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Escaping Reality (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen #1) by Lisa Renee Jones #1 Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee ppti.info KB. Escaping. Ebook Pdf Escaping Reality Hart Ranch Volume 1 contains important information and a detailed explanation about Ebook Pdf Escaping Reality Hart Ranch. Start by marking “Escaping Reality (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen, #1)” as Want to Read: (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen #1) In true Lisa Renee Jones’ fashion, this story is sexy, mysterious and leaves us with cliffhanger ending.

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Escaping'Reality'(The'Secret'Life'of'Amy'Bensen,'#1)'ebook'download'epub'pdf' audiobook. Excovenan; 5 videos; No views; Updated today. Play all. Share. Clubwhore by Kim Jones (PDF + EPUB) Wattpad Books, Saga, Romance Novels Escaping Reality The Secret Life of Amy Bensen Series Book One Lisa. 5 days ago AVM Rescue Tiger Cub is another point & click escape game developed by AVMGames Children's fantasy literature: why escaping reality is.

Search Home About Donate. He leads. She follows. She might have Stockholm Syndrome. Book Details File Name hard-escape-by-debra-kayn. Prologue 2. Chapter 1 3. Chapter 2 4. Chapter 3 5. Chapter 4 6. Chapter 5 7. Chapter 6 8. Chapter 7 9. Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 What just happened??

Are you kiddin me??! The ending Bloody hell,I did not expect that! This book had me feeling so damn confused, on edge, suspicious of everyone and the ending well that was extreme!

Own them. Don't ever let them own you. And they'll have to fight me to get to you anyway. Amy is being hunted.. She is on the run from someone dangerous. The book starts off where amy is having to leave her life and run. Run for her life and for that she needs to start over in a new place with a new identity.

This isn't the first time she has done this and it probably wont be her last. Infinite possibilities…. As she is waiting at the airport she meets Liam Stone. Liam is a hot mysterious,darkly entrancing recluse billionaire. He is a man who gets what he wants and he wants Amy. He wants to posses every part of her mind,body and soul. But this is just what Amy is supposed to avoid. She cant get attached to anyone People will die, things will go bad And she will have to run..

But Liam hold secrets of his own Is he the bad guy or is he the hero?

To the gentle lion I believe will take control of everything around him, including me. The man who will demand much of me, and perhaps take more than I should give. And yet, beyond all reason, I want to experience those things. I want to experience him.

It almost feels…necessary. This book had me reading really fast because I really just wanted to know what is going on and since I am an impatient person the wait was killing me! By the end I was like, no no no I cant be finished already, pages must be missing!!! I really liked Liam but it felt like he was hiding something,he was just too good at hiding his emotions. Liam and Amy may be two people from different worlds but they made sense together. She needs safety and Liam is her safe place.

He grounds her and makes her forget about the bad stuff. Now this handler dude.. I have soo many questions! And Jared,hmm I don't know what to think about him but he isn't in my favorites list atm..

Oh I need the next book..

View all 8 comments. You just want to punch that person in the face for being so smug?? I mean I have read some frustrating books in my time.. Cos it's still paying on my mind.. I'm gunna go with a 4 for now So she did. She remembers he had a triangle tattoo on his wrist.

He had set her up with a new life as Amy in New York. And then he contacts her again… She is to run again… Leave everything she knows in New York and go straight to the airport. Everything she needs will be there… On the flight over she meets a Liam Stone. A reclusive, sexy, rich, famous Architect. He is money, power and sex It is insta- chemistry with them… Of course they end up sleeping together pretty quickly.

You're a beautiful woman who deserves to be properly fucked, which I conclude from both your actions and answers to my questions, that you have not been. He turns into a possessive, overbearing Alpha Male when she is around and is not happy about her- 1- Not having a phone 2- Not having luggage 3- Moving into an apartment that her boss has set up, with nothing in it 4- Moving to a new state for a new job she knows nothing about 5- About anything really!

