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Navigare necesse est vivere non est necesse CES & 5 Seagull AS ( QUESTIONS & CORRECT ANSWERS) AAET Which electronic component does this. Navigare necesse est vivere non est necesse CES & 5 Seagull AS ( QUESTIONS & CORRECT ANSWERS) AACM: How can the error of the. Ces Answers - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Seagull Ces Stcw Test Answer - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Seagull CES STCW answer test. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download CES and 5 Seagull Test Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. Ads by Amazon. Download the 5☆ CES & at Aptoide now! ✓ Virus and QUESTIONS & CORRECT ANSWERS OF TEST CES / FOR SEAMEN IT'S APP.

Three years after the last note was mad.. Once every month DYBF.. Steel or stainless steel.. Fixed known objects on the shore DTIR To store quantities of oil at working p Cargo holds and engine rooms EBWH. We use inert gas to purge out cargo vap. More readings should be taken and s.

At least once every month by a responsi. Making the crane jib move from side to. It is the number of revolutions. To by-pass. Deck officer and enginee. Ensure all doors are in closed position. Bi-stable flip-flop ECOS..

Notify Master. S-Band Radar.. Have one slack tank as last tank EBOE.. Any of the others. From the condenser. In case of accidents Because certain types of dry powder can.

Faulty governor Pilotage is compulsory and the pilot is. The types of compressors are piston.. All Stations. Separation with correct temperature and.. Insufficient amount of bowl closing wat. Safe working load ECMI.. The deck officer of the highest rank pr.. Sweep holds clean first and lift out so. The vessel anchoring assumes responsibi.. Valve in the outlet line partly closed.. Leave the engine room immediately. As a safety net.. Go to your lifeboat station muster sta. Turned at intervals of not more than The use of devices for protection in la Stop the bunkering until safe communic.

There are three main reliquefaction sys. Liquid at high pressure. In the muster list. At all times EJAA. Merchant Ship Search and Rescue Manual. Centrifugal separator.. Line throwing appliance EKXF.

He is asking about the position of the The deck log book EGNI.. Three months.. The stevedore superintendent? Because that was the safest passage con In suitable lockers easily accessible. Risk of deposits on heat transmitting s.. C EHQX. Make sure that the compartment has been To remove the oxygen and by that avoid. Raise the feed water temperature. Anchor watch responsibility rests with. Temperature-control EKAR.. To lubricate and cool the engine. To respond to oil pollution and take ap.

C ELDW. Herring EHMQ.. Frequency modulation EKEX. All the answers are good EEFI.. With the pointer of the synchronoscope. Maximum allowed Oxygen content in the i. Not allow the clothes to be hung anywhe. Daily EHNJ. The Flag State language with copies in. Exhaust valve EHLP The way to board. Leakages from seawater coolers ELOW. One fire hose forward and aft of the ma. Nine digits.. In and outlet temperatures Milk ELUK. Initially rise. Leather safety boots and gloves ERXD. On area A3 and A4 this function is base.

All valves on the delivery side and adj. Sugar EPEH.. Once every month EUTX. Different products to be placed on sepa. Design temperature on the cargo contain. Liferafts intended for throw-overboard..

At all times ENHX.. Passenger ship initial surveys. Periodical survey every 12 months EONQ Sufficiently manned with officers and c By visual and audible signal at the con. To avoid unexpected oilspill EODR.

A ship with a length to beam ratio less. Goggles and shield On the main beam ERLQ. Call immediately the person in charge. Raise the governor speed controller of. To ensure that we do not have any water. When coming up with another vessel from. Put the plates in water with qualified. The pressure switch has contact s that. Varying the excitation field strength b.

The load that can be safely lifted duri. Every 12 months.. At least four sets or more depending on. Lifejacket ENBF. Secured via a weak link to a secure par.. Clean the system and change the oil.. How to recover survival craft and rescu Obtain permission from charters and not.. The input impedance is made much larger. Reserve accumulator battery for two hou. Section 32 ETSY. Initial and intermediate EUDV. Have the engine ready for immediate man.

