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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Steamy and satisfying! Perfectly capturing the emotional mess of letting go. Everything you want in a sequel and more!. Avoiding Responsibility Kindle Edition by K.A. Linde (Author) › Visit Amazon's K.A. avoiding responsibility 2 ka linde PDF may not make exciting reading, but . Avoiding Responsibility book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Lexi has finally given up her once destructive relations.

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Report. Avoiding Commitment (Avoiding #1) by K.A. Linde K.A. Linde - Avoiding ppti.info Does anyone have avoiding responsibility by k.a linde??. K. A. Linde, Avoiding series, books in audiobooks, ebook, has all 5 books, books and 2 Avoiding Responsibility (#2) part 1 of 3. Read "Avoiding Responsibility" by K.A. Linde available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Book 2 in the.

Now, Please Please, Book 2. Willow Summers. Mister O. Vi Keeland. The Strongest Steel. Scarlett Cole. The Room Mate. The Play Mate. Deal with the Devil. Sexy Stranger. Real Dirty. Full Package. Duke of Manhattan. Louise Bay. Real Sexy. The House Mate. Dirty Sexy Player. Luck of the Devil.

Stripped Bare. Park Avenue Prince. Real Good Man. Real Good Love. Out of Bounds. Playboy Pilot. Penelope Ward.

King of Wall Street. Dirty Little Promise. The Soul Mate. Mack Daddy. Heart of the Devil. The Hot One. Dirty Sexy Games. The Rule Maker. Jennifer Blackwood. Avery Flynn. Katy Evans. Sex Machine. Marie Force. Mister Moneybags.

Beneath These Lies. Beautiful Mistake.

Joy Ride. Hooking Up: A Novel. Helena Hunting. Hands On. Cathryn Fox. Torrid Little Affair. Big Shot. Carly Phillips. The Rule Book. Gina L. Sawyer Bennett. Rushing In. Lexi Ryan. Body Contact. This book starts out with a bang! It picks up right where the first one left off. I couldn't put it down and when I did it was all I could think about. This book took over my life for the few days I was reading it and after I finished it too.

Linde definitely has a way with words that grips you right from the start. Lexi once again finds herself torn between two men.

Jack, her first love and who is always ever presently on her mind. No matter what she does she can't seem to escape her past with him. And to be honest, I don't want her to forget it. I love the sexual tension and heat between them. I love the memories they shared. I love how all Jack has to do is look at Lexi with those penetrating blue eyes and she succumbs to his every need.

I love how it's a now forbidden romance between them yet they can't fight the attraction I just love them together!

Then there is Ramsey- Someone who unexpectedly works his way into Lexi's heart. Bring on Avoiding 3!!! View all 15 comments. Sep 23, Whitney rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sweet Jesus this book was AWEsome!

I freaking hated it!! Lexi, you might be the dumbest and most infuriating character ever written!!! Linde you have done it again!!! So, let's talk about it shall we. I mean seething! You are a total twat, but damn if your milkshake doesn't bring ALL the boys to the yard.

What sort of magical, voodoo shiz are you into? I'd like to know so I can play Hackysack with men the way you do. Why not? No consequences and you always win. Well, except for all the self loathing and constant feeling of being used.

Hmmm, maybe I'll pass on being you on second thought. And we'll skip right to the ending because the rest of the time I was just seething like I mentioned before.

Can I just say that I would have paid any amount of money to be in that hotel room scene!! Any amount! It was the single greatest game of Dirty Laundry Hackysack that I was laughing and smiling and shitting myself! View all 11 comments. Kudos to K. Linde for creating two characters Jack and Bekah I disliked more than any other character I can think of right now.

What a tumultuous read these two books were. I did not want to spend the past two days reading them back to back, but I could not put them down. I kept saying "just one more chapter and I will stop" but that did not happen, I had to find out how everything would turn out. I hung on to the very end and was rewarded with a very satisfying ending. Nice job, K. View 1 comment. Dec 13, Samantha Towle rated it it was amazing. Never thought I would say it, but Team Jack all the way! Aug 16, Ann Pareja rated it it was amazing Shelves: Talk about predicament for Lexi!