I mean yes they have only just met… But from the get go he tries to take over everything… and she lets him… he feels safe for some reason… Oh and did I mention that he has triangle tattoo right below his belly button? She has no money, but has been ordered not work for a month. Yet she received a package from her handler stating to go to a certain address to sign a lease. She makes a new friend in Meg who she should be working with but Meg never seems to be at work.

She has no money coming in.

The new neighbour Jared seems to be everywhere. Liam is taking over her head, heart and life and she is allowing him as something is right about him.

He is opening up to her as well… And yeah things get weirder.. Questions upon questions upon questions pop up in your head. Why is Liam being like this? Why Denver? What is she researching?

Why a triangle? Why'd she have to run? Whys she got no money? Hence my frustration… Oh and a cliffhanger…. An overheard conversation and then she runs.. Then it ends..

It just fucking ends!!! I'm super intrigued now! Exactly liked you wanted to happen.. I will be reading the next one for my answers! Please please please give them too me! View all 17 comments. They swim like sharks all around me. The good news is that we only have to wait a couple of months at the most for the next and final installment. Amy is on the run. Once again to hit the restart button because Slowly Amy reveals bits and pieces of the reasons why she is on the run to a reader.

On her flight to Denver, where she was instructed to relocate, she meets Liam. Liam is a high profile, billionaire architect. He gets his hooks into her and she just can't fight the attraction nor does she want to. Their relationship goes from hey I just met you to living together …. Run to me, Amy, not from me. Jared is so mysteriously sexy he had my full attention from their first encounter. He's familiar. Why is he familiar? That ending… Take it from me, I was left with more questions than answers by the end of the book.

View all 27 comments. She's being hunted down by someone from her past. Ever since her family was killed years ago, she's been living the life of a stranger. Her only constant has been the mysterious man that saved her from suffering the same fate as her family years earlier.

However, as the years have gone by, Amy has grown leery of her tattooed handler. She's begun to question his true identity and motives. Exactly how closely is he watching her and to what ends?

Amy is no longer confident that her handler has her best interests at heart. When she receives notification from her handler that she must relocate again because her identity has been compromised, she reluctantly does as she's told, heading to Denver to start over again.

Table of Contents

She doesn't plan on meeting the sexy, confident billionaire, Liam. Nor does she plan on having her world turned upside down.

Yet, once she sets her eyes on him her carefully constructed walls begin to crumble. Slowly but surely, Liam works his way into her heart and her life. Amy comes to depend upon him and feels safe in his arms. However, Liam has secrets and isn't being totally honest with Amy. The extent of his deceitful ness remains to be told in future installments of this series.

This book ends with a big upset and left me craving the next book in the series. I really enjoyed this book, despite the over-used billionaire Alpha stereotypical male lead character. There are many similarities to several other post-'Fifty Shades of Grey' rich guy romances. However, the secrecy and intrigue surrounding Amy's true identity and the past that haunts her, kept this story suspenseful and consuming.

Once I got going, I couldn't put it down. View all 4 comments. I just couldn't take it any more.

This was a farce of an NA why is it NA at all? And badly written sex at that. The characters had no depth despite the authors best attempt to make Amy so mysterious, Amy just seemed selfish and whiny. I didn't like her, I didn't connect, I don't care. And then there's the time frame. She locks eyes with this guy for a split second and then BAM super-duper insta-love.

By the next day she's feeling such painful emotions at the fact she might never see the controlling bastard again that it's painful to breathe.

Amy is a messed up little girl, someone who shouldn't have been taken advantage of. I do NOT like books where domestic abuse is skirted around and even glorified, and this one did exactly that in my eyes. I never found out what the big "life threatening to everyone around her" mystery about Amy was.

It wasn't well written, the mystery elements being forced down your throat with an overly big spoon. Usually in a mystery the mysteries built by information being revealed - at 58 percent, when I couldn't turn another page for fear of driving forks into my eyes, there was nothing that I knew about the character. I am sick of all the sex in New Adult. Bad sex scenes belong with the joke that was FSoG. This was a laughable attempt at pushing into the market and the overly sexed, quite frankly idiotic characters were not for me.

I feel awful that I can't think of anything nice, especially when I tried so hard with this one.

