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Make professional mobile-ready flip book from any document. Get trusted solution and impress your audience with quality digital publishing. This section describes FlippingBook Publisher development history. As a new version is released, here you can get full information about new functions and. FlippingBook Cloud is an integrated service that allows you to store, manage and share your publications, right from the FlippingBook Publisher program menu.

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Flipping book publisher free download, create customized page flipping catalogs, brochures, magazines, and flyers with ease. Have you come across the concept of a flipping book? Neither had I. As far as I knew a flipping book was one of those tiny animations you. Professional Flash flipping book and PDF conversion software provider, dedicates to offering you an easy way to make PDF flipping page book and convert your.

Arabic- and Hebrew-speaking readers can now enjoy publications in their native languages. The embed code for publications stored on FlippingBook Cloud has been updated. Pasting elements into the Content Editor is now easier. You can paste links and images that you copied to the clipboard. This problem has been solved. Some visual defects with vector shapes rasterization have been fixed. Rarely text with transparency was shown incorrectly after importing a PDF. The problem with displaying some symbols in the Table of Contents of the mobile version has been solved.

Publications stored on FlippingBook Cloud now load and work twice as fast in comparison to the previous version. Working with Table of Contents, Search and Navigation options has become much faster as well, on any device. The security of offline publications has been improved. Windows and Mac OS now recognize publications as secure and no longer show warnings when a publication is opening. Extracting links from a PDF has been improved.

Support for relative links and telephone number recognition have been added. Publication now supports links to telephone numbers, SMS and geolocation.

The size of a preloader with embedded images has been significantly reduced. This results in the quicker load of a publication as well. Now we have added some missing symbols to the default font of a publication and this message appears more rarely. Elements pasted into the Content Editor are now inserted into the center of the visible area. The Quick Start Guide has been updated. It is more user friendly and easier to use. When you worked on several projects, Publisher took up too much RAM; this has been fixed.

A problem with the software freezing after being idle for some time has been fixed. Rare problems caused by splitting wide publication pages have been solved. Rarely, vector objects in PDFs became corrupted during the conversion process, which led to artefacts on the pages of the publication.

The order of pages became mixed up after re-importing a PDF. Now the order remains correct. Content added on a page like links and videos was lost if the page was replaced by another one of a different size. Using key shortcuts when dragging links in the Content Editor caused a fatal error to appear; this has been fixed.

Some users got an error message when trying to open the Content Editor; this has been fixed. Flipping through the publication with the mouse scroll wheel can now be disabled.

Publication Top Bar and Bottom Menu could not be hidden. Hyperlinks on publication pages stopped working after the project PDF was re-imported and the project was saved. When an old publication project was updated via the latest version, extra pages were published, inflating the size of the publication.

This issue has been fixed. FlippingBook Publisher now supports silent installation. The Turkish language is now available for multi-language publications. You can set relative URLs for the copyright button and the background logo in a publication. You can now flip through a publication using the scroll wheel on your mouse. The cursor more clearly points out all the interactive elements of a publication. Publication windows Share, Print, etc.

Rarely, the number of pages in PDF files were incorrectly detected on import; this has been fixed. Publications showed incorrectly if a web server optimized the images; this has been fixed. The double-spread printing quality has been improved.

A rare but critical problem with adding content to the Content Editor has been solved. Minor issues in the mobile version of the publication have been fixed. An issue with opening older projects containing videos in the latest version has been fixed. Occasionally, an error appeared when a project with a custom Preloader settings was published.

Skin Editor used to freeze when the Preloader settings were changed. Previously, if one uploaded a broken Table of Contents file into a project, a critical error appeared. FlippingBook Publisher 2 has been certified for Windows 10 by Microsoft.

We have polished the way the flip effect works. The key settings, such as the flip curve, the shadows, the speed and the size of the flipping area have been re-adjusted to give you a true-to-life experience of browsing through a paper book.

We have reimagined and updated our Skin Gallery. There are 24 fresh and stylish skins waiting for you in the latest release. Selecting skin is much faster now.

Now users of FlippingBook Publisher Basic edition can upload external skin files into the software. The balance between the quality and size of page thumbnails has been greatly improved. Custom files attached to a publication can now be downloaded in the mobile version.

Publication URLs are now supported in search. A click on such a URL will lead to the publication with the opened search results window. Support for RTL text containing figures has been improved. An occasional error appearing when text is being extracted from a PDF has been fixed. A few issues with re-importing PDFs have been fixed. Previously, small images in pop-ups on mobile devices stretched across the whole screen and looked distorted. An occasional issue with a connection abort when publishing a project to FTP has been fixed.

