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I bought a few books covering the exam, but Manning's SCWCD Exam Study Kit stood out direct all the requests ending ppti.info to pdfGeneratorServlet. In its first edition, the SCWCD Exam Study Kit was the most popular book used to pass this most desirable The SCWCD exam is for Sun Certified Java Programmers who have a certain amount of experience .. combo $ pBook + PDF. Scwcd Exam Study Kit: Java Web Component Developer Certification Paperback : pages; Publisher: Manning Publications; 2nd edition (April 1,).

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mrt GMT. Manning | SCWCD Exam. Study Kit Second Edition - scwcd exam study kit PDF ppti.infoG. Hanumant. MANNING. Hanumant Deshmukh. Jignesh Malavia. Matthew Scarpino. SCWCD. EXAM STUDY KIT. SECOND EDITION. JAVA WEB. COMPONENT. MANNING SCWCD EXAM STUDY KIT PDF - Scwcd Exam Study Kit: Java Web Component Developer Certification Paperback: pages; Publisher: Manning.

It helps to keep you focused. For your convenience, we have included the relevant exam objectives at the beginning of each chapter, as well as in appendix D. In this book, we have decided to use Tomcat 5. In addition, it is free and easy to install and run.

Appendix A explains where to get Tomcat 5. Chapters 1 and 2 will bring you up to speed. The specifications are the best source of information on this technology. You can download the specs for Servlet 2.

It not only includes detailed explanations of the questions but also explains why a certain option is right or wrong. You can download an abbreviated version of this tool from www. You can buy the full version at www.

You may also get questions that ask you to match options on the left side with options on the right side, or that ask you to drag and drop options to the correct place. At the time of this writing, the duration of the test was minutes. But Sun has changed the duration for the SCJP exam a couple of times, so they could change the duration of this test as well. Please verify it before you take the exam.

preface to the second edition

In the United States, you can purchase an exam voucher by visiting the Sun web site, at www. If you reside outside the United States, you should contact your local Sun Educational Services office.

You have to contact them to schedule the test. Please visit the Prometric web site at www.

Before you schedule the test, check out the testing center where you plan to take the exam. Make sure you feel comfortable with the environment there. Static inclusion Accessing variables from the included page. Implications of static inclusion. Dynamic inclusion Using jsp: Passing parameters to dynamically included components.

Sharing objects with dynamically included components. Understanding the Expression Language EL expressions and JSP script expressions. Using implicit variables in EL expressions. Using EL operators EL operators for property and collection access. EL relational and logical operators.

Incorporating functions with EL Creating the static methods. Creating a tag library descriptor TLD. Modifying the deployment descriptor. Using JavaBeans JavaBeans from the JSP perspective.

Accessing JavaBeans from scripting elements. More about properties in JavaBeans Using nonstring data type properties. Using custom tags Getting started New terms. Informing the JSP engine about a custom tag library Location of a TLD file. Understanding explicit mapping. Using custom tags in JSP pages Empty tags. Tags with nested custom tags. Acquiring and installing the JSTL. General purpose JSTL tags: Variable support JSTL tags: Flow control JSTL: Developing "Classic" custom tag libraries Understanding the tag library descriptor Implementing the Tag interface Understanding the methods of the Tag interface.

SCWCD 1.4 Books Study Guide - Hanumant Deshmukh (Manning Publications)

An empty tag that prints HTML text. An empty tag that accepts an attribute.

A nonempty tag that includes its body content. Implementing the IterationTag interface Understanding the IterationTag methods. Implementing the BodyTag interface Understanding the methods of BodyTag. A tag that processes its body.

Part 1 Getting started

The TagSupport class. Developing "Simple" custom tag libraries Understanding SimpleTags A brief example. Coding empty SimpleTags.

Adding dynamic attributes to SimpleTags. Processing body content inside SimpleTags. Creating Java-free libraries with tag files Introducing tag files.

Controlling tag processing with tag file directives. Processing fragments and body content with tag file actions. Design patterns Design patterns: The civil engineering patterns.

The distributed design patterns. The pattern template. Appendix A: Installing Tomcat 5. Appendix B: If you know everything that is covered by the objectives, you will pass the exam. The chapters in the book examine each objective in detail and explain everything you need to understand about web component development.

Who is this book for?

This book will also be very useful for beginners since we have explained the concepts using simple examples. The text will bring you up to speed even if you are totally new to these technologies.

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The objectives of chapters 1 and 2 are to make you comfortable with this technology. If you already have experience with the Servlet and JavaServerPages technologies, you can skip these two chapters.

Since in practice servlets are written for HTTP, we have also included a brief discussion of the HTTP protocol and the basics of web applications in chapter 3. You should read this chapter even if you know the HTTP protocol. Some chapters start with basic concepts that do not necessarily correspond to exam objectives but that are very impor- tant in order to understand the remaining sections.Coding empty SimpleTags.

Using scripting elements.


Dynamic inclusion Implementing the Tag interface Accessing request-scoped attributes with RequestDispatcher.

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