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Tips Sehat Ala Rasulullah - Ebook written by Dr. Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS . Ebook Sehat Ala Rasulullah Indonesian Edition currently available at tips sehat ala rasulullah pdf ebook by mohammad ali toha assegaf review. Ebook Sehat Ala Rasulullah Indonesian Edition currently available at tips sehat ala rasulullah pdf book by mohammad ali toha assegaf epub.

Ebook 365 Tips Sehat Ala Rasulullah

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ppti.info for review only, if you need complete ebook Sehat Ala and makes tips sehat ala rasulullah book read 12 reviews from the worlds. Tips Sehat Ala Rasulullah - Ebook written by Dr. Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you. tips. ppti.info for review only, if you need complete ebook Sehat Ala department your store 12 tips sehat ala rasulullah book read 12 reviews from .

Dan ini juga kesempatan berharga untuk menolong para ulama yang merupakan pilar penting dalam agama.

Kami bertanya: Bagi siapa wahai Rasulullah? Beliau bersabda: Bagi Allah, Kitab-Nya, Rasul-Nya dan para pemimpin ulama dan pemerintah kaum muslimin dan seluruh kaum muslimin. Mencintai mereka 2. Menolong mereka dalam menyampaikan kebenaran 3. Membela kehormatan mereka 4.

Visit your dentist three months before going. Manage Menstrual Cycle For ladies, we must know how to handle our menstrual cycle and do seek advice from the medical profession.

Please note in some cases even after taking the prescribed medication, you may still menstruate. We make plans but Allah decides what is best for us. I was overconfident and paid dearly for it. I was on the pill the last 3 times I visited the Holy Lands and had no problem.

So this time around I didnt make extra effort to stock up on provera and wasnt very conscientious about taking the pill on time everyday. At the same time, I verbalized to a friend that I had no problems so far with the pill. To cut the story short, I was not able to pray for the better half of my stay and needed to consult the mutawif to determine which portion of the time was istihadah and which portion was haid.

I would like to share my experience on the payment of dam. Two years before performing the Haj, my sister joined me on a special Umrah trip, which was meant to prepare me for my true journey. Even though we were both experiencing the onset of the menopausal period of our lives, we were hoping that we would be blessed with full dry season, to enable us to smoothly perform the Umrah.

I had been more fortunate than my sister, whose anxiety may have caused the reverse effect, with the flow being erratic and uncontrollable. When we were in Medina, a kind soul offered her some medication intended to temporarily halt the flow which allowed her to pray in the beautiful mosque of Masjidil Nabawi, the Prophets Mosque and resting place of our beloved prophet saw.

From Medinah we proceeded to the holy City of Makkah. Upon arrival and after a short rest we visited Masjidil Haram and immediately after prayers, 18 performed the Tawaf, the Saie the Tahallul, completing our 1st Umrah. Unfortunately, the very next day her flow returned and I guess with vengeance, as it was suppressed by the medication.

It was quite a challenge to her, to keep on cleansing herself long enough to have a praying window in Masjidil Haram between the flow. One evening she was happy to note that the flow had stopped and after performing the cleansing bath the next morning we visited Miqat Al-Taneim, wearing our Ihram, with the objective of performing another Umrah, the second for her.

We returned to the Masjidil Haram in time to hear the Iqamat to begin the dawn prayer. Hurriedly we found a space to join in and as I prayed I was looking forward to continue with the performance of the Umrah immediately after. We then proceeded to Baitullah to perform the Tawaf. At the end of the 6th round of the Tawaf, my sister whispered to me that she was feeling uncomfortable.

Although she continued to accompany me to complete the 7th round, she knew that her Tawaf had to be aborted. She waited for me to complete my Sae and Tahallul before we returned to the Hotel. At the hotel she related her condition to another pilgrim, who assured her not to worry and that she should wait a while, and when the flow stop to immediately take her bath and to revisit Baitullah to re-performed the Tawaf. This was exactly what she did and I accompanied her to complete the Tawaf.

However, whilst performing the Saie she experienced a slight flow but she was able to proceed and complete the Saie and then the Tahallul. We were happy that she completed her 2nd Umrah, and as the next day was time for us to leave for Malaysia, she once again cleansed herself and managed to perform the Tawaf Wida, to say goodbye and prayed that one day we would return with better health.

Regretfully the flow continued on the flight until she returned to Malaysia. Even though she completed the Umrah, both of us felt that something was not right but we were not able to identify it.

Before my departure for the Hajj, she visited me, and offered RM I could not accept the money as we were both unsure what the payment was for. Dam could only be paid for specific reason and infringement of the key rites.

