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Deathwatch the Emperors Chosen - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. deatwatch manuale. Watermarked PDF. $ $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (3 ratings). The Emperor's Chosen is a supplement for Deathwatch dedicated to. The Emperor's Chosen is a supplement for Deathwatch dedicated to those rare Deathwatch Space Marines who ascend to the A copy of the Deathwatch Core Rulebook is required to use this supplement. (PDF) · Amazon.

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МБ. Deathwatch - The Achilus ppti.info МБ. Deathwatch - The Emperors ppti.info МБ. Deathwatch - The Jericho ppti.info МБ. Was the PDF of The Emperor's Chosen ever leaked to the net? Ascension type book for Deathwatch would have been pretty cool. Provided. Deathwatch - The Emperor's Chosen, Maybe everyone is waiting to the pdf to pirate rather than buy them, so no one has a pdf to upload.

To these hubristic ignorants. If it does come to light that Lord Ebongrave has been actively moving against Kill-teams within the Canis Salient. Ebongrave often acts as if the presence of the Deathwatch is akin to the presence of an enemy. This is information only known to a few of the most veteran Deathwatch Battle-Brothers and a handful of Inquisitors.

There are. Without doubt the worst of these handful of dissenters is Lord Commander Sebiascor Ebongrave. Unaware of the work of the Dead Cabal. While this is far from unusual. Unlike other troublesome Imperial commanders who might view the Deathwatch with scorn and contempt. In the past. Any Battle-Brother who has attained the mantle of veteran will likely have served some time within the Canis Salient and. This area has long been of interest to the Deathwatch.

Kill-teams are unfortunately singled out by his paranoia as they are part of a secret organisation. At the same time. The results have been a few collective missions between the Deathwatch and the salient forces. Thus far. This is not to say that Ebongrave has a special and unique grudge against the Deathwatch. Reported as lost to enemy action or simply lost in the Warp.

Secrets once known that will haunt the mind of man until his dying day and oblivion take him. Simply put. Even in a seasoned Deathwatch Kill-team that has not actively served in the Cabal. While for many Battle-Brothers the existence of the Dead Cabal and the enemies they hunt could be considered just one more secret they will keep.

This is also the fear of the Inquisitors working closely with the Cabal. For many Battle-Brothers this notion can be hard to discount after they have seen the danger themselves.

It is likely that in their years of service to the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach. Unlike the war-torn worlds of the salients. A veteran. Some of these Deathwatch veterans come to consider the Dead Cabal a rogue element of the Deathwatch.

For more information on the Dead Cabal and the Dark Pattern. Newly recruited Deathwatch Battle-Brothers know little. The fear remains that. On worlds like Mahir or Sovereign. While the Achilus Crusade hammers against the heretic and xenos walls of its enemies across the three salients. Such zealous actions. According to the Dead Cabal. It is both the honour and the burden of a Deathwatch veteran to shoulder these secrets. Even Inquisitors interested in those worlds that lie beyond the edges of the Imperium accept that there are things in the dark about which they know very little.

In this light. Charged with facing an ancient foe. Such is the fate of those who have glimpsed the Dark Pattern and looked deep into its thread. Hive Fleet Dagon. Not all veteran Battle-Brothers are changed by what they see in the Outer Reach. Each Kill-team must deal with these traumas alone.

Among the enemies of mankind. The common reaction of veterans to prolonged exposure to this kind of assault on their will is a descent into duty. Among some who have taken the Long Vigil within the Reach. As no other Imperial force is as active against the Necrons and few. This is what is known among some Kill-teams as the Terminus. Once learned. Battle-Brothers are far more resistant to ravages of war than ordinary humans.

Among the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach. It is a shifting of perspectives. Thus a veteran will likely have hidden scars from their time in the Outer Reach that never truly healed. This is an issue for Deathwatch veterans. For a Battle-Brother. Even the Tau. Deathwatch Kill-teams are no exception and even those not actively involved with the Dead Cabal might have operated on worlds where Necrons were present or been called upon to defend local Imperial interests against the stirrings of a slumbering tomb world.

Far from a passive entity. Of more concern to veteran Kill-teams than merely coming to the attention of those elements of the Inquisition involved in the investigation and countering of the Necron threat is coming to the attention of the Necrons themselves.

It is a burden borne by every BattleBrother and one often only shared within his own Kill-team. Even in those rare cases in which members of the Crusade have faced off against Necrons in the Reach. Space Marines are. In the Imperial Guard. Horrors encountered in the Outer Reach are not so easily forgotten. It is a respected aspect of the veterans of the Jericho Reach that the true dangers of the Reach are beyond the edge of the Crusade and beyond the notice of the Lord Militant.

To the Kill-team. It is this very progression. As part of crossing the Terminus. It is a selfreplicating cycle that will.

