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Erle Stanley Gardner () was the best-selling American author of the Book Erle Stanley Gardner Author (). cover image of The Case of the. ⇰ File formats: ePub, PDF, Kindle, Audiobook, mobi, ZIP. Where can I download free PDF format novels? How do I download Hussain Zaidi's books in PDF format?. Erle Stanley Gardner, author of The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps: The Best Crime The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories (Contributor) copies .

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eBooks-Library publishes Erle Stanley Gardner (A.A. Fair *, Charles M. Green *) and The huge success of the book convinced Gardner to give up the law and. Ebooks written by Erle Stanley Gardner, download PDF, EPUB, TXT, MOBI, Kindle. Download books by Erle Stanley Gardner. The Case of the Velvet Claws (Perry Mason #1), The Case of the Sulky Girl (Perry Mason #2), The Case of the Lucky Legs (Perry Mason #3), The Case of the.

The knob clicked. It might have been a client with an important case, and it spoke volumes for the manner in which Perry Mason conducted his office and lived his life that he made no effort to change his position. Della Street hastily withdrew her hand, but Perry Mason remained with one hip resting on the corner of the desk, smoking his cigarette, staring with steady, uncordial eyes at the door. The door swung open. Paul Drake, head of the Drake Detective Bureau, regarded them with protruding, glassy eyes which held a perpetual expression of droll humor, an effective mask, covering a keen intelligence which passed upon life in the raw.

I've been keeping your whole detective agency busy for the last few months, and now you want more! I figured it would be a good plan to. I didn't get all this in the first glance. She's nervous. He might have been a radio announcer droning through a list of stock exchange quotations. Her complexion isn't anything to write home about. She looks frightened. There's only one passenger in it.

The detective moved away from the door. He saunters over to the elevator. Paul Drake spoke in a husky. She's got a trim figure. Perry Mason slid from the desk.

Erle Stanley Gardner

When the indicator shows that a cage has stopped at your floor. He's running fast. I'd have given it more of a play. So when they got to the street. You know. In the first place. The guy was tailing her all right.

He'd followed the jane to your office and was waiting in the corridor for her to come out. Smoke seeped through his nostrils. I trailed along for a ways. The man that was back of her went into a panic and ducked for a doorway.


I thought I'd see what it was all about. Give me the dope. When he heard your door open and the jane go out. No matter what happens. She didn't even look at me as she went by. I thought I might be drumming up a job for myself.

She'd either thought of something she'd forgotten to ask you. He was probably parked at the head of the stairs. I kept on walking toward her. She turned around and started back toward me. The way the thing stacked up. She didn't even see the chap who was standing in the doorway. Then he ran down the stairs to the lower corridor and sauntered along to the elevator.

I don't figure him for a professional shadow. She went past me a second time without seeing me. But she didn't. She didn't see the chap who had been sticking in the doorway.

A man usually doesn't powder his face when he. His hands were manicured. She wanted to come back. I expected she'd turn and come back before she got to the elevator. I figured that if she came from your office and was being shadowed.

I figured that she'd acted on impulse when she turned around and started back. The nails were freshly polished. I don't know what had happened. She acted as though she was afraid of something.

He's not a bad looking guy. I guess she couldn't take it.

While she was walking back. He had that barber shop smell about him. I'd stopped to light a cigarette.

He'd been shaved and massaged in a barber shop. I'd say he was something of a ladies' man.. She looked as though she'd lost the last friend she had in the world. Her shoulders were sagging. I moved it before the door opened. If we accepted a retainer from her we're going to see it through. Thanks for the tip. You don't know what she wanted you to do. I'll get in touch with her.. The receiver made noise. I might have been a client. I'm going to back up.

What's her address? A barber pats it on with a towel and doesn't rub it in. There was a moment's pause. What the hell have you got a private office for? Once more.. I'm going to give that girl a break.

She lives at East Pelton Avenue. I'll let you know. Perry Mason stared somberly down into Della Street's flushed face. If anything comes of it. The initials I'm. When he does. That number has been disconnected. The former number was Drenton six-eight-nine-fourtwo. A brown purse had slipped down between the cushions.. I'm going to open it. There isn't any four ninety-six East Pelton Avenue.

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The pencil made pothooks over the pages. What have you listed there?. A cartridge in the firing. I want you to inventory the contents as I open it. Perry Mason's voice droned on mechanically.