She then told me that to perform a Tawaf she should wait for at least 24 hours after her flow had dried to ascertain that it truly ended before taking the cleansing bath.

She could pray in between but the waiting period is a condition for performing the Tawaf. At that instance I thought of my sister and what happened during the Umrah trip. I then consulted our groups Uztaz, who reluctantly opined that my sister may still be in her Ihram. He however advised me to seek the opinion of Tabung Haji nearest to her home. Upon my return to Malaysia, I immediately visited my sister in Kota Bahru and related to her the doubt that was looming in me.

Dato Mufti confirmed that she needed the 24 hours waiting period for complete stop to the flow and given the account of her story, she was still in Ihram. Therefore, she needed to immediately adhere to the rules of Ihram and to pay the Dam by slaughtering a full-mature goat. In addition she should, if circumstances allow, return to Mekah to complete the Umrah.

Fortunately, she is a widow, otherwise the Dam would have been a camel. All this while, we did not know why we had the feelings of uncertainty and doubt and Alhamdullillah, events happened to clear the air and release her from the serious weight of still being in Ihram after leaving the Holy City of Makkah. If and when you menstruate, all is not lost! Inform Others of Our Trip Call up or visit those you need to seek forgiveness from. Offer to make supplications for family and friends, and if so entrusted and accepted, you need to perform and fulfill it.

State Intent Check on your intention nawaitu as early as possible and constantly reaffirm it.

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Remember that our goal is Allah; everything and everyone else are a means towards Him. Why I'm stressing on this point is because in a lot of circumstances, there's always a hidden agenda. For example, en route to Europe for a holiday; there's a wedding ahead and there's some shopping to do Makkah and Medinah are a shopping haven for exquisite materials ; to show off that we can afford the first class trip, to name a few. My husband wanted our hajj to be a honeymoon and it was.

Ironically, he who all these years has been strict in adhering to non- muhrim restrictions has become interested in another woman several months after the hajj. On hindsight, perhaps his intent for the hajj was not appropriate. This time I made it clear to myself that I wanted to purify myself and get closer to God. AlhamdulIllah, what became apparent to me during my trip were the personal development areas I needed to improve in.

Additionally, I am very grateful to Allah for granting me the ability to have more faith and confidence in Him. Be prepared for challenges even before one reaches the Holy Land.

I was glad I had on covered clogs so that it was easy for me to perform wudhu did so at the water cooler and had my prayer paraphernalia in my carry on.

Bringing bathroom slippers in a carry on is also helpful if you're wearing shoes on the journey.

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On hindsight, I wish I had my sejadah in my carry on, since I had to solat on the bare floor. Make sure you go via direct flight i. Request for the following it's better to pay more for convenience.

A direct flight to Saudi Arabia, if possible, direct to Medinah. Those going by MAS will still need to land in Jeddah first. Make sure your travel agent does not arrange your flight through other airlines, which need to make stopovers and transits.

After the students performed the drama, the lecturer asked them to give their opinion about their friends drama performance. In the end of the class, the lecturer gave a feedback for the students performance.

Evaluating the Experience The lecturer gave some feedbacks for the students about their last performance. Because the students still had the next project namely drama performance in Art and Language Exhibition, the lecturer asked the students to prepare their big drama performance in the fourth semester. The lecturer divided the students into four groups to discuss about the title of drama, character, and plot of drama. After that, the students presented their results of discussion.

The lecturer gave the opportunity for each group to ask question to the presenters. After the students presented their works, the lecturer asked them to vote one of the drama titles. There were four titles from students presentations. The lecturer asked to all students to choose one of the best titles according to their own opinion. The results of voting were 8 students choosing Kidung Katresnan Arimbi, 6 students choosing Perang Baratayuda, 4 students choosing Arjuna, and 2 students choosing Pandawa Limo.

Therefore, the students drama project in the 4th semester was Kidung Katresnan Arimbi. The reason why the title of the drama used Indonesian language or Javanese language was to attract people attention. Even though the drama used English and Arabic language, they also put Javanese language terms in their drama to introduce Javanese culture.

In the end of the class, the lecturer gave some feedbacks for students activities. From the results of observation and the lecturer interview, it can be concluded that the students had two projects namely mini drama in the classroom as an assignment in the second semester and the big drama performance in the fourth semester as follow up of English drama class.

In other words, the students had one semester left to prepare their final project or drama performance in the third semester. Even though, in the third semester there was no English drama class, the lecturer still monitored the students to prepare their drama performance. As mentioned before, the students big drama performance was Art and Language Exhibition shown on Wednesday April 26 th in the university auditorium under the title Kidung Katresnan Dewi Arimbi.

