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MOTOR CLAIM FORM. IFFCO TOKIO GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. Regd. Office: Iffco Sadan Saket. To intimate a claim please call on Toll. PDF icon Group Personal Accident Insurance Claim ppti.info · Travel Claim Form · Travel Claim ppti.info PDF icon Travel Claim ppti.info · Motor Claim form. All claim forms are now available to download online. For any PDF icon Group Personal Accident Insurance Claim ppti.info ppti.info · Motor Claim form.

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Motor Claim ppti.info PDF icon Motor Claim ppti.info Under what circumstances No Claim Bonus (NCB) can be allowed? Are Maternity/Pregnancy related. Page 1 of 4. IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance Company Limited. CLAIM FORM - PART A The issue of this Form is not to be taken as an admission of liability. MOTOR CLAIM FORM. IFFCO TOKIO GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. Regd. Office: IFFCO SADAN, C-1 Distt. Centre, Saket, New Delhi 1.

Third-party two wheeler insurance policy safeguards the riders against all the legal obligations that arise out of the damage to the third-party.

The third-party, here, can be property or individual person. Getting third-party bike insurance is hassle-free and needs minimal documentation. The reason being this type of two-wheeler insurance plan covers the third-party but not the insured two-wheeler. Renewal Process of Third-Party Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan: In order to renew your third-party two-wheeler insurance, you have to keep a vigil on the date of expiry of your policy.

Just before your policy expires, you can renew your two-wheeler policy online. You must keep a check on the actual date of expiry so as to avoid heavy inspection charges. Liabilities under Two Wheeler Insurance It provides financial cover for the insured vehicle if it causes injury, death or injuries a person.

It also features the cost of any legal accountability. Get this insurance at unbelievable competitive rates and without any hassles.


A completely win-win situation! Types of Two Wheeler Insurance It is generally of two types: comprehensive policy and liability only insurance policy. The Indian Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory for all the two-wheelers that ply on public areas to have a minimum of third-party two wheeler insurance policy. This means that any motor vehicle that is running on Indian roads such as cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, etc.

However, the cost of premium of a third-party insurance policy is comparatively less, and because of this reason most of the people prefer to buy it over a comprehensive policy. Whereas, a comprehensive policy is recommended as it covers you and your vehicle as well. Let's check out the details below: Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance The comprehensive two wheeler insurance, as the name suggest, provide total cover for the two-wheeler and the insured.

It provides four-way insurance: Protects from losses due to damages to the vehicle Any damage that is caused to the vehicle due to man-made disasters reasons or due to natural calamities is covered. Whatever the reason is the insurer will compensate the damages suffered by the two-wheeler and gets it back running into its original condition. Most insurance companies offer additional covers or optional features that you can opt to enhance the coverage.

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Personal accident cover Offer a personal accident cover up to Rs. The Indian motor insurance companies offer the optional benefit to add co-passenger.

Companies also include this cover in their liability only policies. Insures against third party liability Guard against any cause of action arising due to third-party liability.

It covers legal liabilities arising due to: Third-party death or bodily injury Protect against any damage resulting due to 3rd party injuries or even death. These injuries may result in hospitalization, cause temporary or permanent damage or partial or total disability such as loss of limbs or eyes.

Damages to third party property The insurance companies cover third-party property damage up to a specified limit as defined under the policy document. As the name suggests, these types of plans do not safeguard against the damages incurred by the insured vehicle. Most motor insurance companies in India also provide a personal accident cover for the owner of the motorcycle, moped or scooty. As per the new rules, all the motor insurance providers will offer multi-year 2 to 3 years third-party insurance cover to all the two-wheelers that are purchased after Sept 01, Motor Vehicle laws mandate that any two-wheeler plying on all public roads in the country should have a minimum of third-party two wheeler insurance policy.

Though it is not essential to buy a comprehensive policy, taking into consideration the nature of costs that may arise from a mishap or other man-made or natural disasters makes it essential to have a comprehensive insurance cover.

The motor insurance laws in India protect the millions of vehicle owners from expenses that may arise due to third-party damages, accidental damage, or theft of motorcycle, scooty, or moped. Anybody who is driving on the Indian roads would have seen the unceasing growth in the number of automobiles in the country. The lack of good roads, the morning and evening rush hours, and unregulated traffic problems are a part and parcel of life today.

In addition, events such as rainfall or heat waves may cause problems on the road such as slippery surfaces, mushy or muddy areas, or sticky tar that may cause damages to the vehicle and even injure the riders. This Policy Helps in a Number of Ways: It protects against the damages caused to the scooter, motorbike, or moped.

