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Crystal Storm - Morgan Rhodes (EPUB).epub . Gathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms #3) by Morgan Rhodes Gathering Darkness - Morgan ppti.info GATHERING DARKNESS (Falling Kingdoms 3) In book three of the New York Gathering Darkness (03) - Morgan ppti.info MB. Throne of ppti.info КБ. 2. Crown of ppti.info КБ. 3. Heir of Fire. epub. 1 МБ. 4. Queen of ppti.info КБ. 5. Empire of ppti.info

Gathering Darkness Epub

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Crimson Dagger (Falling Kingdoms #) - Morgan ppti.info 99 KB Gathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms #3) - Morgan ppti.info Love, vengeance, and greed spark a deadly quest for magic in the third book of the Falling Kingdoms series Prince Magnus has just witnessed. In GATHERING DARKNESS, book three of the New York Times bestselling Falling Kingdoms series, the stakes have never been higher as three teams push .

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Rebel: Jonas, enraged at injustice, lashes out against the forces of oppression that have kept his country cruelly impoverished. To his shock, he finds himself the leader of a people's revolution centuries in the making.

Sorceress: Lucia, adopted at birth into the royal family, discovers the truth about her past—and the supernatural legacy she is destined to wield. Heir: Bred for aggression and trained to conquer, firstborn son Magnus begins to realize that the heart can be more lethal than the sword Rebel Spring Falling Kingdoms 2 The road to power Cleo is now a prisoner in her own palace, forced to be an ambassador for Mytica as the evil King Gaius lies to her people.

Magnus stands to eventually inherit the new kingdom but is still obsessed with his feelings for his adopted sister, Lucia. In all honesty, had I not connected immediately with Magnus, this series would have been discarded like many before. Some books touch me because of just their content this is probably tribute to a couple years ago, more so than now and some reach me on a far deeper level than I could possibly imagine Magnus glanced at Cleo.

She held her arms across the bodice of her rose-colored gown, which was far fancier than anything typically worn on a walk through a thick forest on a hot day. She regarded him with a silent, sour expression-not a new look for her by any means. So helpful. It's far more important to me now to have character-driven stories rather than all action and no character arcs.

Some sought revenge against their mortal enemies with the edge of a sword. So, my point? No, this series gripped me on a far more addicting level , and that honor solely belongs to my dear Magnus…. As the series has progressed, these two characters have obviously grown, interacted, and became the obsession of many a fangirl-me included-and now, here in book three, we are really getting deeper into their minds, and with that, my obsession is reaching an all-time high.

And, frankly, the stories have became far more interesting. You hate him almost as much as I do. The other best part about this series?

The twists and turns and admissions and deaths and ridiculous decisions…I swear, even halfway through book four, my head is still spinning. Stop it, Morgan Rhodes!

Make it happen. I miss blabbering.

Blabbering about boys and books really does make me happy. She threw me a trust bone , damn it. You know, until this alleged bone gets here. For more of my reviews, please visit: Need I say anything else? I mean View all 23 comments. Oct 15, Cody rated it it was amazing.

Gathering Darkness was without a doubt one of the best books I have read of , yes I know its January but still. For those of you who have stumbled across my reviews on Falling Kingdoms and Rebel Spring, you will have noted that I really enjoyed the books but there was something missing, that initial spark or driving force being liking and loving a book.

My feelings of Gathering Darkness- I love this freaking book. It's now one of my favourite series. Falling Kingdoms and Rebel Spring are like Gathering Darkness was without a doubt one of the best books I have read of , yes I know its January but still.

Seemly innocent in the beginning but I assure you they have their own schemes and prove to be one of the biggest players in this ruthless game searching for the Kindred.

I have fully jumped ship and I regret absolutely nothing, they are my life now, so sad and I will not be swayed. Violent, even. Real love means sacrifice, not selfishness. Gathering Darkness outshines its predecessors and shows a glimpse into just how giant and complex this world is and what exactly Rhodes has in store for her readers. You think you know the Kindred? You think you know what everyone is fighting for? Think again!

Literary-ly Obsessed Blog Twitter Instagram Okay, I've got a question. How, in the name of all things sacred and holy Magnus Lukas Damora included , am I supposed to go to sleep after this? No, seriously, someone please answer me. I'm asking those who've read this book already, in particular. How did you menage to go on with your life after finishing this? Enlighten me, you selfish fools!

My head is a mess. My heart, empty and numb. My feels? All over the place. I've obviously just lost a duel against overwhelmingness and I have no idea w Okay, I've got a question. I've obviously just lost a duel against overwhelmingness and I have no idea what to do with myself, now.

The Wicked Vampire by Kate Baxter

I devoured this book. I probably look like Bela Lugosi, now, bloodshot eyes, all pale and crinkled. It left me weak and thirsty, panting and sweating. Basically like sex, minus the happy ending, plus the angst. Honestly, if I ran a marathon I probably wouldn't be this distressed. Now that I think about it twice, these two days filled with the devil itself Morgan Rhodes and her books, sort of felt like a marathon.