The Emperors Chosen

Often a Kill-team returning from the Outer Reach. These can include fragments of stone scrawled with alien writing. Quite often these trophies are items which would be considered forbidden by the Inquisition. To the puritanical elements of the Inquisition. This is the other Terminus. While the taking of trophies is not uncommon among the Deathwatch and the Adeptus Astartes in general.

This has been the case as long as the Deathwatch has existed within the Jericho Reach. As such. They will acquit themselves well and. Many of the Codex Chapters like the Ultramarines and their successors teach that the Oath to the Chamber of Vigilance is another part of their holy duty to the Emperor. For these Battle-Brothers. The rules and laws of these secondments are far from set down in stone.

In the Jericho Reach. For most Battle-Brothers. These Battle-Brothers often hungrily devour the knowledge of their peers. Battle-Brothers see different things in their Long Vigil. In both cases. In these instances. They also throw themselves into the bonding of a Kill-team. Others see the oath in a variety of different ways. For others. It falls to the Chapter Masters. Their time in the Deathwatch has changed them. Whether it is for honour.

As a result. If a past encounter allowed a xenos commander to escape or uncovered a dark secret about a world. In more serious instances. Only in Death Battle-Brothers are often driven by their duty and count their oath as a sacred bond between themselves and the Emperor.

These Chapterless Battle-Brothers might come to the Deathwatch to atone for transgressions or perceived failures. Many Black Shields bring their transgressions with them when they take the oath. It might be that he sees his infractions against the Codex Astartes. In all these cases. This scenario has become more common since the arrival of the Achilus Crusade. It is therefore little wonder that a Space Marine in the service of the Deathwatch might not be able to let go of his duty.

This is all part of the battle experience that grows within a veteran Kill-team as it acquires more and more missions. The reason why a Battle-Brother would choose to deface his armour and remove his Chapter markings. This can translate into a reckless or driven nature in their missions as they spend their lives to bring back those they have lost.

Unlike the common petty misdeeds committed by Imperial citizens. For some Battle-Brothers. It can even transpire that the Kill-team sees discord within the Imperial forces of the Jericho Reach itself and.

From here. On the surface. As part of this structure. Blood Swords. Through this rise to rank. W Within the Jericho Reach.

As an example. Kill-team team Hel-Kane is formed of members of the Storm Wardens. No less honourable and duty-bound than their veteran counterparts. Even should he be become a Watch Commander. Only as the active within the Reach. They count he their th thei hei eir r de deeds d eds ed s as a proof of their worth when returning to their Chapter.

These Battle-Brothers Battle-Brot othe hers rs will will become beco be come m able veterans and skilled operatives s of of the th Deathwatch.

Even Battle-Brothers B Ba ttle tt le-B le -Bro others who come to the Deathwatch bearing rank accept a ac cept ce p that tha h t it will be largely diminished for the duration of their thei th eir secondment. Deathwatch veterans therefore fall into two groups when i comes to the attainment of rank within the Deathwatch. This alone c an c hang ha ng ge th he can change the way the Battle-Brother operates within his Kill-team.

To become a Watch Commander Command nder nd er or or captain capt ca ptai pt a n is ai a gr great responsibility for a Battle-Brother. The second are those who take their place p ace among pl its commanders to guide its actions action ons s within w th wi thin in the the Reach.

Battle-Brothers For these kinds of Battle-Brothers. Deat thw hwat atch ch. The other kind of veteran vetera r n Deathwatch Deathw hwat atch ch Battle-Brothers Bat attl tletl e Br erot othe hers he rs s are those who treat the Deathwatch ch like lik ike e they th hey e would would ou uld l their the heir ir own Chapter and accept advancement nt i nto nt o positions posi po siti si ti ion ons s of r ank an k into rank and command.

Temp Te mplars. Ch hap apte ter. More than merely having more responsibility respons sib ibil ilit il ity it y laid l id la d at at their feet. Kil illl-te lteam te am. Battle-Brothe er. While such Battle-Broth ther er rs will wi ill always alw lway ays ay s Battle-Brothers remain tied to their Kill-teams. Serving in the Deathwatch can bring with wi ith it great advancement and honour. Some me m members mber rs of the les less ss st stri strict rict Codex Chapters.

Impe p ri r um. Quite often this is wit without thout the knowledg knowledge ge of the Battle-Brother and he will be unaware he is undertaking a test to see if he is worthy of com command. Commanders are especially aware of the bonds that can form within a Kill-team. Even should the Battle-Brother acquit himself well.

To reach the Breaking Point. In the current cl climate limate of the Reach. It is not enoug gh to o be be 23 I: The Kill-team might also be placed in a position of stress. It has no pe ot. In the end. Thes Th These ese e are are the t e challenges th chal a lenges that a Battle-Brother desiring comm co command mman and d must st o overcome.