Moreover, after performing big drama performance in Art and Language Exhibition the students got a reward in the form of certificate as committee and actor or actress. Picture 1. Students Project Poster There were three points to be highlighted based on the finding of the first research question.

Firstly, it could be generally observed that the lecturer tried to drive the students to speak dominantly in the classroom activities. Secondly, the lecturer gave the opportunity to students to express their ideas in arranging the project.

Thirdly, the students struggled to improve their speaking skill when they presented or discussed their work or communicated with their lecturer and classmates. Additionally, the teaching and learning process in this course used English as language medium. In the English drama class activities, the lecturer tried to combine the concept of language teaching and 4Cs skills by using PBL.

According to Larmer in arranging and assessing PBL activities to achieve 4Cs skills can be seen from these three aspects namely design, develop, and determine. Design In this aspect, the lecturer designed the activities in the classroom by emphasizing 4Cs skills. By starting with the question the lecturer asked the students to criticize the topic to drive students critical thinking to solve the problem Edutopia, The design of the activities led the students to work in group therefore the lecture asked the students to make discussions to enrich their vocabulary and improve their collaboration and communication skills Harrigan, It can arouse the students creativity and innovation skills to make some project Sumarni, Even though almost all the students assignments were done in group, the lecturer also paid attention to the individual students work Harrigan, Develop In this aspect the lecturer should build students skills to make a project by explaining the characteristics of 4Cs skills and providing the steps to achieve these skills Larmer, The lecturer in the English drama class not explicitly told to the students about 4Cs skills and how to achieve it but from each PBL activity in the English drama class contained 4Cs skills for students.

Moreover, the activities in the classroom such as discussion and presentation supported the students 4Cs skills and language skills especially in speaking and writing Bender, Determine In this part, the lecturer determined the result of the project by assessing how well the students learned English language by employing Project Based Learning containing 4Cs skills. Here, the lecturer did not measure students 4C skills but helped the students to improve their language skills by involving 4Cs skills in the English drama assessment.

To cope with that, it was better to the lecturer assess the students not only their productive language skills but also 4Cs skills by using scoring rubric Lamer, All the activities in the English drama class were to attract the students English language skills especially speaking and writing skills. Creating Space and Opportunities to Use 4Cs and Language Skills From the findings above, the lecturer not only focused to the students learning outcome but also made the knowledge into the long term memory for the students by giving the innovative activity in the classroom.

From the finding above, it can be concluded that the activities containing critical thinking skill in the classroom were the discussion and the presentation. In these activities the students tried to solve the problem together in arranging the drama Willingham, The students also can learn to give the reason logically in order to not be manipulated with other arguments Brookfield, Moreover, the activity which contains communication skill is in the interaction between student and student or lecturer and student in the classroom Keyton, The students project was conducted in group; therefore each student has his or her own responsibility, this activity contains collaboration skill which all students help each other to finish their project Lai, Moreover, in making the project the students also cooperate with some experts Larmer, It also helped the students in improving their collaboration skill in the real life.

Whereas, in designing the drama the students were demanded to make a good drama. Therefore, it drives students creativity skill to arrange their project in order to be more creative, innovative, and interesting Beghetto, It was interesting to note that almost the students agreed they can improve their English skills in this English drama class.

Diagram 6 explained that all students agreed that English drama class provided speaking, listening, and reading skills activities whereas only 15 students chose writing skill because in the writing session they just got a few part of making the script and it was not an academic writing but just part of translation.

By involving 4Cs skills in PBL activities for English classroom, the lecturer can make a new atmosphere in teaching and learning process Sumarni, Moreover, this study also added information about the support programs in the university to improve students English language skills and 4Cs skills. There were two points that can be concluded in this study. Based on the finding, the lecturer taught the class by starting with the essential question to improve students critical thinking skills.

The lecturer also participated in designing plan and creating the schedule of the project to improve students communication and collaboration skills. Moreover, to improve students creativity skill, the lecturer monitored the students project by giving some feedbacks for them.

As mentioned before, the lecturer used Project Based Learning that involved 4Cs skills to stimulus the students in improving their productive language skills. The results generally showed that the lecturer drove the students to dominate the class especially in speaking skill during teaching and learning process or the lecturer more emphasizes on communicative activity Setiadi, Most of the students agreed that English drama class provided the activities for their 4Cs skills and language skills.

