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THE IDEA FOR the Maximum Ride series comes from earlier books of mine called When the Wind. Blows and The Lake House, which also feature a character. Navigate a post-apocalyptic world and experience a thrilling finale with the ultimate Maximum Ride ppti.infoer the ninth and ultimate Maximum Ride story!. Editorial Reviews. Review. Raves for the blockbuster MAXIMUM RIDE series: #1 "New York Times" Bestseller "Publishers Weekly" Bestseller An ALA Quick Pick.

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Max and the other kids in the Maximum Ride books are not the same Max and kids .. the longing, the terror — I desperately wanted it to all go away forever. Discover the ninth and ultimate Maximum Ride story! Legions of Max fans won't be disappointed by this encore episode in the beloved series about the. Maximum Ride Forever book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. THE NINTH AND ULTIMATE MAXIMUM RIDE STORY IS .

Ordinarily, I would be annoyed at being bossed around by a mind-reading seven-year-old, but the terror behind her words made my throat dry up. I looked back at the volcano. Considering the size of the boulders it was hurling out of its crater, conditions could be even deadlier farther down the mountain. What was I thinking, leaving my family?

Forget the tools—I had to run! My mouth filled with the taste of deadly sulfurous gas, and as it tore at my lungs I wheezed, choking on my own phlegm while glowing bombs fell all around me. I stumbled through the ash and rubble, tripping again and again, but I kept going.

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I had to get back to my flock. Another hundred yards and I would be at the meeting place. Pumping my legs, I took the turn onto the rock outcropping at top speed.

And sailed toward a river of boiling lava. As gravity took hold and I felt myself starting to drop, my avian survival instinct kicked in automatically.

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A pair of huge speckled wings snapped out from my back and caught the air, swooping me aloft on a hot, acrid updraft. I quickly wheeled back to the outcropping and closed my highly flammable wings.

He came and stood next to me, his paws stepping gingerly on the hot ground. His small black wings were tucked neatly along his back. Did I mention that everyone in my mutant flock had wings? Yup, even our talking dog. Gazzy came out and nodded up at the volcano with seriously misplaced admiration. This is just the start of it. Fifty feet wide? But see that molten mudslide rolling toward us? Fang was already grabbing up the backpacks. Always calm and always competent, he was the steady rock to my whirling tornado.

I rushed to join him, trying not to wince as my burned hand throbbed. Fang was my true love, but Dylan had literally been created to be a perfect partner for me: It would be against his nature not to protect me if he could. It was both endearing and maddening, because, hello? Now Dylan touched my burned hand so tenderly that for a second I forgot about being tough and was just grateful for his help during the chaos.

He nodded at the other kids. But be careful, okay?

He cocked an eyebrow and I flushed. I opened my mouth to say something, but he was already reaching past me for the backpack Dylan had left. He knew me better than anyone, so he knew when to leave things alone.

When I nodded, he unfurled his huge black wings, then leaned down and picked up Akila. Trying not to breathe the poisonous air, Fang leaped up and took off across the steaming river of molten rock.

Nudge, get ready. Total, wings out. The air was so toxic I could actually feel my lungs shriveling. It was a short, hard flight. There was a fierce swirling wind from above that pushed us down almost as hard as we pushed up against it.

Max (Maximum Ride, Book 5)

The lava below us burned a deep red-orange, and as it took in more oxygen, it crackled loudly and started to spit. It took all my strength to stay aloft as my flight feathers curled up in embers.

I blinked away tears, trying to spot my flock through the sizzling smoke and steam. The skin on my ankles started to blister—I was literally being slow-roasted, and I prayed that the others had made it across. You are in a cool place.

You are in Alaska. Cool air in your lungs. I saw Fang emerge from the steam, a dark figure carrying a large dog. Everyone else was across now, but I veered back over the river of lava to do one final sweep, make sure we had everything. My neck snapped sideways as a red-hot rock smacked into my head, and before I knew it I was careening down again toward the smoking, burping mouth of hell.

Our feet sank into the far bank just before the mudslide surged into the river. It sent lava shooting up hundreds of feet like a fizzy explosion of orange soda, but we were already out of its reach. And even though my feathers were smoking and my eyebrows were singed and I was gagging on ash, I was grinning as I ran.

We made it. The hot air pressed in and sweat dripped down my face, but cold horror gripped my stomach like a fist. I don't want to read about Fang, who abandoned Max as well as the new friends he made. I don't want to read a book just so I can see two lines mentioning the character I used to love so much, but bastardizing them into two-dimensional cutout of their former selves.

Max and Fang were my first OTP. I loved them.

I loved her. I loved how brave she was. I loved them so much.

But then everything changed. But you don't write your books anymore, do you? How many lines did Nudge get in your last book? Angel constantly being evil broke me.

You used the same plot devices, the same cliched story lines.He was paying attention to her but also looking at me pretty often. Lots of fuzzy action tightened up to reveal… major bird-o-rama.

My mom was a member of the CSM. They are presumably treating her wounds, and tell her that they will take good care of her. Disconnected and unhealthy. Some breathing room. I don't want to read about this Max, who cares so much about herself that she'd let the world die.

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