The methods of this test will be tailored to the Kill-team. A chosen n candidate might be observed for years or even decades before a decision is made. To this end. Th T Though ough it falls t to o the Watch Captains to make decisions of command regardin regarding g these Battle-Brothers. The arrival of the Crusade and the shifting shif sh ifti if ting ti ng o of f Imperial focus to the sector has changed thi things ing gs to some to som ome e degree.

Always considered cons co n id ns ider ered er ed a remote and hazardous post. It is the nature of a Kill-team that it usually only exists for a short time.

Deathwatch – WH40K Space Marine roleplay

Veteran Kill-teams like the Cresent-Talon. Urakan and his brothers have operated for years in the Orpheus Salient. The taking of command by a Battle-Brother can also cause friction within his Kill-team.

These extended periods of selfreliance. A Battle-Brother who has taken on the sacred charge of command might be called upon to lead from the front just as often as he must give council to other Watch Commanders or confer with the Inquisition.

It is no small thing for a group of Battle-Brothers to stay together and survive the horrors of the Reach for any great length of time. Unlike some of the structures often found within a Codex Chapter. Experienced Inquisitors will keep a close eye on these veteran Kill-teams of the Jericho Reach. In recent times. These are all issues that a veteran Kill-team must face. The other challenge a Battle-Brother must face when taking command is that he will often be commanding from afar or by proxy.

Urakan has begun tracking the movements of the Dagon Overlord. Long periods spent beyond aid or support drives the Kill-team closer together and to rely upon themselves in the face of overwhelming odds. With this veteran status comes a greater responsibility than before. This can become an issue when one or more of its members take on a larger role within the Deathwatch and the shadow of their command is cast onto their brothers. This means that as the Battle-Brother moves from mission to mission.

This is most often expressed in missions with broader parameters. This is part of the way in which a Kill-team can operate as an independent unit and also as part of a larger collective military force at the same time. The secrecy with which a Kill-team must function will also make it stand apart from the rest of the Adeptus Astartes. To date. Far from the end for a veteran. The Deathwatch accepts this distance in the completion of its agendas. For veterans.

While it does not alter the duty the Kill-team has toward both Deathwatch and Chapter. The response by the Deathwatch of the Reach to the self-reliance of these veteran Kill-teams is to embrace such skills.

For the Kill-teams themselves. This is the mark of a veteran Kill-team. A brother never put to rest can haunt his comrades for the rest of their existence together. Only a few true Deathwatch veterans will return to their own Chapter before this happens. A veteran cannot choose when and where he might meet his end. Quite apart from the interference of the Crusade and the Inquisition. This is a terrible trial that many veteran Kill-teams have had to face.

Although as long as their gene-seed endures they will have a place in their Chapter. Given that it is such a small tactical formation. It is something unique to the Deathwatch that Space Marines from different Chapters and with differing dispositions and views can create something more enduring than themselves. These fallen heroes can serve as inspiration for those that come after. Over its existence. There can be no greater insult to a veteran battle-brother than to take the body of his fallen brother.

Deathwatch the Emperors Chosen

The formation of Kill-teams honouring the fallen is always carefully considered. A veteran is usually called upon to give guidance to these newly founded Kill-teams.

This is a weight of memory that mingles with his honour. Through time and trials of blood and battle. These can range from visions and omens to great coincidences and even guidance by the Emperor. This is even more true in the case of veterans. Such an act never fades from the mind of the Kill-team. Over the course of his career. For a veteran.

Even though Battle-Brothers are not wont to bring dishonour to the name of a fallen hero. The annals of the Achilus Crusade are decorated with the names of great heroes who have given their lives for the Emperor.

Both Tyranids and Necrons within the Reach have been documented taking Battle-Brothers who have fallen in battle. Just as a Kill-team can live on beyond the death of its members if its reputation is strong enough. This is also true that when a brother falls. Battle-Brothers are often more than ready to see life in the deeds of their lost.

While the reasons for forming such a Kill-team to honour the dead can vary. All of these instances are. When his time comes. It has even come to pass that entire Kill-teams have been forged on the memory of a fallen BattleBrother. Regardless of how a Kill-team or a Battle-Brother is remembered after his death. The bulk of each entry describes. This is because the relics have becom become om me re reli relics ics v very ery er y much through their relevance to the Deathwatch Deathwatch.

Deat a hwatch c. Die with pride. Having covered the history. T his chapter presents the legends of some of the most celebrated Deathwatch Battle Battle-Brothers le-Broth ther e s ev e ever er to have stood the Long Watch in the e Jericho J ri Je rich cho o Reach.

