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Here we are for providing latest Computer aptitude question bank. Notifications | Results | Admit Card | Answer Key | Previous Year Papers | Study Material Download Computer Aptitude Question Bank | Book of Computer aptitude PDF. computer aptitude test questions pdf. Computer Aptitude Test is a scientifically validated test designed to measure your aptitude for working with computers. Computer Aptitude Test 1 pdf.. ppti.info ppti.info?m=1. 12 upvotes; 2 comments.

Computer Aptitude Questions Answers Pdf

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proclamation computer science aptitude test questions answers that you are looking for. Answers PDF Download that are most repeated in the exam. AMCAT. Download Free PDF of Computer Aptitude Practice Set for IBPS The answer to these questions is, why to leave a notch in your preparation!!!. Buy Current Affairs PDF - Click Here Welcome to Online Computer Aptitude Quiz Section based on New Answer & Explanation.

Basic Computer aptitude Question & answers – Basic.pdf

Study the given data flow diagram and answer the questions that follow. Which of the following condition will decrease the data flow diagram to minimum number of steps?

B The person wants to have cash on delivery. C Shipping details of person is already saved in the account.

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D The person fills in the payment details correctly. E All of these View Answer Option B If at the checkout, the person selects cash on delivery then the order will be placed directly and the steps in between will not be applicable.

Which of the following step is logically missing in the given data flow diagram? A The cost of the product selected.

B If more than one payment gateway is available then which to select. C The product is available or not.

D The sections from which selection to be made. E These all are not important. View Answer Option C The product will be added to cart only if it is available, so it is logically missing.

After which step, shipping details should be asked? A After finalizing the cart items. B After the checkout step.

C Before view cart. D After selecting the mode of payment. E Cannot be determined View Answer Option E It is up to the portal to decide that after which step it will need the shipping details.

After D , payment gateway should come only. But shipping details can be asked after A, B or before C. If after knowing the course fee, it is found that the candidate does not have the sufficient amount, but he wants to take admission in the same university.

A The candidate should fill another registration form. B The candidate gets the required amount from home.

View Answer Option C Explanation: A : Filling another registration form without knowing about the course is available or not is wastage of time B : Going to home and getting back the required amount is not descripted anywhere in diagram. So cannot be definitely said about this step. C : can definitely be the step.

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He enquires about some course for which he has sufficient funds and proceed further. E : For getting the amount calculated, he will have to fill out form for another course and get it validated. Which of the following step is logically missing in the given data flow diagram? A Which transport facility will the candidate opt for coming to university.

B If the candidate is already registered or not C The candidate is eligible or not. B This condition does not make sense. C condition is covered in step where validation of form is done.So there is no other book available for Computer Aptitude Section.

Free Aptitude eBooks. Check Now. If any wallet option is there then logging to that wallet.

Computer Aptitude Questions for IBPS Clerk Mains | Download PDF

First the candidate has filled some data wrong in form, then the candidate will be asked to fill another form. C Before view cart. The quicker you are with your calculator the higher you will score. D After selecting the mode of payment.

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