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Download IITJEE Studymaterials | books | Mocktest papers | Notes PDF for free | Coaching materials | No Login or Signup required | we have added IITJEE. ppti.info provides you IITJEE PDF for ppti.info login Requires NO spam ads Direct links are provided and All the Materials are arranged in a good. Your search for free material fro IIT-JEE ends here.I am providing few google drive links below from which you can download etoos video lectures and other.

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Note: All material published below has been obtained from other external freely available All links are created specially for JEE Material – ROR. . Paper (pdf). Browse JEE Advanced Study Material Sub-topics Chinese Remainder Theorem Youtube Lecture Handouts (Download PDF) · Complex. Get latest study materials, test series, pdf books, dpp, test series Zoology, Mathematics, Vedic Mathematics for IIT JEE Main / Advanced / NEET / AIIMS / BITS.

They will have to know about the JEE main portion of the exam. These JEE Main study material already compiled from the exam. This study material helps you for the exam preparing of JEE Main as well as for another competitive engineering Joint entrance exam as directly online. Now, every applicant who want to get it from our web page then they will have to visit the online here. By practicing all such JEE main study material , many interested candidates will get to know online how much time here which section takes.

Through this official exam notification, you to visit for all subjects PDF format details. And along the online JEE main will be look out what is your preparation level which is conducted by the National Testing Agency. Once the candidate who applied for the Joint Entrance examination, they have to check and download here with their best exam preparation.

For the purpose of their help, some easy steps are provided by us in this article. In order to find, you have to make their exam preparation of JEE main idea in a different way of JEE main Study Material without waste of time before appearing examination.

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Just imagine the seat of the car having a faster velocity than the remaining parts of the car. Sounds funny, right? In translation, all the particles of the rigid body move along parallel paths, and if these parallel paths are straight lines, the motion is said to be a rectilinear translation.


If you notice, during the course of one full rotation, the part of the rod at point O remains fixed. Hence, as you can see, the different points of the rod have a different velocity.

One very important point to notice here is that all the points on the rod move in concentric circular paths only. A rigid body is considered to be in pure rotation only if each and every particle of the body moves in a circle, and the centers of all the circles lie on a straight line. This line is known as the axis of rotation A. In pure rotation, all points in the rigid body that are perpendicular to the A.

In the figure above, the A. General rigid body motion is a combination of pure translation and pure rotation. So, while solving a rotational mechanics question, try to break the motion of the body into translation and rotation, then solve for each of them.

Angular Velocity Have you ever rotated a ball tied to a thread? Think of swinging it in a circular motion above your head.

As we spin this ball around, we can observe the fundamentals of angular velocity! While rotating the ball, if the string is suddenly cut, in which direction will the ball go?

Will it still try to complete the circle or will it go tangentially? With what velocity will it go?

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Horizontal and Vertical Planes Consider the figure below. Notice how the circular motion in the picture is happening in a horizontal plane. A circular motion happening in a vertical plane is an altogether different ball game!

Image by Fouad A.

Online JEE Main/JEE Advanced|AP physics study Material

It is basically the angle covered with respect to a baseline when an object rotates on an axis. The angular displacement happens on the same plane as that of the rotation of the object.

Depending on the time frame chosen to calculate the rate of change of angular displacement, angular velocity can be of one of the following two types. Average angular velocity: This is simply the rate of change of angular displacement with reference to the time measured over a time interval. Instantaneous angular velocity: It is defined as the rate of change of angular position with reference to the time at any instant of time.

Thumbs UP!Introduction to Vectors.

Popular Blogs. Chemical Kinetics.

JEE Main 2019 Study Material

Electromagnetic Induction. Straight Lines.

Definite Integration. After viewing the Study Material and along with all subjects PDF details regarding their exam syllabus, the candidates will be trying to find it from here soon. The faster particles would move farther and the car would be dismantled.

JEE Main online , , , and Question Papers with answer key and solutions are available to download for the students.

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