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Concise Paediatrics - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. zxcawq. Concise Paediatrics, Second Edition is essential reading for all postgraduates training in paediatrics, particularly when preparing for the MRCPCH exam, and for general practice trainees preparing for the DCH exam. As a comprehensive but concise reference to any condition they are. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Sep 21, , D James and others published Concise paediatrics.

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | On May 1, , Davinder Singh‐Grewal and others published CONCISE PAEDIATRICS. Concise Pediatric and Adolescent Hepatology A broad range of medical and surgical details of pediatric liver disease and liver Download PDF leaflet. PDF. PostScript. Book review. Concise paediatrics. Loading. D James. Mayday The first edition of Concise paediatrics was published in Written by experts in every field of paediatrics and edited succinctly, it does this perfectly.

As a comprehensive but concise reference to any condition they are likely to encounter on the wards or in the accident and emergency room, it will also be invaluable to doctors in other medical specialties who come into contact with children on a regular basis. It is structured logically by body system, with additional chapters on such topics as genetics, infectious disease, neonatology and emergencies.

Concise Paediatrics, Second Edition

Edited by two highly experienced paediatricians-their knowledge complemented by a group of specialist contributors-it is written in a succinct, user-friendly style and includes lists, boxes and annotated diagrams to aid learning and retention of the facts. Since the first edition was published in , Concise Paediatrics has established itself as the textbook of choice for MRCPCH candidates, and will remain a "must-have" with this revised and updated second edition.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Table of contents Genetics Immunology Infectious diseases Cardiology Ear, nose and throat disorders Respiratory disorders Gastrointestinal disorders Liver disorders Renal disorders Endocrinology, growth and puberty Metabolic disorders Dermatology Rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders Neurological and neuromuscular disorders Ophthalmology Haematology Oncology Neonatology Surgical conditions Emergencies, accidents, non-accidental injury and the law Index show more.

Review quote Written in a succinct, user-friendly manner and covers the main components of the syllabus. As a revision guide this works very well This book is well worth the investment and would definitely recommend it to colleagues preparing for their membership exams.

Readable and concise - a valuable tool for exam preparation! I like this book - it is easy to read, contains most key points for the exams and is not too heavy to carry around! The topics are arranged in the format of exam revision headings, and within each topic, clear headings, subheadings and bullet points make memorising for exams so much less taxing!

I would definitely recommend this useful tool as a textbook to read when preparing for stressful exams e. Amazon customer review of first edition show more. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Although it is a bactericidal tive effects from the use of both agents The optimal manner in which to mon- antibiotic, it is generally less efficacious and together. Two pri- bactericidal for a given organism than a corre- estimated that vancomycin may increase the mary pharmacokinetic parameters exist for sponding beta-lactam to which the organism is risk of nephrotoxicity in a patient with con- evaluation: the peak and the trough.

Concise Paediatrics

Peak susceptible. Adult patients pro- nephrotoxic drugs or systemic illness. In addition, it has not been validated in literature, would argue for maintenance of infections other than pneumonia.

Penetration of and fasciitis are frequently caused by cially aminoglycosides , or who will be on vancomycin into bone is likely to be subop- MRSA, and may necessitate vancomycin therapy with vancomycin for a prolonged timal and is not well studied.

In addition, higher doses and levels may need to be used and potentially surgical intervention has some evidence suggests that the clearance of in an attempt to maximize bone and joint occurred. Initial dosing and goal levels may vancomycin may decrease after 10 days, ar- penetration.

For uncomplicated SSTIs eg, central nervous system and bone. In CNS. For patients with a SSTI who pediatric research into this issue is required. Penicillin resistant S. As a result, higher doses and levels nal failure , and no use of concurrent neph- may be needed to maximize penetration.

In such instances, a directly Commonly used vancomycin doses cin CSF and serum concentration ratio of observed clinical improvement seen in the outside of the neonatal period range from 40 0. Patients not meeting the above crite- monitoring.

Bacteremia ria should have trough levels assessed. Other Gram posi- proving, consideration may be given to ing for many organisms, and this resistance tive flora eg, some Gram positive rods and maintaining the current dose of vancomycin.

High doses of vancomy- cent reports have documented poor clinical potential severity of MRSA bacteremia and cin and higher levels may be needed, given outcomes in patients infected with MRSA the propensity of S. Con- L. For patients who have and levels of vancomycin at least until seri- sponse of the patient whenever vancomycin not obtained the desired trough level but are ous infection eg, bacteremia and meningitis is used.

Should the MIC be on the higher end clinically improving with documented clear- can be excluded. Dosing frequency should of the spectrum eg, 1. Bradley JSAntimicrobial agents.

In: Long SS, et Moise-Broder P, et al. Pharmacodynamics of Consideration should be given to monitoring al, eds.

Principles and Practice of Ped Inf Dis. Clinl Pharmacokinetics. Philadelphia: Churchill Livingstone; Area under the inhibitory 4. Cantu TG, et al. Serum vancomycin concentra- curve and a pneumonia scoring system for.

Clin Inf Dis. Rybak M, et al. Nephrotoxicity of vancomy- Pharmacists. Dosing of vancomycin in neonates is cin. J Antimicro Chemotherapy.

2nd Edition

Pou L, et al. Changes in vancomycin pharmaco- controversial. Therapeutic monitoring of vanco- kinetics during treatment.

Ther Drug Monit. A consensus review.

Am J Health ; — Cruciani M, et al. Penetration of vancomycin.

A Concise Approach to Childhood Hypopigmentation

Farber B, et al. Retrospective study of the toxicity lung tissue. J Antimicrob Chemother.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. Biavasco F, et al. Glycopeptide resistance in ;— Sorrell TC, Collignon P. A prospective study of pharmacokinetics may have more to do with adverse reactions.

Bradley J, et al. Buenos, postnatal age although changes are com- 9. Moellering RC Jr. Monitoring serum vancomy- Aires: Alliance for Worldwide Editing; Clin Infect Dis.

Taketomo C, et al. Pediatric Dosage Handbook.Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x The writing style makes this concise text relevant or helpful to UG or PG students. Farber B, et al. It holds a key text for all doctors at all levels and in all settings.

Bradley J, et al. Close X.

Rybak M.

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