Didn't see all of that coming! Not to mention the mystery man And I want my very own Ramsey! I love Jack in book 1 but I'm all for Ramsey on this one. And for that im grinning like a cheshire cat! Just got confused bout Parker's pregnancy though. It was never clear to me what really, truly happened to her. Other than that, Kudos to K. Linde for this awesome book! View all 21 comments. Sep 08, Lex rated it liked it Recommended to Lex by: That's saying something, isn't it?

I can finally say that I'm done with this series. I had my eyes rolled at almost all the effin' scenes. Actually it's NOT that bad like the first book, 3.

Actually it's NOT that bad like the first book, I haven't smacked my head in the wall, just slapped my forehead once. And also I just feel like throwing a tantrum. Well, yeah, I was lying in my bed and I read this scene and I just moved my legs up and down against the bed with hands too.

And moaned "What the fuck. Thinking about it, it sounds bad Okay let me explain, all those actions I did was just once when Jack and Lexi met again in that huge house of Bridges. I don't give a damn about Jack. I only care about Ramsey. I honestly thought that Lexi didn't deserve Ramsey and she and Jack could both go to hell.

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But well, things change. For one, Lexi tries to get over Jack.

I give her that, but she could still be annoying as hell. I started to like her again during the confrontations with Jack and everyone. I even cheered when she did that to Jack! Way to go sister! That prick deserves it and I wish that she did that a long time ago. I proud of her. Okay, you could have the same name as me.

Avoiding Responsibility

Although I still like him a lot. Totally opposite of Jack. I still don't get his devotion over Bekah. I thought there's more to it, not because they are brother and sister. Mystery Man?

Hell, I really thought it's Adam, or Brandon Pookie, ; , more on the former. I know that Adam is really attached to Chyna but I guess there's some signs that I clearly misunderstood.

And Bekah? She could go to hell for all I care.

Avoiding Responsibility Ebook Download

She and Jack deserved each other. She's only getting married once and you want to miss that? I BEG to disagree.

You could marry different people too if you want. I like it. Banzai for me for finishing this book and series! Anytime an author can make me feel so much that when I've finished their book I'm left exhausted and need to recuperate from reading a story Book one had me pulling my hair out and on an emotional cliff. It took me a full day to remember that it was a book and not m OMG! It took me a full day to remember that it was a book and not my life or that of a friend!

Avoiding Responsibility gave me exactly what I needed. I will say that I was most definitely pissed that Lexi continued to struggle with Jack. Actually she continued to struggle through the book until the end with almost every part of her life. I really appreciated the fact that K. Linde didn't end the book before opening Lexi's eyes.

You were never really special. Jack slept with you and cheated on you like he did with every other woman he met I quickly got over the Lexi and Jack relationship.

In fact I crossed my fingers hoping and praying that she would stay away from him and concentrate on her other relationships Chyna and Ramsey. Finally when chips began to fall Lexi stepped up and accepted responsibility for everything that she'd done — her past and present. In that moment K. Linde showed her readers that Lexi had grown up. The feelings and emotional connection she thought she still had with Jack were gone and she was holding onto feelings from the past.

She realized she couldn't continue to harp over him or she would only continue to destroy her life. I love the character development, the best I've come across in a long time, or maybe it was the overall story line, but I'll just say both. I actually connected with the characters. I can go on and on and on about all the different ways this book made me view young women and their decisions with love and relationships, myself when I was in my early twenties, how some are blinded by what they think is love, how others just take, take and take, I don't have all day and I'm sure most have already left my review.

It's not everyday that I read a book and end up telling everyone I know to please go buy it and read it and discuss it with me afterwards! Can't wait to read more of your work. Jun 24, Karen rated it it was amazing. Fantastic sequel!!! I was just as captivated as I was with Avoiding Commitment. I can't tell you how scandalous the dissension!!!

Angst, doesn't even cover it. It is just down right dysfunctional!!!!! It is also fascinating to see the characters evolve. They are such dynamic entities; never a dull moment.

