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Read "City of Lost Souls" by Cassandra Clare available from Rakuten Kobo. Cassandra Clare: The Mortal Instruments Series (5 books) - City of Bones;. City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare - What price is too high to pay, even for love? Plunge into fifth installment (Book #5 of The Mortal Instruments). eBook. Editorial Reviews. Review. If a cliff-hanger can be considered satisfying, then this book delivers The Mortal Instruments 5: City of Lost Souls Kindle Edition. by.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit (Chicken Soup Chicken Soup The Mortal Instruments 5 - City of Lost Souls. Mortal Instruments - 06 City of Heavenly Fire. Read more The Mortal Instruments 01 City of Bones_Deleted Prologue. Read more. City of Lost Souls book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The New York Times bestselling Mortal Instruments continues—.

Which is really sweet! They have one scene alone together from their points of view in the first book. I feel this would turn everyone in the world off Wessa, me included. They have three books about them that Jem was also in, in which they had a powerful romance. When I write present-day content, Will is dead in it. The Shadowhunters series is also constantly in flux.

If I could make one request of the universe, it would be that readers who prefer one ship in these books over another would try not to approach the experience of reading as the acquisition of a set of points that are being collected in favor of one couple or another. There is no one who would be happier about little Mina than Will would be;there is no one who would rush out to read Ghosts of the Shadow Market faster than Will would, and there is no one who would be sadder about the negativity carried out in his name than Will would be.

A bit of an Anna excerpt from Chain of Gold for Pride month! I do love Anna. Her hands waved in midair like fronds in water, unstoppering decanters and crystal vials full of red liquid, and busily pouring them into a variety of goblets and flutes. Matthew accepted a drink with alacrity. Cordelia noticed that Arabella walked with a rocking, unsteady gait, as if she was a sailor unaccustomed to treading on the land. But that's not even it. As separate characters, they were my favorites in the entire series.

Alec, in particular, I adored. He was so awkward and shy, protective and genuine, calm and sincere. He and Magnus, with such different personalities, just gelled together perfectly. But then along came City of Fallen Angels and everything went to shit. It was disheartening, to say the least, when this new and blindingly irritating Alec surfaced at the end of COFA. He underwent a total personality transplant, and I wonder if perhaps it was a marketing tactic.

The fanbase for Alec and Magnus is probably just as big, if not bigger, than the fanbase for Clary and Jace. It seems as if Alec and Magnus have been destroyed and turned into another Bethany and Xavier to shift the love of their fandom over to Clary and Jace who are, of course, the unbreakable power couple. I'm just so mad about this. The whole thing only got worse in City of Lost Souls. Theoretically, Alec should be totally irredeemable for what he considered doing to Magnus.

They simply aren't the same character. He would never shorten someone's life without their knowledge, and for his own gain. He would never seek relationship advice from an obviously evil vampire. He would, however, have stood on that hill and used his archery mojo to protect his friends. And it was those brief little glimmers of Alec-ness that hurt the most.

I don't I can't. It would be so easy to hate Alec, but I can't. My feelings are a force far greater than I. And "a million little paper cuts" was so fucking beautiful. Ok, I need to pull myself together. The plot was all over the place, as aforementioned.

I had to flip back pages and re-read paragraphs over and over just to understand why the fuck they were summoning the demon and then the angel and what have you, and I was sure, throughout all of it that to get their answers they probably could have just asked someone, maybe an adult who isn't made of straw. And the thing with the faerie rings? I'm not even going to go there. Clary, the ring moulded to your finger. That's specifically how it works. If it moulded into a perfect snug fit for your finger, why the hell would it fall off?

How have you not already had a piano fall on you? Raphael, why are you still trying to kill Simon? Why does that matter? Maureen, why did you kill Camille? You wanted her dead, but to what end?

And why were you even a character in this book in the first place? Camille, why are you still sniffing around Magnus when he is clearly in a serious relationship?

Why are you suddenly game to help Shadowhunters when you've shown absolutely no interest in doing so before? Magnus, if you were thinking about taking away your own immortality way back in COG, why did you not tell Alec? Why have you gotten so boring? Where are all your hijinks? Alec, what the fuck happened to you? Jace, why are you even still alive? And could you BE any more Edward Cullen, now that you sparkle? Why does everything always have to happen to you, like you're the most important person in the world?