Chapter II: Th The events described in this chapter begin with on one ne of t the he very earliest historical records known to relate to t the he D Deathwatch eathwatch h in the Jericho Reach. Should the the players play pl ay yer e s wish wish to to follow foll fo llow ll ow w in in the footsteps of their honoured ancestors.

T Their heir he i battles are recounted in the sermons of the Chap Chaplains apla lai ins s an and d shrines have been built to honour them at Erio Erioch. This ta ake es the th he form form m of of ideas id dea e s the th he Game Game Master Mas aste ter te r takes might like to use to take these e venerable vene ve nera ne rabl ra ble bl e heroes h ro he oes out out u of of the the pages p ge pa ges s of history and have them play pla lay y a part part in in the the campaigns camp ca mpai mp aign ai gns gn s he is is running for his group.

Th The e la last st e ntry nt ry i s an e x ep xc e ti tion on utilise in other way. Do all of t these hese things not as if you take your leave of this life.

The The names nam ames and deeds of these individuals are known to every y De Deathwatch D athwatch warrior serving in the Reach and perhaps even beyond it. This me mean means ans an s th that at a any ny ny Battle-Brother can use the items. These ac cco oun unts s a re w ritten for ri r a perspective of privileged. Sing your death song. Kill Ki ll-t ll -tea -t eam. This is so ome meth thin th ing in g most most Player Player Characters should be able to relate to.

The The basics bas a ic ics s of the the gates deep within Watch Fortress Erioch. Each well is w ell el l attended. R ather. Fist Fi sts. The enemy en enem nem my engaged e ga en gage ged ge d an and nd other forces involved are not recorded.

The Imperium era and and those tho hose se held hel ld by the the very few reliable records of this era. To the the h vast vast majority of those that serve on Watch Fortress Erioch Er rio ioch ch o or r the the various Watch Stations seeded across the Reach and an d beyond.

Watch Wat atch ch Fortress For rtress Erioch is host to numerous shrines sh hri rine ne es de dedi dedicated dica di cate ca t d to o Brother Captain Balthazar. Honour thy Ancestors le of the th he First Firs Fi rs st Martyr Mart Ma rtyr rt yr relates rel elat a es to at to a The core of the legend of thw h at tch k illil l te team am mb efor ef or re th the e fa f l ll mission undertaken by a Deat Deathwatch kill-team before fall Imp per e iu ium m at t large lar arge g possesses ge pos osse osse sess sses ss es of the old Jericho Sector.

One such witness petitioned the Chapter Ch hap a te ter r Master of the Imperial Fis Fists sts t to o release this mighty warrior r into in nto the e service of the Deathw Deathwatch. In t ruth ru th. The last of these strands led him to the Slinnar Drift.

Others linked to places. He is hailed as one of the few mortals to have resisted the siren call of the Paramours of the Morpheus Rift. Some related to people. Warp-enamoured dream-cults. Masters of the Vigil and Inquisitor Lords amongst them.

Devouring the contents of data-vaults few others had ever penetrated. Still more related to unknown xenos species. Passing through the Sedu system. As a leader of the Deathwatch. For over a decade.

The words of the blind prophet echoing in his mind. The Tyranids and the Tau were entirely unheard of. Exactly what conclusion the Watch Captain made as to the nature of these forces remains unknown except to those with the very highest levels of clearance.

This fact is known to the Librarians of the Deathwatch.

Possessed of this new and terrible perspective on the fate of the region. So successful had the Imperial Fist been as a warrior that he was duly commissioned by the Chamber of Vigilance as Master of the Vigil. Of the foes that assailed the wider Imperium then as now. In those all but forgotten days. These words were spoken by the doomsayer Satarrion. What is known. Even as the rulers of the old Jericho Sector set their feet upon the path that would lead to their eventual doom.

Numerous lesser xenos species met their end at the hands of the Deathwatch. Over the next century. Somewhere in the midst of the Stillborn Stars, the Kill-team encountered that which the Master of the Vigil had sought: Passing along corridors carpeted with the dust of aeons, the Kill-team soon realised they had discovered something truly vast.

The corridor opened up into a hall so huge its extent was hidden by the curvature of the world, the only illumination a lambent green glow that seemed to emanate from the stale air itself.

Even as the Master of the Vigil and his Kill-team deployed into a defensive pattern in which they could fall back towards the entrance to the tomb, a tide of gleaming machines came at them. The silence of the hall was broken by the roar of bolters and the sharp crack of the shells detonating within the metal bodies, shrapnel-like debris scattering in all directions.

Every step towards the entrance was bought with blood, and while the Kill-team held their own against countless defenders of every imaginable size and form, not one was unwounded by the time they reached the surface. Knowing their vigil was at its end, the Space Marines charged the gargantuan creature, their last deeds ones of courage and devotion to duty in the face of impossible odds.