Each and every character transforms in some way or another. Changing in ways that either bring them into a beautifully enlightened maturity, or transforms them into a lamentable being so low th Fantastic sequel!!! Changing in ways that either bring them into a beautifully enlightened maturity, or transforms them into a lamentable being so low that they forever elude redemption.

Lexi begins this story trying to regain her composure, and to resurrect what is left of her self esteem, after being completely rejected and humiliated by the love of her life, her non-ex-boyfriend, Jack.

The man who had always used her unwavering love for him against her, to manipulate and control her. And although she struggled through some weak moments through the story, boy does she transform into a pillar of strength by the end of the book.

It was utterly thrilling to see her finally grow up, and exude the class and self-confidence that she has come to possess. Truly refreshing. And then there is Ramsey Ramsey, with the shady past and the obvious loyalty to his sister Bekah, who is no other than the female Anti-Chist.

But Ramsey is complicated.

Avoiding Responsibility

He is in love, and he is trying to change his ways. He wants so desperately to be worthy of Lexis' love, that he is willing to deceive her, to keep her from learning about his less than honorable past.

This book, as was the first in the series, was completely addicting. The twists and turns in the story were compelling. I once again, was unable to put the book down The only criticism I will share, is that I didn't like the alternating chapters of past and present. I think I would have preferred to have the events unfold in a sequential pattern. I found it annoying to keep going from past to present. Not that it was hard to keep up, i just thought that it made the story a bit choppy.

I'm giving this one 5 stars. Even though I would have liked a more straightforward layout. I just loved the story and the evolution of Lexie!

I hope the sequel is underway I'm dying to know where they will go from here!!! I must say that I love the way the K A Linde ends her books!!!! View all 5 comments. Jul 17, Renee rated it it was amazing.

Well I am done I am also speechless. Imagine that! I will say even the premise of Lex going on this self loathing hell trip was like a kick in the ass. I was like girl, really, go hang out in Brooklyn and we will show you how to do a few things, lie, cheat, and even steal without getting caught! There is nothing that can descr Well I am done I am also speechless. There is nothing that can describe what a friend like that is truly like. When you have been everywhere, traveled, loved, lost, cheated, and been a family with a girl like that you really feel it.

Without writing a book jacket review I just say what and who I liked. When I say that the Ramsey and Lex thing was appealing to me and not so much Jack. In the first book I was like go do him and be happy cause I would have done that 25 years ago now in book 2 I was like dude u screw her up in life, love and career I'd choke him and dance on his grave in my red dress and Jimmy Choo spiked heels. Ramsey evolved in a good way. It was hard to take his lies but for some reason I was like lie to me but dont leave.

Makes me think of his really making a career change and being honest had to have been hard. All in all I do see an opening at the end. Resolve yes, closure too a big yes, but maybe a Chyna spinoff?? IDK yet Im still trying to just sit and be happy Sep 05, Christy rated it it was amazing. Okay, this was fantastical- just as good as the first for me I just couldn't put it down once I started it!

Anyway, Lexi was the same to me, I wanted Jack to be better, I really had high hopes for him but he shows his true colors as always. Bekha is still an evil wench ugh can't stand her. Ramsey I just love him, I know he has m Okay, this was fantastical- just as good as the first for me Ramsey I just love him, I know he has made some mistakes but he makes up for them and is totally forgivable!

Chyna, I just love her, she is someone Lexi needs in her life. Enough rambling from me If you haven't read the first book Avoiding Commitment Pick it up and read it now!!! Jun 27, April rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am woman hear me roar! That was my caption toward the last few chapters.

I loved this book. I was sucked in again as Lexi's story has progressed to a year further than where it left off. Written in the same style as Avoiding Commitment, this book was just as beautiful, if not more.

As I finished book one my emotions were raw, just as Lexi's would have been. It didn't take long, however, to understand what a difference a year makes. With Ramsey being the focus of this book, you learn he has ear I am woman hear me roar! With Ramsey being the focus of this book, you learn he has earned his own place in Lexi's heart as well as mine. I loved this story even more than the first. You get the best of both stories in one, Jack and Bekah are still involved, as Lexi focuses on starting her career and becoming a better person with the help of Ramsey.