Truth is, you're boring. Very boring. I have no interest in you any more. But for some reason everything important has to surround you, everyone has to want you for their evil schemes, and you get captured more frequently than Clary. What gives? Sebastian, give it up. You're nothing but a wedge engineered to come between Clary and Jace, who apparently don't really care that you tried to rape Clary.

You literally pinned her down on the floor, and yet neither Clary or Jace are at all fussed about it. Jace, in particular, is impassive, even when he comes back to being himself post-possession.

I get that Clary is angry, but her anger feels half-hearted, which seems bizarre after she was victimized in such a terrifying way. I abhor the people who say that Clary ought to have "learned" or "grown" from the attack - it is not the victim's responsibility to "learn and grow" because being pinned down and almost sexually assaulted is not a fucking rite of passage, but I feel as if the whole issue was somewhat glossed over.

The thing I find most problematic, as I mentioned before, is how little Clary and Jace seem to care. It's no one's right to say what a victim's reaction to rape ought to be, and another thing really bothering me about the general reaction to this scene is the volumes of people crying, "How could she kiss Jace after she was almost raped?

She should have not wanted to touch another man! You cannot possibly say what is or what is not the "right" reaction to rape - BUT! Having said that, any reaction would have left more of an impression on the reader, and would have highlighted the attempted rape as something more than a flippant plot device.

The scene didn't anger me; Sebastian's actions were in no way condoned and Clary was never blamed as a victim which is an unfortunately common trope when it comes to rape in fantasy settings , but I just feel as if the whole thing was an afterthought. And kind of glossed over. The writing was enjoyable, smooth and fun to read, and as usual the setting throbbed with life, like another character in the cast. There were also a few lovely funny moments, some great dialogue, nice mythology moments, engaging fight scenes and despite the book's lower points, it kept me hooked consistently from the first page to the last.

You know what I wish? I think we're more or less over the characters in this corner of the Shadowhunter universe. Sure, I'd have missed them bitterly, but the fresh LA crew probably would have remedied that. Oy vey. Where there's money to be made, there's someone who'll make it.

Capitalism is swell. View all comments. Mar 01, Jesse JesseTheReader rated it really liked it. Here's the deal.. It just took forever and a day to get to the really interesting parts. I definitely liked this a lot more than City of Fallen Angels. I'll admit though after reading TID, nothing will compare to the beautifulness of that trilogy. View all 45 comments. Kaileigh Cheney I personally love all of the books cassie has written.

Pandalovesbooks this is why i decided to put TID off as much as i can, because i know it's great and i know i'm gonna love it but first i wanted to read TMI cause i k this is why i decided to put TID off as much as i can, because i know it's great and i know i'm gonna love it but first i wanted to read TMI cause i know that it's inferior.

Now i have clockwork princess and city of heavenly fire left and then imma buy TDA and the nuvellas Sep 30, Haleema rated it did not like it Shelves: Beware of spoilers! I didn't see a point to this book. Clare really should have ended her series at City of Glass. We all know that. Well, all of us who are not fans of Clare's work. However, since this book was freaking pages, I figured that I should talk about a few things. Clace So these two are one person. I honestly don't see them as two separate characters sometimes because they are so similar and shitty.

We never really get to experience these characters as themselves, rather they are al Beware of spoilers! We never really get to experience these characters as themselves, rather they are always together. However, for now let's separate these two just to save us all from the confusion. I don't even think Clary should have been the protagonist in these books. Jace and his luscious golden hair, smooth skin, and amber eyes.

I mean, three books clearly weren't enough to describe his heavenly features. I'm sure the readers are fully aware of his physical features by now. The evil Jace wasn't even evil. In fact, I thought the evil Jace was the real one. Because he was a piece of shit. He would make those incredibly Jace-like haughty remarks about how perfect and desirable he was.

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Jace would not survive in the real world with that arrogant attitude, which is why he's fictional. Thank God. Anyway, I don't get it. All those times they cut each other open with their bare hands made out, Clace was like, "Oh, that wasn't the real Jace. Oh, I didn't want our first time to go like this because I'm not the real Jace. I'm jealous. Of who? I hate the thought of him being with you.