Of that last confrontation almost nothing is known, for none of the combatants survived to tell of it. What little is known of the event is thanks to what must surely be the intervention of the Emperor Himself. It was only when a much later expedition stumbled upon the fallen form of Brother Pardis that something of. These names are known only to those able to perform higher level data probes, in particular the Librarians and Chaplains of Watch Fortress Erioch. However, Pardis slumbers yet, interred within the adamantium frame of a Deathwatch Dreadnought, his spirit too stubborn to allow him to die.

Rather, those with access to some of the accounts later given by Brother other Pardis understand that the Master of f the Vigil was consumed by his drive e to see the prophecy of Satarrion averted.

For long centuries, very little was known of Brother Armando aside from the fact that he was of the Crimson Fists Chapter and had only recently taken his Apocryphon Oath and taken up his vigil in the Jericho Reach. When Brother Pardis was rescued, he was able to provide some account of his lost Battle-Brother, e-Brother, though as yet none has been bee en incorporated in ncorporated into the tales s of the First Martyr.

Instead of being torn apart by the huge creature against which Balthazar and the remainder of the Kill-team Kill team are believed believe to have fallen, he was overwhelmed by a wave of far smaller, sm insect-like constructs.

On of the O this occa occasion, the Killteam made extensive. Upon discovering the body of Brother Pardis and determining that life lingered still, this second team extracted immediately, delivering the slumbering Battle-Brother to Watch Fortress Erioch without delay. The process by which a Space Marine in such a state is revived is an arduous one indeed, and numerous attempts are doomed to failure by the continued technological degradation under which the Imperium labours.

Now, Brother Pardis spends most of his vigil slumbering in a stasis crypt, to be disinterred and placed within the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought when his skills and experience are called upon. Brother Pardis is very rarely awakened, however, for he is ancient indeed and some amongst the Keepers hold that his sanity is stretched dangerously thin.

In all likelihood, he would have been returned to his parent Chapter, the Tigers Argent, but there has been no contact with them for such a long time that the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach cannot even be sure this Chapter still exists. And so, Brother Pardis continues his vigil, though the Chaplains have long since declared his Apocryphon Oath discharged. Thus, this item became ever more venerated and was interred in the reliquary dedicated to the First Martyr aboard Watch Fortress Erioch.

The second was recovered by the mission that rescued Brother Pardis. Thus it is that a BattleBrother might be granted the use of an ancient and powerful aegis and be entirely unaware that it was once borne into battle by one of the companions of the First Martyr himself. As with other facets of the legend of the First Martyr, Brother Pardis refuses to be drawn on the matter. This mighty weapon lies upon the high altar of the Chapel of Balthazar on Watch Fortress Erioch, a golden Imperial Aquila looking down upon it.

He bore it in combat against the dread Barghesi, and with it made a powerful account of. Brother Pardis appears not to know where the remaining vigil was served, though he speculates that it was far to the galactic northwest in a region Hsud once described to him as the heart of a burning nebula. That the Hammer of Balthazar should ever be lost would be a tragedy too dark to ponder.

When Brother Pardis vanished along with his brethren. To do this. It is not ot in in their nature to allow such effective weapons of war to rem remain mai ain n unused. Over the centuries since the First Martyr was lost. Weapons of the First Martyr during normal circumstances.

When used in such circumstances. Honour thy Ancestors Tabl Ta ble bl e 2— 2—2: In addition to normal Damage. Yet fate. He recounts a long repressed memory of the events that saw the fall of the First Martyr. This works exactly like triggering any other Demeanour the Battle-Brother might possess. Honour thy Ancestors. Those who have worn the armour often report later of stray signals relayed by its sensorium core directly via its auto-senses and into their mind.

The Kill-team is dispatched to investigate this world.

Due to its highly attuned auto-senses. The Keepers.

In so doing. In addition. Heroic Legacy Package: The Explorers of Aeons. The training mission is a simulated confrontation against a robotic foe. Five thousand years is an incredibly long time. In the case of the Mantle of the Silver Lion. Still fewer of the Battle-Brothers who have been allowed to wear it are in possession of even a fraction of its story. Aesalon A salon made his decision without delay. Lightn t ing. S So ve ere reig ign. Honour thy Ancestors A great many of the perilous missions mis i sions undertaken by the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach are formulated by the Master of the Vigil and his staff.

The archives record that seven masters of the Deathwatch h were w re present we pre esent for that gathering. Upon on entering ent ter rin i g orbit orbi or bit bi t over ov ver Sovereign. Girding themselves for berser rke ker r cr crow owd ow ds. Upon landing on the surface of the feudal feuda da al world. Some openings of the Omega Vault herald new. Emp pir ire. Eclipse Phase. Savage Worlds. Product Type. Core Rulebooks. Non-Core Books. Other Tabletop Games. Gift Certificates. Publisher Resources.