Or a triathlon. I got no medal, though. Only a huge, slimy hole where my heart used to reside. And to think I even had to pay for it! I wasn't even halfway through it when shit started to go down and all I kept doing was turning pages and screaming.

I'm pretty sure by now my neighbors think I've spent the night killing bears or doing karate in my living room, but the truth is that this book is the paper embodiment of what the fuck you wouldn't expect to love this much in a world already packed with mediocre WTFs. And when it's like this, trust me, screaming comes natural. This book is my favorite so far. It has everything.

Other books: THE BELL JAR EPUB

Snarky plots and villain agendas. Infinitely frustrating but, oh, so satisfying character developments. Easily understandable and catchy writing. A couple of unnecessary love-drama attempts here and there for the sake of whatever. A few moments that made my insides squirm. Some good ol' stabby stab stab.

Well portrayed examples of the destructive power of lies. Precarious family and friendship dynamics opposed to real feelings and emotions. A fair amount of heart-stopping moments that left me speechless and breathless. Romance-not-romance because what else would you call this mess? As I said, everything. I'll never stop saying this: I am so glad I started this series.

It owns me. It literally got me on fire, and I'm not even exaggerating. I'll probably add something to this review, tomorrow, when my hands have stopped shaking and my brain isn't trying to escape my skull, anymore. For now, let me just leave you with This princess, who looked at him tonight with hope rather than hate shining in her eyes Intense, uh? Now multiply this by infinity and you'll get a hint of how I feel like. I'm dying. I survived. Barely and not without a little pain, but I'm still here.

View all 12 comments. Mar 08, Joelle Throne of books rated it it was amazing. If you would all be as Kind as to excuse me while I scream from having my mind blown that would be greatly appreciated. Why is my mind blown? Because this series has officially become one of my absolute favorites. And it's because of what a wild ride this book was. Full of numerous deaths and revelations, this was by all means the definition of epic.

Morgan Rhodes really knows how to make your heart pound and making you lose your mind. This world, it's insane. I can't say much about the plot d If you would all be as Kind as to excuse me while I scream from having my mind blown that would be greatly appreciated.

I can't say much about the plot due to spoilers, but holy hell was it epic. And, whatever the cost, I refuse to let that light extinguish.

Jesus the amount of times I swooned, cried and just burst out of pure joy was ridiculous. I loved the development of the growing romance between Magnus and Cleo. All the secrets, twists and betrayals were unbelievable. Why kill off one character when you can kill off everyone just when I start to care for them, the more the merrier, right??? God this was perfection.

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The characters are ridiculously basic as they tumble through a formulaic plot. And the inconsistencies! It's just not good for my blood pressure to continue the misadventures of: This one just seems more of the same, with new characters and even less plot. Bowing out of a BR with these peeps!

Bentley , Mary , Frankie , Jeremy , and Rachelle. They are all lovely, talented GRs, and they made reading this series fun! View all 7 comments. I read it within a 24 hour period, which is huge for me since my other anticipated reads usually take me about days to finish. But I just devoured this book and although short-lived I loved every minute of it. GD definitely does not disappoint. Even after I was done with it I found myself rereading my favorite passages.

Right from the beginning of this book down to the last page everything was on higher stakes and you could simply feel the tension resonating all throughout the book. I have to admit that in the beginning it did have a slow start but a few chapters in and I was hooked once again into this exhilarating world. I thoroughly enjoyed going back to this world that Morgan has created and reuniting with all of my favorite characters.

Everything essentially picks up right where RS had left off and I loved that there were no big time gaps in this book and we're plucked back into the world.

There were so many twists in this book that had me gasping to downright giggling. Some of my favorite passages in this book were you guessed it; the scenes with Cleo and Magnus.

Their banter and hate for each other had me smiling through their scenes together. You can definitely see through each of their facades that they both harbor feelings for each other that neither of them will admit, not even to themselves.

With each scene they have together Cleo is able to peel back layers of Magnus and manages to get him to let his guard go down when he's around her. However, I'm still wary of Magnus' romantic feelings for Lucia. Yes, he still cares deeply for Lucia, but we can also see that Lucia no longer visits his dreams anymore either. We can see that there's this rift that is forming between them.

And Magnus can also see that Lucia is not the only one that doesn't see him as a monster or just a replica of his father, King Gaius. In the shadow my father has cast over my entire life, you are the only light I can see anymore. After the events that took place in GD, there has definitely been a reduction on the love web. And I love that you don't really know what move is going to happen next. Even the ending which btw ends in a cliffhanger caught me by surprise that I'm not really sure where the rest of the series is headed.

Overall, GD was a fantastic sequel that did not disappoint! And I never really considered Magnus as a prospect for Cleo romantically. But I slowly found myself liking Magnus more in Rebel Spring, and I really seemed to enjoy the scenes in which Cleo and Magnus are bickering. I wouldn't mind if they do end up together and they seem to be brushing off on each other.