The other me. The one Sebastian controls. That's such terrible, ugly writing. I am so sick of Clace. I am so sick of Jace being overly proud of himself. I am so sick of Clary practically worshiping Jace and finding every excuse to justify his shitty behavior and actions.

Their scenes are so terribly written. There are pages of them talking about how they would do anything for each other. How they love each other. Pages of their cringey romance. By the way, I wasn't kidding when I said they wanted to cut each other open with their bare hands. Don't believe me? He kissed her harder and she clutched his shoulders as he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and bit down on it, sending a shock of pleasure mixed with pain through her body. She squirmed to get closer to him and felt his breath quicken; she could taste blood in her mouth, salt and hot.

There was blood under her nails where she had clawed his back. Just terribly written and overdone. Also, read this sentence. A soft explosion went off in her head, like a dull firework of rage. In Clare's mind, explosions are soft and fireworks are dull.

Sep 13, hayden rated it really liked it. More reviews at The Teen Bookworm! City of Lost Souls took a while to digest. All night I could feel it in my gut like deadweight. All the subplots and characters and relationships and the fact that so much was going on made this book hard to break down. But, finally, I woke up this morning and it all made sense.

So, seeing as the book has been split into separate filing cabinets in my brain, I'm going to replicate that onto this review: The Good: I felt that Lost Souls was more compulsively readable than the other installments in the series. With this installment, I found myself wanting to keep reading. Lost Souls had a lot more substance than the other books, which were stuffed with boring, meaningless conversation.

Even though the book is a whopping pages Clare's second longest book yet, Glass being the longest , it never lets go of you. I also appreciate how Clare didn't end the book with a tremendous, soul-shocking cliffhanger that makes you want to steal Clare's laptop to get a glimpse of the final book in the series. The end does make you want to read the next one, just not in a way that'll make you dread the long, long wait until March ' Yes, that's twenty-two months of waiting.

I don't know how I'm going to wait that long. Another thing I love about The Mortal Instruments is how there are so many characters that you can fall in love with. My favorite couple in the books is Isabelle and Simon. They're my two favorite characters in the book, and they're totally meant for each other.

Even though Simon is a vampire, he feels like one of the most human characters in the book. He feels more than any of the other characters, and he isn't blind-sided by love. Izzy is his perfect match. I can't wait for their relationship to develop in the last book. Alec is another of those really fleshed-out characters Clare wrote.

And Magnus.

tales from the shadowhunter academy

Magnus is definitely the most fun character in the novels. He makes the books fun to read. Clare writes sarcasm and wit really well. I would find some awesome quotes, but I don't feel like it, honestly. Overall, Lost Souls is a vast improvement over Fallen Angels, except for one major thing The Bad: One scene in the book had me wanting to shove her head into an oven.

Did it piss you off as much as it did me? I have a sledgehammer and I'm not afraid to use it. Their relationship was one of my favorites. Hopefully, Alec can win him back in when the next book comes out. Yeah, can you tell I'm still totally pissed about that date? Overall, it's an engaging read with some slight annoyances but an overall tightly-crafted plot and explosive climax.

That cover is sexy, and I don't call many books sexy. This series has a few primary types of fans: And then there's me. View all 61 comments. I'm glad that I didn't hang it up after the last book and kept pushing forward with the series. This fifth book was full of action and suspense. This time around, Jace is under the influence of Sebastian, the guy we all love to hate. Clary is kind of along for the ride, hoping she can break through to Jace.

Meanwhile, Sebastian just keeps getting creepier and creepier. For the most part, Jace seems lost. He seems entirely possessed with his adoration of all things Sebastian. It takes bromance to a whole new level. However, being the diehard that she is, Clary refuses to give up on Jace. She focuses on the brief moments of clarity that he has in the midst of his mental enslavement.

She knows that the real Jace is still in the shell that he is now. Meanwhile, back at camp "good", Simon, Magnus, Alec and all of the others, work on a way to fire Jace. There is plenty of action taking place on that front as well. Simon seems to be patching up his romantic relationship, while Alec seems to be wreaking havoc in his. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that I enjoyed the time with Jace and Clary.

Finally, they get to spend some time together It may have taken five books, but things finally heat up between the two. Overall, this was another great book in the series. Things have definitely picked up and I'm mentally preparing for the good vs.