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Impe Im peri pe r um ri m. A Kill-team is only as strong as i its ts sw weakest eake ea kes st m s member, em mbe ber, r a r, and nd i its ts sr real eal ea l strength lies in the bonds of brot brotherhood the herh rhoo rh o d it oo tc can an f foster oste os ter te r be b between tw wee en its Battle-Brothers.

So when a Battle-Brother Battl tletl e-B eBrot Br othe ot her he r comes co ome mes s to the the he Deathwatch harbouring distrust of f other ot the her Chapters, Chap Ch apte ap ters te rs s, or tries tri ries es s to to impose his own ideals on other BattleBattle-Brothers, eB Brothe ers s, the the Kill-team Kill Ki ll-t ll -tea -t eam ea m will suffer.

However, Space Marines are supe superhuman erh r um uman an w warriors arri ar rior ri ors or s and even these weakest of Kill-teams are stronge stronger er than than the the most veteran of Imperial Guard squads or elite stormtrooper sto orm mtr troo oo ope per r that Battleunit could hope to be. This means t hat for many man a y Ba Batt tt tle leBrothers their time in the Deathwatch will w pass with wi h honour hon onou on our ou r overcome as they complete their duty, though they y never truly overc rc com ome e Deathwatch the divisions within their Kill-team.

De eathwatch veterans veteran ns are are Battle-Brothers overcome made up mostly of those Battle-Brother rs who have overc come e these differences, or embraced them and d turned them to their ir advantage. Veterans and the Chamber of Vigilance We can but hope for the aid of the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach in our great common struggle, for their reach is long and their blade is sharp. We should never forget, though, that they too harbour their own agendas and ambitions just as deep as our own, and like as not just as deadly.

For those newly seconded to the Deathwatch, the Chamber and the Master of the Vigil are often distant masters, whose orders lter down the chain of command until it reaches their ears, or as functionaries who lead the Chapter in its rites and ceremonies, only seen on days marked by grand tradition and at times of great import.

As a Battle-Brother and his Kill-team rise in status and rank, they will see more of the Chamber of Vigilance, either taking their orders directly from the Watch Commander and his Captains or being invited to advise on the use and deployment of other Kill-teams and Deathwatch assets.

By the time a BattleBrother ascends to the rank of a Deathwatch veteran, he should be well known by the Chamber of Vigilance and its members, a favoured instrument of the Chapter and possibly a staunch ally of the Inquisition, and responsible for enacting its will countless times across the war zones of the Reach. Conversely, the Battle-Brother will have formed his own opinions of the Chamber and its members, often growing to see them less as infallible masters and more as peers.

Aiding him in the governing of the Chamber are any recognised Ordo Xenos Inquisitors stationed in the Jericho Reach, one of which will take on the mantle of the Inquisitor of the Chamber so that the Inquisition might have a voice to call for aid from the Deathwatch.

Given the nature of the Inquisition and the secretive nature of Inquisitors themselves, this group is always in ux, their numbers expanding and retracting as the members of the group are always changing. Typically, it will never be more than a handful at any one time, and always balanced out by Mordigael and his favoured commanders so that the ratio of Adeptus Astartes to Ordo Xenos remains more or less equal.

Depending on the nature of the issues to be dealt with by the Chamber, other advisors my be allowed to give specic council, though this is uncommon. Because the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach operate within the same areas of inuence as the Ordo Xenos and the forces of the Achilus Crusade, the Chamber and its meetings can be coloured by politics as much as war councils, as would be the case if the Deathwatch operated like one of the more traditional Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes.

While the Master of the Vigil and his ofcers are interested in the concerns of the Deathwatch, they cannot remain completely deaf to the presence of the Inquisitionusually more specically the desires of a single Inquisitor operating within the Reach. Equally, though the vast majority of the Achilus Crusade remains ignorant of the Deathwatch, the Lord Militant does not, and has been known, on occasion, to try and request their aid.

Often, the personal politics of the Inquisitor will be reected in the choosing of the Inquisitor of the Chamber and this can become a place where rival Inquisitors make their presence known, all of which contributes to another challenge the Chamber of Vigilance must overcome. Deathwatch veterans add another dimension to these proceedings, having earned the right and respect to speak for themselves even in the presence of the Master of the Vigil. Deathwatch veterans are also wiser in the ways of the Crusade and of the Jericho Reach, often having knowledge of the Inquisitors that might inuence the Chamber of the Vigil.

It is the nature of the Inquisition that nothing is as it seems, and the same honours and right that will allow a veteran Kill-team a voice in the Chamber of Vigilance will sometimes mean that Kill-team must deal more closely with individual Inquisitors or even, in rare instances, agents of the Lord Militant.