Pelton Avenue is a street only two blocks long. She forgot about leaving that retainer. It was heavy. Whenever she calls see that I have a chance to speak with her. Perry Mason pulled it out. The highest number on it is two hundred and ninety-eight. Della Street said. Mason stopped to stare. Our caller left a purse behind her. Light streaming in from the window caught something metallic.

Thanks very much. He weighed it speculatively in his hand. Della Street looked up from the notebook. Telegram reading as follows: The telegram he held for a moment then thrust it into his pocket.

No odor of powder discernible. That girl's in trouble. She came to me for help. Barrel seems to be clean. What I'm really afraid of is that she may not come back. I'll give you a ring if I'm not back within an hour. Tell her anything you want to. He dropped the gun into the purse. Go so far as to tell her I'm sorry for the way I treated her. His pounding steps echoed along the.

I'm going out. He held the purse upside down over the desk. The eyes regarded him with curiosity that.

I was going this way on another matter. Mason walked rapidly up a cement walk. Mason reclined in the cushions as the cab lurched forward. A young woman with tired eyes regarded Perry Mason in expressionless appraisal. The door opened. The young woman's eyes dropped to the address. He speared the elevator signal with his forefinger. There was the sound of steps approaching the door.

She nodded her head. Mason took the telegram from his pocket. Perry Mason moved past her. Tell me exactly what you know about her. I was going to read it. Suspicion and panic filled the eyes of the woman who stood in the doorway.

She had no make-up on her face. As a matter of fact. If it hadn't been for me. Her face went white to the lips. I thought the name R. I thought that it must be mine. Nell Brinley came to the doorway and stood staring at him.

Montaine was a mistake. I've been expecting a telegram. I was going to give it back to you. I'm the branch manager. Mason's voice showed grim insistence. Montaine" she had previously signed. You probably don't realize it. I'm friendly with R. I gave her the telegram. I am a detective working for the telegraph company.

I'm going to ask you to get your things on and come to the district attorney's office with me for questioning. That's your name. You signed for it and delivered it to R. Nell Brinley. There have been complaints of unauthorized persons receiving and reading telegrams.

I'm telling you the truth. Mason said nothing. Nell Brinley lowered her eyes. I told her it would be quite all right. I know that his name is Montaine. She lived with me here before her marriage. Rhoda wanted to get some telegrams and some mail at this address. I'm a friend of Rhoda's. I've known her for years.

Nell Brinley shook her head and said. Married women shouldn't have secrets from their husbands. We kept this little house together. I lived with her for more than a year. That's all that I know about him. She's never given me her full confidence. How about the telegram? I was special nurse on an operative case.

I told her about the telegram. She called some questions after him. She's very queer. She came out and got it. I don't know just what it is. There's something in her life that she's concealing. Do you think you can remember that message?

The cab driver swung toward the curb in front of a candy store which exhibited a public telephone sign. Have Drake put a man on addresses and see if he can run down the address of the bridegroom from the marriage license. Check over the marriage licenses. Tell her that it is a message from Gregory. I want to get a line on that woman. Find out if a marriage license was issued to a man by the name of Montaine.

When you get the right initials from the marriage license. Stop at the first place where there's a telephone. Keep all of this stuff under cover. The cab stopped. Tell her that I want to see her at once. He gave the number of his office. Give her a fake name. Mason strode into the candy store. Have him get in touch with the Colt arms people and see if he can trace the number on that gun.

Have Paul Drake send one of his men to the water. Tell her that she left her purse in my office. You've the number there in your notebook. Tell her that when Rhoda Montaine comes in she is to call you at once. Mason took a bill from his pocket. He sat at the counter. The printer had a small stall between skyscrapers. He returned to the drug store called his office again.

The man behind the short counter leaned forward. It will fool even an expert. An oblong glass frame contained samples of the various types of printing. He crossed to a drug store. The man's ink-smeared forefinger indicated a schedule of samples and prices. At length he crossed the street to the printer.

A placard announced that cards and stationery were printed while the customer waited. Perry Mason stared speculatively at the glass oblong. After all. I'm going to represent her. Drake's got about all the official information he can get for tonight. Tell her we know her real name and address.

The number that Rhoda Montaine left for us to call when she was in the office is Drenton six-eight-nine-four-two.

That will bring her in. Rhoda Lorton. It was made within the last week. She just. You didn't know about the retainer. If this girl calls in. I've apparently accepted a retainer to represent a client. He expects to hear before five. The address was Chicago.