I'll be starting the sixth, and final, book immediately. View all 60 comments. May 08, Kitty rated it it was ok Shelves: No, you know what. This is not your fault. This is the author's fault. So, I briefly decided posting a full review where I was going to talk about the series as a whole and all the characters that had these little aborted attempts at plot points.

But I think it's time to come clean and confess that somewhere between here and the last book everyone else with the possible exception of Izzy and Simon bore the Alec. But I think it's time to come clean and confess that somewhere between here and the last book everyone else with the possible exception of Izzy and Simon bore the heck out of me now.

All the characters have gotten as bland as the unsticky side of a band aid. I just can't pretend to care about them anymore. Why do these new books exist? Why is there so little plot? Cassy Clare, I am so confused! These books are boring as hell. So I'm swallowing my pride. I'm getting real. And while Izzy and Simon's story line was cute enough, the thing that kept me flipping pages again and again was finding out what happened to Alec and Magnus.

Lame, I know, but at this point if we can all admit to actually reading these books I figure there's not a whole lot of room for pride. In the original books their story line was something of a little treat for me to savor on the side and I wanted to find out what would happen this time around for them. Unfortunately it seems that I don't even have this tidbit to look foreword to anymore.

Seriously, no joke. What in the hell happened to this character?

Lazy writing no longer covers it. In fact it's beginning to smell a whole lot like author revenge here. Maybe this is what happens when she has to stop stealing from other authors and has to rely on her own imagination? Alec and Magnus are still going through the same old shit as last time. You're immortal.

I'm not. But wait! Enter a sexy vampire vixen who claims to have the answer! So after more whining, Alec decides to go off and beat the answer out of her. And when I say beat, I to mean beat.

The first thing Alec and Camille do after meeting is fight. It was actually kind of gratifying in a way to see Alec back in action again.

But alas she has no cure! The solution? Take away Magnus's immortality. As far as relationship ideas go this has to be about as great as that guy who decides to wax his wife's eyebrow off on youtube. Let me back up here. This would actually have been something of an interesting plot point if it had been handled correctly. At this part in the book I was honestly bored out of my mind with Clary and Jace and I thought this might be the saving part of the book for me. Except that it unfortunately, and quite embarrassingly, shows that Clare has absolutely no idea how real human beings function or act.

I briefly considered all the different ways I could go about talking about this plot point without saying too much, but there's absolutely no way that I can discuss it without explaining it in full. Keep going at your own risk. Now, I'm not a completely heartless person. Even though I didn't like his whining before, I could understand the relationship problems they were having before this.

I got it. I really did. So you're a young, closeted teen who suddenly finds himself hot in the pants for an older guy. Then, after you knock boots around for a bit and are able to think again, you realize he's a lot older than you. You realize he's going to out live you. These are serious problems. Ones that probably should have been examined between them way before now, but it's his first relationship so I'm willing to give his some slack.

But having hissy fits because your lover had someone before you? That's like a guy wanting to divorce his wife because he found out she didn't have her hymen on their honeymoon. And this stupid line of reasoning is ALL we get from them for one gazillion pages. It felt to me like Clare was writing them way that third graders handle sock puppets in school productions. They needed to be angry so they were, they needed to be sad so they were, every emotion was simply a vehicle to get them from point a to point b with little believable human interaction, motivation, or SENSE to guide them in between.

He dumps Alec. At which point all I could think was "Yes Magnus. Run - run to freedom. Get the hell out of this book and your psychopathic ex. There's a sale at Anthropology you could be hitting right now. I felt like I had taken three steps back for every one forward. It's like the author has no idea what makes people actually tick, what believable human emotions and motivations look like.

The whole story line for the only two characters I'm even able to have a lukewarm interest left me with a feeling akin to going to the bathroom after having waited a long time. In the end it only brought relief at having gotten it over with and the only lasting sensation I had upon conclusion was the need to wash my hands.

Over All Rating: So terribly confused. Save your pennies ya'll. It isn't even worth it. View all 23 comments. Alright, you guys were right.

This one was slightly better than book 4, so I'm expecting big and amazing things from book 6! View all 27 comments. May ?!? It's like Too, too long! How can Cassandra Clare do this to me--ahh, I mean us!

I need this book, like yesterday! I don't know how I'm going to wait this long! View all 36 comments. Sep 10, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: That is why men summon demons and not angels, is it not?

