code, Masonry Code and Loading Code, as also in order to update the fire protection requirements, three amendments were brought out to the version of the Code.

Considering these, it was decided to take up a comprehensive second revision of the National Building Code of India. A comprehensive revision has therefore been brought out to address all these aspects and also reflect the changes incorporated in various standards which are considerably utilized in the Code.

National Building Code Books

The major changes incorporated in this third revision of the Code are as follows: a Provisions for association of need based professionals and agencies have been updated to ensure proper discharge of responsibilities for accomplishment of building project.

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Please note: Do not submit your order more than once. Similarly, all building construction and built environment should take into consideration the aspects of sustainable development, which have since been duly provided in a separate chapter in the Code which should be read along with other chapters. Additional Collections. The Code now published is the third revision or fourth version representing the present state of knowledge on various aspects of building construction.

The NBC is divided into two Volumes and has been re-organized to consolidate relevant information. Want more? Identifier nationalbuilding

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