Now files are transferred in connection retention mode by default. Minor bug fixes and improvements. Now you can embed images via Content Editor in FlippingBook Publisher just as you can videos and links. After the image is embedded in the page, you can click on it to open a full size version. This lets you re-import pages into FlippingBook Publisher without losing previously added content, such as links, E-Commerce products, and videos.

PDF downloads are now available in the mobile version. In landscape mode on mobile devices, publications now fit both width- and length-wise. Your readers will see the entire page when they open the publication. The quality of thumbnails generated by FlippingBook Publisher has been improved.

Google Analytics tracking has been improved, and all the events on pages are now tied to the page number. The statistics for clicks on E-Commerce product links are tracked separately now. This gives E-Commerce users more precise statistics. An issue with embedding YouTube videos has been fixed. Video previews now display correctly. The performance of the FlippingBook Publisher interface has been improved.

FlippingBook Publisher previously failed to launch on some computers missing specific Windows updates. Previously, the book slid down and covered the Bottom Menu when the Top Bar was hidden. Previously, the mobile version designed for smartphones displayed on tablets; the mobile version for tablets now displays correctly.

Previously, if the user's network settings blocked sound files, the publication would not open. Now the publication will open correctly and will be muted. Now the zoom panel in the Flash version becomes semi-transparent instead of disappearing entirely when you hover off it. Now publications can be navigated via a remote controller similar to the way MS PowerPoint presentations are navigated.

Many new currencies have been added to E-Commerce. Size of the E-Commerce price tag can be adjusted now. Dutch translation has been improved, for both the publication interface and the software. There was a rare issue with project publishing. Links were highlighted before the page had fully loaded in the mobile version. Publications in landscape mode display correctly now on the iPhone 6 Plus. Now the E-Commerce order price displays correctly for all supported currencies.

E-Commerce shopping cart now displays correctly in Flash version. E-Commerce item description opened when following a link to a zoomed publication page in the mobile version.

Error handling in import of E-Commerce items list has been improved. Opening a publication page in a new browser tab when following a link now works correctly in fullscreen mode on Macs. Following a link to a zoomed publication page opened a normal page in the Flash version. Support for file names containing non-Latin letters has been improved. Google Analytics statistics tracking now works correctly for right-to-left publications. The printing order for right-to-left publications works correctly now.

Text and link extraction when importing a PDF has been improved. Now the Content Editor supports relative links starting with ". Polish, Norwegian, and Finnish are added for text captions. Your Polish-, Norwegian-, and Finnish-speaking readers will be able to enjoy the publication in their native language.

Tooltips are now available for both internal and external links in the publication. Hover over any link to see where it leads. FlippingBook Publisher performance has been improved. Native Android browser compatibility has been improved. Windows Phone compatibility has been improved.

A minor issue with two-layer navigation in Table of Contents occurring in the Flash version has been fixed. A bug causing the wrong currency to display in the e-mail order message has been fixed.

A problem with uploading large-volume publications to FlippingBook Cloud has been resolved. An issue with publishing older FlippingBook Publisher projects has been fixed. The problem with sharing the publication invites to apostrophe-containing e-mail addresses has been fixed.

Using quotation marks in the publication name is no longer a problem. An issue with Vimeo videos embedding has been fixed. Now you can embed flipping pages directly to a Facebook feed. This feature is available only for publications hosted on FlippingBook Cloud. Integration with Google Universal Analytics is now available. It means that you can additionally monitor visitor behavior, real-time statistics, interaction with social networks, E-Commerce and many other KPIs.

Links have become more noticeable due to flash effects. We also added a context menu for links in the mobile version. A catalog published to FlippingBook Cloud becomes a lead-generating machine. Built-in e-mail checkout enables you to collect a shopper's name, e-mail address, phone number, and shipping information. The mobile and basic HTML versions have been significantly re-worked to improve usability and provide a more comfortable experience for the reader.

Take advantage of the new SEO opportunities by specifying meta-tags for each page of your publication. Your publications will provide a better reading experience with a new zooming control.

Thanks to the new XML format you can edit your product lists in other applications such as MS Excel and then update product items in your publications with a single click. Many other improvements and bug fixes. Standard and Premium.

Users of paid Publ. From now on the publications will have new URLs at cld. Readers of publications currently stored on publ.

Multilingual publication interface is now supported in Basic and Professional editions! Google Analytics can now be used in publications in Basic and Professional editions! Professional edition users can now create interactive digital catalogs with the E-Commerce feature! Company logos can now be customized on the publication background.

Offline publishing is now available in Basic edition. Pages in the mobile version now fit flawlessly to landscape-oriented iPad display. Publications stored on Publ. Mobile version zoom depth on Android phones has been fixed. A rare but fatal error when opening the Content Editor has been fixed.