I also actually thought this book had good twists and turns, too. And like… did these people read the mess that is City of Fallen Angels?

Lord, help me. Okay, my review is going to touch on a couple key things that happened in this book and things that have happened in previous books, so please use caution reading the rest of this review if you have not read this book and its predecessors!

Probably because he was barely in it, and when he was he was being halfway possessed or whatever. Especially after reading about Tessa; Clary is just not that great of a character. And so many of the choices she made in this book were beyond questionable. I get that she loves Jace, but the world is a lot bigger than Jace Herondale, Lightwood, Morgenstern, Voldemort, what the fuck ever he wants to be called.

I know he messed up big in City of Fallen Angels , and I will call him out for it all day long, but he really had a pure and sweet redemption arc in this, that I think was handled very healthily and very realistically. And my otp are living their best lives. I think Izzy is my favorite character in this entire universe. Like, every book I fall more and more in love with her. And in City of Lost Souls , seeing her learn what it means to be vulnerable and that it is okay… friends, I have a lot of feelings.

And seeing her finally take down her walls and give her heart away to someone who she deems as worthy? More beautiful than words. Him realizing his worth and value at the end of this book? It meant everything to me.

I feel like Alec has constantly been treating him like shit, honestly. But this time it will be on more equal ground. Oh, and I want to know everything about his father immediately! And I think that very much benefitted Alec.

And like, she always tries to be so strict, after just being so lenient. The blessing. How perfect. Miss me with abuse apologist storylines forever, please. I need so much more from her and her court.

But I love his motive, I love him coming back from the dead, and I loved this magical, moving apartment. Did he show you a good time, at least? Because I would have. I thought finally, after City of Glass , we were past this, but now with Sebastian coming back, she just doubled-down on the incest.

Even in Clockwork Prince I felt like the Tessa going undercover to trick Nate and pretend to be his lover and was gross and unnecessary. And I still feel really gross about the things that Clary did with Jace while Sebastian was in control or whatever.

I mean, on top of the fact that he actually attempts to rape her, too. A really gross, skeezy, uncomfortable hot mess. And you will like it. And in City of Lost Souls their relationship is really magnified. And I felt like he even forced her into a relationship, since he refused to be her friend ONLY something more.

Brb, throwing up forever. I love you, Maia. I always have been. I always will be. Just being your friend would kill me. The style just felt so much more cohesive and the story felt so much more compelling.

This was also the first book that felt like it had a lot of plot and intricate things happening constantly. And there were so many small nods at Clockwork Prince that warmed my heart so very much. View all 21 comments. Jan 05, Emelie rated it it was amazing. Update , finished reading: Absolutely 'wow'. City of Heavenly Fire , I'm coming for you I want it so badly, right now! If - and it's not very likely to happen, but IF - the world ends in , and this one has not come out, then I'll be so pissed that even the zombies, or demons, or Mother Nature, whatever, will shit their pants in fear of me.

I'll be THAT pissed. You better watch your sorry ass if you plan to end the world for me before I've had a chance to read this book. I, for one, think it's going to end in some supernatural way. Either it's zombies - which I probably fear the most, since I'm shit-scared of zombies - or it's demons. Pick one. Yes, it probably sounds very weird that I'm sickly scared of zombies, but they'd still shit their pants if they decided to end the world before I got to read 'City of Lost Souls'.

Hm, ain't that confusing. Let's see it like this. I'm scared of them now, but if you get me pissed enough Okay, so I still don't picture Clary like that D Yes, I like it D Bu awesome! Dec 12, Soumi rated it it was amazing Shelves: By The Angel! Do I actually need to review? Holy Hell! What am I gonna write? Kill me and you kill Jace, too. As he binds him to Jace, the two became irrecoverably inseparable, what one feels, the other feels the same, the pain, the joy everything.

Jace the one Clary loves, and Sebastian the o ne she hates most, and now they are one. The clave wants to summon e By The Angel! But you are. His entire psychopathic personally was build up on the way he was treated by his father Valentine, unloved and to be ruthless. I say Sebastian is the heart of CoLS. Without him, the whole story would have fallen flat, and Miss Clare did a brilliant job by bringing him back with more vengeance.

I always wanted you. The book was both my solace and torment, as darkness and light were aligned together, casting the perfect shade. The story gradually gotten faster, page by page and at the ending the action was mesmerizing, as if I was visualizing the whole scene, breathlessly.