The license said she was a widow. Montaine at twentythree hundred nine Hawthorne Avenue. I'm going to see this thing through. Drake wants to know how strong you want him to go on expenses. Perry Mason pulled a telegraph blank toward him. He looked up and caught the eye of an attendant. That must mean that she's pretty familiar with that telephone number. Mason studied the notation for a moment. Approaching the counter.

She returned within less than five minutes with the name and address of the sender written on the message in a pencil notation. There's some key number on this telegram. She must have lived at that address and used that telephone before she was married. I understand your company requires the senders to leave their addresses on file in connection with any wire sent.


I am wondering if you can find the address of the sender by taking this key number and running down your records? She came to him. Perry Mason scrawled a telegram. He emanated an atmosphere of physical well-being and prosperity. Perry Mason noticed that three of the apartments. He leaned back in the cushions. He climbed the stairs. Mason pressed the button on Apartment B. I was expecting a visitor who had an appointment with me.

The man was some thirty-six years of age. For a swift instant the man stiffened as though bracing himself for a blow. The influx of more modern apartment houses on either side had spelled disaster for the made-over private residence. By the time the cigarette was consumed. The Colemont Apartments was a huge two-story building that had at one time been a residence.

As the small numbered blocks of Norwalk Avenue had become choice apartment sites. In a short time it would be torn down to make way. A long flight of stairs loomed ahead of him. Despite the heat of the day. Then the booming geniality was once more apparent in his voice. The windows were open. I like small apartment houses. Across fifteen feet of space loomed the side of a modern apartment house.

Moxley's laugh was quick and contagious. I don't like these big places where there's a manager constantly snooping around. Come on in. On days like this it makes an oven out of my apartment. Come on up. Gregory Moxley. Mason sat down. I don't like it. Certainly is hot. The room was comfortably furnished. It was the grin of one who has learned to take the world philosophically. What's your name?

Mason joined in his laugh. Moxley gave it a frowning glance of annoyance. Moxley nodded. He got up from his chair without a word of excuse. Moxley walked back to the room. There were steps on the stairs. The smile faded from his face. His eyes were hard and watchful. He unfolded the message. The lines of his face were grim.

The bell rang again. Moxley pressed a button. Moxley seemed undecided. His eyes hardened into speculative appraisal. I didn't suppose you had.. Moxley frowned. The look of genial urbanity vanished. I can't get in touch with Rhoda. I want you to tell me where I can find Rhoda. It doesn't make any difference what it was. I knew you were in touch with her. His right hand had left the knob of the drawer. The ready friendliness of his manner had evaporated into a cold.

Moxley's laugh was sneering. Rhoda didn't know that I was coming. Rhoda didn't retain me. Moxley took a deep breath. I decided to get in touch with you. Something happened which caused me to interest myself in Rhoda. It's only a presumption. Mason shrugged his shoulders. If the man showed up. Moxley said. That makes a presumption of death. The first name of the former husband was Gregory. Moxley wet his lips with the tip of his tongue. Moxley came to the head of the stairs.

The receiver made rasping.. He picked up the receiver with his left hand. His face twisted into a snarl of hatred.

I say you should. She was Rhoda Lorton.


You should know who the visitor is. Moxley grabbed the telephone in his right hand. Claude Millsap. His name is Mason. Mason slammed the front door shut. I'm not mentioning any names He signed the death certificate.

Moxley's face twisted with rage. He doubled his right hand into a fist. I tell you.. The attending physician was Dr. He's a lawyer. Perry Mason left the telephone and approached the drug counter. The clerk studied him for a moment. Drake wants to know how much work you want him to do.

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Crime and Mystery? Detective Story and Detectives Fiction? Crime andMystery? Legal Thriller:www. New — never opened or used in original packaging.

Like New — packaging may have been opened. The first British edition of this thrilling detective novel featuring renowned protagonist, Perry Mason. With originalunclipped and illustrated dustwrapper. Selma Arlington is engaged to a wealthy widower. His heirs don't want him to tie the knot.Married women shouldn't have secrets from their husbands. Gardner continued to practice law until , the year that saw the publication of his novel, The Case of the Velvet Claws, which introduced the character of Perry Mason.

I just had to lie in the one position without moving. I'll get in touch with her.. Montaine lowered his eyes. I didn't want to answer them. Chapters cover general astronomy and astrophysics, radio, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma-ray astronomy, and cosmic rays. Usually there is no more than one dead body in a book, but the plot is always complicated - enough to make Agatha Christie proud.

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