Motor Policy Insurance Claim Forms

Even the two-wheelers have been improvised and come with more speed, power, and style. The demand for superbikes makes it all the more necessary to buy a comprehensive two-wheeler policy. It offers protection to the bike owner and all the pillion riders.

These advances also mean the cost of automobiles has gone up along with the cost of their spare parts.

Even the simple nuts and bolts or parts such as the gears or the brake pads are now costlier than before. Even a small damage can the cost you thousands of rupees. As All this can be avoided with adequate two-wheeler insurance policy.

These plans will help the insured to get the scooter, motorbike, moped repaired without creating a hole in their pocket. Damage or Loss to the Vehicle Due to Natural Calamities Any damage that is caused to the insured two-wheeler due to the following reasons will be covered.

These include fire, explosion, lightning, earth-quake, flood, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, storm, tempest, inundation, hailstorm, and landslide and rockslides, among others. Accidental Cover Two-wheeler insurance guards against any injuries to the pillion rider and the co-passenger if it is also there from an accident.

Most of these accidents result in medical costs of some kind or the other. The adverse effects of such costs can be mitigated with personal accident cover.

They amount of payout depends on the type of damages suffered. In an unfortunate event of the demise of the pillion rider due to a mishap, the full coverage amount is given to the nominees or family members.

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Accidents may occur when the person is riding on the vehicle or is mounting from his motorbike, scooter or any other mechanized motorcycle. Check policy wording for more details. They Guard against Bodily Injuries to the Third-Party The policies guard against injuries caused to third parties due to an accident or damage that was caused by the insured motorcycle or scooter.

Compensation for bodily injuries is provided as per the policy wordings or as decided by the court of law. They insure against damages to third party property Often an accident may result in damages to the property in surroundings. This makes it very important to insure your two-wheeler. Buying a two-wheeler insurance would save your money against the financial losses if your bike was damaged in an accident or say, robbed. There are two types of two-wheeler insurance policy: Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance is nothing but the coverage guaranteed to the third party only.

This type of coverage is best for people who think two-wheeler insurance is mandatory and buy this type just for the heck for it. Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance is an optional coverage and thus is not mandatory. This type of insurance provides coverage to third-party, to you as well as your vehicle. It is best for those who want to cover the losses due to the accidents and also to recover losses due to theft and natural disasters, and not for those who take two-wheeler insurance merely as a mandatory clause.

There are certain perks of buying motor insurance which includes personal accident cover, cashless services at network garages, roadside assistance, towing support, etc. Health Insurance Health Insurance industry in India is seeing a groundbreaking change due to private insurance providers offering customized plans to the consumers.

These plans are tailor-made considering the varied requirement of customers. For example, there are plans customized only for diabetic patients, cancer patients, etc. Health Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the insured's medical and surgical expenses. Depending on the policy terms and conditions, the insurer either pays the insured in the form of reimbursement or offers a cashless facility at the listed network hospital of the Insurance Company.

This policy includes benefits like On Road Protector Coverage, Value Auto Coverage, online renewals and enrollment, host of cashless garages and more. These can be availed through both online and offline services provided by the company.

Yes, you can check the status of your policy by calling the company's toll free number. The executive will require your policy details for this purpose.

From the homepage select Motor Insurance.

Enter your two wheeler details in the panel on the right. Follow the instructions after clicking on the search button and complete the process. Compare now.

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Two Wheeler Insurance from Iffco Tokio. Digital copy — Instant digital copy of policy Claim settlement - Quick and hassle-free claim settlement. Types of Coverage Own Damage: Fire, explosion and self-ignition. Flood, inundation, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, lightning, earthquake, landslide, rockslide.

Burglary or theft Riots, strike, malicious or terrorist activities Accidental external damage, damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air.

No-Claim Bonus:Yes, you can check the status of your policy by calling the company's toll free number. This raises legal responsibilities as the damages will have to be reimbursed by the insured person. The motor insurance laws in India protect the millions of vehicle owners from expenses that may arise due to third-party damages, accidental damage, or theft of motorcycle, scooty, or moped.

Two-wheeler insurance provides coverage for: Loss or damage of vehicle caused due to natural calamities like fire, self-ignition or lightning, earthquake, or flood. From providing a digital copy of the policy to hassle-free claim settlement, the company truly ensures that your vehicle is covered for all risks in the truest form.

The tenure for a general insurance is not like the tenure we have in life insurance. Four consecutive claim-free years.

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