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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Forces the specified Address Book servers to synchronize their contents with the User database. Address Book servers are intermediaries between Active Directory and Skype for Business Server. The Address Book server ensures that the user information stored in Skype for Business. So, how can force clients to download/synchronize Address Book as soon as ppti.info .. user logs in, he/she should be able to search for contacts instantly. These contacts are searched from Lync address book. is a registry key which can be used to force the Lync address book files immediately.

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Hi to all I have skype for bussiness deployed in my environment. I tried to force address book download using the following link with no success. The first thing you'll need to do is force the Lync Client to immediately download the address book. To do so, you'll need a registry key on the. If you used Lync before and now you find that your address book is not You're address book will be immediately downloaded to your client.

Delete the GALcontacts. Leave the folder open and then sign in to the Lync client with that same user account. Use the search bar as shown below to look for users not currently in stored in the contact list.

The folder view shows that no GALcontacts. By default the Lync client can wait up to 60 minutes to download the address book but this workstation has been configured for immediate download using the process detailed in this previous article.

This also indicates that ABWQ is used by this client.

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Each time a new search query was typed into the client another one of these POST lines would appear. Now that we have seen how this is performed the question must be asked if and when it would be recommended to do this.

The entire point of the ABS method is to allow for local cache files to be used in an effort to reduce requests from clients to the Lync Server for a number of actions. One advantage to forcing ABWQ on all clients could be in an environment where changes to user attributes happen very often multiple times per day.

The source address book files pulled from Lync clients are only updated every 24 hours by default, but those same changes in AD are pulled into the rtcab database roughly every 5 minutes by default. Thus leveraging real-time lookups against the up-to-date database instead of cache-file based lookups could be more beneficial in some cases.

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As with many new features that are added to later releases of software sometimes they can come from just a few large enterprises asking for a specific feature during trial use periods of pre-release code. In most cases the default setting is a default for a reason, yet if you understand what you are doing then having the ability to modify that behavior natively, and doing so in a supported fashion, is always a great advantage.

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So please forgive me if this is dumb question. Is there way to make it pull from the GAL and a specific address book?

Lync 2013: Force Address Book Download Registry Keys

I do not believe there is anyway to limit the scope of what can be searched within the personal Contacts. You could disable Outlook as the Personal Information Manager in the Lync client but that will disable all Outlook integration in terms of presence updates from calendar items and Exchange integrated conversation and missed call history.

I believe in a Lync Server update at some point they included the ability to exclude your Outlook Contacts from being search. This assumes you are using the Global default client policy and haven't made a new custom one. Also it excludes contact folders by name, so you can add others if necessary.

Hello Jeff, thank you for the info, it "smells" like the thing I'm looking for somehow ;-. I mean: And viceversa, when I start to type in some characters into my Lync client, I would like the client call my own logic I guess the web service, behind the front end server , so I can mix-up my own mixture of names, may be prioritized, may be filtered or whatever.

Script to Force Download of the Lync 2010 Address Book

I'm looking for a way to completely control the searching chars typed into the client and mapping SIP mapped to contact fields logic. What do you think? Thank you, Andy. Good luck! Did anyone ever do this?

I am very interested in doing the same. Coding project scope aside, for I don't question it, how would one approach this, overview-wise?

URL rewrite rules? Lync mid-tier application? Something else? I would appreciate any guidance whatsoever. Hi Jeff, Good post. During initial login and right after migration, users complain of not seeing their address book for about an hour.

Would have been great if the ABWQ worked until file download was completed.


I don't want to initiate an instantaneous download though, as i see value in staggering it over an hour for all users. Else network woul limp at 9 am mondat morning. Any other options,,,,.

We're having to set the initial address book download down to 0 so the Lync Client has access to the address book immediately rather than waiting the minutes for the GAL cache files to build.

Sorry I know this is an old post but thought I would give it a shot.

I have a client with phone numbers in the AD field of pager. Jeff, I found a conflict in information about this setting, and I'm hoping you can help straighten this out. This article http: However, this article http: We are migrating to Lync from OCS R2, and have found that even setting ABWQ only with Set-CsClientPolicy doesn't stop the address book from being downloaded to the R2 client no GPOs forcing the issue, we checked and it appears to not have any search capability until the addy book has been downloaded.

Step 2 – Address Book

The in-band client policies in Lync Server are only applicable to the Lync client, the OCS clients do not adhere to those settings.

I'd have to assume that one of those articles it incorrect. Question for you i have setup for all client websearch only but after that i cant search new users from other accounts. Exit focus mode. Theme Light. High contrast.

Update-Cs Address Book Module: Forces the specified Address Book servers to synchronize their contents with the User database. This cmdlet was introduced in Lync Server SwitchParameter Position: Named Default value: None Accept pipeline input: False Accept wildcard characters:If desired, this parameter can simply be changed on the Global policy to impact all users in the organization.

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