All alternatives EOYL.. Heat detector FDBR. Close them to prevent the spread of fir.. Seven digits beginning with a one The fire is extinguished by avoiding th Complete 15 compressions at the rate of. The plan must show where to clean every. Act according to instruction given in t. The ship's cow manual and ejector's per. The process will oscillate and get out.. A hearing shall be held before a commit. Shut off the starting air supply and op Tarragon FFBP.

Foam release station FDHM. Muster station FCFD.. C EWRW. Keep the floors and decks free from fat. That correct temperature and washing pr.

Leave the engine room as quickly as pos..

A combination of ullage soundings and r. Reduce the sea echoes. Ohmmeter EUWE. Use the opportunity to plot direction a The condition shall be noted and plans.. He will find new brake bands in the eng. Solid combustibles EYMK.. To connect the ship fire main to the sh.

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Dry running of the pump. Wheeled fire extinguisher EXGV. Cross flooding arrangement FFTU He shall ensure obedience by the use of.. Immediately notify the captain so he ca. Interface towards center. Paint store FECM. The should be blown completely dry by t. When the tank has been satisfactory cle. Because we need old ships in good condi. Not to damage the rotor blades FAUG.

In Part Circuit breaker operating time FCHU. Switch the UMS selector switch to manua.. An explosion-proof Lower the load FOXW. Black FIAI.

Intermittent signals by the ship's alar. Prevent manual synchronising outside pe. To prevent the water from freezing. In the Act relating to the enrolment of..

Lights as per rules regulated by the sh. It is possible since the ballasted vess. Proves the name of the owners of shares.. Within 24 hrs FLPV. Ball bearings on the pump shaft.

Maximum is 30 litre pr nautical mile an.. To avoid damage and miscolouring of dif. Notify comp. List and trim correction tables. The deck for the lifeboats. Near to the deck.

Air leaks on suction side FKPY.. All these methods can be adopted FGEQ.. Turbocharger FIIP The foam should be aimed at the bulkhea.

First aspect confirm death.. Increased turbocharger revolutions FHKJ.. An unofficial translation of "Den norsk.. All alternatives FJHV. Ports in exposed position shall be clos..

Rapid recovery shall be possible with t.. Oscar FKDL. There must be a complete interchangeabi. By immersing them in buckets with oil a.

Raise the water level a couple of inche.. He has a special a special role as comp. The engine shall be provided with an el. May FOGO.. The name of the person in charge of the.

All of the above FJAH. Inhibitor name.. Training in lifeboat handling.. Alkaline detergent strong. Load line certificate FHLB Start engine FOYQ.

All the items mentioned FIPC. Regulating freon liquid flow to the ev. Poor cylinder condition. All the mentioned alternatives FGKN. Inter-ship channel FGWA.. Henry FKSJ.. The Act relating to holydays and Regula.. To avoid the compressor-oil to disappea..

One bolt in every hole FKRP. Yes FIBF. Longer FYCV Manual operated release system only FPWB.. When you apply the rudder Emergency fire pump? Ionization type FXAK. The master checks all the relevant docu. Figure 4 is correct.. The visible smoke that is a result of c. The team is applying water and the temp.. Improve the scaling surface function.. A leak of exhaust gases from boiler or. Not less than half the total number of. Cast off the rope Every month FUBR. Signals for vessels restricted in their.

Incomer picks up as a generator FWTR. It is the seawater temperature and the. Best use of the survival craft faciliti Wait until the coast-station calls agai.. Pump will overheat FVOQ. Remove the toggle which will release th. Prevent biological growth FTAV. By using a liquid receiver on the vapou Crane No. Lack of oxygen?

Water extinguisher. Climatic condition check list. A vessel. Heavy seas from behind Emergency generator? Injection valve opening pressure is too. Every 12 months FXYN. Changing of filter element would not in.

A search inside the crankcase for tools. Making the crane jib move up and down. Take action to start the process to sol. Frequency modulation FQDR. You are running into danger FPRD. For cooling and to maintain correct vis.

Protect the SCR against damage caused b. On a time sheet arranged by the Norwegi.. A pharmacy authorised to do so or if no All the mentioned alternatives? D GBPL.. A relief valve. Deck if he feels. Toxic gases GCLI.

