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Confrontation at Candlekeep™ is a D&D® Next adventure designed for four to six 2nd-level characters. This event is intended to be playable in two hours and is . B Confrontation at Candlekeep Basic Information Author(s) It was released publicly over two years later as a PDF download for a modest fee. Candlekeep (with thanks to the Hooded One). * * * *. To the visitors and scribes of Candlekeep, for keeping the library alive. 'daggers by night' confrontation.

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Confrontation at Candlekeep (5e) - Candlekeep is under siege, and it DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. I'm looking for a copy of the adventure Confrontation at Candlekeep that WotC), reproductions, dubious PDFs, and websites or applications. The adventure Confrontation at Candlekeep was premiered at GenCon as a multiple-table event. How many tables? Oh, quite a few.

As it happened, for this encounter, I had Troy meet Lumalia, the angry deva.

D&D Next Adventures - Confrontation at Candlekeep

Troy was properly respectful, and the deva aided him, guiding him to the pillar. After he was mostly healed — and having learnt from the misfortune of the others not to stay too long — he made his way back to rejoin the group. On the way, he did in fact run into a patrol of a wight and several zombies. It was a quick battle, as a seventh level fighter and a deva working together can do a surprising amount of damage!

He was mostly healed when he returned to the party, but a little weaker than he would have wished.


Components of Note. Adventure Tropes. That's because it's very much a convention adventure. An event coordinator called a First Reader manages the overall game, which includes 4 or more groups of players.

Groups then split up to play through different sections of the adventure. As a result of this split, each group got just two pages of adventure, meant to be played over 45 minutes.

This means that clues as to what 5e adventure design would look like were pretty scant. However one thing was obvious: Wizards was moving away from the tightly crafted tactical encounters of the 4e era.

Most of these two-page spreads included a couple of different encounters; they were focused on fighting, but also featured some locales to explore and perhaps even some roleplaying.

All of the "Candlekeep" groups come back together for a final fight against a very dangerous blue dragon.

Rather than powering down the dragon as you might have seen in 4e , the Event Coordinator of "Confrontation at Candleekeep" allows all the players to fight it simultaneously!. It's a rather elegant end to a convention adventure that makes the best use of its many players.

As for Hill Giant , the 4E version is an adventure published in Dungeon so you will need a DDi subscription to legally download it. If it's the 1E version, that's probably available on dndclassics.

If it's for Next then I don't know anything about this product.


Originally Posted by luisramosen. Ok, thank you.

I hope someday WotC takes these adventures publicly, there is no conversion to G1 that is created by fans? I found the adventure G1 for E4. Last edited by luisramosen; Sunday, 25th May, at It was also at PAX Prime I expect WotC will someday release it, similarly to how they released Vault of the Dracolich a while after the event.

It's out!


Thought this would be a good thread necromancy to do! Confrontation at Candlekeep Cheers! I love this adventure! I wish I could have played it at GenCon, but it seems quite lootable even now for a home game.

Or I might just run it at my local store. I'd have to do a little modification of the stats as they're from the playtest , but I might not bother too much.

Looks so much fun!For home play, you can work through all eight missions and then go to the final encounter. This longevity grants them a a specific purpose, or even out of an altruistic desire toperspective on the world that shorter-lived races such ashumans and halflings lack. Thesecharacters have become important, facing dangers thatthreaten cities and kingdoms.

Dwarvish is full of hard consonants and overthrow the balance. Skip to main content.

The followingGreyhawk, or even uncanny Sigil, the City of Doors— entries appear among the traits of most races.

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