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Electrical Machines Objective Type Questions and Answer-PDF for Competitive Exams,electric dc machines motor mcqs questions and answers. Bangladesh Krishi Bank MCQ Exam Questions with Answer (PDF) for Senior Officer, Civil, Electrical and Programmer. Electrical Engineering. Dec 19, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS AND OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS PDF FOR COAL INDIA. Jun 23, ELECTRICAL MACHINE 25 IMPORTANT MCQ PDF FOR OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS PDF FOR COAL INDIA LIMITED.

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Dec 21, Electrical Machines Objective Type Questions and Answer-PDF for Competitive Exams,electric dc machines motor mcqs questions and. Aug 19, electrical engineering multiple choice questions and answers pdf Please send solved MCQ on Electrical Machine and power system. Reply. Electrical Engineering Questions with Answers pdf: 1. Current Electricity 2. Electrical Machine Design Ashish Pandey on TOP Measurement and.

A Answer [4] In a ballistic galvanometer, the deflecting torque is proportional to a the current through coil b square of current through coil c square-root of current through coil d sine of measured Ans: A Answer [5] The error of an instrument is normally given as a percentage of a measured value http: Part-6 b full-scale value c mean value d rms value Ans: B Answer [6] If the instrument is to have a wide range, the instrument should have a Linear scale b Square-law scale c Exponential scale d Logarithmic scale Ans: D Answer [7] The resistance can be measured most accurately by a Voltmeter-ammeter method b bridge method c multimeter d Megger Ans: B Answer [8] The repeat accuracy of an instrument can be judged from its a static error b linearity error c dynamic error d standard deviation of error Electrical Interview Questions Ans: Submit Ans: D After submitting, Click the link in the Answer confirmation mail sent to you, to [10] No eddy current and hysteresis losses occur in complete the subscription process.

Be the first of your friends. A Answer [11] Two voltmeters have the same range V. If they are connected in series and V be Electrical Engineering Basics applied across them, the readings are Objective Questions with Answers: A Objective Questions with Answers: If this meter is to have full deflection at 5A, what is the Objectives: Part 7 value of the shunt resistance to be used?

Part-6 d 2 Ohms Ans: B Answer [13] The full-scale deflection current of an ammeter is 1 mA and its internal resistance is Ohm. This is to have full deflection when V is measured.

What is the value of series resistor to be used?

D Answer Please leave your comments below Posted by Elangovan Palaniappan 8: Measurements and Instrumentation 1 comment: In order to register, please follow the instructions on the Cambridge Assessment website. Please note that you must sit the MAT in a registered test centre. Your school or college can register, but this takes a minimum of 24 hours.

All applicants for Maths and its joint schools must sit the test on this date, otherwise your application will not be considered further. January You find out whether you've received an offer. After this you may ask for feedback from the college you applied to, including what MAT score you achieved.

Note for teachers: We will continue to include sequences and series on the MAT syllabus, including: arithmetic and geometric progressions and their sums, convergence condition for infinite geometric progressions. As such, if there is flexibility in when a teacher is covering sequences and series, we would recommend that students are taught this material either at the end of year 12 or at the beginning of year 13 prior to October half-term.

Last update on 11 January - How to register for the MAT You will sit the test in either your school or a local test centre.

Please note that schools must apply to become new test centres by the 30th September. The school must then register you for the test via the Entries Extranet.

If your school is unable to register to become a test centre, you will have to sit the test at a local test centre. You can use the Find a Test Centre service to locate eligible test centres nearby.Instead, we recommend hiding unwanted questions and answer options with Advanced Randomization.

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