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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Garner is a leading authority on writing and with this book he shows the importance of good business writing to save time, money. Overworked managers with little time might think that improving their writing is a tedious author of The HBR Guide to Better Business Writing. Strunk and White, Elements of Style, Bryan A. Garner. HBR Guide to Better Business Writing. Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review Press, Pp. xx, .

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Praise for The Graph i c Designer's Gu ide to Better Bus i ness Writi n g º 7ÀˆÌˆ˜} ʈÃÊ>ÊÛˆÌ> Ê«>ÀÌÊœvÊiÛiÀÞÌ ˆ˜}ÊÜiÊ. better banking guide for business business banking business banking fees and to offer this business writing guide as part of a series of information guides. Hbr Guide To Better Business Writing By Bryan A Garner ppti.info how-information-gives-you-competitive-advantage[28/11/

This book is divided into twenty-one chapters divided among four sections and supported by six appendixes.

The introduction says it all, perhaps a little too bluntly: 'Clear, concise writing. The readers who will benefit from this book are not those who leave it on their desk or bookshelf but those who are willing to work on their writing. So, BBW carries [End Page ] the same message as other good writing guides—there is no quick fix, just practice, practice, practice.

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Garner has a preference for clarity in writing that shines through his own prose. Even in this introduction he is evangelical, entreating his readers to adopt habits that engender good stylistic habits xviii-xix. Of particular relevance to BBW is Garner's 'aversion to jargon and business speak' xix , although it is not just in business that jargon is a roadblock to the reader.

Garner demonstrates his 'show and tell' style that he adapts in different formats for much of the book. He poses a hypothetical situation that requires a letter, then writes three different documents covering similar ground, but from authors that each have a different relationship to the recipient.

Have I proved my points with specifics?

Have I avoided lame repetition? Do I close my piece clearly with prose that sounds fresh? Be relentlessly clear.

In other words, illustrate your points with specifics.

Example: You want to say someone in your company is a bad boss. Garner offers ways to trim wordy passages.

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Never use business-speak. The most important lesson here: be direct and thoughtful.

Relax and find the right tone. Who cares?

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