Many Inquisitors, of all the Ordos, do not announce their presence to the Deathwatch when they come to the Jericho Reach, following their own personal missions out of sight and reach of the Crusade forces.

These same Inquisitors, however, will call upon aid from the Deathwatch when it suits their purposes and when they need the kind of repower and skill that only a Kill-team can provide. It is here that the reputation of a veteran Kill-team might precede them and the Inquisitor might even choose to contact the Kill-team directly especially if the Battle-Brothers and the Inquisitor have had dealings before , asking them for aid without any formal declaration to the Chamber of Vigilance.

Though it stands in stark contrast to the way most Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes operate, the individual bravado shown by such Inquisitors often earns the respect of Deathwatch veterans. Experienced Watch Captains also accept that Inquisitors work in this way, and much of their agendas do not reach the formal meetings of the Chamber, especially in the case of time-sensitive missions or missions of opportunity.

Ultimately, though it remains the remit of the Deathwatch whether or not to come to the aid of an Inquisitor, however he or she calls for it. However, since the objectives of the Deathwatch and the objectives of many Ordo Xenos Inquisitors within the Jericho Reach are intertwined, it often serves the Chapter well to send a Kill-team, using the knowledge and skills of the Inquisitor to vanquish a common foe.

Theirs is the task of hunting down the hidden foes, the secret armies and unseen enemies that plague the Imperium without revealing themselves. They seek enemies like the Eldar interlopers, Necron tomb worlds, and Chaos cultists that work from the darkness to undermine and destroy mankind. During a Battle-Brothers time in the Deathwatch, he will encounter many new foes, a number of whom he may well have had no previous knowledge of, their existence a closely guarded secret of the Deathwatch or the Holy Ordos.

A Deathwatch Kill-team will also often be called in to deal with the causes of a problem, while the Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy are limited to dealing only with its effects. Examples of this abound throughout the sector, such as on the mining world of Harloss Magna where a Kill-team was used to kill the daemonically possessed planetary governor while the Imperial Guard put down the uprising he had caused, or when a Kill-team secretly boarded the Lunar-Class Cruiser Light of Perdition and caused a critical plasma drive overload to kill its traitorous Lord-Captain citing it as the work of rebels.

In these cases, the work of the Deathwatch is intended to go unnoticed by the Achilus Crusade and its commanders. For a Deathwatch veteran, all of these operations and missions give the Battle-Brother a unique perspective on the actions of the Chamber of Vigilance and an insight into the hidden enemies of the Reach that he might not have seen ghting more open conicts alongside his Chapter.

BattleBrothers of the Deathwatch are expected to do their duty and honour the oath that keeps them silent regardless of what they learn, but it is impossible for these secrets not to change them in some small way.

While Deathwatch veterans remain dedicated to the vows and bonds with their Chapter, they cannot share their forbidden knowledge with those they still call brother and who cannot understand what they have learned unless they, too, have served within the Deathwatch. Quite apart from the schism this can create, it becomes another barrier between Deathwatch and Chapter that a Space Marine must learn to accept if he is to honour his secondment and the will of its covenant The secrets a Deathwatch veteran possesses are also part of his power within the Chamber of Vigilance, and grants him more inuence when dealing with the Inquisitors of the Holy Ordos.

Inquisitors, especially, who trade in secrets and measure a mans worth by what he knows, are more likely deal to with Battle-Brothers in possession of such lore. Two of the key secrets governed by the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach, and of major concern to the Chamber of Vigilance, are the Necron threat and the Omega Vault, and over time it is inevitable that a Deathwatch Battle-Brother will have to deal with both.

While those that complete their secondment must keep their secrets and return to their Chapter never to speak of them again, the veterans that remain nd themselves drawn ever deeper into their complexities and the on-going efforts to the Deathwatch to deal with them both. The actual scope and depth of these secrets and the many parts that they contain can be found only in a small number of individuals.

While numerous Inquisitors and Deathwatch Space Marines have faced at least one facet of the Necron threat in the Jericho within ch, and others have Reach, yes upon the inner ye laid e eyes mbe ber rs of the Omega chambers t, only a few have Vault, d long long enough eno n ugh to o lived y learn anything truly ut either.

Knowledge, K owledge, to a Kn also a means to an end. While the Inquisition may witness a veterans forbidden knowledge and mark him out as a threat or an ally, the Watch Commander and the Adeptus Astartes masters of the Chamber of Vigilance favour such Battle-Brothers for their skills and the fact that they have survived to learn something of the Imperiums most dangerous foes.

For these reasons, a veteran Kill-team nds itself called more frequently into the hallowed halls of the Chamber of Vigilance, where they will be given the gravest of tasks time and again, the Watch Commanders faith placed in them and their ability to complete his missions.