Minor bugs in the text and link extraction from PDFs have been fixed. The bug seen when converting some old projects and skins has been fixed. The Hong Kong dollar sign in E-Commerce shop settings is now correct.

The thumbnails window has been significantly improved. The Publication share window has been redesigned. A QR code has been added.

Digital Publication Examples

New page flip sound effects. New currencies are now available for your E-Commerce shop. In the Content Editor, you can position items more precisely with the new zoom feature. A redesigned library for your publ. A QR code has been added to the share window in publ.

PDF import perfomance has been improved. The annoying Content Editor items resizing bug has been fixed. The mobile version of publications is faster and more efficient.

Text Block Zooming for mobile devices is now available. A small screen is no longer an obstacle to comfortable reading. The new local web-server allows you to preview a publication as if it were uploaded online.

Give your PDFs real powers

An interactive Full Screen is now available. Refined E-Commerce Products Editor.

The quality of Spanish translations has been reviewed and improved. Now Corporate Edition users can create interactive digital catalogs with the new E-Commerce feature! E-Commerce allows you to create item lists, save them and upload to subsequent catalogs. Readers can purchase either directly from your publication or on your website.

All links to products in existing publications can now be transformed to E-Commerce links.

Free Flipbook Publisher for HTML5 Magazine/eBook/Catalog Publishing

E-Commerce supports online PayPal payment as well as orders sent via e-mail. For better publication performance, traffic quota has been enabled on Publ. Sharing from Publ. New variable preloaders are available for desktop publications. Android 4. Faster Information board performance.

Overall application performance improvements. A rare page splitting bug has been fixed. A mobile version minor bug have been fixed. A minor installer problem has been solved. Publication interface has been renewed. A new installer is here! It has become much faster and makes installation process clear and simple. Password protected PDF files now get imported correctly. While zooming, no more page flipping sound is played. Link recognition during import has been refined. Minor page reconversion bug has been fixed.

Assemble your own bookshelf and enjoy all the advantages of an iPad while using the brand new Publ. You can now customize the preloader for Flash versions of your publications. Importing is considerably faster on most late-model computers.

Subsequent publication of an incrementally-edited file is much faster now, because only the changes edits, additions, deletions are saved — not the whole publication. Publication performance has been improved by disabling rendering of vector content when zooming.

Corporate users can now authorize others to edit publications. Mobile versions of publications stored on Publ. Mobile publications now correctly work on iOS when Private Browsing enabled. Basic HTML version has been completely redesigned. Now it offers all the most important functionalities of the Flash one, such as thumbnails, sharing and download options. Zooming and watching videos in lightbox is now available as well. Content Editor has some new features: Skin Editor now has several new settings that will let you make your publication look even more exquisite.

All publication components can have rounded corners, and you have more choices in the appearance of buttons and the style of list items.

The process of adding a background image has been optimized, making it possible to open your publications faster, without sacrificing quality. Bugs found in the Android version have been fixed — and now publications are working much faster.

The iOS version has become more stable. A bug has been fixed that prevented offline publications from being opened on some computers without an Internet connection. Locally-stored publications can now be opened in Opera. The compatibility problems have been solved: A bug has been fixed that affected text extraction in Arabic and Persian. Many minor improvements and bug fixes. The way flipping is performed for Magazine, Catalog, and Book project types has been improved.

Covers can be flipped by clicking on any part of the page, and inner pages are flipped by clicking on the edge. Link displacement bug in a downloaded PDF file has been fixed. Custom fonts support has been refined. A rare bug of thumbnail displaying has been fixed. A rare issue of incorrect link importing from a PDF file has been resolved. Minor improvement and bug fixes. We've added Vimeo support as well. Now you can embed Vimeo and YouTube videos into your publications.

Your readers are able to use search and bookmarks in fullscreen mode, if they have Adobe Flash Player Google Analytics tracking now works for Mobile version of publications stored on Publ. Image file names can be automatically imported as page labels into your publication. From now on all the publications match the HTML validation standards, which guarantees they can be correctly displayed by all the popular browsers.

A rare bug of updating publications on Publ. PDF files containing transparent text are imported correctly. Interface improvements for Content Editor.

When starting a Publ. Windows 8 support. YouTube video embedding is available with, literally, couple of clicks. Powerful link creating and editing allows you referring to any URL as well as to any page in your publication. Download window has been redesigned. Adobe Flash Player Sharing on Twitter and Facebook is now available via mobile devices as well using our new Sharing Window. Restore session window has been added. Hardcover properties have been restored.

Page flipping has been significantly improved.

Single page mode navigation has been refined. Many improvements for both mobile version's performance and interface. Creating home screen icon for iOS has been refined. Single page mode flipping bugs in mobile version have been fixed. Bookmarking in zoom mode now works correctly. Displaying bug with the flip corner enabled has been fixed. Flip animation of hardcover has been refined.

