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Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd encargados de los bioteros; en todos esos casos, el médico veterinario requerirá de la farmacología . E-mail: [email protected] • E-mail: [email protected] • http:// ppti.info-medica. ppti.info MULTIESPECIE. Manual de farmacología veterinaria. Farmacología y Terapéutica. Veterinaria. Luis M. Botana López, Dr. Farm. Catedrático. Departamento de Farmacología. Facultad de Veterinaria. Campus de.

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En todos los niveles, los códigos ATC pueden ser asignados de acuerdo a la farmacología del producto. Sin embargo, las subdivisiones sobre el mecanismo de. PDF | Contenido: • Conceptos Generales • Derivados de la fenotiacina o In book: Farmacología Veterinaria 4ta Edición, Edition: Cuarta, Chapter: Capitulo La farmacología veterinaria se inicia con el uso de plantas que tienen unos efectos sobre el organismo y asienta sus bases en la edad media.

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Piccione et al. Four For the laboratory component, puppies from 2 litters from each rhythmic parameters were determined for each time series: of three breeds were studied.

These amounted to 10 female and mesor mean level , amplitude half the range of excursion , 5 male puppies of a large breed Neapolitan Mastiff , 7 female and acrophase time of peak , and robustness strength of rhythmicity 6 male puppies of a medium-size breed Boxer , and 6 female computed as the fraction of the variance explained by the cosine and 4 male puppies of a small breed Basset Hound. The puppies model. Light-controlling greater than zero Nelson et al.

Comparisons of group timers were set to maintain a light—dark cycle with 12 h of light means were conducted by factorial ANOVA Kirk, Ambient The correlation between body mass and rectal temperature temperature was thermostatically maintained at 1C. The amount of food was increased as pregnancy progressed, up to , , and g per day, respectively. Results Maternal milk was the only source of nutrition for the puppies from birth to weaning 30 days of age.

After weaning, puppies The mean values of body mass of puppies of the three breeds were fed dry dog food four times a day , , and g for over the 2 months are shown in Fig. As expected, there was a Mastiff, Boxer, and Basset puppies, respectively.

The difference in rates of growth of the three species for a single outpatient examination at the veterinary clinic. Even though growth was not yet 2 males , Miniature German Spitz 4 females, 1 male , Pekingese approaching an asymptote by 2 months after birth, data collection 3 females , Miniature Pinscher 4 females, 3 males , Pug was stopped at this time because, as shown below, the parameters 4 females, 2 males , Miniature Poodle 1 female, 4 males , Basset of the body temperature rhythm had stabilized.

Hound 2 females, 3 males , Cocker Spaniel 3 females, 2 males , Fig. Procedures In the laboratory component of the study, puppies were individually weighed on the day of birth and every 10 days afterwards until they reached 2 months of age. Measurements of rectal temperature were conducted every 7 days from 7 to 56 days after birth.

On these days, rectal temperature 3 cm deep was recorded at 3-h intervals for 27 consecutive hours with a calibrated electronic thermometer with resolution of 0.

Measurements of rectal temperature of the dams were also conducted at 3-h intervals for 27 consecutive hours on the 45th and 60th days post-partum. In the clinic component of the study, healthy dogs were brought by their owners to the veterinary clinic during weekdays between and over a period of 5 days in mid-autumn.

The breed, sex, body mass, and rectal temperature of the dog were recorded after a short wait 30—45 min to eliminate potential confounding effects of previous physical activity.

Manual de farmacología clínica para pequeñas especies

Data analysis Laboratory measurements of rectal temperature from each Fig. Closed symbols: females.

Open symbols: males. For each parameter of Fig. Records of rectal temperature of a representative puppy female Boxer on days 7, 28, and 56 after birth. The white and black rectangles at the top indicate the duration of the mean value for all day-old puppies of each breed and the mean light and dark phases of the prevailing light—dark cycle, respectively. The mean values of rhythm robustness of puppies of the three Because only the mesor was found to correlate with body size, breeds over the 2 months are shown in Fig.

Analysis The data, as shown in Fig. M is in kg. With correction for non-zero offset, the function Fig. We calculated the same func- acrophase. Discussion ing slightly greater amplitudes than Boxers, and Boxers exhibiting slightly greater amplitudes than Bassets. Rectal temperature as a function of body size for healthy dogs of various breeds.

These differences cannot be explained by differences in body size, as both foals and calves are larger than dogs but the former develop more rapidly than dogs whereas the latter develop more slowly. Other possible explanations are differences in the nursing behavior of the mothers which we have not studied or differences in the thermoregulatory physiology of the various species. Mesor top and robustness bottom of the body temperature rhythm as a , and it would be reasonable to expect that differences also function of body size.

The data points are mean values for day-old Basset exist in the ontogenetic development of rhythmicity. Hound puppies 1 , day-old Boxer puppies 2 , adult Basset Hound dogs 3 , day-old Neapolitan Mastiff puppies 4 , adult Boxer dogs 5 , and adult Neapolitan Mastiff dogs 6.

Canine rhythm of body temperature the least squares. Similarly, we observed no daily matured, which was expected. Differences in breed had no previous study Piccione et al. In lambs and foals, rhythmicity matured more detail below.

The intra-breed variance in mesor at 2 months of rapidly, a stable level being achieved 4 weeks after birth Piccione age was rather small inter-individual range E0. For Basset Hound dogs, heat production are greater, whereas their conductances are the robustness of the body temperature rhythm was approxi- presumably independent of body size. Compared with other mammalian species genetic groups differently.

Acknowledgments 4. The individual development of circadian temperature rhythm in infants. Cycle Res. On the other Adam, K. Human body temperature is inversely correlated with body mass. The circadian rhythm of body temperature as a function of body temperature i.

In: Taylor, C. As a matter of fact, we found a strong Blumberg, M.Infecciones con Gram. Twedt DC. Eaton KA, Krakowka S. Manual of companion animal nutrition and feeding. Acta-Leidensia ; Reduzca el sangrado capilar. Evaluation of cimetidine treatment for melanomas in seven horses.

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