I found it pretty cute when the other would start defending the other about their motives i. Magnus defending Cleo's honor and Cleo defending Magnus to Nic after the assassination attempt. And out of the two guys that Cleo locks lips with in Rebel Spring I found her kiss with Magnus a lot steamier. Even though their marriage was not of their own accord I think that their marriage has forced them to bond and I think as of the moment they really need each other to balance the other out.

Their romance resembles that of Beauty and the Beast in which Cleo tries to seek out the real Magnus underneath the facade to be the perfect son to his father; several times Magnus and Cleo bicker about whether or not he even has a heart, and I found this parallel very endearing. Though the romance in this novel seems to be all over the place, just the number of guys who are interested in Cleo is astounding: Theon, Aron, Nic, Jonas, and Magnus.

I mean I know she is described as this "golden princess," but all of these guys are just falling for her right and left. I found that some of the romantic revelations that went on in Rebel Spring solved some of the issues with some the characters like having Magnus marry Cleo would solve the Magnus-having-feelings-for-his-sister problem and Lucia having a thing for Alexius would relieve some of the weirdness going on between her and Magnus and having Nic suddenly become the LGBT character in the series knocks him off as a potential love interest for Cleo even though Theon and Aron were also killed off in order to knock them out of the running as well.

And another thing I would root for Cleo and Jonas if there weren't so many obstacles like Cleo's marriage to Magnus that's kind of a big hurtle to get through and I don't think the concept of divorce even existed let alone an option and I doubt the author would kill him off, at least not until the last book in the series and her status as the last heir to her kingdom and the fact that she has obligations to her people and Jonas is not even of royal blood to consider him for a long-term relationship for someone who is now a queen in her own right.

Overall, after reading Rebel Spring all of my emotions are kind of jumbled, but as of right now I am really rooting for Magnus and Cleo to make it through to the end! This book left me feeling seriously conflicted. To be honest, there were huge chunks of it I simply didn't enjoy and it felt more like a chore than anything remotely resembling pleasure to get through.

Most of the story felt like it was going around in circles and every chapter often just repeated the same sentiments over and over again from each character's POV. Personally, there is nothing more frustrating in a series than when an author feels the need to recap what happened in the previous boo This book left me feeling seriously conflicted.

Personally, there is nothing more frustrating in a series than when an author feels the need to recap what happened in the previous books. What sane individual is going to pick up the 3rd book in a series and read it as a standalone? I feel like it's lazy storytelling and a complete waste of time.

For me, a lot of Gathering Darkness felt like a desperate need to reach a word count instead of focusing on plot progression and there were many times when I felt a compelling urge to throw the book out the window. Holy chicken nugget in a biscuit dipped in mashed potato! What an incredibly pointless and annoying character! He, by far , wins all the awards for the horndoggiest character ever written.

He goes from lusting after one character to another and then even pervs a fucking statue ffs!

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The man is incorrigible! Now that I've got all of that out of my system, I have to say that the ending of this book was so bloody brilliant that I very nearly gave it a 4 star rating. But alas, overall, I just felt like the book waffled way too much until it finally got there. That, and my bae, Lucia is on the cover. I just want her to be happy. View all 11 comments.

Are you sure?

Buddy read with Diana Bautista!!! I want to start the fourth one right now, but the 5th book doesn't come out till December!! Must wait a few months.

View all 50 comments. This book was amazing! I love this series so much! These books are so addicting. I can't wait to read the next book, I just want to binge read this series. If you love Fantasy, I really recommend this series: View all 3 comments.

Dec 03, sreeja hiatus rated it really liked it Shelves: Why is this series so damn addictive?? My mind still needs to heal from that cliffhanger. But so many things finally happened in this book i'm still reeling from it. Where the last book i felt like the only thing that managed to happen was a heck load of blah blah blah-ing from the characters but not really any action, this one had so many things going on i feel really glad that i continued.

This series is going to keep on getting better from now i'm sure of that! I'm such trash for the main ship though. Nov 01, Caitlin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was talking to some of my friends at about the half way point of this book and I was complaining because so far the first 2 books were only 4 stars and this one was also looking like being a 4 star. However, the last pages completely changed my opinion because it was ridiculously intense.

I was on the edge of my seat reading it and I had to take breaks because I was so stressed. I was pretty sure that our main characters would survive this book but I was still extremely worried that someon I was talking to some of my friends at about the half way point of this book and I was complaining because so far the first 2 books were only 4 stars and this one was also looking like being a 4 star.

I was pretty sure that our main characters would survive this book but I was still extremely worried that someone was going to literally lose their head. I was set on taking a break between book 2 and 3 but I was too addicted to the story to leave the world just yet. I almost fell into a slump because of it so I had to read a quick trashy novel to deal with it. Even though this book ended on a type of cliffhanger nothing was really resolved , I'll still be taking a tiny break from the world.

Even though I finished this book last night I can't even remember half of the plot. It was so intense though and I was genuinely concerned for the safety of my favourites. So many twists shocked me I actually sent videos to my friends of me screaming at how shocked I was.

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