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Ender tried to imagine the little device missing from the back of his play buggers and astronauts, maybe I won't have to play, maybe I can just go read a book. .. It would not be a good game, Ender knew it was not a question of winning. this war happens, there'll be too much, even for a genius. He has to be a genius and nice. too Document1 ENDER'S GAME by Orson Scott Card. buggers and astronauts, maybe I won't have to play, maybe I can just go read a book. But Ender knew, even as he thought it, that Peter wouldn't leave him alone. .. It would not be a good game, Ender knew it was not a question of winning.

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Download this great creation by Orson Scott, Enders Game is available here in PDF form. Ender's Game PDF. gjavolot. Views. 3 years ago. No tags were found READ . NonViolent-StruggleCP-book-small. Similar magazines. PDF of Game. Ender's Game and Philosophy: The Logic Gate Is Down release of the movie adaptation of Orson Scott Card's novel about highly traine .

According to Aristotle and most of his modern followers, you can only create this kind of person through training in habits—a true forming of a person who becomes courageous, for example, by doing or practicing courageous things until the virtue of courage is ingrained into the character of the person. You practice a virtuous character like you practice scales on a piano or striking the ball in soccer.

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In battle, the courageous man does not debate about what to do, and both rashly crazy and cowardly acts will not even seem like options; by performing his own character, he will do the courageous thing.

Human Flowcharts? This approach to ethics is quite different from most modern approaches—which essentially assume that people act like computers applying data to complicated flowcharts of possible ways of choosing and acting.

The modern flowchart approach to ethics imagines that human behavior can be governed and improved by gathering more data.

Ender’s Game

With more data and flexibility, the flowchart can be perfected, and good, universally acceptable outcomes will be easier to achieve. So for example, if I had to decide whether or not to run illegal human trials of a pre-natal genetic procedure that would produce super-human intelligence in children, I might consider many pieces of data: Ideally, my ethical flowchart should include every option — including the option of protecting myself or the reputation of well-intentioned scientists everywhere by slaughtering all the babies to hide the evidence.

The only limits or filters are whatever principles I choose as guidelines for my choices. The problem with this in addition to the possibility that one of the children will hide in a toilet tank and survive is that ethical challenges are ever-new and data is always limited.

No flowchart can encompass every possible development or consequence such that correct moral choices will result.

The recent return to virtues ethics, whether centered on Aristotle or other philosophers of virtue, focuses on the cultivation of character: Whose Virtue? Which Good? Can viciousness or evil—perhaps justified by crisis circumstances, perhaps not—be trained and ingrained as thoroughly as virtue?

The virtues tradition addresses this dark potential in part by stressing that learning to become virtuous is also learning to think critically and to deliberate about the good and the best ways of achieving the good.

You have to develop phronesis, or practical wisdom, in order to really perform virtue. In order to avoid the danger of performing virtues in a way that does not serve a good end, children must observe and experience properly timed and executed behavior. This is precisely what is denied to Ender and the rest of the children in the Battle School: Instead, these are unquestioned, settled issues.

The Good is human survival, and the only means of achieving the Good is to destroy the Buggers. With hindsight, readers know that if Graff, Major Anderson, and Mazer had invited Ender and Bean to engage with them in thoughtful deliberation of the big situation, with nothing hidden or obscured, it is possible they could have figured out the truth about the Buggers.

When Ender performs, he performs the character created by his training, and destroys Stilson, Bonzo, and the Buggers. As he acknowledges, and even accepts willingly, Ender is the perfect tool of the I.

But he is perfect because he is not merely a passive tool. He thinks, plans, reacts, improvises, and chooses to act in ways that his teachers could never program him to act.

Total victory, for now and forever: However, even this new performance is based on the same fundamentals and is aimed at the same ultimate goals underlying all of his training. A Shadow of Hope?

When Bean performs, we see that his training, even before arriving at Battle School, has been different. His character is not trained for brutality, despite the fact that he grew up in a savage environment. I think Card wants us to see this as a glimpse of the road not taken. We see hints of this in the final battle.

Ender's Game

His additional knowledge of the situation is not complete, however, as he admits to himself when he decides that he cannot take control of the fleet away from Ender: Even he cannot overcome the mistaken idea of the Good—destroy or die—at the core of his training.

Without the opportunity to participate in deliberation about the definition of the Good, and without the ability to develop phronesis with Ender, Graff, and Mazer, even the character whose own training allows for more creative solutions to problems cannot escape tragedy. The Virtue of Tragedy Like all great science fiction writers, Card tackles problems so familiar that we can only see them clearly in an alien context.

How could this have been avoided?

Can anything be done to avoid repeating these tragic mistakes? Olgu Sunumu Brakidaktili Tip C: Olgu Sunumu. Children's Book and Media Review , Feb Lisa Packard.

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This is a preview of a remote PDF: Toggle navigation. Years ago, Earth was invaded by the Formics, an alien race that had overpopulated their own world and was looking to colonize a new planet.

Now the International Fleet, headed by Colonel Graff, is looking for young, brilliant minds to aid in the fight against the Formics.

Colonel Graff chooses Ender to train in Battle School where Ender shows his strength and brilliance, and quickly moves up the ranks. Ender and his crew of misfits fight and triumph battle after battle in a simulator. To become the next commander of the entire International Fleet, Ender has one last battle to win against the Formics in the simulation.

He and his team win a stunning victory by wiping out the entire Formic fleet and their home planet. However, after the game ends Colonel Graff informs Ender that none of the battles have been simulations; in fact, everything has been real and Ender has annihilated the entire Formic species. Horrified, Ender runs away into the wasteland of the former Formic colony and finds the last dying Formic queen who had been trying to communicate with Ender.

The queen entrusts an egg, a future queen, to Ender and he promises to find a new home for the Formics.Two teams,Manticore and Asp, had no recent score-- that box was flashing. If you want to create a great jazz musician or soccer player, training a kid with Bach flute sonatas or badminton might succeed in developing a good musician or a good athlete, but not one capable of improvising like John Coltrane or scoring goals like Lionel Messi.

He didn't want to go. But Page 34 and The old man was sitting cross-leged Page and And what do they call its?

Ender's Game PDF

Of course you didn't. His isolation can't be broken. Shut up and eat. Andthe bigger kids don't like Launchies butting in.

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