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My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Princesses Celestia and Luna. Today, my sister, Luna, and I are to be crowned princesses of Equestria. But I guess I shouldn't assume they will be amazing because I've never been the princess of Pegasi. Online PDF My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Princesses Celestia and Luna (My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic), . As seen on the hit animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Learn all about the history of Canterlot and Equestria in this replica of the magical journal.

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This books (My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Princesses Celestia and Luna (My Little Pony, Friendship. Read "My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters The Official Chronicles of Princesses Celestia and Luna" by Amy Keating Rogers available from Rakuten. My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Princesses Celestia and Luna by Amy Keating Rogers is a.

I hunted around, and when I turned the corner I saw a cave that was blocked by a gate of brambles. Behind that gate I heard cries for help. It was the ponies! I ran to break them free. But before I was able to reach the cave, a huge, horrible, manticore flew at me, roaring in anger. He lunged at me furiously and I didn't know what to do. I've never battled anypony, let alone a manticore! I took to the air to dodge his attack, but he just came right after me, since manticores have wings, too, of course!

I realized that I also had magic on my side, so I fired at him with my horn, trying to stun him. But the manticore was obviously much more used to fighting than I was.

He avoided every one of my shots. I was beginning to tire out when suddenly Celie came flying in to help me. I had never been so happy to see my sister! She shot a powerful ray at the manticore that was doubled by another ray from the ground.

I added a third ray, and together we held the manticore in place mid-attack and brought him to the ground. But then as he began to roar his answer, I realized that I actually could understand him! The manticore roared that the ponies had smashed and destroyed his home.

They clearly had no respect for him, so he was going to make them pay! No wonder he was so upset! Then all of a sudden, the manticore burst into tears! It was so sad!

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But they were still looking furiously at the manticore and clearly had not understood his language like I had.

I quickly relayed to them what the manticore had told me. I explained to Celie and Star Swirl that the manticore must have seen the ponies dismantling his home and thought they were just tearing it apart, so he attacked and imprisoned them.

The three of us released the manticore, and he simply crumpled into a heap of sadness. He may have been playing tough on the outside, but he was a big softy on the inside. After freeing the ponies from their prison, everypony apologized for this terrible misunderstanding, and Celestia and I promised that it could be remedied. Then the most amazing thing happened. That manticore helped us find the supplies we needed, came back with us to the castle site, and actually helped us build.

The Journal of the Two Sisters

When Star Swirl had arrived at the castle site and heard about the missing ponies, he had feared that I would need help. Luna [Celestia] Dear Diary, The castle is almost done!

And I have to admit it, Luna was right! While the columns and arches of the castle are lovely, her added design elements are so much fun!

Though some ponies did give us weird looks when we were putting up the unusual decorations, like the paintings with no eyes and the hoof wall sconces. Those things are creepy! Today, Luna and I played hide-and-seek in the Grand Foyer.

Soon the Organ to the Outside will be finished. I can hardly wait! Celestia My sister and I were meant to rule together. Celestia [Luna] Dear Diary, You know what is the best part of building a super-weird castle with trapdoors and moving walls and a creepy organ with tunnels?

I get to test it all out to make sure it works. And once I know it does, I get to mess with everypony. This is going to be awesome! I must say that King Bullion was very gracious to come to our castle, considering my sister and I are now taking over, so to speak.

There are various kingdoms and empires that were established long before Equestria was founded. King Bullion is still the Unicorn king of his region. As the Alicorn princesses, we are simply there to provide protection for Equestria as a whole.

While King Bullion seemed fine and quite secure in the situation, his daughter, Princess Platinum, appeared to have her tail in a twist about the whole thing.

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In fact, she behaved really rudely. She really does not do well with snooty behavior, especially from somepony like Princess Platinum, who is not only far younger than her but clearly just a pain in the hindquarters. Celestia [Luna] Dear Diary, Cutting that snotty little unicorn Princess Platinum in her place was not only deeply satisfying, but also incredibly fun!

After all, she could have been the princess of Equestria herself. If somepony like Princess Platinum thinks she can behave that way with anypony, let alone me, she is sorely mistaken. So I busted out my loudest and most terrifying Royal Canterlot Voice. Darest thou treat the princesses of Equestria is such a manner? We are not amused! Thy behavior is disrespectful. Ill befitting of one in thy position and reflects poorly upon the Unicorns thou art representing.

Perhaps thou shalt be stripped of thy crown and thy title? But if she wants to get up in my business. Our lack of cutie marks dost not indicate a lack of maturity.

Any more than thy brandishing one means thou art actually mature. He was up in the balcony watching this rather heated introduction. I gave him a wink.

She shrieked in horror. Thy cowardice wouldst have cost the lives of all the ponies in peril! I had to give it to her. This Princess Platinum was not willing to go down without a fight. But then neither was I. As I did, I looked over at Melvin and gave him another wink.

He smiled and exited, knowing just where to go. Let us see how thou likest the view! But just as she did, Melvin hit a cord on the Organ to the Outside. The seat to the throne whipped the princess around and set her plummeting down through the tunnel and to the courtyard of the castle. We all heard Princess Platinum shrieking. Suddenly, I began to feel really bad. Even if the other princess was behaving terribly. I ran outside, and the princess was simply a mess I felt even more horrible and was in the middle of apologizing for sending her spinning through the tunnels when she stopped me.

And then Princess Platinum actually started apologizing to me! She was terribly sorry for how she had spoken to Celie and me. It was not an appropriate was for a princess… for anypony… to behave. Relieved, I reached out my hoof to help her up, saying that would be really nice. As I cleaned the muck out of her mane, the princess then asked me if, as her new best friend, I could give her lessons on how to speak in the Royal Canterlot Voice.

She thought it was simply fabulous! We have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! When she saw how plainly the castle was decorated, she offered to have the Unicorns weave tapestries.

She created the most beautifully elegant images of Luna and me, and as the Unicorns hung them up on the walls, the tapestries provided that last bit of regal elegance the castle needed. Princess Platinum even designed our official seal for the Equestrian flag to fly on the top turret outside out castle.

She said she was having more flags made for all of Equestria. Celestia [Luna] Dear Diary, Today, Celestia scheduled a tour of the castle and a meeting with Private Pansy, Clover the Clever, and Smart Cookie, but I was just not in the mood to hang out with the four of them and talk about Equestria stuff.

Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Book details Author: Amy Keating Rogers Pages: English ISBN Description this book As seen on the hit animated series "My Little Pony: If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5.

Download Free My Little Pony: You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. The Legend of Everfree.

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Full episode guide excluded from abridged edition.Hearing my words, the zebras calmed down. Hopefully now that we are princesses, Luna and I will find our true calling and finally get our cutie marks.

I gave him a wink. Contents [ show ] Production Amy Keating Rogers stated that the book would include the journal entry written by Pinkie Pie in Pinkie Pride , which was not heard in the episode. They came to hunt. Phonics Box Best eBook. Today, Luna and I played hide-and-seek in the Grand Foyer.

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