Even though, some students argued that they have small proportion in speaking and writing skills activities, it was caused by group assignment more than individual assignment. Critical Skills Survey: Executive Summary. Accessed on January Retrieved from: Bell, S. Project-Based Learning for the 21st Century: Skills for the Future. The Clearing House, Vol. Bender, W.

Project-Based Learning. Differentiating instruction for the 21st century. Corwin a SAGE company. Cator, K. Accessed on December Retrieved from: Tools for understanding the process of planning and building projects.

Accesed February Retrieved from: A call for more awareness in Colombia. From Theory to Practice. English Language Teaching, 2, Grant, M. Getting a Grip on PBL: Theory, Cases and Recommendations. Accessed on December Retrieved from Harrigan, G. A case study of teachers and administrators' experiences integrating project-based learning.

Unpublished doctoral dissertation. Walden University. Larmer, J. Driving Question: Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. Miles, M. Qualitative Data Analysis a Methods Sourcebook. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publication, 3rd edition. Accessed on August Retrieved from: Punch, K. Introduction to Research Methods in Education. SAGE Publication. Ravitz, J. Using project based learning to teach 21 st century skills: Findings from a statewide initiative.

Setiadi, B. Presented at Bandar Lampung University. Sumarni, W. Learning for Life in Our Times first. Wallwork, C. Reframing the 4 Cs: Accesed on January Retrieved from: The research follows the design of model of the Branch There are five steps from the design model of the Branch , namely; analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation ADDIE.

To collect the data, the instrument that writer used are the observation, instrument validation and test sheets. To validate instrument products, expert assessment of the strategies are chosen by using the delphi technique and continued with exploration of the feasibility which is applied by using focus group discussions technique. The data will be analyzed through qualitative and quantitative techniques.

In order to get the book of entrepreneurship learning model and the guidebook based on the contextual, the data were analyzed by using qualitative and quantitative methods. The validity of the product are tested by expert, the practical test by the user, and the effectiveness test trought the students learning outcomes. The results of the development consists of 1 bookentrepreneurship learning model based on contextual, 2 the lecturers guidebook of entrepreneurship learningmodel based on contextual, 3 student handbook learning model based on contextual is valid, practical and effective.

The competitiveness can be owned in the country if the country are supported by a human resources HR which are reliable and has of high quality.


The proper effort to preparing the human resource is through the education. The quality of education in Indonesia is still low than other countries. Based on the data from the Human Development Index HDI , expose that Indonesia is on the position of from countries, from four categories very high human development, high human development, medium human development and low human development. Indonesia is in the category of medium that is still far behind other countries.

According to Fattah, All sorts of efforts already made by the Governments, communities, and schools such as curriculum development, cooperation with non-governmental organizations and revision policy, while at the university level, the problem of the equivalent of evenness increased the quantity to increase the participation of University in development.

However, due to various factors that influence, the problem will still need to improve. Three major problems of education in Indonesia can be addressed by improving the quality of learning.

Although learning is in the micro level, but can determine the progress of education, because learning is the core of education. The development of entrepreneurship is seen as a strategic step in an effort to demonstrate its resolve economic problems.

However, the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is still relatively low, i. It is therefore that still required additional significant self-employment to accelerate the growth of the socio-economic. The university as one of the leading facilitator and mediator in building the nation's younger generation who has an obligation to teach, to educate, to train and motivate its student to become an independent generation of intelligent, creative, innovative and capable of creating a wide range of job opportunities business.

The process of entrepreneurial education is a process of potential development of individuals pertaining in all aspects of entrepreneurship through management, the implementation of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment in one environment that isstructured and organized.

A lecturer is the main pillar in the development of entrepreneurship in the university. The lecturer who have knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship will be able to guide the student in developing efforts to initiate and process accelerated so the new entrepreneurial growth.

Refraction Optisi studies program is one of the higher education students in the field of health that makes entrepreneurship courses as compulsory subjects. It is the entrepreneurial courses that make up the entrepreneurial character or at least students add to the knowledge of the ins and outs of the business both in the soft skills or hard skills so that the students are able to take the advantage of the opportunities that exist around them in creating their own business after graduation or when they are in the university level.

The difficulty of students in refraction Optisi is in understanding the entrepreneurial courses due to the still theoretical learning, so that the students feel difficulties and are not interested in learning the entrepreneurial subjects well. The process of learning in entrepreneurship is still centered on the lecturer teacher centered learning that impact the lack of activity of college students in learning,less motivated in doing the tasks given by the lecturer, less creative and not responsible for given tasks, the results of the learning of students in the subjects of entrepreneurship is still notsatisfactory,that is apparent from the percentage of the results of the study with the most value are the C as For it, is needed for entrepreneurial learning changes continuously towards the better.