It will be very wrong to say CoLS is only focused on Jace, Clary and Sebastian, each and every character played very crucial part, especially Simon.

Oh Gosh, I love this guy, he has grown into such understanding and responsible guy, his transformation is notable throughout the entire series. Also the on and off romance between Simon and Izzy took a whole new turn, I really appreciate how Cassandra Clare focused on Isabelle and Simon's relationship as well.

As I mentioned earlier that the book has a lot more heart breaking, I referred to Alec and Magnus, such a lovely couple who let their relationship at a stake, which is entirely unacceptable. I bet, if a chance is given to the fans of TMI series, they will fight over this topic for the entire day, without being tired. His physical appearance is similar to Will with long and slender fingers and dark hair. He was also a shadowhunter before be came one of the silent brothers.

I have a strong feelings of Brother Zachariah being Jem. I think Will married to Tessa and from there all Herondale decedents come from, later Will died in some fight like shadowhunters do.

But I think when Jem was dying silent brothers saved him by turning him into one of them cause he is the youngest one among them he can speak using mouth.

His silvery hair may be turned back into black after being saved and stopped using demon powder. Any that's not Will for sure cause Jace is Will's decendent, not any other Herondale's.

That means in Clockwork Princess one of the boys probably gonna die. Being a Silent Brother is life, Clary Fray. But if you mean I remember my life before the Brotherhood, I do.

Clary took a deep breath. Before the Brotherhood? Was there ever anyone you would have died for? Two people, said Brother Zachariah. There are memories that time does not erase, Clarissa.

Ask your friend Magnus Bane, if you do not believe me. Forever does not make loss forgettable, only bearable. So Brother Zachariah is sure one of the boys from ID and who ever it is has no chance on being with Tessa cause silent brothers can not be romantically engaged. All of the above are just assumptions, Best way to find out by throwing Brother Zachariah in pond full of ducks, if he runs sure he is Will, if he doesn't he is Jem. The Herondales have a bad thing for Ducks View all 78 comments.

Lots of action. Jace and Clary still can't catch a break. Really the span of the whole series they are apart pining for each other with like a few weeks here and there that they can actually be together.

Teenage angst at it's highest. I really wish she would have let them be together a little more in this series.

I understand it's a ya series but if you want them to be this awesome powerfully connected couple that you just can't forget then they actually have to be a couple for a little bit of time.

Just sayin'! I think they were together more in this book then in the last 4 but it was still tainted since Jace wasn't really Jace.

City of Lost Souls

I was glad that Clary started to finally kick some ass. She has been pretty wimpy standing around while everyone fights and gets hurt in the last 4 books. This one she was trained and kicking ass with the best of em. Loved Simon even more in this book. He is such a great guy and brave. I just wish him and Izzy would get together they have such a strong connection. I was so glad Simon's sister didn't turn her back on him like his mother.

I was so disappointed in Alec. I don't know what the hell was going through his mind in this book but he was way over the line.

I don't blame Magnus at all for ending things with him. Although that break up scene was so heartbreaking. I don't really know how I feel about Maia and Jordon.

Jordon I think is great and Maia too but I don't really feel it with them together Idk. Sebastian was gross, creepy and evil all in the same breath. Jocelyn truly gets on my nerves. She is the most unsupportive mom ever. I get so mad that she doesn't like Jace she doesn't even give him a chance.

No wonder Clary runs off and does shit herself her mom is an over the top bitch that lies, treats her like she is 2 and doesn't like the love of Clary's life. Poor Luke, losing his sister getting stabbed and almost dying. I'm really liking Brother Zachariah, but I wonder why he seems to want to help Jace so much. Is there some connection there? Was it just me or was everyone else happy to see Magnus's ex Camille bit it too!

I'm on to the last one and I can't wait to see how things end! View all 58 comments. Dec 21, Saniya marked it as to-read Shelves: I can't, I just can't breathe right now. Lalala, nothing interesting. I just love the man in the pic Ok. Maybe, just maybe I was expecting Magnus or Alec They look so awesome! Need to OWN! View all 41 comments. If I could have won the lottery for every time I wanted to smack people in this book, I would have an infinite amount of money right now.