This story left me jumping up and down, clapping, and a little proud as if I had anything to do with it I guess that's my point though, I was so invested in the story and characters, that I was proud. I need more books by this author, I was taken along on a ride and became so immersed in the story, I felt as if I were watching it unfold in theater. Oh, and Chyna was awesome in the last chapter, as was everyone. All the characters played their parts well. I loved, loved, loved the ending of this book!!

Where it did leave everything completed, I hope there will be more to come, maybe less drama. Oh, who am I kidding, I love drama I want to see how it plays out five years from now!!!

Jun 17, Kristin rated it really liked it Shelves: It was almost uncomfortable to read. So much drama, so much angst. I think because you are reading he past AND the present there is just never a break from it.

I loved Ramsey. I really did, even in book one but even I couldn't trust him after all his lies! Some were small, some were understandable but the big picture is he lies And he's going to be working with Parker? No way buddy! I'm glad they stayed together in the end but I never really felt that he understood the severity of his lying or that he was even that sorry about it.

I was not convinced that he won't continue to lie when he thinks the situation calls for it.

She is selfish and severly co-dependent. That "relationship" with Jack was beyond toxic and I get that who hasn't been there? Her walking off with him at the brunch when she's there with 'Ramsey?! It was realllly nice to see her have some revelations by the end of the book and get her head on straight.

The end of the book is why I can give it 4 stars. It was great. Absolute perfect ending.

Ok, now I get why everyone was saying that Jack and Bekah deserve each other I just realized how much of an ass Jack is! He's charming all right, but, like Lexie, I just felt out of love with him I loved him in the other book, and I now I see him, for the weak character that he has. Love Ramsey!!!

I now that I said in my review of the previous book I hated him, but now I can finally see who he is!!! I changed my op Ok, now I get why everyone was saying that Jack and Bekah deserve each other I changed my opinion like her, and I saw the characters for who they were!!! And I also want to know what happens with Bekah and Jack I gotta say I still have a little spark of hope that he and Lexie could work out together, but I honestly don't see how Really enjoyed this books, I read the two of them in just 4 hours, just devoured them!!!

Love the story and the characters. Can't wait to see more of K. Congratulations on her for such a good work! Jul 25, Denae Hegefeld rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm not gonna lie. I have been rooting for Jack and Lexi to work things out since the first book. They've been through a lot together and to me, it honestly looked like they were meant for each other. At least that's what I kept telling myself. Then Ramsey came along and showed her that it doesn't always have to be cheating and heartache The end of thi Ok The end of this book had me reading so fast cause I could't wait to figure out what happened!

I was so shocked at some of the stuff that was said but I knew it would have eventually came out. I was so proud of Lexi at the end of this book that I wanted to jump up and give her a big high five and a hug I want to say exactly what happened! Linde had me on an emotional roller coaster with both of these books. She is definitely going on my top fav authors list after reading these books! May 27, Adriane Leigh rated it really liked it Shelves: So whaaa? We never find out if the wedding happens?

And Jack I do kind of want you to redeem yourself even though Ramsey is so completely perfect: That was nice: It was a great ending. When she's with Ramsey it's fantastic, but the profound connection she has with Jack is just I think I need a tub of cookie dough ice cream to process Aug 31, It's just me Shelly B rated it it was amazing Shelves: My Thoughts Avoiding Responsibility and Avoiding Commitment were definite page turners!

I want to commend K. Linde for writing these two books, it was a cray wild ride! I couldn't put either book down, I was glued to my ipad and stayed up way to late reading because quite frankly I was greedy and couldn't get enough.

I loved the characters, even hated some of them at timesAfter six years of being in a dysfunctional relationship as the other woman with him, she is finally ready to let him go. Everything you thought you wanted is about to change Perhaps there was more to him than she even knew. But Ramsey is complicated. Playboy Pilot. We all pretty much…went nuts together, having no clue what we were in for. It was never clear to me what really, truly happened to her.

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