Compatibility problems of the old projects have been solved. Publication skins compatibility problems have been solved. Publication skins have been improved.

Skin Editor has been improved. Updating your publication on Publ. Basic HTML version has been improved. Right-To-Left mode has been refined. Search for exact match has been improved. Canceling the zoom mode is now available by pressing ESC button. Blend mode setting for opaque publication elements has been added.

Many minor improvement and bug fixes. A new project type Catalog has been added. This type is recommended for making digital product catalogs and business brochures. Photo gallery mode on Android devices has been added. Different viewing modes have been added for iPad: A rare bug of importing documents has been fixed. Text link recognition has been refined. Publishing to FTP has been refined. Tap flipping has been implemented in mobile version. Table of Contents bugs in mobile version have been fixed.

Search bugs in mobile version have been fixed. Some issues of zoom mode on iOS devices have been resolved. Zoom mode on Android devices has been refined.

Popup windows in mobile version have been disabled, which now allows downloading publications without changing browser settings. Project downloading in Publ. Issues of protected publications displaying and downloading from Publ. Page flipping for high quality publication and those containing many vector shapes has been improved. Grunge, Nature, Jeans or Coffee - complement your publication with one of these tunes. Now your publications are multilingual by default.

It means that the publication interface language matches the reader's system language. This feature is available in Corporate Edition only. It allows you to compile your own book shelf containing several of publications for the further distribution and embedding them all into your website at once. Main Mode in mobile version has been completely renewed. Publication skins have been refined in mobile version.

Source PDF download is now available in mobile version. Enhanced URL detection tool is now available. Basic HTML version layout is now maximally close to the source document. Publication share window has been redesigned.

Now you can choose the look of an embeded publication Linkable page, Animated spread, Full publication. Mailing lists are now available in Publ. Access control for publications and collections is now available in Publ. Multiple publication download option has been added to Publ. Now it allows you to protect your publications without editing the entire project.

You can set the Favicon for your publications to display it in browser address bar. Skin changing became simpler. Now it only affects the look without changing publication settings. Skin color changing became simpler.

You can adjust multiple bars and windows with just one button. Pages browser has been renewed. Now page numbering became more adjustable. The Information Board has been added.

Now you will get all the important notifications about you license, Publ. Mobile version has been optimized. It became lighter and more productive. The issue of publications in Hebrew has been resolved. Some PDF conversion issues have been resolved. Now Japanese language is natively supported in both FlippingBook Publisher's interface and publications. Saving of a publication skin caused an error in rare cases.

This issue appeared in 2. Several minor bugs have been fixed. The bug that led to a fatal error during program start in Spanish version has been fixed. The issue with mobile version after restoring backup from Publ. The fatal error during opening a window of a new project has been fixed.

A bug with logging in to profile after updating has been fixed. The new "Office" preset skin has been added. Multi-lingual publications are available. The language will be detected automatically while publication is loading.

Now the preset publication language is used for mobile version as well. Search feature is now available in the mobile version. WordPress plugin solution With the increasing products in your WordPress website, it costs much time to manage the content.

In details, when you create the interactive catalog for online business, you can also publish it as a plugin for WordPress website. While this plugin embed in your website, it can simplify the website design and attract more visitors, which lead to the sales increasing. Google Analytics tracking If you have access to information about how many people were reading your flipping books, where they came from, how long they spend on the publications, is it useful to your online business?

There is no doubt that it is priceless for your businesses current and future plans. Maybe you can find some invaluable insights for your business. There are million of reasons to choose this flipping book publisher Book-like interface Impress readers with the beautiful book-like page flip publications.

Customized settings You are in full control of which interactive features you empower to the publications. Command line conversion The easy and fast way to automate the PDF to flipbook conversion. Image gallery embed Use the image gallery to display a series of product pictures with animated effect.

Interactive content creating Enrich the content with popular rich media to engage the readers.WordPress plugin solution With the increasing products in your WordPress website, it costs much time to manage the content. Annual Report Integrate ecommerce with flipping book The flipping book publisher offers a wide range of possibility for publishers, advertisers, web-designers and entrepreneurs.

Integrated media Add videos and other media in your PDF flip book.

Nathan Chan. Output optimized for you r iPhone and iPad supports iOS 4. Mobile Ready Created page flipbook perfectly works on different kinds of mobile devices with web-browser, including iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and tablet, Windows Phone and tablet. The flipping book publisher offers a wide range of possibility for publishers, advertisers, web-designers and entrepreneurs.

While this plugin embed in your website, it can simplify the website design and attract more visitors, which lead to the sales increasing.

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