One of the way to continue the development of the learning process is by applying the appropriate learning model with changing times where a student is being required to interpret, critical and active learning, so the learning process does not run one the direction. Entrepreneurial education approach is expected to give a real experience to students as models developed by Kolb which is known as Experiential Learning.

According to research done by Duval-Couetil et al. Findings indicate that higher perceptions of entrepreneurial knowledge were associated with the number of entrepreneurship courses taken and involvement in experiential learning activities. The results of this study showed that the ability of the student in entrepreneurship process analytical study using more experiential learning models have development is academic ability compared to other learning model. Based on the theory of experiental learning model, then a new experience and the knowledge gained will be absorbed when students catch the meaning of academic material and applicable to the real life.

With contextual learning, students are involved in important activities that can help them to associate the academic lessons with the real life context.

According to Owens , contextual learning practically promising increased thestudents interested in learning from different backgrounds, increase the participation ofstudents by encouraging actively which is provide them the opportunity to connect and apply the knowledge that they get.

Learning is not only focused on the ability of knowledge provision granting theoretical only,but how to make the learning experience of the student-owned related to actual problems that occur in the environment. The contextual learning make teaching and learning process more fun and makes the material useful for the real life of the student in the collage, because the learning process is carried out naturally and students can pay attentionand try to practice it directly in their life.

Contextual learning encourages students to find the meaning and the benefits of every learning process which have been completed, so that will give the motivation to the students to learn more creative, innovative and meaningful. Contextual learning can be followed by all the students from the varying levels of ability in achieving the academic success.

Contextual learning involve the students in every important activities that help them to associate the academic lessons with the real life context that they face Johnson, Many experts have argued that the definitions of entrepreneurship with perspective of each. However the essence essence of the understanding that there are always crucial in every sense expressed by experts and is fundamental. According to Lambing and Kuehl , enterpreneurship is a human, creative act that builds something of value from practically nothing.

It is the pursuit of opportunity regardless of the resources, or lack of resources, at hand. It requires a vision and the passion and commitment to lead others in the pursuit of that vision. It also requires a willingness to take calculated risks.

Entrepreneurship is the willingness of entrepreneurs to combine creativity, innovation, risk taking, and sooth working to form and build up trade, maximise the potential as well as take advantage of opportunities that are retrieved BuangdanMurni, The instruments used in this research to collect the data are observational, instrument validation and test sheets.

Need analysis is done while doing the research in order to get a learning model which is valid and practical and appropriate with the teachers needs. The need analysis stage is done in order to make the model eill answer the need of the learning process. This analysis is important to be done to make the material that will be given to the college students fulfill their needs and the model will be appropriate for the lecturers need. Because of that, need analysis is needed to be done whether to the college students or the lecturers.

There are some processes of validation for the entrepreneurship learning contextual based such as the validation of book model, lecturers and students guidebook, practicality and affectivity instruments, and all of the instruments used are validated by some experts based on their fields of study. The analysis of the students need analysis to the entrepreneurship learning results that it is needed to develop a model where it results an average of 45 with low category and a development is needed.

The result for the validity of the instruments which is done by 3 experts, it results an average The analysis of validity for guidebook for the lecturers for the learning process is valid with number of average The result for students guidebook which is validated by 3 experts is 0.

All of the instruments are tested where they are tested through practicality test model which is filled by the both students and lecturers.

Then, this test results that this learning model is practical for both the process and the guidebook. The practicality is seen from the successfulness of the students in the learning process. The test which is given to the entrepreneurship lesson result an average in number and categorized as high.

This research is purposed to explain the influence of contextual based learning and the ability to think critically to the skill for writing argumentative text for the college students.


The population of this research are college students and 52 of them are chosen as the sample in stage of multi-sampling. The research which is done byrobert G. Berns and Patricia M. Erickson entitled Contextual Teaching and Learning: Preparing Students for the New Economy. The Highlight Zone:Ravitz, J. Furthermore, the expert also suggested the researcher to carefully choose the diction of words.

I am blessed with a Nigerian and a Pakistani sister and an old Indian lady named Shah Jahan who gave me bangles.. Do your best, and then leave it to Allah. Alkaline living. Because of that, need analysis is needed to be done whether to the college students or the lecturers.

Ask the students to do the project in real-life like how people think critically, work together, communicate with audience and use creativity to create some products. Keeping in view the Bodos case, the Bodos are in dire need of solutions. Shinya Hardcover by Hiromi Shinya.

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