In two separate rooms outside the engin. It is visible for a shorter time than a. Either of the Sen.. The wheels of hatchcover No.. Incondensible vapour in the cargo and.. The master. Differentiating GATX. Details of test wit.. Made of material resistant to the diffe. Training in lifeboat handling Sometimes it is necessary to facilitate. Figure 3. Every three months.. The current and wind are holding the ve. MSC resolutions etc which are im..

Three years GCFL. A water pad should be maintained during. Ensuring that all persons avoid smoking. Water GAQH.. The Norwegian Consular Court concerned. Quantity of ballast discharged from seg. The vessel's bow is pushed away from th. The gas is harmful when the consentrati. Pressure diaphragm GDFK. Stop loading GBNA. Measuring distance from cargo level to..

Turning the plunger piston according t. On all international voyages except on Start slowly and closely monitor to ens. Keep steady course. Propylene oxide may not be stowed in a. They automatically prevent any gap betw. To all seafarers.

Once a week. It is important that the rotation direc. To receive information about ships in t.. Before hot work or welding in tanks is.. The minimum temperature at which a comb.. Prepare it immediately before serving. Whenever the gangway is rigged. Full astern and drop the anchor GDHX. Not re-measured.. Venting of the tank must be carried out Can identify small targets GRPO.

Strain gauge GLKG. I am in distress and require assistance.. Get out of the engine room as soon as p. Take a visual search of the sea around Correct water level is obtained by refi. Activate the nearest fire alarm button.. No fixed extinguishing systems are gene.

Correct donning of life-jackets. Physically smaller for the same capacit Same number as beds in the cabin GLYL. We are allowed to gas up LPG on inert g.. A vessel of more than 50m in length eng. Not necessary.. It is centrifugal pumps that is normall.

To ensure that the proper residuals of. Gas levels measured in tanks where work. The place of welding-work to be cleaned. Collect rain water GMQY. Crew accommodation and provisions and w. Set the engine to dead slow ahead. It is the Certificate of Fitness that i.

Carbon monoxide. Any of the alternatives Bowl opens unintentionally during opera. As per Builders' specification? The International Convention on Standar. Crosshead GMHS. Two sets or more depending on the type.. Important due to different material and. Yes GMVY. Navigational warning. Find out from officers and crew who hav.

The pressure drop across the filter. That all the valves on the delivery sid.

They reduce the surface tension of wate.. Piston GKHF Personnel working in regulated areas mu.. As soon as possible determine how the s.. He is supposed to paint the evaporator..

Ces 4.1 Answers

Safetynet GIRD. Notify as soon as you have knowledge of. Lubricating oil pressure is too low. Threshold Limit Value. A glogged bilge strainer GXAX.. Contain any oil-spill onboard the ship GTVX. Separation of water and oil. Stop loading GBNA One prolonged.

CES Wrong Answer Summary Ce7d5b57-96d2-4f13-Bcfb-fc150472ceba 5.0

We can trim the ship by stern as much a. In a secure and sheltered position and. Remove the toggle which will release th..

As specified in the vessel' s Planned M. Information about the ships fire prepar.. The gudgeon pin.. Before hot work or welding in tanks is.

Norwegian law unless otherwise provided.

Push the hook through the skin until th. The company has to ensure that an agree.. The vessel's bow is pushed away from th.. The inlet. Dry ice GVIO Approximately 5 metres GXXF. Loss of alkalinity. Monkey wrench GYMI. Throttling the delivery valve.. The fishing vessel keeps out of the way.. Gas may enter.. Yes it is. We are allowed to gas up LPG on inert g. Papa GWNI.. By control of liquid flow GWGP.. They have responsibility for setting Overhaul the compressor unit.

Charterers requirement in this example. Intrinsically safe. Differentiating GATX.. The minimum temperature at which a comb.

Start slowly and closely monitor to ens Physically smaller for the same capacit. As soon as possible determine how the s. To receive information about ships in t The current and wind are holding the ve.. In two separate rooms outside the engin..

Details of test wit. Measuring distance from cargo level to. Incondensible vapour in the cargo and. On all international voyages except on.

Activate the nearest fire alarm button. Piston GKHF. Toxic gases GCLI.. Take a visual search of the sea around. Sometimes it is necessary to facilitate.. The wheels of hatchcover No. MSC resolutions etc which are im.