But, I digress. Welcome to the world of magic and twats. Just kidding: I don't care what anyone thinks but I don't think that Simon and Isabelle should be a couple. I know it has the whole, let's everyone in the group be with someone vibe going, but I just don't see them as a couple.

Ca If I could have won the lottery for every time I wanted to smack people in this book, I would have an infinite amount of money right now.

Can't anyone just be single? Magnus Bane is the coolest one of all and that's just a fact. And can people and things just quit coming after Jace!

The Mortal Instruments 5: City of Lost Souls

I mean for shite's sake, we just got out of one mess with him and into another one. He's not himself in this book for reasons. Clary's good ole brother Sebastian is back and buddies with Jace. It's so not a good thing.

Clary gets sucked into their world and all kinds of crazy stuff is going down with them. I really love Jordan and Maia, that's all I have to say about them. They are both good people and werewolves. There are several bad to the bone moments that I loved!

From angels to demons and a crazy vampire kid on a rampage. Although one thing she did, classic! Loved it! Alec made me mad at what he wanted to do to Magnus. I thought, "dude are you for real? I dread things that might be coming! Melissa Martin's Reading List View all 4 comments. Sogar an Handlung hat es m. View all 8 comments.

Special favors and special torments. I think this may have been my favorite book in the series so far, and I could barely stand to put it down. Simon has come into his own so well as the Daylighter—as this protective, self-sacrificing, noble little hero—and Izzy is so tough, such a rock for her loved ones.

That's my boyfriend. Some of the incidents between these two—especially involving Alec—broke my heart over and over. Where do I even begin? My heart hurts for them. Before I started this series, if you had told me they would become one of my all-time favorite OTPs, I would have laughed in disbelief, but here we are. I love the romances that Cassandra Clare builds, and the agonizingly slow, angsty progression between Clary and Jace has to be my favorite.

She turned and looked at him. I just always have. It describes her perfectly when the other Shadowhunters say that Clary essentially charges into any given situation, regardless of risk, and finds a way to fight through it.

Content warnings for attempted rape, homophobia, and slut-shaming all challenged. You can find this review and more on my blog , or you can follow me on twitter , bookstagram , or facebook! Cassandra Clare did a wonderful job once again! I don't want to give anything away by describing the things that have happened here, but the series already becomes more and more interesting. This sequel is actually a much better response compared to the City of Fallen Angels because all the events here were pretty much powerful and more remarkable.

I love how it started off as a bang Cassandra Clare did a wonderful job once again! I love how it started off as a bang! Although all throughout the book I must admit that I was really getting frustrated especially because of how badly things were turning for Jace.

I mean, c'mon, why does Cassandra Clare keep torturing Jace and making him suffer all the time? It's fricking unfair! My boy always saves the day!

He played a great part here and I think this is the book where he really shines best! When it comes to Clary , her character improved here although I prefer her character development in City of Glass but still, I like how bold she was here and how she resorted to critical-thinking. Alec and Magnus' relationship here was tested big time and I don't know what to feel about what happened to them here. As for Isabelle , once again this chick astounded me.

As usual, she's a fierce, in-your-face character and that's what I loved about her! Maia and Jordan's relationship was also highlighted here.

I love the sweet reunion! And of course, Sebastian. Blimey, I am not usually a fan of villains but it's so ironic how I fangirled over a bad guy all throughout the book! The action scenes were great and although it happened at the final chapters, they still didn't fail to bring out the adrenaline rush.

The ending, on the other hand, was a blast and was well-executed. It had a surprise factor that will leave you wanting for more. All in all, it was a great come back. Cassandra Clare writes beautifully, but then I have always thought so! This book is really a world I could get lost in! View all 35 comments. Jun 06, Bgurl don't h8 me cuz I'm honestful rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Snark.

A lot, actually! As the posting at The Praetor House dormitories proves. No howling. No silver. Clothes must be worn at all times. No fighting. No biting. Mark all your food before you put it in the communal refrigerator.

According to Sebastian: What difference does a week make?Heir of Fire. Amid the demon fighting and relationship angst there's a deeper core, though: Clary and friends will do anything to save someone they love.

The power of hope is also big here. One word awsom!!!! Does Izzy deserve her reputation of making her few speeches count? A Court of Frost and Starlight. Through Blood, Through Fire.

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