The Watch Commander and his Captains understand and value the worth of a veteran Killteam, the powerful asset it represents, and the kinds of things it can realistically achieve. Unfortunately for the Deathwatch, its foes are many and powerful and there are seldom Kill-teams enough to match even a fraction of the threats the Reach has to offer.

Worse, the Deathwatch Captains of Fortress Erioch must sometimes make the hard decision to commit a Kill-team to a mission with little hope of success, knowing full well that it might mean the loss of valued Battle-Brothers to buy time for others to complete vital tasks. Complicating these matters is the presence of Inquisitors and, on occasion, agents of Lord Militant Tetrarchus petitioning for aid or interfering in events involving the Deathwatch.

All of this contributes to a process which could see a Kill-team committed to an impossible mission, or acting on the awed guidance or intelligence of the Inquisition.

Fortunately, though, Space Marines are born to face such odds. The Lord Militant does not have any command or control over the Deathwatch, and ultimately it falls to the Chamber of Vigilance and its Space Marines to choose how best to use the Kill-teams at its disposal. Nevertheless, the aims of the Ordos and the Lord Militant often coincide with the Deathwatch and their inuence can be strong. This is an even greater concern when the Inquisition and Tetrarchus are working in concert on some matter, the Lord Militant using his considerable power to call upon the favour of one of his allied Inquisitors.

This can mean that behind the Inquisitor calling for the assistance of a Kill-team, there might stretch a web of obligations and favours all the way back to some reckless Imperial commander or spoiled noble, using their connections to request aid from powers of which they may not even be aware. Among those ghting under this holy banner let none stray from my sight, lest they nd themselves counted among my enemies and be cut down in kind. During the time since the Crusade began, there have been numerous incidents in which the Deathwatch has found itself ghting against would-be Imperial forces.

Some of these can be easily reasoned as righteous actions against traitors, such as much of the ghting in the Acheros Salient and on worlds such as Vanity, where Imperial forces and local planetary populations have been subverted by the vile touch of the Stigmartus. Less clear are incidents like the invasion of Rheelas, where a largely loyal planetary population was repressed on the orders of mad Imperial commanders, and found themselves embroiled in smashing an already crumbling government into submission.

The power of the Crusade is compelling, drawing every loyal member of the Imperium toward it and throwing them at the enemies of the Emperor in a frenzy of righteous fury and retribution. The presence of the Crusade has also increased the presence of the Inquisition within the Reach, and whereas before there would have been only a handful of Inquisitors working alongside the Deathwatch or calling upon their skills, now many more traverse the sector looking into secrets disturbed by the passage of the conict.

This means that the Deathwatch must contend with more demands for its intervention and more of the plots and plans of Inquisitors, which inevitably affects the Deathwatch and its commanders. Deathwatch veterans will have witnessed this increase in Inquisitors rst hand, and any who have served for more than a few years will have noted the comings and goings of the various Ordos, along with their entourages of acolytes.

These new faces are merely a symptom of the presence and power of the Crusade, which has turned a dark and forgotten region of the Imperium into a vital strategic prize to be bitterly fought for and won at all costs. For years, its armies have struggled to win back the Jericho Reach for the Emperor, cutting down heretic armies and alien empires alike as they have risen up to oppose it. Comprised of nearly every arm of the Imperial war machine, countless lives, ships, and even worlds have been sacriced in its name, including scores of brave Battle-Brothers, all struggling to complete the orders of their commanders.

For the Deathwatch, the Achilus Crusade was both a welcome reinforcement and also a stronger connection to the sectors beyond the Warp Gate. Unfortunately, it was also the blow that stirred up the hornets nest, as many foes slumbering undisturbed on worlds throughout the Reach have awoken with a vengeance, multiplying the enemies of the Deathwatch many times over. The Deathwatch has also found its aims and goals complicated by the presence of the Crusade, the inuence of the Lord Militant, the inux of Inquisitors and the arrival of Space Marine Chapters, many of whom have connections to its Battle-Brothers.

All of these present the Chapter with new trials and challenges as well as new opportunities to move against its enemies. The Deathwatch was also tasked with the study of many of these ancient foes, a lengthy task in which it was aided by the Ordo Xenos, and which had been in progress for many years.Over the centuries since the First Martyr was lost.

The fear remains that. This has been the case as long as the Deathwatch has existed within the Jericho Reach. Real Re alis al is sin ing g that the daemon-spawn was quite capabl ble of o Realising capable te ear arin ing in g the Deathwatch bastion apart from wi w thin.

The second edition is too familiar, I was hoping for some fundamental changes. Hardened veterans of the Jericho Reach. Art Direction Mike Linnemann.

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