They automatically prevent any gap betw.. Either of the Sen. Training in lifeboat handling. Every three months Pressure diaphragm GDFK.. All the mentioned alternatives.. Intrinsically safe Lubricating oil pressure is too low By double blank flanges with a drain be The company has to ensure that an agree.

Crosshead GMHS.. The gudgeon pin. Notify as soon as you have knowledge of.. Any of the alternatives. Two sets or more depending on the type. The master.. Dry ice. Collect rain water GMQY Venting of the tank must be carried out. Not necessary. As specified in the vessel' s Planned M It is centrifugal pumps that is normall..

I am in distress and require assistance. Portable bridge between ship and shore.. Norwegian law unless otherwise provided..

Strain gauge GLKG Throttling the delivery valve. So that no part of any corridor is more. They have responsibility for setting.. Papa GWNI. That a secondary auxiliary set is switc. The fishing vessel keeps out of the way Figure 2 is correct. Wash thoroughly and hang up for drying.

CES_4.1-5_Question_and_Answer_Reviewer.pdf - Navigare...

A fixed sprinkler system at the cargo m.. Yes it is The emergency generators HDAT A glogged bilge strainer GXAX. A sticking start air valve. Alkaline cleaner.. By pumping test of each bilge before lo.. Alarm the rescue centre and commence se. Once every month HAYE. Stop the engine immediately and keep th. Smoke and increased pressure in the cra Charterers requirement in this example.. Gas may enter. Leave a "cushion"of water in the slopta Equipment for detecting flammable vapour.

Passenger ships carrying more than 36 p On the motherboard HANI. Applying It shall be cleaned daily and oiled and By control of liquid flow GWGP. To minimise oil losses and prevent the. Information about the ships fire prepar. It will always be a deviation between t. Type of oil or gas chemicals having bee Part ALC 1d of the crew agreement. Every three months HDQQ.

Figure 1 HBQV. Section 3. All of the mentioned HCCJ. This is firezones which can be divided.. Seawater HAFF. Approximately 5 metres GXXF.. Rescue boat HDSW. It could be any of the alternatives lis. It is an automatic system for plotting.

Switch off the transmitter.. At least one hose for each 30 meter len. On the fire control plans HFLG.. Stop bunkering. That the wires are just above the water.. Pork HHFA. Re-pack the stuffing box loosely with t Just in forepart of the rudder square.. Check linearity HKSD..

All the mentioned alternatives HLOW Pressure relief valve.. Cooling water spaces insufficiently ven Leather safety boots and gloves HGNW.. He wants the heating coils inspected HMBI. Space thoroughly ventilated. Yes - HKYX. Not at temperatures used for pre-heatin Fasten seat belts HFSQ. Inverting amplifier.. Higher measuring accuracy.

The seafarers shall have available for. Secure hatches HFRA. Special section for Births and Deaths a. C HKMF. Safetynet HJNL.. Oxygen and.. Ships fitted with free-fall life-boats. Hydrochloric acid and citric acid. HM Coastguard. In stairways. Full power on the forward tug. Assorted canapes. To prevent contamination of the cargo. This is not correct. The fixed fire fighting medium in engin. Centre line is given by A on the figure.. The pump is not primed.

Maintain the specified boiling temperat. So if you are not comfortable with the idea of taking an exam that you may not know "new" questions, then don't. The only problem with this is that once the v8 certification does retire you will eventually need to take v9. Why prolong the inevitable then? Will I need to take the CEH v9 exam? If yes, then when? The test is updated on a rolling basis. This means that occasionally EC-Council adds new questions to the exam without updating the entire certification.

The fact that v9 is now available means that there are new and updated CEHv9 study materials with a new focal point to deal with the always progressing world of IT.

These questions focus on topics that are becoming more prevalent in the world of cyber security and IT. The key differences are: V9 focuses on cloud computing more than v8 did and dives into best security practices for dealing with cloud computing attacks. V9 covers mobile security and tablet computers and you must understand how to perform hacking techniques on these devices.Because that was the safest passage con..

Inverting amplifier. JBEU - The container, the extinguishing agent, HFXU - Hydrochloric acid and citric acid. IIBD - A person may serve on board as from the Regularly check your pressure gauge and. Check if fuel injection is too early or. In stairways.

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