I thought of something! And that Amy thought it was sexy. Belly button tattoos on a guy? View 1 comment. WHAT is she running from? WHO is she running from? WHO is: But did I like it. Over and out bitches hahahaha!

Bayside Escape by Melissa Foster

Think I'm going to read this next! View all 14 comments. Lisa Renee Jones did an excellent job writing a hot romance, and it was full of intense sexy times.

However, I was very disappointed with the mystery aspect of the story. At the heart of this is a girl on the run, hiding her true identity because of some unknown threat, and I wanted to know why?

Amy has nightmares and a couple short flashbacks, but it was all very sketchy. He was pretty intense, sort of the Christian Grey type which is usually fun and thrilling in fictional romance for me.

Right away, there were alarm bells ringing about Liam: Even so, what happened was very brief and brought more questions than answers. Hopefully, the mystery portion will live up to my expectations in the next installment.

A copy was kindly provided by Julie Patra Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 16 comments. It certainly had me thinking and that cliffhanger was torture! The writing was good and I do have more questions than ever now. This is one of those books where I don't hate it but I didn't love it either. I am interested to see what happens next though. View 2 comments. Hide or die. Amy and Liam are both waiting to board a plane when their eyes find each other.

They can't break the connection they feel and are drawn to each other. Amy is escaping her life in New York to start a new life in Denver until her handler deems it unsafe and sends her elsewhere.

Liam is heading to Denver for business. Liam is a billionaire who wants to take care of Amy. Amy is suspicious of why he wants to care for her. Amy is on the run but we don't know who she fears. Even Amy herself isn't sure who wants her dead. Could it be: View all 23 comments. Everything in this book is new, refreshing and capturing. She hides from the past that hunts her and makes her flee to another city, leaving a pieces of normality she started to collect in New York after her first escape.

But the danger is still present and will not let her forget. So when she gets another letter from her handler, that says she has to change her name and leave NYC behind, she crumbles again. With only one luggage in hand and plane ticket to Denver, Amy escapes. After everything she went through she still has a power to take care of herself and just live. It was nice to see her fighting for survive. All that matters is that he is one hundred percent focused on me, and me on him.

I instantly adored Liam and his flirty attitude as well as fragrance of pure male that is around him. I loved every word that Liam has said. His words were brilliantly smart and clever, comforting and sexy as hell! Almost every quote I loved is from his mouth! Us feeling. Us being us together. We leave everything else at the door. We are different, dark and light. Right and wrong.

Running from the dark secrets of her past since she was 18, Amy's life is turned upside down once again when she gets a letter from the man who saved her years ago.

Go to JFK Airport directly. Do not go home. Do not linger. Locker will have everything you need. Just when she was starting to get settled in her fake life, she has to up and leave to start a new one, or risk past ghosts hunting her down.

So what does she do?

Exactly as she was told. Amy Reynolds is now Amy Benson, and she's on her way to Denver. He is sitting in a seat that faces me, one row between us, his features handsomely carved, his dark hair a think, rumpled finger temptation. She knows she shouldn't get involved with anyone, but she's inexplicably drawn to him.

For someone who has spent years on the run, by herself, afraid Liam makes her feel safe and like she's not alone. Liam is a sexy, mysterious, playful, and protective alpha male. Oh, and he's a billionaire, too; When they first got involved, they were thinking it'd be a quick fling, but the more time they spent together, the less they wanted to be apart.

And when Liam wants something, he gets it, and now he wants Amy. But getting attached to someone is exactly what Amy's been trying to avoid, because whenever she does, people get hurt, and she has to run.

This book had me completely paranoid! I kept questioning everything and everyone. I didn't know who to trust and I wanted so bad to know what's really going on! This book has a really captivating story that sucks you right in. The author has weaved together mystery and romance in the best way.

It's not romance and mystery, it's romantic mystery. Or mysterious romance, I don't know. Moving on! The book was well written and the writing flows well, though at times I felt like I wanted more detail.

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Also bullshit. Chapter 14 Plants and animals are dying off in record numbers, and lots of people are starving and homeless. That's easy. Escaping Reality. Other editions.

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